Dying Young


Warmth radiated from Clary's back as she slowly opened her eyes, she could not remember the last time she had slept so well. Shifting to get comfortable she realized Will was lying behind her sleeping, Clary could feel a smile form on her face as she studied him. Will was quite beautiful; his angelic features had Clary yearning to draw him. Carefully she took her hand placing it on Will's cheek, planning to move a piece of hair that had fallen over his eyes, just as Clary went to move the stray hair Will's hand grabbed her wrist

Chuckling as his hand encircled her tiny wrist, "Checking me out while I'm sleeping Cherry"

"Ugh please, I was so not checking you out Herondale" Clary snapped back as she tried desperately to remove her wrist from Will's grip

Will grinned, propping himself up with his other arm he looked down at Clary "Cherry are you lying to me or yourself"

Clary's eye widened in horror, "No, I just, I was surprised to find you in my bed and that's it"

Will still had a grasp on Clary's wrist, moving extremely close to her face as if he were going to kiss her, allowing his lips to touch Clary's ear he whispered "Cherry I like the thought of you watching me"

Releasing Clary's wrist, Will pulled away from Clary with a smirk on his face, knowing that he had exasperated her

Clary glared at Will, she knew exactly what he was doing, he wanted to rile her up like he always did, refusing to play a part in his games Clary carefully removed herself from the bed, looking back at Will she spoke harshly

"I'm going to take a nice long shower, don't be here when I get back"

Will bit his lower lip trying desperately hard not to laugh, watching Clary turn to head toward the bathroom he called out to her

"Cherry was that an invitation for me to join you, you wash my back I wash yours"

"You try it and I will cut off your appendages"

Will smiled as he fell back on Clary's bed; he could only imagine the look on Clary's face as he listened to her yelling

Will had just closed his eyes when he heard a gasp

"What, did you, what are you doing in here"

Will opened his eyes to see Tessa standing beside Clary's bed, clearly stunned to find him there

Will gazed at Tessa; she was tall and slender with gray-blue eyes and wavy brown hair that fell over her shoulders

"You jealous Tess" Will smirked, standing from the bed

"What, no of course not and my name is Tessa not Tess"

Tessa placed her hands on her hips, glaring at Will

"O-kay, whatever you say Tess-a" Will laughed as he walked pass Tessa, leaving the room he called back to her "tell my Cherry I'm taking a shower, then I'll be back"

Tessa fumed while she waited for Clary to return

Clary allowed the water to run cold before ending her shower, the warmth made her muscles relax and the time alone was something she enjoyed. Since moving into the Herondale home she was never left alone, someone was always with her; Clary was never given a chance to breathe without Tessa or Dr. Herondale asking her a million questions. Standing in front of the foggy bathroom mirror with her towel wrapped tightly around her, Clary picked up the folded hand towel that was lying on the sink. Cautiously she began to wipe the steam from the mirror, once the mirror was clear of fog Clary took a step back and closed her eyes.

Clary's eyes were shut tightly as she tried to control her breathing, this was it, the moment she would see herself for the first time since surgery. With her eyes still closed, Clary carefully began to remove her towel allowing it to fall to the floor. Beginning to feel the chill in the air around her, Clary began to open her eyes, taking in the reflection staring back at her.

The coldness completely forgotten as Clary stood petrified by the reflection staring back at her, with trembling fingers she reached out and touched the mirror, gasping in horror realizing that the disfigured reflection was her own. Clary's hands trembled, lifting them to feel the flat jagged scars that covered her small chest, the scars were directly where her breast once were traveling to under her arm. Silent tears began to stream down Clary's pale face, she felt disfigured and no longer a woman, her red curls no longer fell in waves down her shoulders, her small breast were no longer present on chest. Gasping for air Clary sank to the floor, her naked body curling into a tiny ball as sobs raked through Clary's body.

"Did you miss me Cherry" Will asked while strolling through Clary's doorway, he looked up to find Clary missing and Tessa sitting on Clary's bed eyeing him

Smirking Will winked at Tessa, "Checking out my goods, I see"

Tessa shook her head as if to get the mental picture of Will with no shirt out of her head, huffing, "As if"

"Tess, you shouldn't lie, you're not very good at it"

Tessa jumped up from the bed, walking up to Will she placed a finger on his chest, "Herondale let's get this straight once and for all, I do not like you nor do I find your package attractive" Tessa's face was solid red when she finished yelling at Will

Will seemed unfazed by Tessa's tantrum, simply stepping around her to get a better view in Clary's room

"Where's Cherry" Will asked turning back to Tessa

"Oh no" realization finally hit Tessa that Clary had not returned from her shower yet, running toward the bathroom she quickly shoved the door open "Oh my god' Tessa gasped

Tessa had forgotten about Will, kneeling down beside Clary's shaking body; she placed her hand gently on Clary's shoulder, tears began to flow from Tessa's eyes as she spoke softly

"Clary, please I'm sorry, I should've been here"

"What, what's wrong" Will's questioned as he flew into the bathroom

Will felt a knot form in his throat as he took in the scene around him, Tessa was kneeling over Clary's naked body crying and Clary was curled into a small ball sobbing. Will quickly grabbed a towel; wrapping the towel around Clary's body he carefully lifted her off the tile floor.

"I've got you baby, it's okay" Will whispered softly to Clary as he carried her to the bedroom

Tessa stood and followed Will with tears still streaming down her face

Will carried Clary over to her bed; gently he placed her down on the bed, turning toward Tessa he asked

"Where's her clothes" Will was glaring at Tessa waiting for her to respond

Tessa wiped the remaining tears from her face as she hurried over to the dresser in search for Clary's clothes; Tessa came back with Clary's clothes in hand, peering over at Will

"Do you mind"

Will looked as if he was going to refuse, instead he nodded and silently left the room

Tessa looked down at Clary

"Clary darling we need to get you dressed, is that okay" tears filled Tessa's eyes, Clary simply nodded

Tessa helped Clary dress in silence; Tessa could tell that Clary was exhausted from her break-down, when Clary was fully dressed and lying down Tessa finally spoke

"I'm going to make you some soup, doesn't that sound good"

Clary turned her head towards Tessa, with a small smile she answered

"Thanks Tessa"

Tessa nodded with tears falling from her eyes she turned and headed to the door

Clary stared up at the ceiling, she was angry with herself for having an emotional break-down

"Cherry" Will spoke softly as Clary felt the bed dip beside her

"Please baby answer me, I'm worried, Tessa's worried"

"I'm okay Will, honest" Clary whispered, still staring at the ceiling not knowing how she would react if she looked in his eyes

"Cherry what I saw in that bathroom was not okay"

Clary could feel Will staring at her, knowing that he would see right through her lies, Clary turned looking him straight in the eyes

"I was having a girl moment okay, can we drop it now"

Will propped himself up with one of his arms, his eyes never leaving Clary's

"What kind of girl moment"

Clary sighed in frustration; she did not want to be discussing this with anyone, especially Will

"Will it's nothing, just stop"




"Ugh fine, let's see I have no hair, my breast have been cut off and my chest look like it's been clawed by a bear" the words rushed from Clary's mouth as she looked away from Will, knowing he saw her the exact same way

Clary waited for Will to speak but he never did, she was about to say something to him when she felt the bed move, before Clary could register what was happening Will had picked her up from the bed

"What the hell Will, what do you think you're doing"

"Hush it Cherry, I've heard enough of you" Will's voice was stern as he continued walking with Clary in his arms, not stopping until they were in the bathroom once more

Placing Clary down so she was standing in front of the mirror, he bent down and spoke in a demanding voice

"Tell me what you see"

Clary did not want to be there, anywhere but there, she wasn't ready for this

"No Will, you don't understand you can't"

Will grabbed Clary's chin roughly as he spoke

"Clary Fray, you look in that mirror and tell me what you see"

Surprised by Will's forcefulness Clary opened her eyes, looking directly in the mirror

"I see me Will, I see me" she whispered

"No you don't, all you see are your scars" Will's voice was soft as he wrapped his arms around Clary's waist holding her back tightly to his chest

"Cherry do you want to know what I see"

Clary looked at the mirror, seeing Will standing behind her holding her tightly, Clary could feel a smile beginning to form on her face

"Yes, I want to know"

Will smiled when he saw Clary's reflection in the mirror

"I see you Cherry, those piercing green eyes, your milky white skin with those adorable freckles, that smile that makes my whole world light up"

Clary watched Will's reflection in the mirror as he spoke; she saw nothing but honesty in his eyes as he spoke

"Cherry, when I'm around you, I want to be a better me, someone your proud of" Will turned Clary to where she was facing him and no longer the mirror, gently he placed his hand under her chin making Clary look at him

"I saw all your scars Clary when you were lying on this bathroom floor; I'm here to tell you that those scars are not ugly, you are beautiful and if those scars are a part of you that makes them beautiful too"

Clary stared at Will not knowing what to say, she had no words so instead she stood on her tip toes and placed a kiss on his cheek

"Thank you Will"

Will placed a hand on both sides of Clary's cheeks, gazing down at her with a look that Clary had never seen on him before; it was almost lustful in a way

Leaning toward her slowly Will watched Clary as if to gage her reaction, when Will was only inches away from their lips touching he leaned his forehead against hers, breathing heavy Will finally spoke his voice was thick with emotion

"Cherry we should get you back to bed", letting his hands fall to his side, Will placed a gentle kiss on Clary's forehead as he ushered her out of the bathroom

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