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Chapter 7

This week flew by and before I knew it, it was Saturday and time for my shopping trip with Iz, Jace, Seb and John. How I was not looking forward to this is unexplainable. I was hoping the week would go by slowly so I could figure out a way out of this punishment, but I had no luck. Tuesday flew by and now having soccer practice every day and a team full of boys cheering me on and wanting to practice with me, the week was done in an instant and now here we are. Stuck in the car with my obsessive shopping best friend, over –protective brother, some guy that once lost his cool on me and my golden saviour that I could not stop thinking about.

I mean every time i close my eyes I see a flash of gold, which has become my new favorite colour even though it seems like I'm crazy and obsessed. In my defence it is a nice colour...EPECIALLY on ya I'm weird.

We pulled up into the mall and there were so many people we had to park in the furthest spot which earned a glare from Iz.

"You know I come here so much, you would think I would get shown a little respect, you know like a closer parking spot? Just saying..."

Iz was now rambling on about what a valid customer she was and how she would take this up with someone blah blah blah. I just zoned out. Conscious of how close both Seb and Jace were to me. They were both close enough that I felt the heat radiating off Jace's body and I felt a chill when Seb's hand brushed my hip. I couldn't tell what those chills meant to me when I ran into someone.

"Woah watch where you're going"

I looked up into Matt's eyes...dammm.

Matt was my ex. He broke up with me after cheating on me with my best friend Maia. We were all so close and I didn't even see it coming. To top it all of he told Shadow Hunter high that I had a criminal record for something he did, but I got the blame for, so they almost revoked my acceptance and took away my scholarship. Oh wait it gets better, he wanted to get back together and I missed him so much that I took him back where he embarrassed me at our school dance, playing me on.

To say I hate this guy was an understatement.

Iz was by my side in a second and so was John because they knew what I went through, they saw the pain he caused me.

Jace and Seb just looked confused, but knew this wasn't good so they just stepped behind us.

Matt looked surprised, "Woah guys calm down I'm not going to kill Clary, it happened like a year ago we are all over it right Clare?"

"Don't call me that you good for nothing pig. If it was up to me, you would be in hell right now"

"Clary you actually don't know how sorry I am. The only reason I'm here is to see you. I want to tell you

how sorry I am and to ask to be friends."

"So you came to look for me at the mall..."

"No, I came to the mall to buy you this" Then Matt pulled out a small silver locket and to be honest I

loved it, it was beautiful, but I didn't want anything from Matt. I never wanted to see him again. Before I

knew it I was crying and that's when shit got real.

Iz pulled me to her side letting me bury my head in her neck and use her hair as a shield and John was

already punching Matt in the jaw. Oh how I wished I could punch him for all the hurt he has caused me.

Seb just stood there not knowing what to do, but Jace was already helping John and beating Matt to a

pulp and soon was Seb. I didn't want them to kill the poor guy so I went over to John and pulled his off

and IZ did the same to Jace and then Seb.

"Next time you want to hurt my sister you better think twice, you were so lucky I wasn't there the first

time of you would have paid for it. And as you can see I have back up."

Matt actually looked scared. He had a large gush in his lip and two black eyes and a bunch of bruises

along his jaw line, man they did a good job. But he still managed to stand up and look me in the eyes,

"Clary I will get you back, mark my words you will be my girlfriend again and you will love me." And with

that he left.

Then Jace opened his mouth, "did anyone else think that, that guy was cray cray? Just asking..." We all

glared at him and he put his hands up in surrender.

Then it was time for Iz to talk, "that son of a bitch, who does he think he is? I know what you need Clary,

a thing of ice cream and to go shopping with your best friend"

And with that I was dragged into the mall with 3 fuming boys behind me and a best friend that thought

shopping was the cure for everything and me feeling like I just got punched in the gut, how much better can this get?

Well I guess I shouldn't of asked that because Aline is here too and glaring daggers at me. Oh great

whats another problem to deal with anyways? She decided to wear a mini shirt that would fit a 10 year old, it

barley passed her butt and a low crop top v-neck. Man what a slag. She puffed out her chest trying to

make her boobs look big and walked right up to Jace.

"Jacey, baby why are you hanging out with this tramp instead of me."

"Oh Aline, just shut up for once in your life and get over yourself." And with that Jace grabbed my hand

and walked off with everyone else trailing behind.

Oh dammmm did that really just happen? Did Jace just lose his cool and storm off? I think he did. And did he just squeeze my hand reassuringly? Hell ya he did!

Ok maybe this day was going be ok. My heart was racing and I blushed, why does he do this to me and I think he knows this because he catches my eye and smirks.

Damm him!

Iz pulled me into H&M and started to pull one of everything off the shelves and had the boys hold it. There were black dresses, leather jackets, leather pants, boots, hats and leopard print pants. To say this stuff was out of my league was an understatement! But sure enough Iz had me in the biggest change room trying every tring on and modeling for them all.

First I had a mini black dress that honestly didn't look that bad. When I went outside Iz squealed, Jace and Seb's mouth dropped and John shook his head.

"Hell no Clary, you are NOT getting that."

"But John I like it, it makes me feel good!"

"Clary I don't care. Guys tell her it does not look good."

"Sorry John I can't man Clary you look hot." And with that Jace snapped a pic of me. I was so confused like what the hell was that for? 2 seconds later my phone buzzed and I got like 20 likes on facebook...what? I looked and saw it was with the dress I was wearing right now and it was from Jace's account with the caption 'no big deal, shopping with my hot best friend'

Did he really think I was hot?

He thought we were best friends?

There were like 50 comments telling me to buy it and like 75 likes no comment, but I did like the dress soo ya I'm going to buy it.

Next I had a pair of dark skinny jeans, a white v-neck and leather jack with some stud boots man I got to hand it to Iz she is good! I walked out and was met with silence and stares Iz was just so excited she told me I looked fabulous and took me back into the change room to try on another outfit. By the end I bought 2 new dresses, 5 shirts, 3 new pairs of jeans, 2 new boots and a leather jacket. You would think this costed like a couple hundred dollars, but I didn't spend a penny Jace insisted on paying because his dad was some billionaire.

We visited every store in the mall and came to our last stop which was a Victoria secret with 3

And even when I insisted that they wait outside they did not listen, well John did, but Seb and Jace were to excited so John came in too and flirted with the store manager. Iz and I looked at the bras and matching panties with Jace and Seb looking over our shoulders commenting on our picks like we were getting it for them...ya right.

Jace even picked some out for me and of course they had so much padding and were all lace. I scoffed, but Iz said she liked it so we ended up buying (well Jace paid...again) like 5 bras each with matching panties.

We decided to bring all our bags to john's car and got back for lunch. John, Iz and Seb all went to like New York fries or whatever and I just wanted a coffee and muffin because I was so tired so I went to Starbucks and Jace came along.

"Why did you take that picture of me?" I asked, not looking at him... why did I just say that? Why can I not keep my mouth shut?

"Because Clare you looked beautiful, you always do."

Oh gosh I can't breath. Remember Clary in, out, in, out. You can do this.

Jace, I looked at him and I fell into a pool of golden eyes there was something there that looked so gentle and kind and something else was there, but what?

Jace moved close it felt like we were the only 2 people here, but then I heard..

"Miss, can I take your order. Hello, excuse me can I take your order? Miss you are holding up the line. HELLO"

I turned around and shooked my head, "Oh ummm I want a double chocolate frap with a chocolate chip muffin and for my friend can I get the same. Thanks"

The lady smiled at Jace trying to get his attention, but it didn't work and Jace took my hand in his, sending shock waves up my body,

"You know you are really beautiful Clare and I need you to tell me something... who is that Matt guy?"

That's what he wanted to ask me? WOW...

So I told Jace the story and he just sat there looking angrier by the minute until I was sure he was going to blow.

He just looked at me and said, "Next time I see that guy, he is going to pay for what he did to you. He is lucky I am not hunting him down now."

I blushed Jace was being so protective, but why? Will I ever understand Jace?

Probably not...

We joined the others and we all decided that it was time to go so we dropped everyone off at their dorms and John and I went home, helping me carry my bags in. As soon as we got home I fell asleep straight away. Who knew shopping would make a girl so tired?

That night was the first night I dreamt of Jace, it was one of many to come.

Next chapter happens at school and a visitor comes...not going to tell who, but I think you can guess. Anyways thanks to all that reviewed and gave me ideas... and please if you have any ideas, comments or questions leave them in the reviews or pm me.

That's all for now,

Love y'all 3

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