My Strange New Life

Goodbyes and Hellos

“You take care kid.” Daniel yelled from the window of his car as he drove off. I smiled and waved then turn back to go back to the room. When I get inside John stood there with his arms crossed, I sighed and sat on the bed. Here we go.

“You defied my direct order back there Kat.” John explained calmly. “Those vampires were dangerous. You could have died.”

“So could have you. This job is dangerous, but remember you are the one who brought me. Plus Bobby taught me well, I handled myself.” I explain to John, my hand in my lap. He sighed and sat across from me.

“Kat, I understand that you took those vamps out. You didn’t get hurt, this time. I never wanted you to fight. You were just supposed to stay in the car, while I quickly took out the vamps. They were expecting me, and had a trap. I could have gotten out, myself.” I scoff. “Although what you did back there reminded me of your dad’s stubbornness and your mom’s kick ass attitude.” he smiled slightly, and when I say slightly I mean you need a microscope to see the quirk in his lips, but I saw it. He was proud of me. I smiled at him.

“Now let's hit the road. You know I always wanted to drive your impala, I was beaming the whole time to the cabin. Despite the situation.” I told John, he gave a small chuckle. Oh yeah, he was definitely starting to trust me now. I went out the door with my bag and jumped into the passenger seat of the impala.

After a while of driving, we were on some open highway and I was boppin my head to Bon Jovi song. I look at John and he didn’t seem as tense as he was, when we were driving to Colorado. We had a couple small conversations like how he met my dad. Apparently, John and he were good friends and they met a couple days after Mary died. My dad had taught him the ropes to hunting, while my mom watched me and the boys, since Isabella wasn’t born yet. Occasionally, my mom would join the hunt and they would give us the Bobby. A year later, John and my parents split up, but they still bumped into each other every so often. It was funny, everyone knew my parents better than I did, I feel like I don’t even know them.

It has been two days since I’ve seen the salvage yard and man is it great to be back. I couldn’t wait to tell the boys that I broke John. Getting out of the car I walk with John to the front door. Sam answers the door and sees John first, then he looks at me and smiles.

“You’re back. Bobby said you having a test. I take it you passed.” Sam states matter-of-fact. I smile.

“Yep, it’s great to be back here. It has been a crazy few days.” I say with a light tone. Sam let us in and we walked into the living room. Bobby and Dean were there watching tv. As Dean saw his dad, he stood up and looked like he was awaiting orders.

“Hey Bobby, Dean.” I greet them. Bobby looked up to John then looked at me and smiled.

“I told you everything would be fine. John, you idjit, when I said it was really her, you should have believed me.” Bobby says with annoyance and his arms crossed.

“I see that now Bobby, thanks.” John says sarcastically. “Dean we move out in 30 minutes.” Dean nods and leaves the room. I get sad suddenly. They’re leaving. Sam walks in behind me. I turn towards him.

“I guess it is time for you to leave.” I say sadly to Sam. He smiles sadly.

“Yeah I guess, but it isn’t like we’ll never see each other again.” Sam says softly.

“I know it’s just… You guys grew on me. What am I going to do all day without you two annoying me?” I utter with a laugh. Sam laughs and gives me a hug. “Plus, next time I see you, you’ll probably be a giant.” Dean comes down the stairs with their bags. He places them by the door and comes back into the living room towards me.

“Well Dean looks like you’re getting rid of me.” I joke. He chuckles, then looked indecisive. Suddenly he has a “screw it” look and hugs me. Oh my gosh, Dean Winchester is hugging me! I was surprised so I stood there frozen.

“You know this is the part where you hug back.” he murmured with a chuckle, and I did as told. After a moment he lets go and awkwardly clears his throat. “Yeah, I’ll see you later.” he says lowly and walks out the door. I look at Sam and he looked surprised too. His expression quickly morphs into a smile and I walk outside with him. Out there we find Bobby and John talking. Once more I turn to Sam.

“You better call me Winchester and keep me updated, or if you just want to talk, I’m here.” I say pointing at him. He chuckled and walked towards the impala, where Dean was already. Behind me I hear footsteps and turn around. John.

“See you later, sir.” I say to him and offer my hand. He looks at me then my hand and shakes it.

“I’m glad you’re back Kat.” he says sincerely. I nod and he walks off to his car. Standing beside Bobby I wave at the leaving impala.

It was July and things at the Singer residence was as normal as it could ever be. I was training with Balthazar and now I was very swift when fighting. He has me doing all these crazy things like trying to escape from chains with a bone or bobby pin. Or how to sneak almost invisibly into a place. Also he is teaching me how to read and speak Enochian and Latin. It's like he expects me to do this all easily. Then one day, he puts me in a room with like ten demons and made me fight them all. I was bloody and bruised but I won. His excuse was he knew I could do it. If he hadn't disappeared right then I would have kicked his ass.

Bobby took me on a couple hunts with him. I mean it was a simple salt and burn, but it was cool to work beside Bobby like that. He had known that I took out the vamps because of John and he wanted to see for himself how good I was. Also I met Rufus when on a hunt with Bobby in Nebraska. Rufus was awesome and agreed to hunt with us, but it took me a lot to convince them both.

Today, I’m sitting in my room relaxing after coming from a hunt, while listening to “Hey Brother” by Avicii in my phone. I keep glancing at an envelope on my desk that contained my mom’s letter and things. One day I will open it but… not today or anytime soon for that matter. Also, about three weeks ago I had one of those vision things, it was about Sam and some girl named Amy who was some kind of supernatural creature called a kitsune. Sam and this girl had a little fling. I saw this and couldn’t help but feel happy for Sam. Amy was good but her mother on the other hand was a monster. Sam had killed her mom when she was trying to kill him, and let Amy go. Then a week ago Sam called me and told me he had killed a kitsune and talked to a girl. Of course I was surprised at first, but it isn’t the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. While deep in my thoughts Booby comes into my room, I pull out my headphones.

“Kat, I just got a call from Ellen, she was wondering if you wanted to come down for the weekend.” Bobby explained, I smile. Last time I had talked to Ellen was probably on the phone last month. She was happy that John wasn’t being a jerk anymore to me and she wanted me to come down someday. It seems that day would be today.

“Yeah, I go. If that's alright with you Bobby.” I told him excited, while jumping off my bed to find my bag.

“Go have fun, just promise me not to hurt anyone.” he say patronizingly. I nod and continue to pack my bag. Once I finish I go to the front where my car was and put my things in the backseat.

“I’ll call you when I get there. See you later Bobby.” I say to him while jumping in the car.

“You better.” I chuckle and give a salute.

On my way to the roadhouse I couldn’t help but remember my first day back here in this world. I have changed so much since then, I’m better than I was before. Stronger and more independent, completely bad ass. Arriving at the roadhouse it was about noon so the bar was empty. I got out of the car and I stood in front of it. Finally I was going to meet Jo and Ash. Walking into the bar I see Ellen behind the bar and some blonde girl sitting at the counter. She must have heard me come in because she turned her head towards and smiled.

“Kat, it is about time you got here. Jo-” the blond girl looked at me, she was mini-Jo.” this is Katherine. Although you use to call her Kitty Kat.” Ellen says with a laugh. I smile at the nick name and Jo had a look of faint recollection. I go up to the bar and sit beside Jo.

“This is the girl you were talking about. She knows stuff right, like future stuff.” Jo said excitedly. I chuckle.

“Yep I’m the weird girl, from another world.” I say mysteriously to Jo with a smile. She smiled back and then we heard crashing from the other room. I turn to Ellen and raise an eyebrow. She just sighs and rubs her face, as if this has happened before.

“Ash get your ass out here right now!” she yelled. Did I mention Ellen was sometimes scary? Well she was scary right now. Suddenly a man with a mullet came running into the room. Looks like he was scared of her wrath too. Ash. He looks dazed for a couple moments then turn his gaze towards Ellen.

“What happened? Is there a fire? Did something blow up?” the last one made me wince involuntarily for some reason. Jo giggled at his behavior, Ellen just looked annoyed. She looked at me. Ash followed her gaze and found me then smiles.

“Oh hello there girl. What do you seem to be doing in this fine establishment?” Ash asked with his usual nasally voice.

“Ash this is Kat.” Ellen said as if that would explain everything. Ash eyes widened a bit then he ran to the seat next to me.

“Ah dimension girl, you have to tell me about this. You were in the future, how did you get here.” he asked interested. I smiled a bit.

“Ah well, I found an old DeLorean and built a flux capacitor. Using the some stolen plutonium from the Libyans I was able to go into the past at the speed of 88 miles per hour.” Ellen looked at me pointedly. “Unfortunately I forgot to bring some plutonium with me to get the necessary 1.21 jiggawatts to get back to the future.” I explain the “Back to the Future” plot trying to be serious. After a little stare down between me and Ash, we burst out laughing.

“I like you.” He simply states pointing at me. “Alright McFly it was nice to meet you, but I need to go.” he runs to his room and there was a another crash. Ellen just shakes her head. The rest of the night I talked and helped Ellen out with Jo. It was fun to have some girl time. Around one in the morning Ellen forced me and Jo to go to bed, we were playing some shooting game and she was winning the whole time. We went to bed but not to sleep. All night we were talking and giggling. I talked about crushes and some funny stories. It reminded me of when me and my sister use to do this, but it didn’t damper my mood.

By the end of the weekend, Jo and I were best buddies. Ash had insisted on calling me McFly now, it was my new name around him. Ellen was great, we talked, we cried, we laughed. Overall this weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I would probably come again sometime around my birthday, but for now we had to say goodbye. It was as sad as when I said bye to the Winchesters. These people were now my family, and my family kept growing.

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