It's just me

Chapter 17


I got up and ran into my mother's out stretched arms. She pulled me close and ruffled my hair.

"How is my Clary? Is Jonathan taking good care of you? You look a lot skinnier is Jonathan buying you enough food? Who is that boy? Does Jonathan know? Should I be worried? Clary what have you been up to?"

I rolled my eyes typical mom a million questions per minute.

Jace was slowly walking to my side, he put his shirt back one and had Oreo back on his leash. Jace looked so tense and by the way he was scratching the back of his neck he was nervous, very nervous.

I smiled...he was just so cute.

My mom's eyes narrowed...not good.

I grabbed Jace's hand and introduced him,

"Mom, this is my boyfriend Jace"

Jace stretched out his hand "It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Fray"

My mom eyed Jace and now I was growing nervous, she hasn't taken his outstretched hand and was just studying him.

She opened her mouth and said the thing I least expected,

"Please Jace, the pleasure is mine and call me Jocelyn callin me Mrs. Fray makes me fell old." My mom laughed lightly.

Jace seemed surprised too and soon enough my mom was walking with Jace ahead of me telling him about my embarissing baby years and I caught a bit of their converstation,

"You know if Clary knew I was telling you this she would kill me, but when she was 13 she still loved My little Pony so I got her sheets and matching PJ's, well that night didn't Isabelle come over and ..."


"I don't think Jace wants to hear the rest of this story"

My mom chuckled and Jace looked at me with laughter in his eyes,

"Of course I want to hear the rest of the story, go on Mrs... er... Jocelyn."

My mom smiled and was about to continue when I butt in again,

"hey mom, where's Luke?"

Luke was my step father, after my real father died in a car crash before I was born; I grew up with Luke as my real father.

"Clary dear, he is waiting at home for you. He is making a whole dinner for you and John and now I guess Jace."

Her eyes tinkled as she began to walk to our house.

"Clary, wheres your mom going?"


"But she is walking along the do know that right?"

I took Jace's head in my heads and pointed him in the direction of my house,

" you see that blue house?"

"ya, Clary is that your house? Its so big"

I shook my head..

" No that's the guest house, my house is the white one"

Jace's jaw dropped.

I rolled my eyes, my house was a big white mansion it had like 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, and indoor and outdoor pool and 3 kitchens and mini bars.

"My dad, Luke, he owns all the restaurants in the heights, so high class snobs can afford to pay like 50 bucks each dish. " I laughed

Jace's eyes bulged, "and i thought I had a big house back home..."

I just rolled my eyes.

"come on Jace I'm hungry"

We walked hand in hand to my house along the shore to my house with Oreo running ahead of us.

Jace and I walked in the French sliding doors and into the kitchen where Mom was setting the kitchen table and Luke was finishing making dinner that smelt AMAZING!

My mouth started to drool and I ran to the stove to where Luke had whatever he was making.

Luke saw me and laughed.

"How do we know when Clary is home? She eats all our food."

I smiled and ran into Luke's outstretched arms.

"Lukey, I missed you so much!"

I felt Luke's chest rumble with laughter,

"I missed you too kido"

I sensed Jace behind me so I let Luke go and grabbed Jace's hand.

"Luke, this is my boyfriend Jace."

Luke grabbed Jace's hand and pulled him into a man hug,

"Jace it is so nice to meet you, you do know if you hurt Clary..."

"Yes Luke we know you will barbeque him...blah blah blah... let's go eat."

Luke smiled and Jace pulled me to the table where the delicious smell was coming from.

John and Si were already sitting at the table digging in, I smiled at how familiar this felt and grabbed a plate for Jace and I, piled food on and eat.

After dinner Jace and I left John and Si to clean up to walk along the beach.

"Clary, it was really nice to meet your family"

I smiled at Jace,

"I'm glad you like them they seemed to love you"

Jace smiled... oh no

"Well Clary, I don't know whop wouldn't love me, I'm perfect, good lucking, and charming"

"Well I know one person who doesn't love you"

Jace looked curious...



"Oh Ya?"

"That's right Jace I don't love you"

"Really? We'll see about that"

With that Jace tackled me and tickled me.

I couldn't breathe and my stomach hurt from laughing.

"Jace...stop... please"

"But Clary, you don't love me ... tell me you love me"


"Clary i think you should"

"ok ... ok Jace ... i love you"

With that Jace stopped tickling me

"I love you too" I felt Jace's warm lips on mine, but i had to break away too soon...

"you know we better go, the tournament starts tomorrow."

"your right, but after this"

with that Jace kissed me again with so much love and passion.

We walked back to the hotel hand in hand talking about nothing and everything. And all to soon he dropped me off at my door, but not before he gave me one last good night kiss.

I walked into my room feeling o0n cloud nine.

"Iz I'm home"

"Izzy...Iz, Oh My Gosh! What happened."

I came face to face with a sobbing Izzy.


And that is that chapter. How was it? Love it hate it let me know ok ?

Well I'm sorry I haven't updated in who knows how lond, but I just got a puppy and she is such a handful and then i had to go Christmas shopping and stuff like that. But now Christmas is done and I am on a 2 week vaction before school starts again so I will be writing...if my dog lets me...

Also I think I want to start a new story tell me what you guys think ... Clary was raised in another institute and basicly she has to go to the NYC one where she meets jace and well ... I can't say

What do you guys think?

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