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Dying Young

By EmmaKateMiles




Driving down the interstate, windows rolled down with ACDC – Back in Black blaring through his speakers; Jace Wayland realized that his tank was almost on empty. Noticing a Shell Gas Station coming up on his right hand side he quickly pulled in. Jace walked inside and grabbed a bottle of water and a pack a skittles for the road as he waited for his tank to fill up, when it came his turn to pay the cashier he noticed a wave of red walking past the window outside. Handing the cashier a handful of cash Jace told her to keep the change as he turned abruptly heading for the door. Once outside Jace looked frantically around for the vision of red he saw only moments ago, he knew deep down that it could not be the same red he was always in search for; making his way back to his car Jace sat knowing that he would always have a longing to see his vision of red.

As Jace drove away from the small gas station he allowed his mind to wander back to that day that was less than six months ago; the day she shattered his world.

It was a very hot July day as Jace Wayland packed up the last of his bedroom; he stepped back to look around his empty room thinking that this time next week the fantastic four would all be together at Idris University. The fantastic four consisted of Jace Wayland, Clary Fray, Alec Lightwood and Isabelle Lighwood; the four had been planning to attend the same college since their junior year of high school. Out of the four, Clary Fray had already decided that she would become a physician and then move on to specialize in general surgery. Clary was the one that pushed the other three to better themselves; she always had the right words to make all of them know that whatever the problem may be that together they would overcome it. Alec Lightwood had also decided to become a physician and specialize in plastic surgery; Alec was not exactly sure what he wanted to specialize in at first until Isabelle pushed him into plastic surgery saying, "Since you do not care about your physical appearance, the least you can do is keep the three of us looking beautiful as we age". Alec agreed saying that being a plastic surgeon seemed to be a good fit for him; Alec could never say no to his demanding twin Izzy, as they all called her. Isabelle Lightwood AKA Izzy was planning on getting a degree as a registered nurse and then slowly build her fashion career. Izzy had no interest in being in the medical field but she knew that it would take time to build a reputation in the fashion industry, so she chose a career that would not require as much schooling as the other three. Last of the four, Jace Wayland, he also wanted to become a physician but unlike Clary and Alec, Jace had no clue what he wanted to specialize in. Jace would spend countless hours researching over the different specialties and he just could not make a decision, as always Clary would step in and reassure him that no matter what specialty he chose that the end result would be the same, Jace would be doing what he yearned to do and that was caring for others. Jace smiled thinking of his friends as he picked up a few boxes headed to take them down stairs to the moving van that was currently parked in his driveway. Jace was making his way toward the front door when he noticed a vision of red standing with his father in the front of the house. Jace could spot that red out anywhere; Clary Fray was the center of his world, she came into his life almost four years ago and ever since that day he had been forever changed by the short redhead.

Quickly setting the boxes down so he could go and greet his love properly, Jace started walking toward his father and Clary when he noticed she was crying as his father comforted her, "Clary baby what's wrong" Jace asked as he rushed up to embrace her in a comforting hug. He could tell by the way she jumped that she was surprised to find him there. Jace noticed his father, Michael Wayland give Clary a sad smile before heading back inside the house.

"Clary you're scaring me baby, please look at me and tell me what's wrong" Jace pleaded as he shifted the small girl in his arms so that he could look into her eyes.

As Clary slowly lifted her sad green eyes to meet his golden gaze she whispered "Jace I'm not going with you" Clary barely got the words out of her mouth before she was sobbing uncontrollably.

Jace shook his head obviously confused "Clary wait a minute what are you talking about"

This time Clary stepped back out of his embrace and would not look up to meet his gaze, she took a deep breath trying to steady herself before speaking again, "Jace I have already spoken with Alec and Izzy; I am so sorry but I am not going with you three to Idris University, please try and understand"

Jace refused to let her finish cutting her off harshly "What do you mean you're not going to Idris with us, what the hell are you talking about Clary"

"Jace I just, things happen, they change, Johnathan has asked that I move to New York to attend a Fine Arts program; so I can be closer to him and though I said no he is my family and I just can't " Clary was rambling as she slowly began moving her feet backwards down Jace's driveway.

"ART school Clary really" Jace was furious as he stalked towards Clary refusing to let her take another step back "We have plans Clary, plans for our future; how could you make this type of decision without me"

Clary was sobbing so violently that she collapsed on the ground shaking; Jace just stood there staring down at her making no attempt to console her, not even when his father stepped in and picked the frail girl up in his arms carrying her into their home.

Jace's body was shaking with anger as he glared at his father's retreating figure, Jace thought of how selfish the girl he had made his world, the girl he planned to marry was acting as he tried to get his emotions under control before following his father inside. Jace finally managed to calm down as he headed inside to find Clary, the one that held all his happiness in her tiny hands and had the potential to crush everything he had in that one moment.

Jace sat at the end of the guest bed watching Clary sleep, he could not understand what she was thinking, why was she doing this to the four of them. As Jace watched Clary sleep he remembered how she had moved here in ninth grade from New York along with her brother Johnathan, they moved right after her mothered died of stage four breast cancer and her father being overtaken with grief had shot and killed himself. The two siblings had moved here to live with their Uncle Luke Garroway. Clary had come into Jace's life at the perfect time, just like Clary his mother had just passed away six months before hers from a brain aneurysm; Jace was not handling it well at all that was until Clary had saved him and had continued saving him every day since then.

Clary began to stir pulling Jace from his thoughts "Hey" she said weakly as she pushed herself up. Jace nodded but refused to say anything, he was still hurt and confused from earlier.

"Jace please look at me" Clary begged as she pulled her legs to the floor, she slowly stood up walking to the end of the bed where he was currently sitting. Still refusing to look into her eyes Clary took her hand and placed it under his chin forcing him to look up at her "Jace I am sorry I am and I understand that three of you hate me now but you will be okay, you all will. You are going to make a wonderful physician just like you planned and will save so many lives" as Clary spoke silent tears streamed down her face. "I wish you, Izzy and Alec all the best in the world and I hope that one day you will forgive me but this is something that I have to do Jace."

Jace shook his head removing her hand as he stood up anger apparent in his posture and his voice "Well Clary since our relationship has apparently meant so little to you "Jace said as he pointed toward the door "then just get the hell out now "and with that Jace stood silently as a crying Clary walked out of his life.

Alec, Izzy and Jace had not spoken her name since that day; Izzy had told the two boys that the three of them needed to live their lives like the bitch never existed and so that is what they did; at least that's what they all pretended to do.

Jace came back to reality when he noticed he was nearing his destination; his father, Michael Wayland was a General Surgeon at Brocelind Plains Hospital and in practice with Robert Lightwood who was also a General Surgeon and happened to be Alec and Izzy's father. Jace's Uncle also worked at the hospital in Hematology/Oncology; Stephen Herondale was the brother of Celine Wayland, Jace's mother. Stephen was the head Oncologist of the hospital's Oncology department. After parking in the hospital parking lot, Jace headed toward the main entrance of the hospital hoping to see his family. Jace had come to the hospital instead of his home because he wanted to surprise all of them, not one of them knew he was driving down to see them that day. Jace had this feeling that ever since he had went off to college his family along with Alec and Izzy's, had been trying to keep them from coming home or at least it seemed that way to Jace. That's why Jace had decided to make a road trip without contacting any of them first; he wanted to see if his suspicions were true, and to find out if his family really did not want him there, along with Alec and Izzy.

Jace walked into the hospital planning on stopping at his dad's office first but a familiar blonde caught his eye; Will Herondale was the only child and son of his Uncle Stephen Herondale, making Will the only cousin Jace had. Will and Jaces were not particularly close, the two of them would always end up fighting if they were together for any length of time; Clary had always told Jace that the reason they fought was because they were so much alike. Will was a few years older than Jace and was currently attending Law School; Will had made it very clear to his father, Stephen that he had absolutely no interest in the medical field. Will detested hospitals; Jace being aware of his cousin's dislike for hospitals was now very interested in to finding out why he just saw Will at a hospital of all places.

Jace watched as Will walked into the Oncology department heading toward the area designated for chemo treatments; Jace assumed that Will was looking for his father, Dr. Stephen Herondale. Jace waited a few moments in the front waiting area for Will or his Uncle to return however when it became obvious that neither one was coming back out, Jace decided he would go in search for them.

Walking casually up to the young blonde receptionist whose nametag had Kaelie typed on the front, Jace flashed his trade mark smirk before telling her that Dr. Herondale was his Uncle and it was urgent that he speak with him immediately. The young girl quickly showed Jace how to get to the chemo area as he walked past the front desk.

Jace smiled to himself as he walked into the chemo area knowing the young receptionist, was still gawking at him as he walked away, she had been so nervous she could barely speak after looking at him. When he entered into the Chemo area, Jace began glancing around the room in search for Will or his Uncle; Jace's eyes landed on his cousin who was sitting in the very back of the room holding a young girl's hand that seemed to be in the process of a treatment. Jace's eyes focused on the girls fragile frame, there was something so familiar about her, he could not see her face due to the fact she was turned in the other direction speaking with a nurse, her head had a bright red scarf wrapped around it; a sad side effect to chemo is that the patient will lose their hair. Jace knew for a fact that Will did not have anyone in his life that he truly cared for, especially anyone that he would be willing to sit through chemo treatments for. Who could this young girl be that captured the heart of Will Herondale, she must be one amazing girl Jace thought as he continued to stare openly at the two. Just as Jace began to focus on the sick girl once more, trying his hardest to figure out why she looked so familiar to him, the young girl turned her head to say something to Will and that was when Jace saw her; he saw the small girls unforgettable facial features, from her striking emerald eyes to her freckled little nose, and for the first time since she walked out of his house and life six months ago, Jace saw his vision of red, he saw Clary.

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