My Strange New Life


I wake up to a huge headache and keep my eyes closed. Last night I had such a crazy dream, I met angels and got taken away from everything. That would have been horrible if it was real, but really cool at the same time. This dream made me realize how lucky I am to have my family. I wonder why my alarm hasn’t gone off yet? Usually I wake up at nine to start my homework on the weekends. Sighing, I turned to my side and realize that my bed feels different.

Suddenly, I hear my alarm on my phone go off but it sounds muffled. I stretch my arm to shut it off but, I don’t feel it there. Opening my eyes I look for it, but I realize this isn’t my room. I was on Bobby’s extra room in the living and there were books all over the place. It wasn’t a dream… They are gone… This is real… I start to tear up a bit.

“What the hell is that?” a gruff voice asked. I quickly wipe the tears from my eyes and got off the bed to get to my bag. Following the noise, I reach the kitchen, where I see Bobby holding up my phone and looking at it like it was alien. Welcome to 1999. Timidly I reach the table and stop a good distance from him.

“It’s my alarm, and that's my phone. Just slide your finger on the screen to shut it off.” I say shyly, making my presence known. He looks at me then does as I say, it shuts off and gestures to the seat across from him. I quickly sat down and he sat there with his arms crossed, studying me. Feeling small, I grab my arm and wince. Confused I lifted up my sleeve of my sweatshirt and saw a cut. He did the tests on me while I was asleep. Seriously! At least he knows I’m human. After five minutes he was still staring at me and I was really becoming nervous so I started humming “The Hanging Tree” from the new Mockingjay movie. Suddenly he leaned forwards and narrows his eyes.

“Now would you like to explain who you are and why you are here?” he asked in scolding tone. I sigh and rub my face. How the hell am I going to explain all of this? I know he has seen some crazy stuff, but my situation, it just seems a bit too crazy for him. Hell this is too crazy for me.

“My name is Katherine Samantha Lawrence and-” i started but was cut off by Bobby.

“Let me stop you right there, Katherine died ten years ago with her sister and parents in an fire. So tell me who you really are.” he said bitterly. My eyes widened, ten years ago, that’s when Balthazar told me he took my sister and I to the other dimension. Great now I’m calling it the other dimension. My parents are dead here as well, welcome to my wonderful new life.

“That is my real name and I am just as confused as you are okay. The past two days have been nothing but confusing and I don’t really know what’s going on. Yesterday I was in school in New Jersey, 2015 might I add, now I’m here in South Dakota in 1999 with people who are trying to get my sister and I. I didn’t know where to go so I came here, knowing you could help me. Now you say you know my family and I feel like I never really knew my family at all-” he stopped me mid ramble. I was started to get just a bit hysterical. Then his lip quirked up a bit and I furrowed my eyebrows confused.

“Okay calm down, I think this might explain a few things.” he said as he held up a big old mailing envelope. I saw my mom’s name on the outside of it. Dated to be delivered to him yesterday, the day I came. Confused, I furrow my eyebrows and look at him asking silently what was in it. “There was a letter in here explaining what really happened ten years ago in the fire. Your mom said that she and your dad made a deal to take you and your sister away from all of this. So a demon took you two to a specialist that could cross dimensions and you were safe, but you two would come back one day. Ten years exactly. She asked me to take care of you two. There is also a letter in here for you girls. Along with other crap. My question though is, Where is your sister?” he finished. I looked down trying to gather myself up before answering him then swallow and look up at his expectant face.

“My sister was left behind. The specialist only needed one of us to come back with him and I volunteered to keep her safe. Now my question is why do you believe that I am who I say I am?” I ask confusion evident in my voice. He smiled at bit and pointed to my left eye. I reach up at me left eye I feel the scar. What does my scar have to do with any of this?

“Your parents would sometimes leave you girls here. While you were staying one time, you girls climbed a tree in the yard and you slipped and fell. Busting your eye in the process. I did that stitch myself.” he said with amusement. My eyes widen in surprise, how come I can’t remember any of this? Duh it was over tens years ago. Suddenly, he leaned back and crossed his arms. “Now tell me how you knew to come here?” he asked suspiciously. Well here goes nothing.

“Well…” drawing it out like the tenth doctor. “That dimension that we were taken to, had a tv show and it was about... “ I trailed off, I can’t remember what it is about. What the hell?! How could I not remember? I remember facts like who people were but I can’t recall any events but a few. Like when Mary died in the fire. Also, some events of when Sam and Dean were small, the flashbacks. Bobby’s past as well. I could only remember what happened in the past, really, I could have helped a ton when all the crazy stuff began to happen. Drat! “about a world of supernatural stuff.” I continued. “It had people like you, Rufus, the Winchesters, Harvelles, and other hunters. You guys fought the supernatural stuff, it was kind of how I knew how to exorcise the demon from you. Let's say I was a bit obsessed with it.” I said cautiously, not knowing how he would react.

“Why the hell would you watch something like that?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. I laughed and gave him the same answer I tell everyone.

“It is bad ass, but never did I knew that it could possibly be real. Hell I didn’t know you were real until yesterday. Plus, when I was on my way here, I met the Winchesters. Lets just say I was sort of freaking out.” I told him with a smile. He snorted amused by my answer and stood up.

“You can stay in the upstairs bedroom, I am going to keep my promise to your mother and help you out.” He explained. I smiled brightly, got up from my seat, and hugged him tightly. He awkwardly patted my back. I was so happy , some stuff was beginning to make sense. Thanks mom, I thought to her silently. I let go of Bobby and he cleared his throat. “Now you can get washed up because you stink. Clean towels are in the closet in the hallway.” he told me with a slight frown. I laugh and grab my bag and head for the stairs. As I go up the stairs I couldn’t help but think that things were going to be okay.

Once I came back down the stairs Bobby was on the phone that was labeled FBI. I saw him yelling into the speaker and I couldn’t help but smile. He slammed the phone down and I walked into the kitchen.

“You okay there Agent Willis?” I asked him with an amused smile. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but then snorted when he remembered how I knew his FBI alias.

“Yeah, just some sheriff being an idjit.” he grumbled still peeved from that conversation. I chuckle at his use of idjit. “There is something I would got to show you, your dad left it here last time he was here.” He said suddenly. I nodded and he went out the door, I followed. We were in the junkyard heading for the garage. I looked around and still couldn’t believe that I was actually here. He went around the garage to the back and opened the door. Inside I saw a car covered in a tarp. Bobby ripped the tarp from the car and my jaw dropped. It was a baby blue 1971 Ford Torino , my favorite classic car. Slowly I went around the car and examined it. Holy Crap! My dad left me a car! I looked at Bobby with a disbelieving look. He chuckled at my expression.

“Since your dad ain’t around anymore I thought it should go to you.” He explained with a smile. “It’s good to see you again Kat.” he told me sincerely, I nodded with a small smile. Suddenly, I thought of something and turned towards Bobby with a serious expression.

“Bobby I was thinking you could teach me how to defend myself and fight. I have bounty on me by dangerous supernatural being and I can’t always rely on people to defend me. Please.” I said to him grimly. He looked at me for a while and nodded. I let out a breath, I thought I would have to put up an argument.

“On one condition.” he said, I nodded. “ You try to stay away from danger, don’t go looking for it, until I say you’re ready.” he said seriously. I nodded again and then he clapped. “We’ll start next week because you seem like a wreck right now.” he said bluntly and walked off.

The rest of the day was as normal as it could be. We went into town and bought clothing and other necessities for myself. I told Bobby that I would pay him back someday, but he waved a credit card that he had scammed. I bought jeans, sweat shirts, t shirts, a leather jacket, a three pairs of shoes, and a couple of flannel shirts. He also made me a new ID since technically I’m dead. Also he made a high school diploma that was for the year 2000. At the end of the day I offered to make dinner and I did. It was a the best soup I could make. At dinner he told me old stories of when my sister and I were little, we had even played with the Winchester boys. He told me that I was technically born on October 27, 1982 as opposed to 1998. I was older than Sam, ha!

The next day I made breakfast and offered to help Bobby, I didn’t want to be a freeloader. He waved his hand at me and told me this was my home now too. I was touched that he said that and realized he must really known and liked my family. But since I’m too stubborn, I cleaned and organized his house anyway. Next stop was training and boy was it interesting.

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