It's just me

Chapter 8

It was Monday...already! I really don't like Mondays and even though I probably sound like a winey teenage girl that has to suck it up and face life, it is the truth: I HATE MONDAY! Yes I am that mature...

I mean after everything that happened on Saturday all I did yesterday was sit in bed and draw. I didn't feel like doing anything so I did what I loved to do when I needed to think. I mean Seb knida freaks me out, my ex-boyfriend comes along telling me he loves me and that I will be his girlfriend once again and Jace is being...well nice. I mean he took that picture of me and called me 'hot' and he helped John beat up Matt without even knowing the reason, just knowing that he hurt me was good enough then he was being so protective over me and so kind, gentle and real. He was not some arrogant jerk when he talked to me in the Starbucks line, but actually a concerned friend and it was nice to have that. These thoughts were running through my head all day and they didn't stop they came one after another and again and again. Even today on this bright and sunny Monday morning those thoughts are running through my head.

I pulled myself out of bed and into my closet I pulled out my new dark jeans, white v-neck and leather jacket that I just got on Saturday curling my hair into perfect curls and applying a thin layer of lip gloss. I got my soccer bag and made my way downstairs. I mean if anything good happened yesterday it was I was now named captain of the soccer team and I'm the one who runs most of the practise so I decided to join up with John and practice with the boys team ... I mean it could be fun.

John was waiting downstairs and looked at me surprised when I walked down. I gave him a best 'what are you looking a bro' look and he just started to laugh.

"Holy Clary i thought there was something wrong with you. I mean it's a Monday morning and you are up and ready 15 ,minutes before school and not 5. I think today is a day that should go down in history."

Asshole...I'm not that bad so I just scoffed and walked to the fridge where i pulled out a carton of orange juice and poured some in a glass.

John hopped down from where he was sitting and came over to me pulling the juice from my hand and downing it in one gulp.

Like I said before...asshole.

John was actually in a good mood today and I was not sure why. I mean he didn't even yell when I took a corner to sharp or went over the speed limit on the way to school...weird.

When we got to school Iz was their jumping up and down in her spot looking like she had to pee. Oh no this is never good.

"Clary, guess what?!"

"OMG Iz you forgot how to go to the bathroom again so you held it in"

She just rolled her eyes and I sometimes I am just too funny.

"No Clary, I remember how to go to the bathroom...and no that's not it. The school is having a dance on Saturday and I am organizing it with Magnus. This will be amazing. And then here's the best part...I get to give you a makeover!"


"Oh Iz you don't need to I can do it myself...promise."

"Oh Clare you know I'm not gong to listen to you so just go along with it. I mean it is going to be soo funn..." and just like that her mood died. I turned around to see what was wrong when I met the eyes of the one and only Matt. Oh no, not good.

Most girls were already checking him out, I mean he is cute with that dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He was cute and to top it all off he had a nice build. But he was a douche. A total douche that broke my heart twice and stomped all over it in the process. Si, Jordan, Alec and Magnus were here now wondering what got Iz so down when they followed our line of sight and saw Matt. And man, were they mad.

Alec's eyes were literally ice, " what the hell is he doing here" Magnus just glared and Si and Jordan we about ready to fight him. Not including John who had literally brought the whole soccer team over for protection.

Its only one guy what can he do right? Wrong... Matt is some weasel who can get anything he wants and he will do anything to get it and right now I'm at the top of his list. Well that's great.

This is the moment Aline decides to show up.

"Oh hi, you must be new here, but I'm Aline and I will give you a personal tour of the school." She practically purred.

When she Matt would not give here any attention right now she decides to just give up talking and literally dragged him away.


We were happy that Matt left, but we knew he would be back.

So we decided as a group that we would not let him near anyone of us and included the soccer teams because we did not want to mess with at all. And so just like that our Monday started and what a way to start it.

I went through 3 classes, but the strange thing was i did not see Jace at all. I didn't see that flash of gold in the hallways and by the time lunch came I had to ask,

"Does anyone know where Jace is?"

"What do you mean Clary I'm right here" Jace slipped into the seat next to me with a smile on his face. I smiled back, but on the inside I had butterflies as I tried to focus on my lunch.

I was confused Jace was not in any of the classes we had together and I didn't know why, I would have to find out. The rest of lunch went by with a bunch of laughing and back and forth between all of us and the next thing i knew it was already time for class. Class flew by and it was time for soccer practice ... yaay. I was really excited because today would be the first day of me being captain here and I was excited. By the time my team finished a few laps for warm up the boys were ready for a special surprise john and I planned. We gathered both our teams up and John totally blew and suspense we had built in like 2 seconds...

"Guys we have a special thing planned today, we will have 2 team captains and a big game now because you girls have an unfair advantage called Clary we will have coed teams so it won't be an unfair game of girls beat boys... ok? Now Jace and I will be captains and Jace will go first. ok? this is exciting"

Wow John was over excited then I saw an empty 5 hour energy shot by his bag...oh that explains it.

John does not handle caffeine well. Whenever he has it, it has a major effect on him that makes him so hyper that he is preppy. Ya i know it is as funny as it sounds!

Jace made his way through the crowd to next to John who man hugged him...weirdoes. And they started the process. Now because I was so good I would play on the losing team after 10 minutes and once the start winning I play on the other team.

Honestly this will be hard, but I am always up for a challenge. So the game started and 5 minutes in Jace scored a goal so I was in, playing for John's team. 5 minutes after that I already scored and the later John did. So now I was on Jace's team where Seb welcomed me with a hug.

And I mean it was a nice hug and he was a nice guy but there was something off and it made me uneasy.

We started to play and Jace scored again followed up by a goal from myself and this game went on and on until we were all panting, red faced and sweaty. Man this was fun. The final scare was a tie and neither Jace nor John were not happy about it.

"Oh come on john you cheated. I clearly saw you. And by the way it was 10-9 us you counted and offside goal."

"I cheated. What about you. I mean did you see how offside you were? Come on man you know you lost so just take it in."

"I never lose."

"Well you just did."

"Okay guys let's just agree that if it wasn't for us girls this game would have gone nowhere and we were the star players" that earned a bunch of cheers from the girls, but John and Jace just laughed.

"Sure Clare, whatever floats your boat."

Jace did not just say that. I stopped dead in my tracks causing john to bump into me.

"Clary pleas no" John whined. I never take this from anyone and if what I have to do is prove myself then I will.

"Jace come on, let's play some one on one. Or are you to chicken?" i taunted

Jace just brushed me off, "You know I would just win, but bring it"

"Oh it's so on"

And with that Jace and I started a 1 on 1 game playing half the field with everyone watching. I was beating Jace 5-2 and people started to leave. Once the last person left Jace caught my arm and pulled me to his chest. This was not fair he was cheating.

He didn't let off of me and I tried to push him away, but it didn't work he was tightened his hold on my arm for a second then let go.

"You know you are better than me I just needed to talk to you alone and this was the only way." His words surprised me and i was speechless.

"Well are you going to tell me what you needed to say?" I asked surprised i could talk with his body being so close to mine.

"Well you were right, i was not at school today till lunch because i went shopping."

"Ummmm ok?"

Jace rolled his eyes, " To get you this" and he clasped a small silver locket around.

It was beautiful and it had Jace's name inscribed in the back. This was to kind i could not take it from him,

"Jace, I can't take this"

"Clary, please I want you to have this"

" but why?"

"Because I always want a piece of me close to your heart."

And with that he left me on the field staring at his back.


Well I hope you like this chapter! I don't think I can update again until Friday or Saturday but I will try for it sooner. Anyways thanks to everyone that reviewed with a sweet comment or idea. Please keep it up!

That's all for now,

Love y'all

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