It's just me

Chapter 13

I am so excited I am literally bouncing up and down in my seat. John looks in his mirror,

"CLARY CLAM DOWN will you? We have a couple hour drive still and if you continue bouncing in your seat we are going to pull over and not go anywhere."

"Sorry dad."

I rolled my eyes...sometimes John is just to mature for his age...note the word sometimes...

I was sitting in the back of John's car with Jace, while John and Iz sat in the front talking about who knows what.

I put my head on Jace's shoulder and he kissed my hair. I smiled to myself,

"Jace I am so excited! You have no idea"

"Clary, I have a pretty good idea"

I rolled my eyes...boys... They think they know everything.

"Jace you don't understand we are going back to my home. We are going back to Cali!"

"Clary don't forget were here for soccer remember?"

"Ya ya Jace that doesn't matter were going to have a whole week in Cali! Oh my gosh do you know how excited I am?"

"No Clary I have no idea"

I just rolled my eyes and Jace chuckled.

"Oh will you two knock it off back there you're going to make me want to throw up all over my new shoes!"

"Relax Iz, were not even doing anything and at least were not sucking each other's face off"

Iz glared at me

"I'm just saying ... ok...calm down"

Iz turned back around to the open road and Jace kissed me,

"OM MHY GOSH Clary tell your boyfriend to get off of you! Seriously he is like eating your face! I think I might throw up for sure now."

"Clary if Iz throws up in my car your cleaning it! I am not joking!"

"WHAT john are you serious?"

"Iz you better not throw up or else I will personally go into your closet and us Mags glitter and throw it all over all your new shoes you bought yesterday!"

"Clary you wouldn't dare!"

"Want to bet?"

Through this whole thing Jace just started to laugh and soon later we were all laughing...this is what car rides do to sane people.

"OH MY GOSH WERE HERE!" Iz suddenly squealed.

I smiled fully and turned to Jace who was looking out the window in amazement.

We pulled up to the hotel we rented for both soccer teams since we both came here because we both, of course made it to the finales.

"Clary and I get to share a room" Jace shouted and John was literally blowing steam out of his ears...oh not good.

Jace grabbed my hand and started to walk away when Jace's hand was ripped from mine. John tackled Jace and was sitting on him, but not for long. Soon enough Jace flipped John over and was sitting on top of him.

"Relax John I was just joking"

"Sure you were Wayland"

Even though John did not believe Jace they laughed at the situation and began walking to the other side of the floor where the boy's team was staying.

Iz grabbed my arm and guided to me to the biggest and best room, she explained. I have no idea why Iz is even here...she doesn't even like soccer! Oh well my best friend ever is here with me! Were home and I could not be happier!

Our room was so big! There were two king size beds, a small kitchen a bathroom that was 5 times the size the one at my apartment. It even had a deck that over looked the beach! Ya I was literally in paradise.

I heard a knock on the door and went to go open it because Iz was busy unpacking her closet. I opened the door to find a smiling Alec and sparkling Magnus.

"Hey guys what are you doing here?"

"Well since we're here darling, Alec and I have decided that tomorrow we are going to the beach and we just wanted to invite you guys and we are going out for dinner at Ricky's tonight do you guys want to come?"

At the sound of Ricky's Iz popped her head out of her closet she was all ready for a trip to Ricky's and to be honest so was I, it had been too long.

I texted the whole girl's team, John, Jordan, Si, and Jace as well as the whole boy's team and finally they all agreed to come...well this should be fun.

I changed into jean shorts with a green lose fitted spaghetti strap tank top for dinner. It was warm in Cali and I might as well enjoy it while I'm here.

We made our way to Ricky's and to say I was excited was an understatement.

Ricky's was an all day breakfast restaurant and it sold the best pancakes and waffles ever! You could even ask for them specialized in any way you wanted. It could have anything you wanted in them!

I was suddenly so hungry.

I found Jace in the crowd finally and he spotted me and made his way to me.

"You look beautiful Clary, like you always do."

I looked at Jace he was wearing jeans and a tight short sleeve black shirt. He looked so effortlessly beautiful.

"Thanks Jace and don't take this the wrong way, but you look pretty good too."

"Oh Clary, I already knew that, but thank you anyways."

I just rolled my eyes; he took it the wrong way ... of course he did.

Jace pulled me to his side and smiled at me, like a real smile. I had butterflies in my stomach, only Jace made me ever feel this way.

He then whispered in my ear, "I'm so lucky I found you"

I looked at him, "No Jace, I'm the lucky one"

"Clary you could do so much better than me, someone who is not me is not sarcastic and rude sometimes and to cocky."

"Your right Jace I could, but I don't want anyone like that I want you and only you"

"Clary you make me the luckiest guy in the world"

And with that Jace kissed me with so much passion I was surprised so I kissed him back with just as much.

We were so wrapped up in our kiss that we didn't realize we were left behind I smiled at Jace and started to run toward the group soon enough I felt a pair of arms around my waist that picked me up. I squealed and he put me down and turned me so carefully so now I was facing him.

I smiled up at Jace and kissed him and then rested my forehead against his and he smiled.

"Come on, I'm hungry."

Jace laughed and took my head and lead me inside the restaurant to a big table that was set up for us all.

Then I heard someone call my name,

"Clary is that you?"

I turned around and came face to face with Max, the littlest lightwood. He just turned 14 last week and he is honestly the cutest thing in the world.

"MAX" I yelled and gave him a big hug "what are you doing here?"

"Well I wanted to be like a normal kid you rich parents so I got a job here"

"AWWWW that's my Maxy always trying to be different!"

"Clary, stop you're embarrassing me infornt of my manger."

I just smiled and pinched his check. Then Iz and Alec came out of nowhere and started to really embarrass Max and all I could do was laugh... Some things never change.

Max ended up being our waiter and he was pretty good if I do say so myself, I am just so proud of my little Maxy!

During dinner all Iz was doing was commenting on Max and his waiting skills which caused us all to laugh. The whole night was a big joke and I loved it.

We made our way back to our hotel and Iz literally pulled me away from Jace claiming I needed my beauty sleep for the beach tomorrow so I let her pull me away, but not before my golden boyfriend kissed me quickly on the lips.

I was ready for bed in boy shorts and one of Jace's shirts soon after and before I feel asleep all I thought was it was good to be home.

Alright guys tell me what you think of this chapter, please! I was super excited to write this because you are going to see a lot of old friends, parents and jealous ex-boyfriends and of course maybe even a jealous Jace. If you guys have any ideas please leave it in the reviews or pm me I always love to hear from you guys! Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Love y'all

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