My Strange New Life

Formally Meeting the Winchesters

That week passed and my training began. I was super excited but they make it seem so easy on tv. I knew how to use a bow and arrow since it was a hobby I had. He made me shoot some guns and practice until I hit the bull's eyes each time. Hand to hand combat was next and let me just say I got my ass whooped every time.

A month had passed and I had been getting pretty good. I had been practicing so much that it almost felt natural and I was actually kicking Bobby’s ass. His excuse was that he was getting old. I said it was in my blood to be completely bad ass. Although I couldn’t help but notice I was learning a little too fast...

Another month had passed and now it was a sunny April morning and I got up early to go jogging in the woods. I put on some clothing throw my hair into a ponytail and go downstairs. Bobby usually wasn’t up this early so it was always pretty quiet. Going to the fridge I grab a water bottle and can’t help but feel watched. I sighed and turned around to sit at the empty kitchen table. Then I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, why is he up early? Bobby walked into the kitchen to make his usual morning coffee.

“Bobby you okay? Usually you aren’t up this early.” I asked him concerned. He sighed and sat down across from me.

“Well maybe if an idjit didn’t call me so early I wouldn’t be up” he grumbled. I raised an eyebrow. “John Winchester called and he said he was dropping off the boys to go hunting for vamps with Daniel Elkins.” he continued. I knew Elkins was a vampire specialist from my previous knowledge, from where? I had no clue. “So be warned they are coming.” he finished tiredly. I nodded and stood up to go jogging.

“Well while you try to wake up, I’m going to jogging for a bit.” I told him with an amused smile. He mumbled something in reply which I didn’t quite catch, but I went for the door anyway. Before I went out I grabbed a knife and placed it on my side, invisible to everyone else but me. With that I walk out the door onto the porch and start jogging to the woods.

Running always helped me think straight, so I have been doing a lot of this often trying to organize my thoughts. My thoughts were interrupted when a twig snapped from somewhere to my left. I stopped and looked, no one was there so I take a deep breath about to run again, then another twig snaps. I slowly reach towards my knife while backing into a tree.

“You know that knife is not going to do much to me.” a patronizing familiar british voice said. I turn towards the owner, Balthazar. I put my hands on my hips and leaned on my right foot.

“You got some nerve coming here Balthazar, after you basically abandoned me in the middle of nowhere!” I told him disgruntled. He looked amused when he saw my reaction to him. Bastard.

“Well the business between you and I isn’t quite finished yet. There are other parts to the deal that was made. According to it, I have to ensure your safety until you ready for whatever is planned by whoever. So first.” He immediately got in front of me and touched my ribs. I winced a little. What the hell? Did he just put those Enochian symbols on my ribs? A little warning would have been nice! “I suppose you know what I just did?” he asked. I nodded glaring at him and he backed away so there was some distance between us. He clapped his hands together. “ Second, I have to train you.” he said sounding bored.

“You don’t need to I am already being trained by-” he interrupted me.

“Yes I know by that old drunk, but you could be so much better trained by me. Plus who else can say they had been trained by an angel?” Balthazar said. I knew I had no choice in the matter so I stood there and said nothing. “Come here tomorrow same time with the angel blade I had given you.” he continued. I nodded. Then he gave a little wave and disappeared.

“Freakin’ angels” I grumbled as I started jogging towards the house.

As I reached the end of the woods I saw the house and started to walk towards it. On my way inside I saw a familiar Impala up front and sighed. Looks like they’re here. I walk through the front door and hear voices that I haven’t heard in weeks, it was coming from the kitchen. Slowly I reach the kitchen and see four figures. Bobby, John, Dean, and Sam.

“John you aren’t going to believe who got back.” Bobby said to John. I clear my throat to announce my presence. They all looked at me and I waved timidly. The Winchesters all shared a look of recognition.

“Boys let me re-introduce you to Katherine Samantha Lawrence, or as we all know her by, Kat.” Bobby said while stepping beside me. John looked suspicious, Dean had a look of vague recognition, and Sam had a confused puppy look.

“Bobby how do you know this is her?” John asked eyeing me. I felt uncomfortable under his gaze and shrank a bit.

“Trust me this is really her” is all Bobby said while eyeing John with a “I’ll talk to you when we’re alone look”. But he still didn’t look any less suspicious. So to break the tension I stepped forward.

“Well then I was about to make some breakfast, would you guys like some?” I asked with a warm smile. The younger boys nodded, Bobby and John left the kitchen together. I walk to fridge to grab the eggs and bacon, then turn around to see Dean with his arms crossed right in front of me. I try to move around him but he wouldn’t let me pass. Dick. After eyeing me a bit more he let me pass then sat down at the table and I got all the other things necessary to make this breakfast, which is eggs with bacon. Turning on the stove I hear someone come up behind me.

“Would you like some help?” a voice asked. Turning around I saw Sam. I smiled kindly at him.

“No thanks, but how do you like your bacon?” I ask.

“It doesn’t matter.” he told me. “Don’t worry about them, they can seem standoffish at times.” he continued.

“I’m not worried about your brother, he is just trying to act tough with that “I don’t care attitude”, your dad on the other hand... kind of scares me a bit.” I told Sam and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry he kind of gives that impression to everyone.” Sam said with a tone of understanding. I smile. Sam and I continued to have conversation, and it was really easy to be comfortable and yourself around him. Dean eventually joined in throwing in sarcastic remarks.They kind of looked carefree and loosened up a bit after a while. By the time I finished the food , we were laughing like crazy.

“No way!” I exclaimed and laughed at the unbelievable story Sam had just told me.

“Yep, Dean just slid beside me and he felt flat on his face eating dirt.” he said with a laugh. We both stopped for a second when we heard someone clear their throat, and looked at Dean. He looked at Sam with a “what the hell!” look. Sam and I glanced at each other and burst into another fit of laughter. Still giggling a bit, I put the eggs and bacon onto three plates and put it on the table.

“There you are eggs and bacon as promised.” I said with a smile. They both just picked up a fork and dug in. I chuckled. Then I hear footsteps beside me, I turn my head to see Bobby and John. “Would you like me to make you something Mr. Winchester?” I asked him hoping he wasn’t as suspicious of me now. He looked at me and shook his head, I internally sigh.

“Bye boys, Bobby, Kat.” with that he left the house and drove off in the Impala. Bobby sat down where the third plate was set and started to eat. He looked a little irritated, probably because of John, lord knew how stubborn he was. Then I decided to leave the house for a bit, to give him time with the boys alone. I realize that I was still in my jogging outfit and go upstairs to change. I change into a pair of jeans, a grey t shirt along with a flannel shirt left unbuttoned then quickly put my hair in a side french braid. Coming down the stairs I see that they were done with breakfast.

“Bobby I’m going to into town, I’ll be back later.” I yelled on my way to the door.

“Wait there” I hear from behind me, I stop and turn around to see Bobby. “Why don’t you bring someone along with you?” he asked me with his arms crossed. Suddenly Sam came into view.

“Yeah I don’t really want to stick around here all day Bobby, no offense.” Sam said sheepishly. Bobby snorted and waved his hand. I smiled at Sam and shrugged my shoulders. He beamed and ran to get his stuff.

“You sure Bobby, John wouldn’t want me alone with one of his kids. He probably thinks I’m some sort of shifter.” I told Bobby with a serious look on my face.

“I don’t care what John thinks, you are Katherine end of story.” he said with frustration. “When you two come back, we need to talk about John.” he finished and walked away. I sigh.

“I’m ready, lets get out of here, are we walking?” Sam asked excited. I looked at him in amusement and shake my head.

“Nah, we are going to take my car.” I said enthusiastically while waving my keys at him. I turn towards the door and we walk towards the garage.

“So you are the same girl from the diner right?” he asked and I nodded. “Thats means you were on your way here?” I nod again. “Why?”

“Long story, sort of.” I reply taken off guard from the question.

“Well we are hanging out so… why not tell it?” He said curiously. I stop and turn towards him.

“You’re one eager kid aren’t you?” I ask him amused. He just smiled in response. We reached the garage door and I start to unlock it. “Well, how about we start with something smaller.” I say trying to stray from that topic. It looks like he understood because he just nodded. I opened the door and look at Sam. His jaw was dropped, I chuckled and headed for the drivers seat.

“This is your car?” he asked dumbfounded as he walked towards the passengers seat. He climbed inside and looked at me for an explanation.

“Yep, used to be my dad’s but now it is all mine. I absolutely love it.” I said appreciatively, as I pat the steering wheel, then turn on the car. “Any music suggestions?” I ask him and he looked taken back.

“You literally the first person to ever ask me that?” he said still dumbfounded. I nod.

“Ah, so it a kind of “Driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake hole” deal you have going on in your family?” I ask him, the words just flying out of my mouth. His eyes widened a bit.

“How did you know that?” he asked mystified. I shrugged and started to drive off.

“Just one rule though, no pop. I like to stick to older music as you can tell from my music collection.” I added pointing to my collection of tapes of Journey, Kansas, and Bon Jovi. “You might wanted close your mouth there Sam.” I said amused and he did.

The rest of the ride was basic questions like: what’s your favorite color? Going back and forth between us. We went to a couple stores and messed around a bit and learned a lot about each other. It kind of reminded me of what my sister and I would do. But I don’t think about it too much like that, it would put a real damper on my mood. At one store though there was a bit of a altercation between some man and I but I had taken care of it easily thanks to Bobby’s training. The last store we went to was the grocery store and we picked some food up. On our way back he was still jumping in his seat with excitement.

“Do we have to go back Kat?” he whined as Journey played through the speakers. I shook my head at him and chuckled a bit.

“Sam it is like 9 o'clock at night and stop whining like a ten year old or do I have to start calling you Sammy?” I ask in patronizing tone with a smile.

“It’s Sam.” he grumbled.

I pull into the yard and stop in front of the house so we could take the groceries in. I pop the trunk and grab the first bag and Sam grabs the second. We walk into the house to see Bobby and Dean on the couch watching tv and set the groceries on the counter.

“Have fun?” Bobby asked while still paying attention to the screen. I rolled my eyes.

“Yep and you should have seen her, there was this dude-” Sam started then I covered his mouth. Sam looked at me and narrowed his eyes.

“What happened?” I turned back to Bobby and now we had his full attention, Dean’s as well. I sigh and uncover his mouth, knowing that Sam already spilled the beans.

“There was this dude who kept trying to feel her up, so she basically did three simple moves and next thing you know he’s on the ground with his arm pinned behind his back.” Sam said excitedly. Bobby looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“What?” I asked. “He had it coming, he’s lucky thats all I did to him.” I told Bobby with a slight smirk. Bobby shook his head and turned his head towards the tv. Dean was still looking at me.

“Bullshit” Dean said, clearly not believing the story. I raised an eyebrow.

“Would you like to test that theory of yours Mr. Winchester?” I asked him playfully with a raised eyebrow. He stood up from the couch and walked in front of me.

“Anytime and place, but I know for sure that I am right. There is no way someone like you could actually take down someone.” He told me boldly with a smirk.

“Is it because you think I’m short?” I ask him amused. “ 5’5 is an average height. You are just freakishly tall.” I finished with a smile. Then he bent down to my eye level and smirked again. Dick

“No its because you look too sweet and innocent to actually fight someone.” He told me boredly. I step a bit closer to him.

“One thing you’ll learn around me is that looks can be deceiving.” I told him suavely with a smirk. I turn around and walk away towards the stairs. When I reach the stairs I look at the spot I just left, Dean stood looking like he was calculating his next move and Sam stood there looking smug. I smiled sweetly towards them. He had no idea who he was dealing with. I’m from freakin’ Jersey for cryin’ out loud.

“Good night boys.” I spoke before climbing up the stairs. I reached my room and went inside. Taking a deep breath I get ready for bed and think about tomorrow. I had to go to Balthazar and train with him. Fantastic, I sigh. Walking towards my bed I reach underneath and find the angel blade. Then I take the blade and walk in front of my mirror. I saw a stranger wearing a flannel shirt in the mirror, a new person.

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