Dying Young


Tessa was tiptoeing through the Herondale's home, hoping to remain hidden from the other three occupants in the house, ever since that night at the cemetery with Will, Tessa had been doing her best to keep a low profile. She was not ready to see or talk to anyone, especially Will. That night it was as if Tessa had met him for the first time, he was so caring and patient and he wasn't in a hurry to get back home to check on Clary. Images of that night kept popping up in her head, Will's gentle voice, his hands holding hers, his lips barely touching her forehead as he whispered encouraging words to her, Tessa refused to say it out loud but there was no way she could deny it any longer, she was totally smitten with Will Herondale.

Tessa had made it to the kitchen unnoticed, she was planning on making herself a cup of coffee and take it back to her room, however, when Clary's voice filled the kitchen Tessa knew she trapped.

"Tessa, is that you," Clary cried out in a very dramatic voice, "I just haven't seen you in forever, I almost forgotten what you look like."

Tessa rolled her eyes at Clary; "you've been hanging around Will too much," Tessa turned her attention back to the coffee pot.

Clary went to stand by Tessa, her arm brushing Tessa's, "speaking of Will, you two seemed pretty cozy when you came in the other night, do I see a romance unfolding before my very eyes," Clary looked up at Tessa batting her eyelashes at her.

Tessa was pouring her cup of coffee, "How do you know if we were cozy, you and Dr. Herondale fell asleep watching Beauty and the Beast, as I recall it."

"I may or may not have been faking my sleep," Clary winked at Tessa's shocked expression, "there was something different between you, it was sweet."

Tessa shook her head walking past Clary, "you were dreaming Clary, there is nothing going on between us," she turned back looking Clary straight in her emerald green eyes, "and there never will be."

"Don't say never Tess, don't" Clary replied giving her a strange look, making Tessa think that Clary was almost upset at the fact something had not happened between her and Will.

Tessa was about to confront Clary about her remark when Will strolled past her, walking straight to Clary, "good morning beautiful," Will whispered to Clary as he kissed the top of her bald head.

Tessa felt her throat tighten; Will didn't even acknowledge that she was standing right there, what the hell was that.

Clary rolled her eyes at Will, "you my dear boy need to get your eyes checked, the only beautiful person in this room is Tessa," Clary nodded her head toward Tessa.

Will shrugged not even turning to look at Tessa, "you wound me Cherry, I happen to think I'm breathtaking."

Clary pinched Will's side with her fingers, "in your dreams Herondale, in your dreams."

Will bent down to where his lips were touching the outside of Clary's ear, "at least we know I'm in your dreams Cherry," before moving he kissed Clary's ear causing her to jump.

"Will," Clary cried as he stood back up.

Tessa just stood watching the interaction between Will and Clary, she felt like she was intruding, obviously Will did not want her there, "well I'm just gonna go," Tessa turned to take her coffee back to her room, to escape from Will.

"Tess, stop," Will's voice called out.

"Um, yeah," Tessa was hesitant, she wasn't quite sure she wanted to know what Will would want with her.

"Clary here wants us to have a movie day," Will's voiced sounded strained, like he was being made to invite her to join in, "anyways, it's for Clary so."

Tessa nodded, "sure, of course, anything for Clary, just give me a few minutes to make myself presentable," Tessa did her best to hide the hurt in her voice.

"Okay, meet us in the entertainment room whenever you're ready," Will's voice was cold, unfeeling.

Tessa didn't speak; she only nodded as she made her way back down the hall to her room, her sanctuary.

Clary glared at Will, "you're such an ass."

Will smirked, wrapping his arm around Clary's waist he picked her up placing her on the counter, "and you wouldn't have me any other way my love," Will let go of Clary's waist so that he could pour himself a cup of coffee.

Clary huffed, crossing her arms across her chest, "what's going on with you and Tessa anyway?"

Will took a sip of his coffee, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Clary kicked her feet against the cabinets, "you're lying Will Herondale, something happened between the two of you the other night, I know it, you know it and Tessa knows it," Clary took a breath before continuing, "now I don't care if you tell me what happened or not but this, this thing between you two, you better fix it Will, you just better."

Will chuckled, leaning his back against the counter, "I like it when you get all hot and bothered Cherry," Will wiggled his eyebrows at Clary, "I like it a lot."

Clary bit her lip trying her best to stay angry but she did not succeed and ended up smiling, "just fix it Herondale, now get me down."

"I love it when you talk to me rough," Will grinned, picking Clary up as he walked toward the stairs.

Clary pushed at Will's chest, "put me down Will, I can walk thank you very much."

Will cackled as he started up the stairs, "nope, you're all mine Fray, I'm not letting you go, not now, not ever."

Clary pulled back trying to look in Will's eyes, "what did you say?"

Will refused to meet Clary's gaze, "I'm saying that your stuck with me, now, forever, you and me, that's all that matters," Will stopped when he reached the top of the stairs and finally turned to Clary, his violet-blue eyes trained on her emerald green, "me and you always, okay Fray."

Clary swallowed, her eyes searching his, "Will?"

"No Clary, no questions, just promise me that no matter what happens in the future, we will have each other, always and forever, please just promise me," Will pleaded.

Clary ran her hands through Will's messy black hair, "you've always had me Will, always."

Will face was expressionless for a moment and then he quickly flashed his famous smirk down at Clary, "I know but I just want to make sure that nothing changes that's all," Will carefully placed Clary on the ground.

Clary felt there was something Will wasn't telling her but she wasn't going to push it, "hey are we going to watch a movie or what?"

Will wrapped his arm around Clary's shoulder pulling her towards the entertainment room, "what's the pick for tonight?"

Clary placed a finger over her mouth, a wicked grin appearing, "I think we'll watch your favorite one," Clary sprinted toward the movies.

"No, no, no, oh come on Cherry, don't do this to me," Will called as he chased after her.

Tessa slowly made her way up the stairs the Herondale's entertainment room, she wanted to stay in her room and try to forget her stupid feelings for Will but she knew if she didn't show up Clary would come looking for her or worse send Will after her.

Opening the door to the entertainment room Tessa saw Will and Clary at the front of the room; Will was on his knees pleading with Clary not to make him watch Peter Pan.

"No Will, we're watching it," Clary was giggling as she saw Tessa watching them, Clary looked back at Will, "shall I tell Tessa why you don't want to watch Peter Pan?"

Will's gaze shot over to Tessa, "Nope," Will jumped off the floor, "let's get this over with."

Clary eyes glanced around the room, "where's Stephen?"

"He had a meeting at the hospital, your new treatment remember," Tessa hated to be the one to remind Clary that tomorrow would be another treatment day.

Clary bit her lower lip nodding, "its okay, I just wanted him here too."

Will picked Clary up from behind, placing her on the couch, "you have me and Tess, that's all you need, besides you know I don't like to share you with my Dad."

Clary laughed as she hit Will's arm, "Fine," Clary looked over at Tessa, "come on Tess, let's get this show on the road, wait did somebody order pizza?"

"Cherry, it's not even lunchtime yet, so why are we ordering pizza already," Will was eyeing Clary with curiosity.

"I just want it to be like it was the last time, we had fun that night, ya know," Clary was looking down not meeting Will's gaze.

Tessa held her hand up in the air, she could do this, pretend everything was fine, she would, for Clary, "I'm on the pizza, I'll be right back."

"Don't forget wings," Will called out to her as she left the room.

Dr. Stephen Herondale was exhausted; he had been in conferences along with Dr. Lightwood and Dr. Wayland all day, they were researching different treatment plans for Clary. Stephen sighed as he pulled up in his driveway, Clary, that girl had become such an important part of his life, he couldn't fathom losing her, not now, not after everything they had been through together, it would be like losing Celine all over again and Stephen refused to allow that to happen.

Stephen made his way inside the home, the main floor was empty, not that he had expected anything different, Clary wanted to have another movie day, a movie day that included him and he had missed it. He quietly walked up the stairs, he wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed but he needed to see her first, make sure she was ready for tomorrow. The door to the entertainment room was cracked open, Stephen could hear the laughter pouring out of the room, a small smile crept on his tired face, Clary had brought so much joy to his home and she had awakened not only him but his son as well.

"What are you watching," Stephen asked walking to the front of the room, his eyes taking in the array of Disney movies laid out on the floor.

Clary's face lit up at the sound of his voice, "you made it."

Stephen nodded, "I wish I could've been here sooner."

Clary pulled herself up on the couch, patting the space she had made for Stephen, "you have perfect timing, we are about to watch Aladdin, I saved you some pizza too."

Stephen chuckled, "what would I do without you Clary?"

Clary gave him a small smile but it was off, "I'm training Will, well trying but you know how that goes."

Will wrapped his arm around Clary's shoulder pulling her closer to him, whispering in her ear, "Remember you're stuck with me."

Stephen felt there was something he was missing but decided he would deal with it later instead he turned to Tessa, "Tessa, enjoying movie time with these two?"

Tessa nodded, "yes but if you'll excuse me, it's getting late, I need to be at hospital early in the morning so I'm going to turn in," Tessa stood and started walking toward the door.

"Aww, Tess," Clary whined pulling away from Will.

Tessa smiled, "We'll have another movie night Clare, I promise, night," and with that Tessa was gone.

Stephen shook his head as he sat down on the couch; obviously he missed a lot while he was gone, "anything exciting happen while I've been at the hospital these past few days?"

"I've been asking Will if there's anything he wants to share," Clary said.

"Are we going to watch the movie or what," Will mumbled.

"Yeah, sure, let's watch the movie," Stephen chuckled.

The next afternoon Clary walked toward the chemo room with Will, his hand holding tightly to hers, "Will," Clary asked, her voice quiet, unsure.

Will must have noticed the change in Clary's voice because he stopped walking, "yeah," his eyes full of concern as he looked down at Clary.

Clary frowned, "I just, I want you to be happy, no matter what happens to me, I need to know you're going to be okay."

"What, where's this coming from," Will bent down, his hand forcing Clary to look at him.

Clary's bottom lip was quivering, "the way you were talking yesterday, I just can't, you've done so much for me Will, I need to know if this doesn't work, if I end up like my mom," tears started spilling over, flowing down Clary's freckled face, "you can't not be okay, please, I can't think of you not being okay, my dad, my da-d," Clary couldn't finish, her emotions were overwhelming her.

"Oh Clary," Will pulled Clary to him, his hands rubbing circles on her small back, "I promise I won't do that, I promise," Will pulled Clary back just enough so he could look into her emerald eyes, "but I can't tell you that I'll be okay without you, I won't, your too important."

Clary nodded, tears still falling down her face, "your important too Will, I wish you never found out about this, like Jace, Isabelle and Alec, I want you to be happy, like them not stuck here watching me."

Will moved his hands, cupping Clary's face as he leaned down, pressing a light kiss to her nose, "don't say that to me Clary," Will rested his forehead on Clary's, "this, me being here with you, it's been the best time of my life, I wouldn't trade it for anything, not a damn thing, okay."

Clary sniffed, a tight smile appearing on her face, "Will," sighing, Clary continued, "Let's just get this over with."

Will raised his eyebrow, his eyes questioning, "you sure?"

Clary placed her hands over Will's carefully removing them from her face, "yeah, it's just me being a girl, a silly girl, now come on, let's get this over with."

Will stood, grabbing one of Clary's hands with his own, "my silly girl."

Clary didn't answer Will, she was lost in her thoughts, she was tired so tired, all she wanted to do was let go, let go of everything but she knew she couldn't, not when Will, Tessa, Dr. Herondale, Dr. Lightwood and Dr. Wayland were fighting for her as hard as they were, for them, for them she would try, she had to for them.

Jace walked into the hospital planning on stopping by his dad's office first but a familiar blonde caught his eye; Will Herondale. Jace followed Will into the chemo room, his eyes scanning the room for Will or his Uncle, Jace's eyes landed on his cousin who was sitting in the very back of the room holding a young girl's hand that seemed to be in the process of a chemo treatment. Jace's eyes focused on the girl's fragile frame, there was something so familiar about her, and he could not see her face due to the fact that she was turned in the other direction speaking with a nurse. Who could this young girl be, a girl that seemed to have captured the heart of Will Herondale. Jace continued to openly stare at the two, he was trying to figure out why the girl looked so familiar to him, the girl suddenly turned her head to say something to Will and that's when Jace saw her; he took in the small girl's unforgettable facial features, from her striking emerald green eyes to her freckled little nose and for the first time since she walked out of his house and life six months ago, Jace saw his vision of red, he saw Clary.

Time stopped in that moment for Jace Wayland, there only a few feet from him sat the girl he had been planning the rest of his life with and beside her, holding her hand sat his very own flesh and blood; did he walk over to the two and demand to know what was going on, did he even have a right? No, all Jace could do was stand there paralyzed with shock as he watched the intimate moment between the two.

Clary had leaned over and whispered something into Will's ear, causing him to smile as he took her small hand and held it up to his mouth where he placed a small kiss on it. Clary's cheeks grew to a lovely red as Will pointed at her laughing causing her cheeks to redden more. Clary shook her head as she removed her hand his, smiling the entire time; it was obvious Will adored Clary; he was more caring with her than he had been to anyone in his entire life. Clary laid her head back in the giant grey leather chair as she closed her eyes, anyone watching her could tell she was exhausted. Clary looked like a small porcelain doll as she lay in the oversized chair; even now as sick as she was she was still beautiful. Will sat there simply watching Clary, he did not look bored or bothered by being there; Will looked terrified as he took his hand and would place it over Clary's still one.

Jace knew the feeling that was beginning to spread throughout his body; anger pure red hot anger. He had clenched his hands in tight fist as he stood there like an intruder watching the pair; he knew what was about to happen and he could not find it in him to care. Just as he lifted his foot to head toward his traitorous cousin someone yanked the back of his shirt causing him to stumble backwards. Jace turned swiftly to get a good look at the person who would dare interrupt his actions, when Jace turned his golden eyes were met with another set of golden eyes that belonged to none other than Dr. Stephen anger in Jace's eyes did not diminish, even when he realized it had been his Uncle that grabbed him causing him to stumble out of his actions.

With a firm grasp on Jace, Stephen Herondale whispered sternly to his nephew "this is not the place or the time, follow me now."

Clary and Will were exhausted after their long afternoon at the hospital, "Will, just let me sleep, please," Clary whined burying her face in her pillow.

Will chuckled lightly, "you can sleep right after you eat this, come on Clary, you have another long day at the hospital tomorrow, we've got to keep your strength up."

Clary huffed, "fine, I really don't like this new treatment plan your father came up with, it sucks," Clary mumbled as she stood.

"Oh now he's my father, what happened to Dr. Herondale is my favorite Herondale, he's so amazing, and blah blah blah," Will picked Clary up, carrying her bridal style towards the kitchen.

"Put me down Will, you're gonna break your back one of these days," Clary cried out as she playfully hit him in the chest.

"Pft, you weigh like eighty pounds," Will muttered, placing Clary down gently in one of the chairs at the kitchen table.

"I take offense to that Herondale," Clary fired back.

"Yeah, yeah, you know you can't stay mad at me, you love me too much," Will was placing a bowl in front of Clary, "chicken noodle soup, that'll plump you up."

"If I eat, you'll let me sleep," Clary eyed Will, twirling her spoon in between her fingers.

"Yep," Will smiled when he saw Clary take her first bite, "good?"

Clary nodded and then took another bite of her soup.

Will pulled a chair out and sat, his eyes never leaving Clary as she ate.

"You're creeping me out," Clary said, feeling Will's eyes on her.

"Just wanna make sure you're okay, that's all" Will was serious as he placed his hand on her forehead.

Clary rolled her eyes, "Seriously you're checking to see if I have a fever," Clary lifted her hand pushing Will's hand away from her.

"Hey now, Tessa told me to watch you closely until she could get back," Will looked genuinely hurt by Clary's words.

"Will, don't look at me like that," Clary sighed, looking back down at her almost empty bowl, "you know I didn't mean it, I'm just tired and cranky," Clary stuck her bottom lip out frowning, "please forgive me."

Will leaned over and kissed the top of her forehead, "who could resist that puppy dog look, I've taught you well."

Clary finished her soup, "where's Tessa and your dad, he said he'd be home soon?"

Just as Clary finished speaking Tessa walked in the kitchen, her face lit up when she saw Clary had ate, "does this mean you're feeling okay, no nausea or anything?"

Clary smiled, "nope, I'm just exhausted, can I please go to bed now," Clary was laying her head on the table with her eyes closed; she could care less at this point where she slept.

Tessa walked over to Clary, "yes, you can sleep but we need to get you washed up first."

"I can do that for you Cherry," Will smirked.

Clary's head shot up from the table, "I don't think so Herondale, you stay right here," Clary pointed her finger at Will as she stood from her chair, "I'm sure Tessa won't mind helping me, if I even need any."

Tessa walked with Clary out of the room, leaving Will laughing at the kitchen table.

Tessa was standing in Clary's doorway, her eyes were on Clary, watching as the young tossed and turned in her sleep.

"Tess," Tessa jumped at the sound of Will's voice, not because he surprised her but truth was Tessa had not been alone with him since that night at the cemetery and ever since then things had been odd between the two of them.

Tessa shook her head, pointing in Clary's room, "Will hush, Clary's asleep, poor thing almost fell asleep while taking a shower."

Will ran a hand through his jet black hair, "sorry I was just coming to check on her," Will's voice seemed nervous, "um, well, okay then I guess I'll just head off to bed myself," Will pointed behind him as he spoke.

Tessa pulled Clary's door, shutting it quietly, "Will," Will stopped and gave Tessa a surprised look, "I've, I mean, things," Tessa growled in frustration, "I don't like the way things have between us, ever since, you know that night."

Will stuffed his hands in his jean pockets, his violet-blue eyes looking at his bare feet, "I know, me neither."

Tessa felt relief wash over her, "then why, why have you been ignoring me?"

Will moved closer to Tessa, she could feel his warm breath mingling with her own, "truth," Tessa couldn't speak not with him standing so close so instead she nodded, "truth is, I don't know, I mean before that night, our relationship was, well it was the two of us constantly bickering and now, after what you said at the Lightwood's, then what happened at the cemetery, I just, I don't know where we go from there," Will's eyes drifted up, meeting Tessa's own.

Tessa felt her heart as it raced, her hands lifting to touch Will's chest, she swallowed, never had she felt such a need to kiss someone not even with Jem, Will was different, Tessa's body buzzed with anticipation, she wanted nothing more than to grab him and pull his lips to her own, "Um, we could try to be friends," her voice was not very convincing, it sounded all wrong, being friends with Will was not something she truly wanted, she wanted more, she needed more.

"Yeah we could try that," Will's voice sounded deeper and Tessa found herself leaning in to him even more, their lips were almost touching if one of them would just move.

"Where's everyone at," Dr. Herondale's voice called out from the living room causing Will and Tessa to come to their senses.

Will popped his mouth together, "I'll go see what he wants, you get some rest, goodnight Tessa," and with that Will turned around making his way toward his father's voice.

Tessa closed her eyes as her breathing began to slow, "goodnight Will," she whispered.

Will took a deep breath as he entered the living room, "Dad?"

"In the kitchen son," Stephen answered.

Will strolled into the kitchen finding Stephen sitting at the table; Stephen had his hands covering his face.

"A bad day at the hospital," Will asked as he took a chair directly opposite from his father's.

Stephen sighed, removing his hands from his face, "no, much worse, where's Clary?"

Will's eyes went wide, sitting up straighter in his chair, "she's asleep already, is she okay, did you find something else, what's wrong with Clary?"

Stephen held his hand up in the air silencing Will, "Clary's fine Will, I would've been here sooner but we had an unexpected visitor at the hospital," Stephen sighed, taking a hand running it through his blonde hair, "Jace knows Will, he saw you with Clary today, he knows."

Will jumped up, the kitchen chair falling to the ground, "what do you mean he knows, he's here, where is he, does he know Clary doesn't want to see him, she doesn't, he needs to leave her alone," Will shouted back at his father.

Stephen stood from the table, walking over toward his son, When Stephen reached Will he placed his hand gently on Will's shoulder, "that's not your decision Will, it's not mine either, Robert and Michael were trying to talk some sense in him when I left but Jace is a part of our family, I doubt he's going to listen, if it were me I damn sure wouldn't."

Will stepped away from his father, his eyes burning with anger, "No, I won't let him do this, Clary is fine, she's happy, he needs to go back to school and leave us the fuck alone."

Stephen picked up the chair up off the floor, "that's not all, Jace called Alec and Isabelle, I don't know if they're here but I'm afraid they'll be coming."

Will pulled at the ends of his jet black hair, "I can't let them take her from me, I won't."

The fear in Will's voice was evident but there was nothing Stephen could do, "son, no one is taking Clary from you, that girl adores you, she'd never leave you, Will, you know Clary better than that."

"Jace won't care, he'll try to take her, keep her all to himself, I'll be damned if I let that happen," Will was gripping the countertop with such force that his knuckles were turning white.

"I know son, I know," Stephen's voice was defeated and tired, he knew there was nothing else he could say to Will, nothing that would make any of it okay, "let's try to get some rest, Clary had another long day tomorrow."

Wii didn't answer; he simply stormed out of the kitchen with Stephen trailing behind him.

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