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Chapter 19

I woke up with my arm numb from Izzy sleeping on it, i just smile to myself. I could not bring myself to be mad at Izzy after everything she went through last night. I quietly pushed her off my arm and start shaking it, trying to get some feeling back into it... stupid Simon, all his fault.

I snuck around the room quietly since it was only 5am. Now this would be difficult for me to get up at on like a Monday, or any other school day for that matter but , today was the soccer tournament and to say the least I was excited, sure i was slightly nervous, but soccer is my passion that all I want to do is enjoy it. Now the tournament starts at 10 am, and I'm up at 5 cray cray right? Well ya i am pretty crazy but i rather be up early with my team the rushing at the last moment. So to help my team I got out the megaphone I brought with me and walked out of my room in light pink boy shorts with a black tank top.

"Rise and shine buttercups, it is the tournament" i yelled through the megaphone, no one even stirred, fine this is the way they want it, I thought.

I ran down the hallway and began screaming and pounding on their doors , i was met by a bunch of hormonal, angry female teenagers that looked like they wanted to murder me right now. I smiled at them and they just stared in response.

"Come on ladies it is already 5:30 am and we have not even started warm ups yet and because we are up before the boys we now have the honour of waking them up anyway we want" I said with an evil glint in my eyes. The team now looked more alive and we all began running down the boys hallway screaming bloody murder, the guys sprinted out of their rooms and John even had a bat in his hand...again.

We all began to laugh uncontrollably and Jace comes over to where I was lying on the ground laughing my ass off and decided to start tickling me.


I couldn't breathe and my lungs we dying for air.


Jace just laughed at me and stopped tickling me and I was grateful, I looked up into his golden eyes and forgot I was trying to breathe. His eyes were shinning with humor I could have died right there; honestly his eyes were breath taking.

He took my hand in his and pulled up, big mistake, I should of stayed down, Right behind Jace's caring face was ... JOHN.

He was never a happy morning person.

I gulped and spun around on my heels giving Jace a nod of my head in the direction of a fuming John,

"Clarissa Adele Fray get over here NOW!" John yelled down the hall to my retreating figure. The girls and

laughed at the boys reactions as we made our way back to our rooms. When I reached my room Izzy was

already ready to come to the tournament in black skinny jeans and a red lose tank top. She looked so

pretty, but it was Izzy so really when doesn't she?

I grabbed my soccer bag and filled it with my black soccer shoes that I used only in tournaments, my

black soccer uniform to represent our school the "shadow hunters" and a bunch of water bottles. I got

my grey sweatpants from state championship last year and threw on a simple black tank top throwing

my hair in a messy ponytail.

By the time I coxed Izzy out of the room in a pair of flats instead of wearing heels the girls and boys team

was already waiting for us. I looked away embarrassed that we were so late and made them wait for us.

We all piled into the waiting taxis and were off to the tournament. I was in the car with Izzy, Jace, Alec, John , Seb and Si...

Awkward ... to say the least.

I could tell the car was tense with nerves and ... well whatever else.

I was in the middle sitting with my hand in Jace's while he played with my fingers. I looked over and smiled at him and rested my head on his shoulder. John was behind us with Si and Seb who were all staring at Jace and I now.

Seb cleared his throat and i turned around shooting him a glare for interrupting my moment with Jace, ok i will admit it on days of tournaments I am a little more irritable than normal...just a little. Apparently according to Sam, one of the girls on our team Seb was still trying to "get me back" whatever that means I'm not his lost teddy he can get back, so he just has to learn how to deal with it.

Suddenly Seb's head popped up right beside my head... oh man not today...

"Hey Clary, you know your looking really good today." He ended with a wink.

I looked at him and shook my head

" You know her boyfriend is right here" Jace said in a strained voice, gripping my hand harder.

"Well you know she should always keep her options open right Jace, isn't that what you said last night to me? Right after that room service girl gave you her number?" I felt Jace stiffen...what why did he stiffen?

I looked at Seb then back at Jace..

"what he didn't tell you?" Seb asked in a mock hurt voice.

I stared at Jace as he looked at everywhere but me ... it can't be true ... it just can't.

" Clary I can explain..."

"It's true Jace?"

"Clary nothing happened..."

Tears blurred my vision "no" i whispered

Jace's face looked pained

"Stop the car " I yelled The cabbie didn't stop

"I SAID STOP THE CAR!" the cabbie slammed on his brakes. I hopped out of the car leaving a pissed off looking John and smirking Seb and a hurt Jace.

"I'll walk" I slammed the door . The cab started to pull away and something must of clicked in with Jace because the next thing i know he jumps out of the moving car and runs to me.

"Clary" i hear him walking beside me but I don't stop I keep on going feeling the tear flow down my face.

"Clary, let me explain" he said as he lightly grabbed my arm and walked infornt of me. I stopped walking, but I didn't look at him. He grabbed my chin and lifted it so i looked at him.

"Clary...I ... don't want her...she gave it to me and I didn't want to seem like I was whipped by my girl friend so I said that infornt of the guys, but Clary I am whipped... I would do anything for you and not even second guess it. Clary you don't understand how much I love you. have no idea. I didn't tell you because I thought that if I did that you would leave me and Clary if you did I would have no idea what to do."

"Jace if you didn't do anything wrong, then i wouldn't leave you" I said looking into Jace's glassy eyes as a single tear slide down his check.

"Clary I'm scared" he said barley above a whisper, "I have never done anything like this...its all so new. All I know is that i love you and I will do whatever I can to be with you. I'm so sorry Clary. I would never do anything to hurt you... i love you to much."

I smiled, "I love you too Jace. Please don't do it again."

Jace's whole face light up, "I won't Clary I promise you love, never again"

I laughed as Jace picked me up and spun me around. He smiled at me and put me down and kissed me..

I pulled away and smiled at him, "Jace slight problem.."

"What is it love," he smiled at me and brushed a stray hair behind my ear...

"How are we going to get to the tournament" I looked around and all I saw were trees.

"That, is a very good question" he said smiling and I felt his chest rumble with laughter..

What are we going to do?

Alright here is chapter 19 and I AM SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT! I am not going to give an excuse, but I want to thank those people who kept sending me reviews and pms telling me to get my next chapter up! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! It means so much to me! Its not my best chapter but here you go!

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