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Chapter 6

It was the first day of school and to be honest I was so nervous. My alarm went off at 6:30 which to be honest is way too early for me and I was contemplating going back to bed when John walked in. Man does this man know personal space?

"Common Clary you're going to drive me to school because I have soccer practice tonight and you don't so you could come home. Oh ya and if you are thinking of wearing that I would advise not to. Actually I have an amazing idea how about I pick out your clothes?"

I looked down at my outfit they were dark jean skinny jeans with a white lacy camisole with a black cardigan ontop. I thought it looked fine. A few minutes later John came out of my closet with baggy sweatpants and one of his old shirts that I took that was like 5 sizes too big. I looked at John and started to laugh,

"Honestly John, you want me to wear that out in public."

He looked seriously confused and hurt by my comment and I just continued laughing he's crazy if he thinks I am going to wear that.

I kicked John out of my room and put on the clothes I picked out for myself and quickly straightened my hair. For my makeup I lightly brushed on some mascara and put on some lip-gloss. Simple but so pretty!

John was now yelling at me from down stairs to hurry my scrawny ass up or else we would be late. I took an extra 5 minutes checking facebook just to get him angry and boy did I do a good job. He came into my room threw my over his shoulder and carried me down stairs threw me into the driver of my car and slammed my door. Man it was so easy and fun to get John mad!

We pulled up into school 10 minutes later and guys stopped to look at my car. For good measures I revved my engine getting glares from girls and approving looks from guys. I spotted Iz and Alec's car so I quickly claimed the spot beside it jumped out and went with Iz to the office. We left the boys in the parking lot looking at girls and stuff while Iz and is scoped out the cuties.

We got to the office got our schedules and found we only had 2 classes together out of 4 this semester and Lunch. I mean it wasn't too bad, but I wished we had more together. The other 2 classes I had with Si and Jordan and I had only lunch everyone so I was super excited. I forgot my new iphone in my car so I left Iz and the guys talking to walk to my car. Once i arrived i saw that the whole soccer team was crowded around it snapping pics and admiring its beauty. I giggled to myself walked into the group of boys unlocked the door and grabbed my stuff. The boys were in aw and a few whistled. Man sometimes guys were disgusting.

"Hey guys knock it off!" John yelled not so kindly and most guys just laughed. I looked at the team smiling when one guy named Jem asked me if I was going to practice with them and I looked at John to see. He gave me a 'Hell no, you better not' so I declined his invitation and got a round of groans and grumbled of protest in response. When I asked them to come watch me practice tomorrow they all happily agreed and told me they would be there forsure.

I decided that it was time to head to class and asked the guys which of them had English first period with . A few of them said they did but Seb walked up to me took my hand and led me away explaining that he did and we could sit with each other. I was still a little scared to be with Seb after what happened on Saturday but was reassured when he looked me in the eye, "Clary, I am so sorry for acting they way I did and hurting you. I didn't mean to and i guess i am just really sorry! I hope you can forgive me and we can become friends again."

I looked at him and smiled, "Of course"

First period was pretty boring because I didn't like English class and to be honest the teacher was so boring. By math i was so excited because this was my class with Iz, Alec and Jordan. We all sat together, but Jordan and Alec were infornt of us giving Izzy and I a perfect opportunity to talk and text without getting caught. I looked over at Iz and before i could say anything she opened her mouth,

"Holy Clary they are having a sale and Victoria Secret and H&M this weekend and we are so going. So i will pick you up Saturday at around let's say 11ish because I want to be there while they still have good stock. Is that ok with you? Wait, what am I saying you hate shopping, but to bad because whether you like it or not you will come. By the way i love that shirt where did you get it from"

People wonder how I deal with being friends with Izzy and to be honest I have no idea she's so different from me but we are still amazing friends and as long as we are i could not be more honest when saying i don't care.

My next class was just with Sebastin and Jace with some other guys from the soccer team that I don't really know. The desks were in 3 and I saw an open group with no one there so I decided to sit there thinking that Seb and Jace would stay where they were on opposite sides of the room, away from me. But as soon as I sat down they had both abandoned their seats to sit with me. Joy.

I sat there not saying anything just staring straight ahead at the board, trying to not draw any attention to myself or the thick layer of tension that has formed between the 3 of us. I look over at Jace to see that he was glaring at Seb with a smirk on his face while Seb glared back with a scowl on his face. Man this was going to be a long class.

Half way through the class Jace started to move his chair closer to mine. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body and i totally welcomed it. While on the other side of me Seb straightened up and looked like he was on high alert. Man what was wrong with these boys. As the teacher went on I did not pay any attention because I could not get over the fact how close Jace was to me. I just wanted to close the space between us and cuddle into his neck and inhale his scent. I quickly shook my head riding my mind from those thoughts when Jace decided to throw his arm over my should and pull me close to him. I froze and he easily guided my side to his. Maybe if I wasn't froze I would stop this, but I don't think so. My cheeks blushed as he took my hand in his and started to play with the ring I always wore.

I got it for my 16th birthday last month. It was a thin gold band with a small diamond in the middle with and inscription in it that wished me happy birthday. It was simple, but perfect.

By now most girls were glaring at me and most boys were staring daggers at Jace, but why I didn't get. I mean Jace was my brother's best friend and I was his little sister we are just friends.

Not long after and the bell rang. I sprang up from my seat and raced out the door to my locker where everyone waited. We made our way into the cafe spotting a free table instantly. John told me that the food here was good so I decided to buy my lunch. I got pasta with some garlic bread, a bottle of water and a chocolate chip cookie. I heard Izzy made a strangle noise behind me so I turned around intently to make sure she was ok when my food ended up all over someone. I saw it was so girl and quickly apologized, but all she did was glare.

"you bitch watch where you're going" I was taken aback I mean why was she being so rude. I quickly looked her over to see she was hardly wearing clothes and knew she was the popular girl in school that got almost every guy.

"Look I said I was sorry you don't have to be so rude about it, it won't get another guy in your pants."

The room fell silent and I knew I crossed a line.

"What did you say to me bitch?"

"I think you heard what I said if not I will happily repeat it for you dumbass"

"Look you slut I don't know who you think you are, but here we run stuff differently and you do not talk to me like that or else I will make your life a living hell."

"Oh dammm I am soooo scared." My voice was dripping with sarcasm at this point, "Look I don't know who you think you are, but you have no right to talk to me like that and I don't care if you sleep with every guy in this school and are as dumb as a door knob, you don't treat people like this. And if you don't lay off I will personally..."

"Ladies, ladies, ladies there is no need to fight over me. There is enough of me to go around."

Jace walked up to us with his signature smirk and you could tell that he was enjoying our little cat fight.

"Jacey this girl was being so mean to me do something" this slag said as she raced into Jace's arms. Jace just took a step o the side and sent the girl stumbling,

"Wow Jace you looked like a player, but really I didn't even think you would go this low." I said in complete seriousness.

"Bitch take it back"

I was just about to diss her again when Jace spoke up,

"Aline I told you, were over and have been for the past 3 months. I just came to buy Clary some more food because it seems you taken it for yourself and got a little to excited..."

And Jace took my hand led me back over to the lunch line that was now staring and bought me more food to my protest.

"Jace you really don't have to buy me this, really"

"oh, but I do any one who could stand up to Aline is deserving of this and you Clare deserve this"

I blushed he called me Clare. Wow I'm weird.

By the time we got back to the lunch table I had people congratulating me and smiling at me in shock and I just smiled and waved back, was that really such a big deal?

When I sat down John was at my side scolding me for getting into a fight on the first day of school, but you could tell he wasn't that mad by the gleam in his eye that told another story. Apparently I just put Aline, the school slag in her place that no one has had the guts to do. I was just happy that I didn`t let someone push me around I mean who in life needs that.

Once we finished talking about my little cat fight Iz told everyone we were going to the mall on Saturday and everyone made up an excuse not to go. When you go to the mall with Izzy it is hell. I mean she is one of the worst people to go shopping with. So Si, Jordan, Alec and Magnus all came up with an excuse not to come, but Jace and Seb thought it would be fun and John wanted to make sure i bought some ``appropriate`` clothes because apparently all guys though I was some super hot and sassy new girl. Man, guys are pigs. Lunch ended and i went to my last class. Art. I Loved art and I was pretty good at it so I was excited. There were only a few people in there with Iz , Si and I but we quickly sat together and started to talk about school. This class rushed by and the end of the day was already here. I ran to my locker and got my stuff leaving before i could get in anymore fights and I left John to practice. I might as well go home and start my homework right? Well call me a nerd, but I do like to do good in school and with the way things are going I am going to need all the good things I can get.

Sorry if i offended anyone with the language! Ok guys so decision time where should I take this story should I keep it light and fun or should I have someone have a dark past. I mean I was thinking of that, but so many people do that and I just want to write a fanfic that was fun...but tell me what you guys think please!? And as always review or pm me with any ideas please! I was thinking of having the next chapter go into Saturday shopping where stuff happens what do you think?

That's all for now,

Love Y'all! 3

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