My Strange New Life


“Ah, Katherine so glad you could come.” Balthazar said with mock excitement. I rolled my eyes, like I had a choice. “ So what happened yesterday? I happen to find out that a demon was here.” He casually said. I furrowed my eyebrows, how would he know that? Unless…

“You assbutt!” I screech at him. “You freaking told that demon where I was. What for? Are you trying to kill me?”

“Stop complaining you are still alive.” he said annoyed. “I wanted to see how you would react and what you would do. I got to say, that was pretty scary, you are just like your parents. They had a menacing feel to them too when it came to hunting. The way you told that boy off. That is something I could work with.” He said slightly impressed. “If you channel that energy, it will almost feel natural while fighting. Now I presume that you have brought the blade. Let's start with that.” he finished. I nod then close my eyes and try to get into the same zone I was in yesterday. When I felt that same surge of power I opened them back up and look at Balthazar, he looked a bit startled.

For the next few hours we fought and of course Balthazar was winning all of the time, but towards the end I was seriously kicking some ass. He was surprised to say the least, I just told him his tactics were getting a bit old.

“We can stop here for today. Tomorrow same time and place.” Balthazar says then disappears.

“Well goodbye to you too.” I say sarcastically then turn to walk towards Bobby’s house. When I finally get there, I hear gunshots. What the hell? Are we under attack? I follow the sound of gunshots and see Dean and Sam shooting targets. I let out a breath then walk towards them. It looks like they were having some kind of competition between each other, because they were arguing.

“Hey guys, having fun?” I ask with a smirk. They turn towards me and give me an exasperated look. I roll my eyes. “What’s the problem.”

“Well I was just telling Dean that he shoots worse than a girl, and he keeps complaining that the sights are off on his gun.” Sam said.

“They are! It is the only reason why you won!” Dean fired back. They kept yelling at each other and I roll my eyes. Walking towards Dean I take his gun and shoot the target. I shot till the it was empty. The holes were all on the upper left side of the bull eyes. Then I give Dean back his gun.

“Dean is right the sights are a bit off.” I say with amusement as I look at the shock on their faces.

“Is there something you can’t do?” Dean asks sarcastically. I tap my chin and think about it.

“I can’t whistle.” I shrug. Then Sam put on a smug look.

“I told you you shoot worse than a girl.” He laughed, and I chuckled. I stayed a bit with them and talked. We laughed and I really felt like I could actually look at these people like family. Maybe things will be okay.

The next few days flew by. The Winchesters and I have gotten closer. Balthazar had been training me harder and harder. I told him about those vision things and he says it was one of my ‘psychic powers’ to see visions of the past and future. Things were looking up. April passes and the Winchesters were still here, not that I had a problem with that.The month of May was here and Sam's birthday was tomorrow.

I jumped on the couch next to Dean then looked around me to see if Sam was around.

“So as you know Sam’s birthday is tomorrow. I was just wondering what you were doing or if you wanted to do something.” I say nonchalantly to Dean. He just shrugged and I mock gasped.

“It’s his sixteenth birthday, we have to do something!” I whisper yell. He was just paying attention to the tv screen, I sigh. “Well I was going to do what my family use to do. Go out to have dinner and then have cake.” I tell him.

“Don’t worry I got it covered.” I raise my eyebrow at his vague answer. I sigh again and go into the kitchen, Bobby was in there.

“Need help with anything Bobby?” I ask him. He looks at me with a worn look.

“Unless you know how to fix a crankshaft in a old Ford, I don’t think so.” he says with a rough voice. I look out the window and see a figure in the horizon, squinting I see Balthazar.

“Sorry don’t know much about cars, wish I did, but I don’t… I’ll be back.” I ramble quickly then walk out of the house. I walk towards a peeved looking angel with his arms crossed.

“Hey, what are you doing here? I thought I don’t see you again till the end of the month because you were stuck with” very important angel business”.” I say to Balthazar mimicking his accent. He just ignored my statement.

“We need to go somewhere.” is all he said then touched my shoulder and suddenly we were somewhere else. I looked around and the room looked like a basement. Why are we in a basement? Suddenly footsteps came from the stairs in the far corner of the room. The man looked familiar he had combed back brown hair, looked about 5’8, and he had a mischievous look on his face that quickly disappeared when he saw us. Also, he had a janitor’s suit on. Gabriel.

“Well brother long time no see.” Gabriel says smiling to Balthazar, he nods. Then Gabriel turns to me and I can’t help but fangirl a little. He is freaking awesome. “Who is this?” he asks pointing to me.

“As if you don’t know Gabriel.” Balthazar scoffed. “I just need your help with something, you specialize with powers of the mind, since you do your ‘tricking’. I just need you to help her a bit.” Balthazar explained. Wait, Gabriel is going to teach me about my psychic stuff?

“I left heaven for a reason Balthazar, not to get involved with any of this.” Gabriel explained bored. “ Plus look at her, she looks frozen for some reason.” It was true I was a bit frozen. Then suddenly I thought of a way to get Gabriel to help me. Time to turn on the charm.

“I’m not frozen, I’m…. star struck. I mean like you are Gabriel, Gabriel the archangel. Where I come from people love you. I totally need a picture with you.” I take out my iPhone, he looks at it shocked. “You’re like one of my favorite angels.” I say with a silvery voice. He looked back at me and had a thoughtful expression.

“Fine!” he exclaimed. “I will help you but you both owe me one after this.” I smile. “I must say kitty kat that you are good, I like you.” he says to me amused. I smirk and give him an exaggerated bow.

For the next few hours he was teaching me how to see past certain things. He taught me how to see energy in the air and auras from like a spirit. Gabe was an awesome teacher, way more fun than Balthazar. We had tons of fun too and Balthazar just stood in the corner grumpy the whole time.

“I got to say you are awesome, you need something call me.” Gabriel says enthusiastically to me.

“Why thankyou kind sir, you are as awesome as I thought you would be.” I tell him while I beamed.

“Now that favor…” Gabriel trails off. “You don’t know me and under no circumstances do you give up my identity to anyone.” I nod.

“Now since you two are done, Katherine we should get going.” Balthazar speaks up walking to the side of me. I salute Gabriel goodbye and we disappeared. I was completely exhausted when I got home and I had a serious headache.

Morning came and the sun was out. I look at my clock, it was 9:32 a.m. on May 2. Sam’s birthday was today. I smile, throw my covers off me and get dressed. Then silently I walk into Sam’s room and creep up on him. With a smile I get onto his bed and jump.

“Sam get up its your Birthday!” I yell. Sam groans and puts his head under his pillow. After a few more seconds Sam turns towards me and pouts.

“You are like an annoying older sister that I never wanted.” Sam whines. I laugh and sit on his bed. Sam looked a bit nervous, look down and I realize my legs were on top of his. Yeah, Sam had a little crush on me, it was cute. If he was older then maybe. I get off the bed to stand up, Sam relaxed. Raising my eyebrow I put my hands on my hips.

“Please everyone likes me.” I say sarcastically. “and are you going to say that when I got you this.” I wave a wrapped object in my hand. Sam smiled. I give it to him. He rips it open to a book about law.

“While getting to know you I realized that you liked law, so when I saw this in the store I thought of you. Plus this book is a promise that if I ever get into jail for some reason, you are going to be my lawyer and bail me out.” I explain jovially.

“Thanks Kat.” Sam said appreciatively. I nod and walk towards the door, half way I stop.

“Don’t think that this is everything Sam, I still have things planned.” I say mysteriously as I walk out the door backwards. Suddenly I bump into something, turning around I see Dean. I really gotta stop this habit of walking backwards.

“You know it is really hard to sleep when there is a screaming sixteen year old.” Dean complained tired. I roll my eyes and pat his back. Then go into the kitchen to make breakfast. Some fried eggs and greasy bacon sounds like a great thing to make today. The guys slowly emerge and sit at the table as I set the plates down with breakfast. At the table I see Dean and Bobby give Sam gifts. Bobby got Sam some kind of charm and Dean got Sam some shaving cream since “he was becoming a man” and some magazines. Later on the day we just fooled around. Dean, Sam, and I went into town and we got dinner like I promised Sam and on the way home I bought cake from the bakery.

“Kat thanks for today. I haven’t had a day like this like ever.” Sam said seriously as I set his cake on the table. On the cake it read “Happy Birthday Sammy”. I smile at him.

“No problem kiddo.” I say sincerely. Sam frowns.

“We are the same age now you know.” Sam explains with a raised eyebrow. I chuckle.

“Yes but I’m still older, I’m going to be 17 in a few months.” he rolls his eyes. “Bobby! Dean! get your old asses in here!” I yell into the living room. A few moments pass, Bobby and Dean come into the kitchen.

“Yeah yeah quit your yapping.” Bobby complains.

“I’m not old. 20 isn’t old. I could date you if I wanted to… But I never would…. ever.” Dean says quickly. I chuckle at his nervous expression.

“Yeah neither would I.” I joke with him, trying not to make him feel awkward. “Now then, Sam all you need to do to make your birthday complete is to blow your candles and eat your cake.” I explain as I light his candles. Sam looks into the flames of the candle for a moment then blow them out.

The rest of the night was just relaxing and joking around. It was getting near midnight and we were watching an old Clint Eastwood movie, Dean’s choice.

“Well I’m gonna call it a night.” Sam yawned. Then a out of nowhere I feel arms hugging me. I flinch then realize Sam was hugging me. I awkwardly pat his back since I was sitting on the couch. “Thank you Kat, for everything.” he says still hugging me.

“Of course Sam” I tell him sincerely. He looks at me one more time then leaves the room.

“Yeah, thanks Kat.” I hear Dean speak up. I turn to him confused. “You made Sam really happy today, I haven’t seen him like that in a while.” Dean explains. I nod. A phantom thought appeared in my head, I always thought if I was there from the beginning I would help them out, be their best friends and help them through all this emotional crap. With that Dean got up and was heading towards the stairs, he stopped and looked at me with meaningful eyes. “Welcome to the family Kat.” he walked away. I teared up a bit and smiled. A family… I have a family. The next hour Bobby and I were watching a commercial when we heard a knock at the door at 2 in the morning. I look at Bobby, he stands up and grabs a shotgun on his way to the door. Getting up from the couch and I hear two muffled voices, Bobby and some guy. Then Bobby comes back with John into the living room.

“Kat, pack your things. You are going on that trip with John now.” Bobby says gruffly. I look at Bobby incredulously. Then I look at John and he appeared like he was studying me. Fantastic.

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