It's just me

Chapter 12

IMPORTANT: Alright guys, I'm back! I have decided not to stop this at the dance but take it a little further! Thanks to everyone so much who reviewed or pm me you guys are amazing and you helped me to decided to continue the story! Well the reason this chapter is so late was because I wrote it like 5 times before I actually wrote one that I liked. Also, I was sick and when I try to write when I'm sick it comes out really odd and a little depressing. Like I had Jace not ask Clary to the dance then she went with Seb and I'm like no...clace forever! So anyways here is the chapter...

Also 1 more thing! Read if you want to know something about the TMI movie...ok so I drove by the studio and they have all the motorcycles everywhere and it is really cool because on the front door they have NYPD sign! So I am super excited because the cast is going to be there this week sometime and I hopefully get to meet the or at least see them!

Jace was over and we were watching the lucky one. It was adorable! I was literally tearing up.

"NO, what does this lady think, not liking Zac Efron. If he came looking for me...I think I would die! He is just too sexy"

"Ummm Clare you know you have a extremely sexy man sitting right beside you?"

"Sure, whatever Jace."

"Seriously girls, their movies and their fancies. It gives guys no chance."

I rolled my eyes...guys.

Then the tv shut off.

"What the hell she was just about to profess her undying love for him!"

I turned around to find Jace with the remote in his hand smirking.


I was literally going to tackle Jace and like punch him in his rock hard abs, but I thought better of it. I would probably hurt my hand more than him.

So I decided with a little tease, something that would really hurt him. I scooted closer to Jace and brushed my lips against his slowly kissing him with so much passion. Jace automatically reacted and deepened the kiss I pushed Jace on him back, lifting his arms above his head. He smiled into the kiss. He pulled away and looked at me right into the eye.

"Clary we don't have to if you don't want to..."

"No Jace, all I want is this.."

And with that I swiped the remote from his hands and turned the tv back on sticking my tongue out at Jace.

He looked astonished

"Did that just...what...I mean...oh gosh...what a tease?"

I just stuck my tongue out and he rolled his eyes and man he looked just as good as Zac Efron!

I smiled at him and he winked...ya he's attractive, how did I ever get so lucky?

Jace came over and put an arm around my shoulder, I snuggled in and inhaled his smell. He smelt like sunshine. I don't think anyone would smell as good as him. And he is mine.

" Hey Clare?"

"Ya Jace?"

"I got you some Chinese food."

"Aww thanks"

I opened up the Chinese food box and found a big fortune cookie?

""umm Jace..."

"Just open it"

"ok fine"

I cracked it open and read my fortune


Go to the dance with me?

Awww thats sooooo cute, I thought Jace would just ask me casually, he is sweet.

"Yes, I will"

Jace smiled, a real smile and I found myself smiling back.

He pulled me to him and kissed me and that's when John decided to come home and bring the soccer team, way to kill it.

Just then John came and sat in-between Jace and I...oh great.

Not only is a whole group of boys here, but my over protective times.

Jace gave a loud sigh and all the boys crowded on the couch and changed the channel to a soccer game.

I got up and left, not wanting to interrupt their rather large bro-mance and went to call Iz and Mags and tell them the news...

"Guys, Jace just asked me to the dance in the cutest way and I need a dress when can we go"

"Oh darling I thought you would never ask."

"We will be over in 10"

"Iz its 11 at night, the stores are closed, we can go tomorrow ok?"

"We shall see you darling bright eyed and busy tailed by 9 am"

"Tata for now"

"Later Clary"

Oh no, what did I get myself into?

9 came to fast for me and before I knew it someone was sitting on top of me. I screamed. And found a sparkly Mags beside me and Iz on me.

John ran into my room

"Clary, are you ok? What the hell is happening?"

John came into the room with a baseball bat looking wild eyed.

Iz and Magnus started to laugh and I joined in.

"John I am being kidnapped to go SHOPPING!"

John just rolled his eyes and left with the bat trailing behind him.

"you guys woke me up early for nothing"

"We love you John" we all yelled together.

"Ya ya, I'm sure you do."

We all broke out into a fit of giggles and Iz had to ruin it by throwing a pile of clothes at me and yelling at me to hurry.

Oh the joy

The car ride was full of chatter between Mags and Iz discussing what kind of dress we should get for me.

Like I had a say in it...

We ended up spending the whole day at the mall going into every store and not finding anything that jumps out as Iz would say 'screaming Clary should wear this'

It was the last stop of the day and my feet were literally dragging.

They had me try on 5 different dresses and finally we had a winner. I stepped out of the change room and their jaws hit the floor.

I was in a black dress that was a few inches above my knees, it fit like a glove and showed off my curves that I honestly lacked...big time. It made my hair look really red and my eyes even greener. I

Iz and Mags the picked out a pair of shoes and clutch that went perfectly with my dress then talked aimlessly about my hair and makeup as we bought the dress and left the store.

When we got back to my place the soccer team was there...of course.

They all wanted to see my dress, but Iz hide it saying that it was a surprise and everybody had to wait till later tonight to see it at the dance.

There was a collective grumble as they were sent out of the house by John and back to their dorms to clean up for their dates. Iz whisked me to my room where she threw me in the shower where I was to

'hurry my scrawny ass up or else she would come in and wash me herself'

I know...creepy right...

Anyways 2 hours later my hair was in gentle waves across my back , my dress looked even better than it did before, my shoes made me look 4 inches taller and my makeup was simple. I had on my ring I never took off and the locket Jace gave me.

All my friends were downstairs waiting for Iz and I so we took one last look in the mirror and left.

Iz went downstairs first and told me to wait so she could give me a grand entrance. I rolled my eyes...Iz would.

I heard her say my name and made my way into the living room.

When everyone saw me their jaws were on the floor, Jace especially.

He looked like he wanted to jump on me and hide me from the world so no one could see my beauty...ya that sounds a little crazy.

"Clary, like hell am I going to let you go out in public like that"

I rolled my eyes and ignored him walking straight to Jace. He wrapped an arm around and hugged me to his chest kissing my head.

"You look beautiful I don't even know how I got so lucky." His breath tickled my ear and I smiled. The question was how did I get so lucky?

I pulled away from Jace and already missed his warmth, but I smiled at him and gave him a once-over. My eyes obviously trailing his body.

He was wearing a pair of lose jeans that hung low on his hip and a black button down shirt, his golden hair was messy and looked just straight out sexy and his eyes looked always.

His eyes were trailing my body and I could feel the weight of his gaze so I shifted nervously. Jace took me back into his chest where I tried to shrug the fact I just shifted nervously.

"Like what you see?"

"Of course and I know you love what you see! I mean I look like a golden god, who wouldn't?"

I could always count on Jace to make any situation into a joke about him, even the ones I didn't want him to.

We left soon after everyone piling into a limo the Lightwoods rented and made our way to the club the dance was being held at.

Jace and I entered the club/ dance hand in hand and all eyes were on us. The girls were staring hateful glares at me for 2 reasons

I looked good

I had Jace as my boyfriend and all the guys were staring at me

The boy's soccer team gathered around us quickly and a few asked me to dance. I didn't want to be rude so I agreed and soon the dance floor was full of swaying bodies.

I felt a pair of hand on my hips and turned around to see a head full of golden hair. I leaned into his body and felt the muscles in Jace's chest.

Girls were dancing extremely close to Jace trying to get his attention, but he seemed not to notice or even care. He was focused on me.

"You know Clare, you are the most beautiful girl here. I mean you always look beautiful, but today especially"

I smiled at him about to respond when the song stop and a slower song started.

Jace offered me a hand like a gentle man and i gladly took it. It was hero by Enrique Iglesias, it was an old song, but it was one of m favorites.

Jace pulled me to his body and started to sing into my ear.

"If I could be your hero baby.

I could kiss away the pain.

I will stand by you forever.

You can take my breath away."

"I didn't know you could sing"

"Well I'm full of surprises"

I just smiled and put my head on his shoulder as the song ended.

Everything was perfect as Jace walked away to get us some drinks.

Until I saw Matt.


"Clary can I have the next dance?"

"No, get away from me"

He obviously didn't like the answer since he pulled me towards him with too much force.

I tried to pull away, but he just tightened his grip.

"Love, I will never let you go"

"Matt, let me go now!"

He didn't listen he pulled my lips to his and kissed me. His lips were ice and I tried to pull away from the kiss, but he just held on tighter and I'm sure I now had a bruise. All of a sudden he was ripped away from me and I could not be happier. I turned around to see who my savior was and saw...Magnus?

Mags punched him in the face, but Matt was having none of this and punched Mags in the stomach.

He did not just hurt my friend that asshat.

Before I knew what was happening Jace was on Matt, he must of seen what happened, but got held up. Well it doesn't really matter because he was here now.

He literally beat Matt to the pulp and soon enough John heard what was going on and got in on the fight.

The bouncer was not having any of it so Jace, because Matt complained most about him, got thrown out of the dance, so I went with him, but not before Matt got the last word,

"You will love me again Clary"

"Don't get your hopes up"

I want outside and to find Jace. I had to admit it Jace was a really good fighter; he got out of it with just a scratch along his check.

It was raining and I found Jace standing in the rain, so I went to him.

"Clare, I am so sorry. I should have stayed with you, I should have done something then Magnus would not have gotten hurt and you would have not had to kiss that guy and... and"

"Jace calm down. None of this is your fault, it is that jerk's ok?"

"I'm sorry I got you kicked out of your first school dance"

"Without you there, there would be no point to stay at the dance. I mean who would I want to dance with?"

Jace just laughed. The rain was really coming down now and I was staring to get cold.

But before I could even move, Jace pulled me to him and kissed me. There was so much passion in this kiss that we did not pull away until we both needed air. He put his forehead against mine and we were both panting.

"Come on, let's get you home"

And with that Jace pulled me into a cab that came out of nowhere and we went back to my place. We changed into some dry clothes and went on the couch.

We were finishing watching the lucky one when I heard Jace snoring...really Jace?

I really didn't care. I snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep, ya everything was perfect.

Alright guys what did you think about this chapter? I actually have a really great idea for the next chapter so I am super excited to write it for you guys, well at least I think it is a great idea. I think it will be really fun to write and just overall amazing. I really hope this chapter makes up for all the waiting and the next chapter will be up soon enough.

By the way, for all you Canadians, like myself,


Until next time,

Love y'all

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