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Chapter 10

After I told Iz everything she was just staring at me.

"Clary what the hell is wrong with you?"

"Iz what are you talking about?"

"You rejected one of the hottest guys in the world who was basically at you feet begging you to date him. And are you so blind that you can't see he has strong feelings from you!"

"Iz I just don't know. Jace is a player. He is gorgeous and he is literally perfect. How do I know he won't just toy with me and then leave me when I actually fall hard for him. Where am I then? Oh right with a broken heart!"

"Clary if he even makes you shed a single tear, I will personally go to his house and beat him. I will kick him so hard in his family jewel that he won't be able to walk and then I will..."

"Ok Iz I get it please don't go in detail on how you are going to de-man him please? My virgin ears can't handle it!"

"Fine. Do you know what you are going to do?"

"Ya I do. I'm not going to let a 'what if' stop me. I gotta call him Iz I will be back"

With that I left Iz's room and walked outside to site on their apartment's front steps. I dialed Jace's number and waited one ring until he picked up.

"Hello beautiful."

"You know sweet talking me doesn't work well with me Jace."

"Hey you know it was worth a try and with my charming good looks I really don't need to worry what I say. I mean I think my perfect body speaks for itself."

I could hear him smirking.

Ugh Jace why are you so cocky? And why do I find that attractive?

"Jace I need to talk to you"

"Alright sweetheart you have my full attention"

"Ok, ummm well yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I'll be your girlfriends."

I then heard something fall and I think it was Jace.

"Wait, so you will be my girlfriend?"

"Yes I will" I was feeling good. I felt like I made the right decision.

"I knew you would. All girls do sooner or later."

"Jace what the hell does..."

"Clare, relax it was a joke. You mean a lot to me, girlfriend."

"Smooth save Jace. Sorry I got to go Iz is waiting for me so I'll text you later."

"Absolutely. Until then goodbye Clary my dear."

"Oh Jace you are such a gentleman."

"Oh I know. Goodbye Clary, I await the next time we talk.'

"alright Jace later."


I walked inside and into Iz's room she was painting her nails neon pink. When I walked up she jupped up gracefully, not even ruining her nails, dammm how she does that is beyond me.

"So how did it go?" Iz was literally bouncing up and down she was so excited.

"well I now have a boyfriend by the name of Jace Wayland. Does that answer your question?"

"Hell ya! Clary I am soooooo happy. OMG he better ask you to the dance in some special way!"

"Iz lets go one step at a time. How do I tell John I am dating one of his good friends?"

"Good question let's worry about that tomorrow ok? I mean we have to get up early because we both have to get ready so we should get up around 4ish? Ya that works. Ok we should go to sleep now. Night Clary."

And with that Iz turned off the lights and I was in the dark feeling like I was on cloud 9.

Falling asleep dreaming of Jace...again.

4 am came really early. And iz had me shower, curl my hair, do my makeup and even made me try on like 5 different outfits. Before she settled on a mini plaid skirt, simple black shirt, and black flats. My makeup was pink lipstick, with mascara and black eyeliner and of course around my neck was my locket.

We left soon after, who knew how long it could take to get ready, mind you i was with Iz so I get it.

We pulled in and once i was out of the car, i felt an arm snake around me waist. I turned around to find a smiling Jace looking at me. I couldn`t help myself, I smiled back and went on my tip toes to give him a quick kiss. He grabbed my chin and deepened the kiss and I had to pull back once I heard someone clear their throat.

I turned around and looked at a red faced John who did not look to happy. I smiled up at him and he just glared at Jace.

``What the hell man, that's my sister you better not hurt her or else you are in trouble.```

``Man, relax I really like Clary and I won't hurt her. If I do, I`m sure there will be like everyone in the school waiting to hurt me.``

``True, but I still don`t like this and if you hurt her or do anything she doesn`t like, man you are in for it.``

And with that I pulled Jace away and walked to class. Surprisingly the day went by really fast and before I knew it, it was lunch.

I have been waiting at a table for Jace, but he hasn`t come yet and neither has Seb, so I`m kinda worried, well that's an understatement.

I get up from the table where everyone is talking and laughing to search for my boyfriend and friend, well sorta. I really don`t know with Seb if we are friends of if he is just a plain old creep that I should stay away from. I turned the corner to Jace`s locker and found a group of people there.

What the hell?

I walked to the crowd trying to see through it or at least get a glimpse of the action. There was a hallow feeling in my stomach; oh no this is never good.

All of a sudden someone started to chant `Fight, fight, fight` and all together everyone started.

Please let it not be Jace fighting please, please, please.

I pushed through the crowd and stumbled into the fight. It was Seb and ... Jace. Ohhh shit.

Seb already had a bruise on his face, a bloody nose, black eye and split lip. Jace on the other hand just had a blood nose which was ... good.

Everyone kept on cheering when Jace punched Seb, shit I had to stop this before they kill each other. As soon as I went to stop it, Seb got up, tripped Jace and pinned him to the ground.

NO, No, No...why them... why now?

Now Jace has a balck eye, shit I better hurry.

'I can't believe she said yes to you, your pathetic. She could do so much better than you.`

``Like who, you Verlac? Oh please Clary has way more respect for herself to date a douche bag like you.`

`Ya so much more that she dates you right`

``What are you saying`

`Your girlfriend is a skank. Do you want be to spell it out for you``

`No you dumbass, but you are going to wish you never said that.``

And with that Jace tackled Seb and pinned him and before he could knock him out i unfroze.

``Jace don`t! STOP`!``

Jace slowly got up off of Seb and turned to face me. Once he did I saw so much emotion in his eyes that I had to run and hug him.

``Clary, I`m sorry he just...``

``Jace I`m not mad at you I`m just mad that you could have gotten hurt.``

``Oh common babe, I'm a better fighter then that. And I`m sorry I scared you. He was just being a dick to you and he was being all posseive over you like he owned you and then I just then I could not help it I just punched him.``

And with that I kissed Jace. He had so much emotion in him and he was just so sweet and he wanted to protect me from douches like Seb. How did I end up with such a perfect boyfriend?

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