My Strange New Life

Chick Flick Moments

Once inside the house I find my way into the kitchen to see Sam eating a sandwich. He must have heard me coming because he looked up and smiled. I smile back and sit in front of him.

“So Sam I was thinking about doing something tonight and I was wondering if you would be interested.” I say enthusiastically. He shrugged and I smiled. “Well I was thinking that we should do a bonfire and roast s’mores.”

“That seems a bit childish.” Sam said smiling. I scoffed.

“Sam you’re like 15 and everyone is young at heart. Come on! It could be fun.” I say waving my arms around exaggerating my point. He looked to be thinking about it so I lean forward expecting an answer.

“Fine, but no campfire songs.” He agreed. I jump up and hug him then quickly let go running out of the room.

“Fantastic! Now I have to see if your grumpy brother is going to agree.” I yell towards Sam. I hear him laugh at my antics. On my way towards the upstairs I see Dean sitting on the porch. Curious, I go outside and sit beside him. He is probably confused about what happened. We sit there in silence for a while.

“I’m trying to understand you but every second I find myself even more confused.” he said breaking the silence. “I mean like at first at the diner I thought you were just a quiet girl who wouldn’t mind joking around a bit. Now you are…” he paused and looks forward. “this amazing chick who keeps me guessing and might I say is bad ass. You act like you have known us for years and it makes me think that you have. For some reason I feel like you have seen some crazy shit but I see how you hide it and I do know you hide it with that smile. I know because I have the same look.” he turns his head towards me and looks me in the eyes. “So tell me, who are you really Kat? Because I have no freaking clue.” he finishes. I swallow and look away, a bit surprised by his little speech.

“Honestly I’ll tell you the answer to that question when I find it myself. These past months have been a bit hard for me. A couple months ago I was just someone who was going to school, hanging out with my friends at the mall, having loud family nights with my mom, sister and brother.” I smile remembering. Then take a shaky breath and continue. “Now I’m here, without all that, because of some family problem. I’m not going to lie, I miss it all the time. I was ripped from everything I knew in a matter of seconds.” I pause to collect myself, my vision getting a little blurry. “But I’m getting there, I’m getting better, looking forward to to tomorrow and living today like there isn’t one. I enjoy everyday because I don’t know if for some reason it gets taken away.” I finish and look back at him, he had a gloomy look on his face. “Also this conversation is getting a bit morbid so I was going to ask you something.” I tell him with a slight smile on my face.

“Shoot.” Dean says. I smile a bit bigger.

“Well you know all that stuff I bought at the store today?”I ask him. Dean nods. “I was going to do a bonfire tonight so we could make s’mores and bull shit around.” Dean raises his eyebrow.

“A bonfire… and s’mores... doesn’t that seem a bit childish.” he says with a chuckle. I gasp.

“Are you insane! It is the perfect way spend a beautiful night, plus the stars are so bright over here. Nothing like in Jersey.” I exclaim in mock outrage. He laughed. I put my hands together and give him a pleading puppy look. He looks at me and then sighs. Ha! I win, the puppy look always wins.

“Fine!” he exclaims. I throw my hands in the in victory and walk off the porch.

“As a treat I might tell my extraordinary tale from the year 2015.” I tell his mysteriously as I walk away to the field.

The sun just set and I had finished bring wood to my fire pit. I set the chairs around the pit. Starting the fire I see two figures walking my way.

“Just in time guys. What Bobby isn’t coming?” I ask.

“He said he didn’t feel like it.” Sam explained. I nodded. We all sat in a chair and started to talk, an hour passed and we were all laughing. Then it was time for the s’mores and I learned that they never had one.

“You have got to be kidding me! Not even one!” I exclaim in mock horror. They shook their heads. “This won’t do at at! My family and I use to do this all the time. This is absolutely ludicrous.” I continue. They chuckle. I give them both a stick with a marshmallow and they put it over the fire. Sam had his a golden brown and Dean had his marshmallow in flames. I roll my eyes and give him my marshmallow, he smiled in appreciation. I then give them both a piece of chocolate and crackers. They put all together and ate it. Smiles form on their faces and I beam. Next thing I know Sam is on his third s’more while Dean is burning his third marshmallow.

“So you said that you did this all the time with your family, right?” Sam asks, and I nod. “So what were they like?” Dean clears his throat and gives Sam a look. He looked confused.

“It is okay Dean. Well my parents were amazing one too strict the other free willed. Everyone knew I was daddy’s little girl, we would go on trips together into the mountains and New York. My mom and I we would talk everything supernatural, our thing, but we didn’t hunt or anything like that. You could literally talk to her about anything. My little brother Thomas was a pain in the ass. He would annoy the hell out of me but we got along well. We played video games and he would go on about his favorite ones, like Minecraft.” The boys frowned confused, ah minecraft didn’t exist yet. “ My little sister Isabella was my best friend. We would complain about things to each other and have random conversations at 3 in the morning. She would tell me I was a bitch and I would say love ya. It was our thing.” I finish with a smile.

“So what happened to them?” Sam asked curious.

“Sam!” Dean yelled. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, Sam yelling at Dean.

“It’s fine. Well my sister and I’s past caught up with us. Long story short my sister and I were taken away ten years ago to live a somewhat normal life, away from everything, but they found us. They tried to take us but my knowledge of the supernatural helped me out.” I pause to look at them. They both looked curious. “There was someone there to help us out and he told us how our parents weren’t really my parents. Basically our life was a lie. He had to take one of us home and I volunteered. My sister was left behind and I was taken to someplace in Nebraska and there he abandoned me. Eventually I found my way to Bobby’s meeting you two in the process.” I pause and smile a bit. “But here’s the plot twist, that all took place in the year 2015 in another dimension where all of this is a tv show. I say quickly. Their eyes widen in surprise but Dean recovers first.

“Bullshit.” Dean claimed. I smirk, reach into my pocket for my phone and throw it at him.

“What is it?” Sam asks taking it from Dean.

“That Sammy boy is my iPhone 4s, a cell phone.” I tell him like talking to a child.

“How does it work?” he asks and I walk towards him. Squatting by his chair I swipe the screen to unlock the phone. I swipe the pages and go onto my music app. Suddenly “Dust in the Wind” starts playing and Sam jumps at the subtle sound.

“This is awesome! You’re from the future.” Sam exclaims childlike. I chuckle and look at Dean he seemed amused as well.

“Technically I’m born in 1982, but back there I was born 1998.” I explain to Sam. I turn to Dean. “I am still keeping you guessing Winchester?” I ask him. He smirks and nods.

“That means you know stuff that will be happening in the next sixteen years.” Dean states, I nod. “What happens to us?” he asked, Sam looked curious as well. I sigh

“To be honest I can’t remember, all my knowledge of events that happen to people disappeared but I know facts like I knew who you two were when you walked into that diner. Or like I found Bobby’s place.” I explain. “I even know what you look like in the future but not what happens but guys I thought at the time it was just a tv show. I didn’t know that somehow I actually knew you when I was little. Hell I didn’t any of this existed.” Dean and Sam nod. “The only good thing about this “Back to the Future” situation is that I have lottery numbers on my phone for the year 2015.” I finish with a smile.

“This is crazy, it seems strange, even for us.” Dean says with a disbelieving look on his face. “But somehow I can believe you.” he finished and I beam.

“You can ask Bobby if you like, he can tell you everything I just told you.” I say nonchalantly with a shrug. “I think I’m gonna call it a night, it has been a hell of a day, and I had my serving of chick-flick moments.” I say as I stand up. Sam looked like he wanted to ask something but I already knew the answer. “Yes Sam it was how I knew that the house rules were driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake hole.” Sam closed his mouth. “Night boys.”

Tomorrow is going to be my second day training with Balthazar, hopefully he can actually teach me something instead of being a dick.

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