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Chapter 14

I was woken up before the sun and to say I was upset at Izzy was an understatement...she woke me up early to prep me for a day at the beach ... i know crazy right?

But to Iz it was the most normal thing in the world...i already know I have weird friends.

After 3 hours Iz and I agreed on a bathing suit, cover up and flip flops instead of her heels she tried to get me in.

I had a black bikini that has a silver rhinestone pattern on the top and a plain bottom. It made my hair look extra red, my eyes extra green and it made me look skinnier then I actually was. I had a plain white cover up on and white flip flops.

Iz was ushering me out of the door because we were late and we had like 15 missed calls from John because he was just that impatient... What else is new?

Iz and I were the last to arrive in the lobby where everyone was waiting. When we entered everyone stopped talking...and stared. We stopped and they were still staring.

Did we have something on our faces?

I looked at Iz with a questioning look and she just shrugged and strutted over to go talk to Si.

I was still standing there looking at everyone when Jace came up beside me and pulled me to him. I went gladly and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

'Jace why is everyone staring?'

'Clary have you heard fashionably late? Well that is exactly what has happened here, but you look amazing...breath taking actually'

I blushed, only Jace could make my heart flutter like this and it scared me and excited me at the same time.

I pulled away from Jace grabbed his hand and walked out of the hotel to the beach.

Oh how I have missed it...I think this is the thing I have missed the most other then mom.

The sun was in the sky and you could tell it was going to be a hot day. I walked with Jace to the perfect spot and look of my cover up. Jace's jaw dropped and his eyes literally popped out of his head.

I looked down at myself biting my bottom lip and considering my choice of swim wear. And I looked up at him to see his shirt was off.


He was the definition of perfect. His arm were perfectly tanned and toned and his abs, OH MY GOSH...does that explain them?

I looked at him to see him still staring, so I moved to put my cover back on when he grabbed my hand,

'Clary, what are you doing?'

'ummm putting my cover back on'

'why would you do that?'

'because... I don't know...'

'Clary, you look freaking gorgeous, honestly how do you not see it? When I look at you I just don't understand why you would want to date a guy like me'

I smiled and looked right into Jace's eyes and kissed him with everything I had to say...

And he responded immediately, we must been really passionate because John pulled me by my arm muttering about some help he needed and Jace and I just laughed...sometimes John can be like a little kid.

John was still dragging me around a corner and when I saw him and them I stopped right in my way!

Right in front of me was my Conner my ex boyfriend, then best friend with my surf board...i squealed like a little girl and ran into Conner's arms...I can't believe he was here!

'Connor your here and you brought my board!'

Connor laughed and hugged me. Connor looked like a other way to describe him. He had a golden skin tone and light sandy blonde hair with blue eyes the colour of water. And he had nice abs...just thought I should add that in...

We dated when we were younger, but realized we would be better as friends so that's what we became, with Connor around I always had a surfing buddy and to get back out there was sooo exciting!

I looked at Connor and he smiled back,

'You ready to hit the waves, Fray? I know you might be a little rusty, but try and keep up alright?'

'Oh Connor you are so funny, thinking you would ever be better than me at suffering'

Connor laughed, threw his arm around, gave me my board and we walked to where all my friends were.

Jace's joking face became one of serious and ... jealousy.

When Izzy saw Connor coming she literally screamed and ran into him sending me falling on the sand. I almost hit the ground when I felt a pair of arms grab me and pull me up.

I turn around to look into a pool of gold and smile, Jace just smirked and pulled me close to him.

I rolled my eyes... he is such a typical prince charming always there to save me when i need him most. Jace had his arm around me and Conner looked at Jace , finally taking his eyes of Iz and her red bikini.


His eyes traveled over Jace and his eyes stopped at our intertwined hands. He immediately got protective.

"Hey dude, I'm Conner by the way, and you are?"

"Jace, nice to meet you." They shook hands and from the way their muscles in their arms twitched I could tell they were squeezing each other's hands really hard.

"Conner, chill. Jace is my boyfriend. Jace this is my suffering buddy Conner."

"Listen dude, man to man, if you hurt Clary, I will personally come kick your ass" And he ended it with a charming smile, that would melt girls hearts, but all it did to me was make me roll my eyes. Conner was like another brother to me.

"Trust me I would never do anything to hurt Clary"

Conner just nodded and walked away. Wow that was intimidating ... not...who just walks away like that honestly?

It was still early in the morning and the tide was high so Conner and I grabbed our boards and headed out.

To be back out on the water felt so relaxing and i can't believe how much i missed it. Conner and I were suffering until it came noon and the water started to fill up, so we paddled to shore.

As I walked out of the water I looked around for Jace and found him playing volleyball with John and a fan club of girls.

I'm not the type that battles them for his attention, but something about Jace made me want to fight all those girls for him, but right now I had Iz calling me over so I went.

Of course there were a bunch of guys around her that were just adoring her. As I walked up to her I pulled all my wet hair into a high ponytail. She smiled at me and the guys turned to see what got Izzy's attention and saw me.

There jaws dropped and I went to sit by Iz. Some of them looked familiar from our old school and it felt good to talk to them again. Soon enough Jace was done his game and came to find me once he saw me talking to all these guys he looked like he got jealous... or maybe even angry and started to flirt with some blonde girl from his fanclub...


Iz saw my mood change and gave me a questioning look I gestured with my head to where Jace sat talking with that blonde girl who was now really close to him.

I swallowed and got up. How dare he! I was talking to some friends I would never do this to him! A tear fell down my face and Iz saw it. I got up and ran... and even when I heard my name being called I kept on running. I ran to my secret place on the beach. I use to come to this small alcove whenever I was upset.

No one else came here so it was always just me and that's what I wanted right now.

I get that Jace was upset, but it is only him that I love...ya i love him. But if he can't trust me to talk to some old friends then how the hell do i trust him, when he goes and flirts with girls when he's upset!

He just doesn't get how much that hurt to see.

By now the tears were rolling down my face full force and I felt someone sit beside me, I knew it was Jace because as soon as he put his hand on my shoulder I felt sparks.

"Clary talk to me please"

"What is there to say Jace?"

"What's wrong Clare?"

"Are you serious Jace? I talk to some friends who are guys, you see that and you go flirt with the closets slaggy girl right infornt of me to make me jealous? For it to be pay back? That's not what this is Jace. I really liked you and then you did that today, I just , just don't know what to think!"

"I got upset, you were talking to them and you were smiling ear to ear, i have never seen you that happy before, you were glowing. So I got upset that I could not make you smile like that and then..."

He trailed off

"Jace you make me just as happy, probably more by just being with me."

"Clary, I'm so sorry, I really am. I just got self conscious and I went to flirt with a girl, when I should of just talked to you. Clary I am really sorry, please forgive me! You don't understand how sorry I am. Clary please look at me,"

I looked at him and he had no guard up it was him,

HE looked so open and honest...

"Please Clary," he pleaded as he wiped away a tear.

"Jace you better not do that again it really hurt.."

"I promise never again Clary I love you too much."

I smiled ... he used the L word and he just realized he said that he started to blush ... yes JACE WAYLAND did just blush everyone!

"I love you too" I whispered and I knew he heard me because he pulled me close and before I knew it he was kissing me with such passion that I returned back immediately.

Once we pulled away, I thought of something,

"By the way Jace how did you find me?"

"I have my ways"

I smiled got off and brushed my bum off and grabbed Jace's hand, Jace is not as perfect as he seems, but I still love him. We joined the group again and the rest of the day was perfect, even if Jace or I were not.

He loved me and I loved that felt so good to say!

Jace and I sat by the water edge just as the sun was setting. He grabbed my face in his hands and turned me towards him.

"Clary I love you"


At that moment John decides to come and sit between us ... wow great way to ruin the moment John. And the worst part is he knew he did by the look on his face.


I'm back guys hopefully this chapter was good for you guys. I loved writing it for you and we saw such a sweet side of Jace! As always leave some suggestions and to be honest I am so sorry I have not updated I just lacked inspiration, but its all back and it is thanks to this one person who was a guest that reviewed! But I have to thank all of you because you guys just make writing so enjoyable for me!

Anyways I meet Cassandra Clare yesterday! I KNOW! She was at a book signing and I was there for like hours just to meet her and have my book signed ... no i do not have a life...

Anyways leave suggestions of what you want to happen please!

That's all for now


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