Dying Young


Tessa looked over at Clary with worried eyes, "I'm going to send a nurse over, the treatment is almost over," Tessa walked over to Will, speaking in a hushed voice, "get her home as soon as you can, I won't be far behind with Dr. Herondale."

Two days, it had been two days since Clary's treatment, two days since he last saw her smile, two days since he last heard her laugh, two days of living in hell.

"Will, you need to get some rest son, she's going to be fine," Dr. Herondale placed a gentle hand on his son's shoulder, hoping that Will would finally listen.

"No, I can't she might wake up, she needs to know I'm here, that I didn't leave," Will argued, running his hands down his tired face.

Dr. Herondale knew that there would be no arguing with him, "Fine, I'll wait with you," looking down at the empty spot on the love seat, Dr. Herondale sat down beside Will.

Will's eyes never drifted from Clary's sleeping form as he spoke to his father, "I can't leave her dad, she was so sick, I've never seen anyone like that," Will's voice left him as tears fell from his tired eyes.

"I know, I know son but she's going to be fine, she's just resting now," Dr. Herondale's placed his arm around Will's shoulder, "Will, you're not going to be any help to Clary like this, please son go get some rest."

Will sighed, "you promise to come and find me if anything happens," his eyes staring directly into his father's.

"Yes, now go," Dr. Herondale gave Will a small smile.

"Fine, but don't let me sleep too long," Will reluctantly stood, his eyes looking over Clary once more before he left the room.

Dr. Herondale sat quietly for only a moment, standing he walked over to Clary's bed, kneeling down beside it, "Clary Fray what am I going to do with you," Dr. Herondale's voice was barely a whisper, gently he picked up one of Clary's fragile hands, carefully placing it in his, "you know what today is Clary, I know you do, you don't know this but I've seen you there, just sitting there talking to her," Stephen stopped, taking a deep breathe before continuing, " god she would have loved you Clary, like we all do but Celine," Stephen's voice was beginning to shake as continued to speak, "Celine was just like you Clary, she was a beauty, she was loving, gentle and kind but oh boy was she stubborn, always arguing about anything and everything," Stephen closed his eyes, ashamed of what he was about to admit, "no one knows this, except for Michael of course but on the very day Celine died, we had an argument over the stupidest thing, it was over her health of all things, she'd told me about the headaches she'd been having, so I made her an appointment with a neurologist and of course Celine refused to go, I was so angry Clary, I remember yelling at my sister, telling her to keep her complaints to herself that I had patients that were truly sick to care for, the last words I said to her that day were, all you do it waste my time," Stephen felt as warm tears began to soak his grief-stricken face, "the next call I received was from Robert, telling me that Celine was found dead, apparently it was a brain aneurysm, and I told her to keep her complaints to herself, that's why she was having headaches and I told her to keep it to herself."

Stephen was still crying when he felt a light touch on his face, "Clary," his eyes shot forward and even though tears were clouding the doctor's vision, Stephen had no doubt in his mind that he was seeing the most beautiful set of green eyes staring back at him.

Clary eyes were glistening with unshed tears, "oh Stephen, I'm sorry."

Stephen shook his head as he used both of his hands to wipe away the remaining tears on his face, "No Clary, I'm just so thankful you're awake, how are you feeling," Stephen's eyes were searching over Clary's small form looking for any signs of discomfort.

"I think I'm okay," Clary was pushing herself up in a sitting position as she continued, "I don't really remember what happened, the last thing I remember was throwing up in the bathroom."

Dr. Herondale nodded silently before answering Clary, "Okay, so you remember Will bringing you home and then him taking you to the bathroom because you felt sick," Stephen looked to Clary waiting for her to answer.

"Yes, that's about right, Will carried me from the car, even though I argued the entire way, he had just laid me on the bed when I felt a sudden wave of nausea come over me, that's when he helped me to the bathroom, that's it," Clary eyes were scanning the room as she answered Stephen's questions.

"Tessa and Will are both asleep, for the past forty eight hours, no one would leave your side," Clary's eyes widen.

"I've been out for two days," Clary looked to Dr. Herondale waiting for him to answer.

"Well yes and no, you were throwing up part of that time, causing you to get dehydrated, that's when we hooked you up to some fluids, the rest was your body needing to rest, unfortunately chemo can tend to make you sick like this" a small frown formed on Stephen's face.

"Hey at least I was able to get the first round in right," Clary wanted to cheer Dr. Herondale up so badly, she was even willing to try and sound positive about her treatments.

Dr. Herondale chuckled, sitting down at the end of Clary's bed, "I'm going to adjust your medication before you come back in, I'll figure out something, can't have my favorite patient sick like this."

Clary giggled, "You better not let Maureen hear you say that."

"You're right, how about one of my favorite patients," one of Dr. Herondale's eyebrows shot up.

"Deal," Clary agreed.

An awkward silence began to fill the room, Dr. Herondale stood up intending to leave the room but Clary called out to him.

"Please wait Stephen," Clary's voice was pleading causing Dr. Herondale to stop where he was, turning back to look at her.

Clary's eyes were staring straight into his as she spoke, "I need you to do something for me," Clary paused, taking a breath before continuing, " and before you say no, I'll find a way to get there if you refuse to take me, I just I have to go."

Stephen tore his eye's away from Clary's, he knew what she wanted from him, she didn't even need to say it, the only question was whether he would be willing to do it or not, "Clary you need to understand, your immune system is a wreck right now and you cannot afford to get sick, I just can't allow it."

Clary quickly cut Stephen off, her voice sharp and demanding, "Stephen you do not have the authority to tell me what I can and cannot do, I am going, you're not my keeper, you weren't Celine's; she'd be so upset with you if she knew how you shouldered all this senseless blame."

Stephen swallowed hard, "I'll take you, you have to wear a mask though, no arguing."

Clary nodded, pulling herself from the bed to get ready, "I'll leave Tessa and Will a note saying you took me to visit a friend's mother."

Stephen shuddered at hearing Clary say Will's name; he knew that his son would be furious when he found out that Clary had left the house without him.

The car ride to the cemetery was quiet, Clary would periodically glance over at Stephen, she could clearly see the pain in his eyes, "Stephen, thank you for this, I can't imagine how hard this must be for you," Clary waited to see if he would say something, when Stephen didn't speak, Clary continued, "you probably think I'm crazy for coming out here like I do, you know Jace doesn't even know, I never told him. It's just when my mother died I felt this gaping hole in my chest, like a wound that wouldn't heal, it wasn't like that when my father died, in time I healed. When we first moved here, even before I met Jace and everyone else, I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming for my mom, so I'd hop in my car, turn the radio up and drive around, that's how I found the cemetery," Clary stopped talking, noticing that they were no longer moving, when she turned her head she found Stephen staring at her, nodding for her to continue. Clary took a breath, her eyes staring back at Stephen's as she spoke softly, "One night I was driving around, that's when I found the cemetery, I remember crying as I walked past all the headstones and then I got angry, so very angry because I didn't have a headstone to visit my mother at, that's when it happened, I ran straight into that metal bench, causing me to fall straight to the ground, when I looked up I saw her, Celine, it was as if she was looking straight at me, letting me know that she was there for me, so there I stayed, sitting on the ground crying to some woman I never knew, telling her my story and after I did, I felt better so I kept coming back, if I had a problem or if I just wanted to talk to her, I don't know why I do it, it just feels right."

Stephen knew he had tears falling down his face, he didn't care, taking his hands off the wheel, Stephen placed them on either side of Clary's face, "you stubborn beautiful amazing girl, thank you, thank you," Stephen leaned over placing a kiss on Clary's forehead, pulling back he had a smirk present on his face.

Noticing the famous Herondale smirk Clary couldn't help but feel a little confused, "What?"

Stephen shook his head slightly, grinning from ear to ear, "I knew that bench would be useful!"

Clary gasped, pointing an accusing finger toward Stephen, "You didn't."

Still grinning, Stephen wiggled his fingers back to Clary, "Oh but I did."

"Herondales and here I was blaming poor Michael for that stupid metal bench all these years," Stephen could not help but laugh, his laughter filled up the entire car; this was the very first time Stephen Herondale had laughed on the anniversary of his sister's death.

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