It's just me

Chapter 16

Knock knock knock




I got out of bed groggily and whipped open my door.

"Who the hell is waking me up this early?" I practically yelled before being drenched in ice cold water.

I looked up to find a bucket of water that fell on me and I looked over to see John running down the laughing his head off.

"Come on Clary catch me if you can" he taunted as he ran down the hall.

I growled and sprinted after John and I had the perfect plan forming in my head.

"Come on Clary, is that as fast as you can go slow poke?"

I sped up my speed a little until I was about half a meter from John when I 'fell'

"OWWWW JOHN stop, my ankle"

John turned around fast and looked at me all laughter gone.

"Shit Clare I am so sorry are you ok? Let me see you ankle"

I nodded and smiled to myself he did not see this coming.

John looked at my ankle and when John came to pick me up I pulled him down and rolled out from underneath him. Then i got up, sat on his stomach and licked my finger and gave him a wet willie.

"EWWW Clary that is actually so disgusting how do you have friend when you are so weird?"

I puffed out my chest proud of taking down John ... I got him good.

"You know you interrupted my sleep so you deserved that"

He smirked and opened his mouth when something came out of nowhere and tackled me!


I was about to scream when it slobbered on me

I laughed at the barking dog on top of me it was Oreo my baby, well not really he was a big dog that I have had since I was 2.

Oreo ... my baby! It was a cute name when you were 2, but now I think it is so weird, but he pulls it off. He has white fur with only a few dark spots when I got him for Christmas one year, it was the best day of my life and I will always remember it! We have always been together and when I left to go to live on campus it was one of the hardest things leaving Oreo behind.

I got the dog off of me eventually and smiled like I was that 2 year old girl again who got her first puppy.

"OREO" i practically yelled and hugged the dog who was as tall as my waist.

The dog barked and licked my hand that was petting his head.

I looked around suddenly wondering how on earth Oreo got into the hotel When I saw Max at the end of the hall talking to John with a leash in his hand. I smiled I was the only one who could walk Oreo without a leash because we could never leave each other.

I smiled at Max as he and John walked over.

"Maxy, you brought Oreo"

"Well ... not exactly"

I looked at him confused and John laughed, so Max continued,

"Well I was taking him for a morning walk and we were walking by this hotel when all of a sudden he took off .. and well... I thought I lost him when I realized that he went into the hotel where you were staying at so I put 1 and 1 together and here I am"

I smiled at Max and ruffled his hair

"You know if you ever lost my baby I would kill you"

Max laughed.

At that point Iz came down the hall and looked at the scene infornt of her in confusion. When she saw her little brother she smiled brightly and ran over to him and took him in a tight hug...

"Maxwell Lightwood why did you not come see me? And what are you wearing? I mean sweatpants and a gamer shirt. Look at what I have to deal with."

And with that Iz took Max by the arm literally dragging him to ... actually who knows where.

Poor kid.

That left me with John and Oreo.

"Want me take him on a walk?" He offered

I shook my head no and left going for a walk on the beach.

I went back to my room where I changed out of my wet clothes into a green bikini, white shorts and a lose black tank top. I slipped on my flip flops, took the keys for the hotel room and left.

On my way out i passed by Jace's room

So I knocked and Jace came to the door by the third knock.

He was in a pair of Christmas boxers with no shirt on. His hair was messy from sleeping and it looked sexy.

He was rubbing his eyes when he answer the door,

"This has better be good.." he mumbled as he looked at me and smiled clearly surprised I was at his door so early in the morning with a dog.

I smiled at him

"Come on Jace, hurry up and throw so pants on we are going for a walk oh and by the way you look very festive."

"Just pants? Ok Clary I know I am attractive and all, but I think I need to put a lot more clothes on then that to ward some of the ladies off of this." He said giving me a sexy smirk and gesturing to himself.

My heart skipped a beat, he just looked so good this morning!

I smiled and pulled him close to me and ran my lips over him, not a full kiss, but close enough,

"Just hurry" i said as seductively as i could

Jace smiled and before I heard him close the door to get changed I heard,

"Why can I not wake up to being seduced every morning?"

I laughed and rolled my eyes... guys they are just to easy.

Jace was out before I knew it and took my hand in his. He brought me hand up to his lips and kissed it. I smiled he was just so sweet.

Jace looked behind me to Oreo and I laughed,

"Jace this is my baby Oreo"

Jace pet the dog on the head and we began our walk.


"Hmmm" I asked as Oreo ran ahead into the water and started to play in the waves.

"Look about last night, when I told you I loved you..."

"Jace," I stopped and looked him right in the eye

"I love you too" I smiled as I kissed him. He tightened his grip on my waste and pulled me closer trying to deepen the kiss.

We made out a little more on the beach and soon enough people were filling up on the beach and Jace and I decided to ditch the group and stay at the beach, just the two of us and Oreo.

That's when I heard the bone chilling laugh that I hated.

I turned around from watching Jace play tug of war with Oreo, which he was currently losing to come face to face with Krystal, my old school's slut.

"Oh Clary what are you doing here? Did your new school kick you out for being a slut?"

I laughed a humorless laugh and looked at her right in the eye refusing to back down, " You are calling me the slut Krystal? Who is the one who has slept with every guy at school, oh right you. And who is the one that probably gets paid to do it...oh right you. So move your good for nothing cheap spray tan, out of my face before ..."

I was cute off but a warm arm wrapping around my waist and I smiled when I saw a pair of golden eyes looking at me.

"Is there a problem ladies?"

Krystal puffed out her chest, "Ya, this slut was just bothering me and..." she said eyeing me ... did she not see Jace's arm around me...

"And I'm not interested, "Jace said and Krystal's jaw literally dropped ... a boy ... not wanting her ... well that is practically unheard of ...

I smiled take that you bitch!

"Oh and by the way, never call my girlfriend a slut because to be honest you're one to talk"

I smiled and turned around leaving Krystal gaping like a fish.

Once we were a safe distance from the Queen Bitch of Cali herself Jace turned to me and looked me in the eyes,

"Are you ok?" he asked with nothing, but love in his eyes

I smiled

"I am now"

And with that I kissed Jace. And for one moment everything was better the okay it was perfect.

Until Oreo came and shook all the water off of him.

Just my luck.

I looked at Jace and smiled before we both started into a fit of uncountable laughter.

Once we both a hold of ourselves I looked at Jace, "I love you"

He reached to push a strand of hair behind my ear, "I love you too"


I heard my name being called, I turned around,


I'm not sure if I like this chapter I just felt like I had to keep the story moving so I posted it, but no worries next chapter is so much better! So as always tell me what you think and what should I do next? UMMM one more thing...the trailer was freakin amazing I watched it like so many times already ... I am so excited!

Until my next time my lovelies

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