My Strange New Life

Winchester Test

Quickly I go to my room to pack a bag with some clothes and some weapons like my cross bow. I didn’t want John to see my angel blade so I hide it in my closet. Once I finished packing I go down the steps to meet John and Bobby. John goes out the door, I sigh and wave to Bobby then follow John out the door. When I get outside I see the impala waiting for me, I walk towards it and jump in the front seat. John quickly drove off. For a few minutes we were in silence, and I had no idea what we were doing or going.

“May I ask where we are going?” I timidly ask.

“No.” he replied shortly.

“Do you know what we are hunting?” I ask again.

“Yes.” was all he replied. I slump my shoulders. This was going to be a long ride. Realizing that he wasn’t going to tell me anything I lean on the door and try to get some sleep.

“Get up.” a gruff voice called from the darkness. I slowly opened my eyes to see that we stopped. The sun was peaking over the horizon and we were at a small bar. I look at the name of it, “Harvelle’s Roadhouse”, my eye widen. Oh my gosh I’m at the roadhouse! I get out of the car and follow John to the door. We walk inside to see some strangers sitting at the bar and playing pool. Ellen was behind the counter serving someone a drink when she caught John’s eye. John walked towards Ellen at the counter, I stayed still unsure of what to do. I have never been in a bar before so I was just studying the place. Ellen and John were talking, about me I’m sure, because she kept glancing at me. They kept talking and I wandered over to the juke box. While flipping through the selections I felt a hand on my arm. Turning back I see Ellen with a warm smile on her face.

“Hello my name is Kat-” I was interrupted.

“Katherine Samantha Lawrence it has been years.” she said her southern accent, then hugged me. Oh, so she knows me too. Unsure of what to do, I pat her back awkwardly. Then she holds me at arms length and gives me a once over. ”Look at you all grown up, you look just like your mother, but have your father’s eyes. I’m Ellen.”

“I know.” she looked confused. “Long story” I explain shortly. She smiled.

“Well John is here for a small pit stop, why don’t you tell it.” she says kindly. I smile a bit and nod. Ellen walks me over to an empty place on the bar and sits me down. She gave me a soda and I told her about the other universe.

“Wow, that seems complicated.” she says seriously. I laugh at the understatement. “So that means you know Ash and Jo?” she asks.

“Yeah, I always thought you guys were awesome, but now I get to meet you and I…“ I trail off unable to explain how it feels.

“Its pretty unbelievable.” she finishes for me. I nod.

“It sucks that I can’t meet them right now though, I always wanted to be friends with you guys and now I learn that you and my mom were besties.” I say still not believing it to be true. She smiles.

“Small world. So how are you doing? You know with the change?” she asks. I sigh.

“Well it has been sort of hard. The family I knew is gone, along with the rest of that life…” I take a breath. “But i am getting better, enjoying the days as they come and live everyday like its the last. I have a new family though. Bobby, Sam, and Dean. John on the other hand looks like he wants to hunt me.” I explain. Ellen had a sad smile on her face. She put a hand on my shoulder.

“You have us here too, Kat. We have been family for a long time now.” I smile, my vision becoming a bit blurry.

“Kat we’re going.” I hear a gruff voice call from the door.

“Bye Ellen.” I give her a wave and jump off the bar stool.

“You call anytime Kat.” she yells from behind me. I give her a salute and go out the door.

John drove the whole time in silence, no talk, no music, nothing. We were currently in Colorado and John drove into a small town. He parked in front of a motel and he walked to room 102. Opening the door, he walked in and left the door open for me. Inside I saw newspaper clipping on the wall along with maps and other articles. I study the articles and finally find out what we’re hunting. Vampires.

“So we are hunting Vampires.” I stated already knowing it to be true. “Is this the same hunt you were on with Daniel Elkins?” I ask him.

“Yes we tracked the rest of the nest of vamps here but we were ambushed and he was taken. You are gonna help me clear out the nest and maybe find Elkins if he is still alive.” he spoke tonelessly. “There is only three left. We go at nightfall.”

“How am I going to help you?” I asked confused. He walks into the Bathroom and shuts the door. Oh my goodness this man is infuriating! I sit on the bed and wait for him to come out. A couple minutes later he comes out and goes into a bag to a grab glass jar filled with a red substance. Dead man’s blood. He walks towards the door.

“I’ll be back.” he said before closing the door behind him. I rub my face with my hands. He clearly has communication issues.

A few hours later, the sun was down and I sat watching tv when John came back with a bag. He took the stuff out of the bag. Yippie! More blood from a dead man.

“Let’s go.” he says and goes out the door again. I grab my bag full of weapons and follow him out. The vamps were hiding in a cabin and John parked a mile from there. John turned towards me for the first time ever.

“I need you to stay in here while I go in. You have a gun and dead man’s blood, you’ll be safe in here. Understand?” He asks me. I scoff and shook my head.

“You ask me to help. You bring me all the way to Colorado for me to stay in the car?” I asked him incredulously. “I don’t think so. I’m coming with you. I can help.” I say as calmly as I can.

“No, you are not going anywhere you are staying here. That is an order.” he spoke in an authoritative tone. I snapped.

“I am so sorry sir, but I am so sick of this! Why would you care if I got hurt or not. It isn’t like you actually like me. You have been peeved with me since day one and I am so sick of it. “ I snap at him. He got angry, but I didn’t waver.

“Of course I care! You were like a daughter to me once, both you and your sister. I don’t want you getting hurt!” he yelled. I scoff.

“Then why did you bring me? I could get hurt here. I mean did you really think this through, you still act like I’m some freak that looks like me.” I yell back at him.

“I wanted to see for myself, so I brought you, but my situation got a little complicated.” he explains still raising his voice a bit. Then he walked out the door and started towards the cabin. I get out too.

“John you have to learn, you can’t do everything yourself. You aren’t some invincible superhero, you’re only human. Let me help you.” I say to John. He looks at me for a while, then turns back towards the cabin.

“Get in the car Kat.” I stomp my way to the car and slam the door shut once I get inside.

It has been four hours and John hasn’t come back yet, I started to get a bit worried at hour two. He told me to stay in the car, I furrow my eyebrows. Since when have I ever listen to authority? I smirk, grab my bow, some arrows, a machete, and a bottle of dead man’s blood. I have a plan.

I get to the cabin and I circle it studying it. Once I did a once over, two figures came out of the cabin. Vampires. I take a rock from the ground and throw it as far as I could, about fifty yards from me. I look at the vampires and I see one of them going where the rock hit. Grabbing my bow I place a pre dipped arrow with dead man’s blood onto the bow. When the vamp stopped I released my breath and pulled back the string. Releasing the string, the arrow goes flying and hit the vampire in the chest. It fell with an audible thump. Turning my gaze over to the other vampire, it heard that thump and tried to find his friend. Idjit. I place another arrow on my bow and wait for the vampire to reach his friend, when he did I released the string and it hit him too. Placing my bow on my back I run towards them. They were both knocked out with the dosing of blood. Pulling out my machete, I quickly and efficiently chop both their heads off. They were dead.

I cleaned the splattered blood off my face and wipe off the machete. Now I had to go inside and kill the final vamp. They were expecting one hunter not two. I hide my machete and walk towards the front door. I knock and within seconds a man stood there with a creepy smile on his face. I smile.

“Hey my car broke down about a mile from here, mind if I use your phone?” I ask him trying to look as innocent as I can be.

“Yeah no problem. Come inside.” He says with too much kindness and opens the door for me to enter. I’m going to be fine. I have been taught to kill angels and demons. I can easily kill this vampire. I go inside and look around. There was evidence of a struggle, John.

“What happened here? Did an animal get inside or something?” I ask with a smile.

“Yeah you could say that.” He walked closer to me. “So what is a young girl like you doing out this late? Knocking at strangers door, it could be dangerous.” he says with a honeyed voice.

“Well thank goodness you aren’t a danger.” I act dumb as I reach the phone.

“I can’t say that about my friends though. Guys” he calls out. No one comes. I turn to face him.

“You mean those lovely guys outside, we didn’t talk much. Since I cut off the heads, I’d imagine the difficulty to.” I tell him with a condescending tone.

“Hunter.” he spat then charged for me. I easily duck under him and kick him. He fell into the wall, and I grabbed my machete. The vamp comes for me again and this time I kick the back of his leg so he would lose balance and fall. Quickly I find a stick and plunge it into his stomach, pinning him to the floor, he spat out blood from his mouth. I look at my machete and at the corner of my eye I see an axe. Putting the machete away, I grabbed the axe and tossed it back and forth in my hands. Looking over him I grip the axe. Then with one hard swing his head went flying. I drop the axe and start looking around to see if I could find John.

After a minute I find a door with a padlock. So I go over to the corpse and search his pockets for keys. When I found them I tried each key before I found the right one. Opening the door, I find stairs that led to a basement. I went down the stairs and I see two figures in chairs tied up. John and Daniel. They were both bloodied and bruised. John seemed semi conscious while Daniel was wide awake. I first cut free Daniel, once his hands were free, he ripped the tape from his mouth.

“Who the hell are you?” he demanded.

“My name is Katherine, now I took out the vamps upstairs. Also, I need your help getting him out of here.” I say in a calm voice, trying not to make the situation as worse than it was. He just nodded. “I’ll be right back with the car, for now I need you to cut John out.” I toss him the machete and run for the car.

I came back with the impala and Daniel had taken a now conscious John up onto the main floor. John sees me and gives me a look.

“I thought about listening to you, but then I remembered I didn’t like authority.” I told John with a slight smirk. “Plus if I hadn’t, you would be dead.”

“You are so Andy’s kid, I have never met someone so stubborn in my life.” John joked. I chuckled. Of course he wouldn’t thank me. I guess things between me and John were good for now.

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