My Strange New Life

Just Another Day

I woke up and sighed. Great now I have to go train with Balthazar, this is going to be fantastic. Throwing my covers to the side I get up and get dresses in my usual jogging apparel. With that I hide the angel blade in my sleeve and walk out of my room silently. Slowly I make my way towards the kitchen to grab a water bottle, but on my way I realize I’m not the only one awake. Walking into the kitchen I see Sam with a cup of coffee and his head on the table. Concerned, I take a seat in front of him.

“Sam I don’t think the best place to sleep is here.” I told him quietly. He jumped up in his chair and I chuckled. His eyes found me and he relaxed. “ Now are you going to tell me why you are sleeping on the table?” I asked him. He leaned leaned back and rubbed his eyes.

“I keep having these nightmares and let's just say they aren’t pleasant.” he said sleepily. I furrowed my eyebrows: Sam and nightmares. Why does that seem so familiar?

“You want to talk about it?” I ask him. He shakes his head. I get up from my chair and walk towards the exit. “Well then I’m going to go jogging, but if you need anything Sam ask me.” I told him seriously. He mumbled some response and I walked out.

I had jogged to where I saw Balthazar yesterday and he wasn’t here yet. Sighing I found a log and sat on it. Where the hell was he? Suddenly I hear someone come up behind me. Slowly, I pulled the blade from my sleeve then when I hear the person right behind I quickly turn around ready to attack, but no one is there. I look around and see nothing around me, i relaxed a bit, until I’m thrown back. Landing on my back I close my eyes wincing, and then I open my eyes to see Balthazar.

“That was way too easy sweetheart. You are going to have to try harder than that.” He scolded me. Slowly I get up and glare at him.

“What the hell man! Aren’t you suppose to be teaching me, not attacking me!” I yell at him fed up. He just smiled amused by me, then he dropped it.

“You are going to be fighting angels and if you are not used to us just “popping” up out of nowhere then you are already a goner.” he explained seriously. Then he steps forwards and takes the blade from my hand. He throws it to the side and looks back at me. “I want to see what that drunk was teaching you. Come on give me your best shot.” I take a breath and get into a fighting stance. I make the first move and suddenly I’m on the ground. Again. “That was absolutely ridiculous.” he laughed, he reached out a hand for me to take. I took it and he pulled me up. “We have a lot to work on.” he breathed in a bored tone and waved to me, then disappeared. Now I’m kind of glad that Gabriel and Castiel were my favorite angels, whoever they are, because Balthazar is a dick. That sucks I can’t even remember why they were my favorites. I pick up the blade that he threw and started for the house.

As I’m walking through the woods I can’t help but think of my transition from 2015 to 1999. 2015 was all computer screens and the internet was an important part of life if you went to school and work. Now the only screen I see is my iPhone 4s and it doesn’t even have any internet so it is more like an iPod. I am so glad I always carried my phone charger to school that day or this might have been hell. Without the internet I do more productive stuff, wow my old generation is screwed.

I reach the end of the woods and continue to walk towards the front door. On my way though I see Dean outside by my Torino where I had left it the previous day. Stopping a couple feet behind Dean.

“I hope you aren’t messing with my car Winchester.” I say announcing my presence, he jumped and I chuckled. He and his brother were alike.

“This is your car?” he asked surprised. I smiled and nodded, then walked beside him.

“Yep, she was my dad’s but now she is mine.” I say with a smile and pat the hood. He whistled.

“Can I take it for a spin?” Dean asked childlike.

“Yes but if you scratch my car, I’ll kill you.” I said with a smile and threw him the keys.

“Sorry but I think that was an empty threat.” Dean said but before I could say anything else he ran for the door, started the car, and revved up the engine. I rolled my eyes. “This is a bad ass car.” he proclaimed before he drove off. I went for the front door and Bobby stood there with his arms crossed as soon as I stepped into the house. Oh yeah, we have to talk about John.

“Kat we need to talk.” I nod and we go into the kitchen and Sam wasn’t there.

“Um Bobby where is Sam?” I asked. He just pointed upstairs. Sam was probably sleeping, poor kid. I sat in a chair and he leaned against the counter.

“Well John and I talked yesterday and he said he wanted to see if he could trust you for himself. So when he comes back, he is taking you on a trip.” Bobby said with a sigh. A trip Bobby is worried over a trip. Unless that he meant a hunting… oh. I look at Bobby in disbelief. Why the hell would John take me on a hunting trip? Great.

“Why a hunting trip?” I voiced my thoughts. Bobby went to the table and sat in front of me.

“He wants to know what you are capable of. Plus he wants to talk to you.” Bobby said unhappily. I nod then get up to go upstairs to change into a casual outfit.

Once I come back down stairs I hear the rumble of my car in the front and suddenly I got an idea. I could make a bonfire and we could make s’mores, even though Dean is like 19 and Sam is 15. Back home I use to always have bonfires in the backyard. Fires. Suddenly I feel a familiar headache and shut my eyes wincing. Opening them back up I see fire everywhere in the house, this time I can feel the heat of the fire, I panic a bit. My attention was drawn outside and I saw a man with black goo coming out of his mouth. What the hell?! I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment and I feel the heat disappear. Slowly I open them up again, everything was back to normal and I was breaking heavily. What the hell? I am so asking Balthazar about this.

After I collected myself I headed out the door towards my car where I saw Dean looking underneath the hood.

“I better not find one scratch on it, pass me the keys.” I tell him and join him at looking into the engine. He gives me the keys continuing to look at the engine as if in a trance. I roll my eyes and shut the hood. Dean turned and looked at me with a frown. I chuckle on my way to the driver's seat. “Don’t frown Dean, someone could be falling in love with your smile.” I tell him with a smile quoting Teen Wolf. He rolls his eyes and jumps into the passenger seat. I raise an eyebrow at him.

“What?” he asks. “ I want to come with you and see your bad assness for myself.” he say and I scoff.

“I am bad ass all the time.” I tell him with mock hurt as I drive into the road, he rolls his eyes. “So Dean tell me about yourself.” I ask him in curiosity as I continue to drive.

“Well my name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women.” he explained mysteriously. I chuckle at the familiar phrase. It was really hard for me to talk to Dean since he was all closed off. Not that I would blame him, I’m some mystery girl that he officially met yesterday.

We arrive at the store and walked in, I picked up a basket and started to look for somethings I would need for tonight. As I was reaching for the crackers, something in the corner of my eye catches my attention. It was the same jerk from yesterday that I beat up. He was standing in the front of the store eyeing my dangerously, but there was something different about him. There was a dark aura around him. His eyes flashed black before he menacingly left the store. My eyes widen. Okay don’t panic.

“Are you okay?” Dean asks me seeing my reaction to the demon. I look up at him and give a tight smile before turning to walk away towards the registers. As the cashier checks out my things I carefully plan out my next course of action. I pay the bill and quickly walk out with my bags and Dean in tow. “What the hell Kat!” Dean exclaims as I drive off.

“Dean what do you know about demons?” I ask him seriously, looking at the truck that was following us in the mirror.

“Ummm… you need to exorcise them… they are repelled by holy water and salt, Why?” he says quickly. Damn, young Dean basically has no demon experience.

“Not to scare you or anything, but we are currently being followed by one.” I tell him slowly, not knowing how he was going to react.

“What!” he yells eyes wide looking behind him at the truck.

“No need to panic, but I am sorry for what I am about to do.” I say tightly. I slam my foot on the gas and increase my speed. The car behind me becomes smaller and I glance at Dean, he was holding onto the door with dear life. Turning at the next empty road, I stop the car at a halt and jump out of the car. Going to the back towards my trunk, I pop it open to find my dad’s extensive arsenal of killing anything evil, I grab salt and holy water.

“Kat seriously what are you doing!” Dean yells coming up beside me as I close the trunk.

“Dean I need you to calm down, use this make a circle and step inside it.” I yell back at him with a booming voice holding out the salt. He looks taken back but he takes the salt and goes to make a circle.

“What you going to do Kat? A demon is too strong for either of us to take out right now, it's too powerful. How are you going to stop it?” Dean asks me trying to stay calm. I take the angel blade from my boot and stand in the middle of the road watching the truck driving towards us.

“You make it seem like I haven’t dealt with demons before.” I tell tonelessly as the truck stops and the demon steps out. He comes to halt about ten feet from me.

“When I heard that a Lawrence came back I didn’t want to believe it, but here I am standing in front of you. Rumors have it that they had to hide you in another dimension and you were recently dragged back here.” the demon said tauntingly his eyes flashed black. Perfect he came alone, which means that no other demons were here. He stepped forward and I raised my blade. “What's that little knife going to do and you gonna do? Hurt me?” he asks patronizing me. I smile and uncap the holy water from behind my back. Showtime. The demon advanced forward and I threw the water at him. He yelped in pain and bent over, while he was dazed I kicked him back onto the ground and spilled the rest of the water on him. Sizzling, he shouted in even more pain, then I plunged my blade into his heart and looked him in the eyes while he flickered.

“Nah I’m gonna kill you instead.” I whispered to him with a sickly sweet smile and rip the blade out, he died. Looking down at the body I couldn’t help but think that use to be a person and I just... killed somebody. Also that seemed a bit too easy. Suddenly I hear someone walk behind me, I turn around and see Dean, he looked shocked. “You still doubt my skills Winchester?” I ask him seriously, he shakes his head, his shocked expression turns into a one of awe.

“That was freaking awesome!” he exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, head to my trunk to get the shovels and throw one to him. “Sweetheart, I didn’t think you had it in you to kill some evil son of a bitch.” I chuckle.

“Now people say you aren’t really friends until you help them bury a body and that is exactly what you are gonna help me do.” I told him jovially. He smirked.

“Then I believe that this is a start to a beautiful friendship.” he proclaimed.

Who would have thought that burying a body would be the best bonding experience with Dean. He opened up a bit telling old hunting stories and the time he buried his first body, let's just say it was a bit odd, but at least we’re talking. When we got into my car there was, at first, a comfortable silence.

“So are we going to tell Bobby about our little hunt.” Dean spoke up casually. I scoffed.

“We should keep this to ourselves.” I say sheepishly. “Plus it wasn’t a hunt, I was merely protecting myself.”

“Whatever sweetheart. I can see why my little brother has a crush on you though, that was completely badass.” Dean says impressed. At least he know it now, I smile proudly… wait crush, he was probably joking… maybe.I drive up to the house and jump out of the car then head towards the house walking.

“What about what the demon said.” Dean asked curious. I stopped and looked at him. He stood there with a stern expression.

“What about it.” I say nonchalantly, tilting my head a bit.

“Well it said that you were dragged here from another dimension, I mean that can’t possibly be true, right?” He asked. I smirk and walk away continuing towards the house.

“Kat!” he exclaimed and I laughed. Now I have a bonfire to get ready for.

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