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Chapter 18

I ran over to Iz.Oh my gosh Izzy what happened? What's wrong?"Clary...I... I can't believe what he did to me.""Izzy, who did what to you?" I asked my voice full of concern. Who ever did this to her will pay, that's a promise.Iz finally calmed down enough and I wrapped my arms around her,"hey girl, you know you could tell me anything"Iz sniffles and layed her head on my shoulder,"Clary, I can't believe HE would do something like this.""Iz tell me who this good for nothing jerk face of is, I will go beat him till he doesn't know his head from his ass."Izzy gave a weak laugh, "it was Simon""WHAT" I practically yelled, I feel sorry for whoever is next door."well we weren't official, but we both knew we like each other and I was going over to ask him if he wanted to be... You know my boyfriend and so. I went to his room and I opened the door because he always forgets to lock it and"Now Izzy had tears streaming down her face,"shhhhh Izzy your ok, tell me what happened next,"Izzy looked scared for a second, like I was about to explode, and trust me I was about to, but I stayed with my friend that needed me."well then I walked in and he was there, kissing another girl"I gasped, Simon, my Simon, cheated on Izzy, the girl he has always loved with blood boiled."Iz, who was the girl?" I asked as calmly as I could."it was Maia""WHAT" I screeched at the top of my life lung!"Maia was not my best friend like Izzy was, but I liked the girl and so did Iz so to have her do something like this just made me livid."Iz, you will be okay for 5 min wont you?"She nodded and curled up in bed with her arms wrapped around a pillow.I marched out of the room and over to Simon's room, which he shared with johnI knocked on the door and john answer,"hey little sister, what's got your panties in a knot"I glared at him, "where's Simon?""sleeping, "he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world,I went to Simons bed with john hot on my tail I saw Simon sleeping and got really pissed off, how could he sleep when he just hurt my best friend? So I ripped off his blankets and grabbed his ankles and pulled him out of bed.He landed on his bum and looked around wildly and once he saw me he was confused."what did you wake me up for Clary?""well SIMON," I literally spit his name,

"while you've been sleeping, your ' girlfriend' has been crying her eyes out in my arms."He looked at me confused,"Clary what are you talking about?""Izzy, that's what I'm talking about."Simon was about to say something when I spoke again,"you are my best friend since and I love you, but what you did to iz killed her, she is at home crying over you. You may be my best friend, but she is like my sister. When she saw you kissing Maia it broke her heart you know that right?" i laughed drly "the worst part is that she came over to ask you to be her boyfriend.""Wow that's rough" John said from behind me.

I glared at John and he took my arm and let me to their couch where I sat down and glared at Simon, he walked over to me with his head hung."Clary I...""do you love Izzy?" I interrupted him angrily."ya I do."

"Do you want to be together ... I mean like with her?"This was the question I dreaded asking,"do you love Maia?""Honestly Clary, I don't know, I think I might, but I love Izzy too""Well you better hurry up and fix this situation before you lose iz fully.""I know clary"

"I really hope you do."I stood up and looked at him, feeling slightly bad for yelling, but I had to protect Izzy, she was like my sister. I walked out back to my room where Izzy was lying on my bed sleeping with my teddy bear. I sighed, changed into my pj's and snuggled up to iz. She turned around,"thanks for being her for me, you are the bestiest friend. I could of asked for, I love you.""awww izzy, I love you too." and with that I fell asleep with my best friend.

I really hope you guys liked this chapter, I know it is short and all, but I really wanted to pick up writing again, you know a chapter per week or something? And I know this is not Clace action, but who doesn't like some best friend time right? I am hoping to have the next chapter up soon, if anyone has any ideas, please leave them in the reviews !

Until next time my lovelies!

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