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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I got in my car after my little run in with Jace, I was a bit shaken up, my heart fluttered in my chest when he smirked at me it was so odd, I never feel this way about a guy, like ever. I was interrupted from my thoughts by my passenger door opening and Sebastian slipped in. I gave him my WTF look and he just smiled a sweet smile. I stopped the car and looked at him to see he was facing all the guys in the soccer team giving him dirty looks. He just gave a small wave and turned to me telling me the team goes out to Taki's after and gave me directions to it.

During the car ride there was a uncomfortable silence with Seb, but he was filling it with his humming of some random song that I did not know which surprised me because I know like every song imaginable.

We pulled up into a small dinner that had a glowing sign that read Taki's 10 minutes later. I jumped out of the car and before I knew it Sebastian was at my side slinging an arm casually around my shoulder and we walked into Taki's like that. As soon as we stepped in all eyes were on us and I felt uncomfortable. I casually shrugged his arm off and went to go sit beside a disturbed looking John and he visible relaxed. The waitress came around smiling sweetly at all the boys and then giving me a dirty look that told me to back off. When she came to Jace she leaned forward giving him a full view, which he ignored and smirked at her giving his order. The waitress was disappointed so she sat on his lap pouting. He looked at her and smirked I only hear the last little bit before I was interrupted.

"Kialee, I told you we were over, I already found someone else."

Right then 2 familiar looking figures walked in that I immediately recognized and I jumped out of the booth I was sitting in and raced to them. The boys were all looking at me with confused and slightly jealous expression. I jumped into one of the guys arms while the other one just laughed.

"Oh My Gosh Si you made it!"

"Wow that's ok forget about Jordan that's cool."

I smiled at Jordan and leaped from Simon's small arms to Jordan's stronger arms and wrapped my legs around his torso so I could give him a big hug.

All the guys on the soccer team were visible upset and most of them jealous at my display of affection towards these two people.

"Jordan, I have missed you so much!" Jordan chuckled at my sarcasm and gave me a shy smile.

The soccer team was beyond confused now and jealous and I could not help but laugh. Simon and Jordan have been my best friends from as long ago as I can remember. We were so young when we meet just learning to talk, there was one swing left so we all raced for it but some other kid took it. We were all so sad so we decided to play together and from then on we have been bestie. I mean Izzy and Alec joined the group not long after and my spirit fell once I realized that they were not there. Izzy has been like a sister to me and I miss her so much! Jordan and Simon could sense something was wrong with me and knew what it was so they reassured me with a tight hug which I graciously took.

"Clary, they wished they could come see you, but you know how strict their mom gets" Simon cooed. I nodded not even feeling a little better.

I turned to the soccer team and introducing my friends which they where sizing up. I mean my friends were pretty cute and I haven't seen them in a couple weeks and man have they turned hot! Jordan was tall and had that whole surfer boy look going on while Si had a hot nerdy thing going on which he pulled off quite well.

" Guy's these are my besties Simon and Jordan. Guys that's John my brother, Jace, Sebastian, Will, Jem..." and the list went on and on.

John got up then and walked over to us, "So, have any of you guys tried anything on my sister because if you have and she didn't want it your dead." He said in a lethal voice and we all laughed including John.

"Man John, Si and I have missed you so much!"

I laughed remembering the days we all use to hang out together and just play at the local pool.

"Hey guys," John interrupted my train of thought "where's Alec?"

I frowned slightly John knew I missed Izzy and took me in a quick hug. "I wish Izzy was here"

"Girl do you think I would actually not come to see you? Jeez come on girl you should know be better than that."

I smiled like a girl who finally got a puppy on Christmas.

"Izzy!" I yelled as I ran to her knocking her over we were both lying on the ground now laughing and smiling.

"Fine Clary, no big deal, but I came too."

"Alec-poo you can!"

"Jeez Clary you promised me you would never call me that in public"

"Well I lied, oh did Magnus come too?"

"Oh hun of coarse I did!"

Magnus walked in with a path of glitter following him. Everyone was here together. I smiled so happy that they were all here with me and for me. John, Alec, and Magnus caught up while i introduced the team to Izzy. Who they were all eager to accept and Alec was just as eager to step in and put a stop to filirtiouse conversation.

"Something's never change." I muttered under my breath, Izzy giggled at me.

I sat down beside Jace and looked at him giving him my famous smile which he returned with his signature smirk. I was just about to make some conversation when he leaned in and whispered in my ear,

"So you and Sebastian now?" I laughed at him he sounded so disgusted at this and I agreed Sebastian seemed like a total player that likes to creep on girls.

Jace looked at me with a confused look and I whispered back,

"Sebastian is really not my type" There was a gleam of pride in his eyes I guess it was because I didn't fall for Sebastian, but I was surprised when he said, "This is not the most surprising thing, but you have not fallen for my amazing charm and my stunning good looks yet which is incredible. I mean most girls are drooling over me begging for my attention but you know your different, your something else altogether and I can't figure it out"

I looked at him giving him my best seductive smile, " You know Jace, I am different"

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