It's just me

Chapter 9

The whole way home I kept touching the locket to make sure that whole thing was real and not just my imagination running wild. Nope the locket was there and it was real.

Oh gosh that did

As soon as I got home, I ran to my room not even caring that I was still in my sweaty practice clothes because really now I could not care less.

I quickly texted Iz while I changed to tell her to Skype me like in 2 min and sure enough exactly 2 min later there was her face with no makeup on but still beautiful and her long black hair was up in a messy bun. She gave me a once over and scrunched her nose,

"You know Clary when you said it was an emergency I didn't know it was this bad I mean Clary you really let yourself go. Ok here's what we will do we need you to straighten your hair and apply some..."

I cut her off,

"Iz that's not it, look" I held up my locket.

"Wow Clary that's really pretty where did you get it from?"

"Jace" with that one name Iz went off,

"Oh my gosh Clary what the hell happened? Did you kiss him? Are you guys an item? Is he being an ass because I will personally kick his ass..." And she we now rambling on for a good 2 min before I cut her off.

"Iz chill ok? So this is what happened..."

After I told Iz every detail of what happened her jaw was literally hitting the floor.

"So Jace, our JACE gave this to you and said what?" She was practically screaming now.

"He said he wants me to keep a piece of him always close to my heart..."

"HOLY CLARY you need to come over like now we need to talk in person and I need to see this locket. So pack you things you are staying the night with us. Now hurry your skinny ass up."

And with that she was off from my computer screen and silence filled my room. I ran to my dresser and packed a pair of pj's and a pair of black skinny jeans with a pink cami for tomorrow at school, but I knew Iz would not let me wear any of this so I decided to just take the first things I saw.

I ran downstairs and sure enough like every other day the whole soccer team was in my living room, man don't they have places to live?

"John I'm going to Iz's tonight I will see you at school tomorrow."

"Clary tell Iz to not dress you up to much tomorrow ok? You know how she gets.."

I rolled my eyes because John knew how hard I have to fight Iz to even let me leave her house without some short skirt or dress on. I mean I look good, but comm on its a little too short.

I look around the room and my eyes meet Jace. They were closed off and cold and staring back at me with an unreadable expession.

I mean what they hell. Like an hour ago he basically told me that he wanted me to keep a piece of him close to my heart and now here he is in my living room staring at me with cold eyes. I looked to his right so I don't have to stare into those eyes and look straight into the eyes of the waitress I had once when I went out for lunch with the team the first time... what was her name kaya, kia, Kallie, Kalliee? I'm pretty sure it was Kalliee, but right now I could not care less because Jace had his arm around her and she was snuggled into his shoulder.

This felt like a punch in the gut.

I just met this guy like 2 weeks ago and I already am hurt by him after he has done one of the sweetest things for me, i just didn't get it and I was to hurt to care.

Jace saw the hurt in my eyes and you could tell because he took his arm off the chick that started to whine and sat staring at me.

I just stood there why do I always fall for the wrong guys?

Oh well time to give him some of his own medicine where I know it would hurt.

I walked over to the group of guys and sat on Seb's lap snuggling into his neck and while doing so making a big show of taking off the locket and dropping it in my bag so I could still show Iz it later.

I stayed home for like half an hour just flirting with every guy other then Jace, but mostly Seb and he looked like he enjoyed it. While John on the other hand looked like he want to rip me off this guy beat him then lock me in a room where no one could touch me or hurt if he only knew.

Jace on the other hand had an unreadable expression on and I don't know what it was though I'm pretty sure it was something like hate?

But why would he hate me? Or who was it?

But the bigger question was why was Jace so dammm confusing?

Like honestly, he shows he likes me one minute, is totally a sweetheart the next and then he is just a jerk. Like wtf...

John had enough of my little act because he was read faced now,

"Guys keep it in your pants please this is my sister. And Clary don't you think you should go to Iz's now?"

Seb touched my arm sending shivers through me and I was suddenly cold everywhere, but I would show no one that and I all of a sudden felt so sad. Why would Jace just reject me like that if he didn't really know me? Why would he not give me a chance?

Man why am I so emotional its just a boy...was it that time of the month already?

By the time I got off Seb and got a mini "Don't pull that stunt again" and a "Don't make boys see you only for your body" lecture from John I was out the door with a couple of guys that were heading back to their dorms too. They walked me to my car which was like 5 steps away and hugged me good bye. I turned to leave when I felt someone's presence behind me. I whipped around to come face to face with Jace.

Holy how did he come in I don't even hear him...that's not all...

But before I could say anything he pressed my body into my car and kissed me. His lips were so soft on mine and gentle, but then started to have a growing urgency and grew with passion. When I needed a breath I pulled away, but Jace kept kissing me. Along my jaw line, neck and collar bone and it felt so good.

Everywhere he kissed me Ii had a warm patch that just made my body hum with life and energy and a strange warm feeling. It felt amazing.

But he was just with that slaggy chick and I was mad at him so I pushed him away panting.

"What the hell was that Jace? Don't you have a skank to get back to?"

"Clary it's not what you think"

"Ok Jace tell me what I think and I will tell you if your right ok? Go ahead I'm listening" I could hear the annoyance in my own voice.

"Clary she was a friend and she came over to see John and she just sat with me and said she was cold, but then as soon as you walked in she threw my arm over her and snuggled into me. I swear I didn't want that. Clary you have to believe me"

" Jace why do you hate me?" it slipped out and I wasn't sure if I wanted the answer.

"Clary what the hell..."

"Look I know you do. When I came in your eyes were all cold and closed off and when you looked at me all I saw was hate. Ok I get it not everyone likes me. Just tell me why, please?" I hated how desperate I sounded.

"Clary, I don't hate you the reason I was so grumpy was because of Killiae and I don't hate you I hate Sebastian and that you were sitting on his lap and not mine..."

"Wait your jealous?"

"Yes, I Jace Lightwood am jealous when other boys want you Clary or even hug you."

"Wow possessive much"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Don't worry you blonde head Jace"

"Clary I like you and I want to be with you."

"Jace don't ok? I need to think I'll call you later ok?"

I turned to leave, but Jace caught my arm pulled me to his chest and kissed me again.

This time I didn't pull away.

I drove to Iz's with a stupid smile on my face and it was wiped off as soon as I saw a fuming Iz oh no...

"Clary where the hell have you been I have been waiting for over an hour and I thought you were hurt or something I was about to call the SWAT team to come find you..."

I rolled my eyes, wow over dramatic much.

"Iz I don't know where to start..."

Hello my lovelies I hope you liked this chapter, but something might happen to this couple and I know Clary was a little not like herself, but I had to do it for the next chapters and they should be up this weekend. Anyways thanks for all of those who reviewed or pm me and favorite my story and everything it all means a lot! Please leave any ideas you may have! 3

Thanks all for now,

Love y'all

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