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Chapter 5

It was settled Iz, Alec, Magnus, Jordan and Si were moving onto campus on Saturday and starting class with me on Monday. I was just bursting with excitement and went around my new apartment just doing whatever i could to keep busy because this afternoon could not come fast enough!

John called that it was time to go so I piled into his car with Seb and Jace to make our way to their new place. I sat in the back between Jace and Sebastian because there was something "important" in the front seat and I was too excited to wonder what.

I was so excited that I almost missed it when Seb brushed his hand over my thigh...almost. I felt a chill run through my body and his touch left me chilled. I looked away from him pretending I didn't realize to look straight into Jace's golden eyes. He was staring at me intently and there was something in his eyes that I could not place and it was so strange... so not Jace, that I had to look away.

John looked in his review mirror meeting my eyes he gave me a look that said 'do you need help' I slightly shook my head no, just so slightly that someone who didn't know what they were looking for would go unnoticed.

We finally arrived at the new apartment and I jumped out of the car right after Jace and I bounded up the stairs into the front door. When I said they got a new apartment I lied they bought the whole thing out and each person got a floor! Holy I knew the Lightwoods were rich and spoiled their family and friends. But this really? This is kind of a little over board no?

I ran right into Alec and ended up having paint spilt all over my new jean shorts which caused Jace, John and Seb to have a fit of uncontrollable laughter because of my reaction. I took my advantage and got a bin of paint that was lying around and dumped it all over Jace and John. This caused there laughter to die down and become very angry and it was directed at me. I quickly looked around for an escape route but Seb was on one side and Alec hopelessly on the other. Oh man I was so in for it. All at one time I had Jace pin me down and start tickling me till I was gasping for breath while the others splattered paint on me from paint brushes.

"ok, fine I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I choked out in between breaths.

Jace had a victorious smile on and I took advantage of his momentary victory weakness and wiggled my way out of his grasp and ran to the stairs. My path was blocked by a smiling Alec and smirking John. Seb came up from behind me and grabbed my wrists behind my back kicked my feet from underneath me and pinned me to the ground using a crushing strength. I was surprised that he was being so forceful, but I soon felt his weight lifted off of me by an infuriated Jace. He literally yanked Seb off of me by his shirt collar and pinned him on the floor and was whispering something in his ear and by the look on Seb's face it was nothing nice.

John helped me up looking concerned and equally pissed off.

"Seb what the hell was that you could have hurt my sister! Honestly what were you thinking?" John was quickly losing his cool so Alec called Magnus and they brought him upstairs to their room. Si and Jordan came bounding down the stairs then looking equally worried.

"Guys don't worry I'm fine. We were just playing around I'm not even hurt." I said to at least relieve them of some worry, but it didn't seem to work since my voice sounded weak even to my own ears.

Jordan and Si were both yelling now, "What the hell man? What were you thinking hurting a girl like that? Do you want me to beat your sorry ass?"

And all the while they were yelling Jace was still pinning Seb to the ground not looking happy.

I couldn't take it anymore, " Guys relax we were all just playing around and i guess things got out of hand. I'm ok so don't worry. And Jace I think it's safe to say that you could get off of Seb now."

Jace mad a grunting noise but once he got off of Seb he rushed over to me securing a arm around my waist. I immediately felt safe and melted into his arms.

Seb looked around and meeting my eyes he whispered a sorry and left without another word.

I looked over at Jace to see he had his smirk back on and it was directed at me.

"Do I always have to be your knight in shinning armour?" There was a hint of amusement in his eyes but the anger was still there and what I didn't know was why?

"Oh Jace how could I ever live without your bravery, oh wait I would be perfectly fine." I was really not in the mood and it came out sounding sassier then I intended it. His eyes darkened but he tried to hide it but I saw that, whatever that was.

He took my hand and led me up tow flights of stairs leaving a stunned looking Si and Jordan behind. He pulled me into a bathroom and closed the door.

He told me to sit sill while he inspected my face, arms and hands for any cuts. Since he found none and only paint he got me a spare pair of clothes curtsy of Izzy and told me to shower and change. He was honestly really sweet to me and I liked this side of Jace. Just when he was about to leave I grabbed his arm,

"Jace, thanks for everything today and I really mean it."

He took his hand and cupped my check, "Anytime" and with that he left. I placed my hand where's his hand had been a few seconds earlier and I felt cold now, like a piece of me was missing.

I turned the shower on and stepped in thinking of Jace, why was I thinking of him so much and why is it that when he leaves he takes a piece of me with him?

OK guys chapter 5 in process now and it should be ready by Wednesday latest update is Friday forsure. Anyways next chapter is the first day of school and trust me it will be one to remember!

Till next time,

Love y'all! 3

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