Dying Young


Tessa Gray had just stepped out of her room, planning to head toward the kitchen to make a pot of coffee; glancing over to Clary's room something caught her eye, rather someone. Making coffee was now forgotten as she approached Clary's doorway, silently watching the private moment Will seemed to be having.

Kneeling over Clary's sleeping form Will gazed down at the sleeping girl, he could not comprehend how Clary could not see how absolutely beautiful she was, even now with her sparkling green eyes hidden from him, she was still breathtaking. Carefully as if not to break her, Will took his hand and placed it gently on Clary's face, leaning down he closed his eyes, breathing in her sweet scent. Finally opening his bright blue eyes, Will removed his hand from Clary's pale cheek, his eyes never left her face as he quietly stood from where he was kneeling. Will stood what seemed like hours just watching Clary sleep, opening and closing the hand he had placed on Clary's cheek Will began to speak softly

"I know you're broken right now and though you never mention my cousins name, I know you love him, I've heard you whisper his name in your sleep" Will sighed, his shoulders slumping forward

"But with time that could change, you could change, god if you only knew how much I love you Cherry"

Tessa placed a hand over her mouth as silent tears escaped down her rosy cheeks, she turned away from Clary's door; Tessa could no longer watch as Will pleaded with Clary's sleeping form. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Tessa made her way towards the kitchen, desperately hoping to forget what she had just witnessed.

Lost in her thoughts, Tessa did not hear the footsteps approaching her from behind

"Morning Tess, coffee made"

Tessa jumped, whirling around to face Will, placing her hand over her chest, Tessa studied him as she answered "You nearly caused me to have a heart attack, do you always go around scaring people"

Will's bright blue eyes shined with amusement, smirking at her as he bit his lower lip

Tessa continued to study Will as she waited for one of his assy remarks; he looked dashing as always, honestly if she had not witnessed him with Clary this morning, Tessa would assume Will was absolutely fine

Tessa turned away from Will grabbing her coffee cup from the counter, "So Herondale, no assy remark today," Tessa carefully filled her cup with coffee, turning back to Will as she walked over to the kitchen table

Will silently shrugged his shoulders, reaching for a coffee cup of his own, once Will had his coffee poured he joined Tessa at the table, sitting directly across from her

Sipping on her coffee, Tessa eyed Will, "Honestly, you feeling okay Will"

Will was silent for a moment, placing his coffee mug down he leaned over the table towards Tessa, "Why are you here"

Tessa was taken back with Will's question, not understanding what he could possibly mean by it, "Excuse me"

Will's eyes looked stressed as he took another sip of his coffee, "Sorry, that didn't come out right, I meant to say why are you here helping with Clary, my father told me that you came to him, asking to be a part of her medical team, I'd like to know why"

Tessa relaxed in her chair, her fingers dancing around the rim of her coffee mug, looking up she saw that Will was eagerly waiting for her answer, his bright blue eyes attentive to her own

Swallowing, Tessa took a deep breath before replying, "I didn't know Clary as you know, I only saw her this one time, she was yelling at your father in the back hallway of our office, I don't know Will" Tessa sighed, fidgeting with her coffee cup, looking down at the table she continued, "there was something about her, when I was watching her with your dad, she's magnetic or something, your father Dr. Herondale was even captivated with her then, I've never seen him allow anyone talk to him the way she did" Tessa smiled at the memory of seeing Clary for the first time

Will chuckled; causing Tessa to look up, running his hand through his shiny black hair he smiled "Clary and Johnathan moved here my junior year, Johnathan was in the same grade as me and Clary was with Jace, Izzy and Alec. I liked Jon, we hung out from time to time but we weren't like best friends or anything, ya know" Will's eyes shot to Tessa's, making sure she was listening, Tessa nodded encouraging him to continue

"I was close to my cousin Jace, the two of us were thicker than thieves, especially after his mom, my aunt passed, Aunt Celine was like a mother to me, my mom walked out on me and my dad after she caught him cheating with some nurse, I was only ten, after that Aunt Celine was there, treated me just like I was her own" Will's voice ended in a whisper

Tessa opened her mouth to speak but Will held his hand up to silence her, "So after my Aunt passed, Jace and I became juvenile delinquents you could say, we went to parties, smoked, drank, hooked up with random girls, you could say we were living the life; that was until Cherry came" Will paused as he said Clary's nickname, a small smile appearing on his face

"Once Cherry showed up, well let's just say our party days were officially over" Will was quiet after that, finishing his coffee in silence

Tessa waited until Will was about to stand from the table to speak, "So Clary took Jace from you"

Tessa watched as Will shook his head, sitting up straight in his chair, Will placed his arms on the table as he answered, "No it wasn't like that, though I was like you, I thought Cherry would make Jace drop me like a bad habit but it was the complete opposite, Cherry always invited me to everything, she made sure that I went too, not hesitating to show up at my front door, dragging me out if she had to" Will took a breath as he continued "She even helped me in school when she found out I was failing, she ditched everything and everyone to come over here and tutor me, telling me that I was too smart and I was wasting my talents"

Will looked away from Tessa, "One night she was here in this very kitchen, helping me with math, I was being my usual assy self, complaining and what not, next thing I know Cherry was crying, like seriously crying, I thought she was upset or something, I thought I hurt her feelings"

Tessa heard Will chuckle as he turned to face her again, "Cherry let me know real quick that she was not crying because her feelings were hurt, nope she was pissed, obviously Cherry cries when she gets mad like really mad, anyway she picked up my math book and threw it at me, hitting me directly in the head, I even fell out of the damn chair"

Tessa smiled as she envisioned Clary hurling a book at Will's head, she would have loved to seen it

"So what happened next" Tessa asked, leaning over the table

Will smirked, "She ran over to check on me, I asked her what the hell that was for, and what she told me changed my life"

Will's face became sober, his eyes filling with tears, swallowing hard Will continued, his voice shaking with emotion "We were both still sitting on the kitchen floor when she grabbed my hands, placing them in hers, Cherry's green eyes stared into mine and when she spoke her voice was so serious, I remember feeling it for the first time since Aunt Celine died"

Tessa was captivated by Will's story, she was literally sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for him to continue, "Will, what did Clary say" Tessa watched as one single tear escaped Will's beautiful bright blue eyes, watching as it slid down his perfectly chiseled face, falling to the table

Will sighed before he answered, "Clary looked at me, I mean really looked at me, she told me that she couldn't be around me anymore, watch me piss away my life, that I was too important to her, she couldn't bare it any longer, Clary gave me an ultimatum that night, I could get my life in order, have her there whenever I needed her or I could continue on the road I was on without her" more tears escaped from Will's eyes, he never made a move to wipe his tear stained face as he continued

"At first I think I was shocked, I simply stared at her, ya know but then I realized she was serious, I went to speak but Cherry's hand shot out silencing me instantly, she told me not to give her any answers that night but to show her, she said she would always be watching and waiting for my answer, so ever since then I've been trying to be a better person, prove myself to her"

Tessa could feel her own tears beginning to form in her eyes as she watched and listened to Will, there was no doubt in her mind that Clary held a special place in Will's heart, he adored her, worshipped her even

"Will, what did you mean when you said, you felt it for the first time since your Aunt Celine died" Tessa asked quietly

"I felt loved by someone"

Silence filled the room, neither knowing what to say to the other, finally in the distance they both heard the light sound of Clary's footsteps approaching

Clary entered the kitchen, finding Tessa and Will sitting together at the table, smiling as she walked towards the coffee machine, "Am I interrupting something, maybe some canoodling, eh"

Tessa could feel her cheeks redden immediately at Clary's statement whereas Will winked at Tessa before standing from his chair, turning towards Clary

"Cherry, you know if I were planning to canoodle with anyone, it'd be you"

Will strolled up to Clary, placing a soft kiss on her cheek before reaching into the cabinet above her to grab a coffee mug

A smile formed on Clary's face as Will placed the coffee mug in her hand, "My lady" Will bowed down in front of her as if he were a knight

Clary shook her head, turning away from him to pour coffee in her cup, "Oh thank you my kind sir, how shall I ever repay you"

A smirk appeared on Will's face, raising one eyebrow "I can think of a few things"

Clary giggled as she pushed by Will making her way over to the table, taking a seat in an empty chair across from Tessa

Tessa could feel Clary's eyes studying her, "So Tessa"

Tessa reluctantly turned toward Clary, a knowing grin plastered on her face as she eyed Tessa, taking a small sip of her coffee before she continued

"How's your morning been"

Tessa rolled her eyes at Clary, "I would have to say uneventful, why"

Tessa watched as Clary's eyebrows pinched together in frustration, "Fine, keep it to yourself then, just know this Tessa, secrets don't make friends" Clary chimed right as she stuck her tongue out at Tessa

Tessa could not stop the laughter that bubbled up from her chest; the sight of Clary sticking her tongue out was truly hilarious

"Did I miss something, what's so funny" Will asked, standing between the two girls at the table, his eyes darting between the two of them, waiting for one of them to answer

"Oh Tessa, do you think you could explain to Will why we're laughing" Clary's eyes peered over at Tessa, just as Tessa opened her mouth to answer the doorbell began to ring

"I'll get it" Tessa rushed out of her seat, running toward the front door, silently thanking the person waiting on the other side for the interruption

Opening the door Tessa was met by Maryse Lightwood

"Mrs. Lightwood, how nice to see you, please come in" Tessa stepped aside allowing Maryse to walk through the door, passing by her

"I was hoping to see Clary if she is up to it, I have something for her" Maryse voice was kind

Tessa noticed Maryse holding a rather large bag in one of her hands, "Oh yes of course, she's in the kitchen with Will"

Maryse stopped moving toward the kitchen, surprise evident in her voice as she spoke "Will, as in Will Herondale"

Tessa could not help but notice that Maryse seemed to be a bit irritated at hearing that Will was at home

"Yes Ma'am, he showed up unexpectedly" Tessa answered, noticing a frown appearing on Maryse face she quickly added, "it seems that Will showing up has been a positive thing, he's really helped with Clary, she's agreed to do her treatments, her first one is tomorrow"

"Hmmm, that's great Tessa" Maryse had her lips pressed in a tight line, closing her eyes briefly before she continued "Oh my, I completely forgot, Tessa could you be a dear and give this to Clary" Maryse was already walking toward Tessa with the bag held out for her to take

"Mrs. Lightwood, it'll only take a moment to get Clary, are you sure you don't want to see her" Tessa was shocked by the change in the older woman's attitude, when Tessa first opened the door Mrs. Lightwood seemed excited to see Clary and now it seemed that Maryse couldn't get out of the door quick enough

"No, no I really don't have the time, please just make sure she gets this, thank you Tessa" Tessa took the bag from Mrs. Lightwood, Tessa watched in confusion as the older woman hurried out the front door

"What was that" Tessa asked to no one in particular as she carried the bag with her to the kitchen

"Who was at the door Tess" Will asked seeing Tessa walk back in the kitchen, Will had taken Tessa's previous seat at the table, sitting across from Clary

Tessa stood in silence, trying to sort out her conversation with Mrs. Lightwood, she was utterly confused

"Tessa" Clary asked softly, Tessa noticed that Clary and Will were both staring at her waiting for her to answer

Shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts, Tessa walked toward them, placing the bag on top of the table

Giving the best fake smile she could muster, Tessa spoke "Mrs. Lightwood dropped this off for you Clary; she said to tell you that she was sorry she couldn't stay, she was late for a meeting or something of that nature"

Tessa watched as Clary shrugged her shoulders, a tiny frown appearing on her face "I hate she couldn't stay, Maryse has been so kind to me, I really need to thank her properly"

Will seemed to notice how the mood had changed in the room, he cleverly intervened, "Cherry shall I open the bag, since you do not seem to be interested in it," Will was wiggling his eyebrows at Clary causing her to giggle

"Thank you very much but I think I can manage this on my own Mr. Herondale" Clary pulled the bag into her lap, she pulled a box from the bag and placed it on the table

"Open it already" Will whined from across the table, his hand began to inch toward the box only to have it slapped away by Clary

"Patience Herondale, patience" Clary sucked her bottom lip in her mouth, chewing on her bottom lip she lifted the top off the box revealing it's content


A gasp came from Clary's mouth as she stared at what the box was holding, her hands were shaking as she lightly touched the contents in the box, "Oh my" she whispered as tears began to roll down her flushed face

"What is it Cherry" Will asked urgently, he was already moving around to Clary's side of the table to view what the box held

Tessa had placed a comforting hand on Clary's shoulder, already knowing what Clary was seeing

Will's vision was able to focus on the box as he rounded the table, "What, did she get you a wig or something," Will asked not understanding what the big deal was, he actually thought the hair color matched Clary's almost perfectly

"No, it's my hair Will" Clary could barely speak as she gently lifted the wig from the box, turning it around carefully in her hands as tears continued to stream down her face

"Okay but this is a good thing right, you have your hair as a wig so what's the problem" Will felt a sharp pain to the back of his head, turning he saw that Tessa had slapped him

"What the hell was that for" Will snapped, taking his hand Will began to rub the back of his head

"Shut up Herondale, do you even know what it is to be sensitive" Tessa glared at Will, thinking about slapping him again, before Tessa was able to make her decision Clary spoke

"Tessa, it's fine he doesn't know" Clary placed the wig back into the box, placing the lid back on top "Will, I shaved my head before I had surgery so that I could have a wig made" Clary began to stand from her seat as she continued, "the wig is not for me, it's for this little girl Maureen and I'd like very much to take it to her, now" Clary wiped the remaining tears from her face as she walked past Tessa and Will

"Wait Clary, you'll be at the hospital tomorrow, why don't you wait until then" Tessa cried out as she rushed toward Clary, Tessa knew that this would be the first time Clary would be leaving the house since surgery and she feared something might happen to stop Cary from having her chemo treatment the following day

Clary turned to Tessa, "Why don't you want me to go now"

Tessa was desperately trying to come up with an explanation, knowing that if she said the wrong thing Clary would go to the hospital just out of spite

"We're going there anyway tomorrow Cherry, who wants to be at the hospital if they don't have to" Will strolled up to Clary, slinging his arm around her small frame

"I wasn't asking you Will, I was asking her" Clary snapped back, her eyes never leaving Tessa's

Tessa took a breath, praying that her plan would work. "Dr. Herondale had mentioned asking you, if you would be okay with Maureen coming to say hello during your first treatment, you know to show her how brave you are, hoping that she would then agree to have her chemo treatments, I just thought it would be a perfect time to give her the wig then" Tessa knew she was rambling, Tessa just hoped she had said enough to convince Clary

Clary bit her lower lip, a frown was apparent on her face, "I didn't realize Maureen was still refusing her treatment, oh no I'm such a terrible person"

"What, oh no Clary no, that's not what I meant Maureen agreed to have the chemo, she did but first she had to go through all of these test to make sure her body could handle the treatment, she just finished them last week and now she has been given the go-ahead to start, We just thought having Maureen see you would make it easier on her but if your uncomfortable with it we don't have to do it at all" Tessa spoke quickly trying to rush everything she was trying to say out, she didn't want Clary upset

Clary's body relaxed, nodding at Tessa "No, it's fine, I want to help Maureen in any way I can, I'll wait until tomorrow to give her the wig, I've just been a terrible friend to that sweet little girl, I want to make it up to her, you know"

Tessa pulled Clary into a warm embrace, she never ceased to be amazed by Clary Fray; Tessa regretted ever telling Will that she thought the old Clary was possibly gone forever, Tessa was beginning to learn that Clary Fray could never be lost, maybe she could lose her way for a while but Clary would always come back stronger than ever, she was a fighter

"Okay, okay break it up, I feel very uncomfortable over here watching two hot girls embrace, it's not natural unless I'm involved of course" Will had a hand placed on each of the girls waist pushing them apart

The two girls laughed as they separated, turning to Will, Clary asked "So what do we wanna do to celebrate my last night of freedom" Will smirked as he leaned down toward Clary, whispering

"We could go to your bedroom and make magic happen, if you know what I mean Cherry"

That statement earned him a playful slap from Clary, smiling down at her Will held his hands up in surrender, "Okay, okay, well if you don't like my idea of celebrating, how about ordering pizza and a movie"

"I'm on the pizza" Tessa called out, heading toward the kitchen to phone in their order

"So Cherry, pizza is being ordered, all that's left is picking out a movie" Will picked Clary up bridal style, she cried out in protest as he carried her up the stairs toward the entertainment room, "movie Cherry" Will asked Clary as he entered the room, still holding Clary tightly in his arms

Clary was beaming as her tiny arms wrapped around Wills neck, laying her head down on his shoulder she replied "The Little Mermaid"

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