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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Izzy, Alec, Magnus, John, Si, Jordan and I as well as the rest of the soccer team decided to come back to our apartment after spending a couple more hours at Taki's. The boys on the soccer team were all really sweet on the ride home considering we has to squish 4 people in my small 2 seater car. They all offered to show me around school on Monday and to sit with them at lunch. I was really happy that they were being so nice, but something was bugging me. Before we left I offered to just drive Izzy so we could have some girl talk, but she didn't wasn't too. She insisted on riding with John, Alec, Magnus, Jordan, Si and Jace and I mean this car was packed! She always rides with me and her refusing me just unsettled me a bit.

Once we got back to the apartment Izzy whisked me away to my room where she began one of her many makeovers. No matter how much I love Izzy her makeovers kill me, it is like torture but I love her and if this makes her happy I'm sure I can endure this a bit. Izzy chatted away aimlessly and I could not take it anymore and it kind of just fell out of my mouth,

"Iz, why didn't you want to ride with me?"

She froze and it made me nervous because Izzy never freezes up, like ever.

"Clary, I have some news to tell you, but I promised to wait to tell you no matter what. So after we finish your makeover we all will tell you."

By now I was so nervous I paid no attention to what Izzy was doing. My mind was swimming with possibilities of what this news could be and to be honest I had no idea. It seemed like 2 hours later Iz was done my makeover and told me I could look. My hair was in gentle waves that fell across my back and I had some light green eye shadow across my eye lids, light pink lipstick and black short pj shorts as well as a green spaghetti strap tank top. Iz changed into black silk bottoms and matching tank top. She could wear anything and still look like a model, honestly!

As we got down stairs there were only a few guys from the soccer team left that stared at Iz in awe but once they saw me I had the attention and Jace's jaw actually dropped!

"Wow Clary you clean up for bed well. Did you do it just for me?"

"Of course I did Jace because everything I do always revolves around you! How did you know!" My voice was dripping with sarcasm that Jace seemed to enjoy because his smirk grew, which made him look hotter ...if that was possible...

Iz went to go join Alex, Magnus, Jordan and Si while John sat me down in a chair.

"Trust me Clare, you are going to want to sit down for this." He gave me a worried look which only added to my nerves.

"Clary," Alec looked so serious but Izz was the one to have the punch line.

"Clary we are moving to New York and are going to attend Shadow Hunter with you"

"Izzy" John complained. "We were suppose to pretend you guys were moving away. "

Izzy just brushed him off. And I finally realized we were all going to be together again. I bolted up and talked Izzy. She just laughed at me and I just giggled. I ran straight into Si arms and I did not move he was so excited and so was I. Magnus and Alec came and wrapped their arms around us and soon it was a big group hug.

I looked over at Jace and saw a slightly jealous look in his eyes why I don't know, but I beckoned him over and wiggled out of the hug long enough to throw my arms over Jace and bring him into the hug.

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