Dying Young


"Are you okay," Clary asked Will as they walked into the hospital, he had been acting strange all morning.

Will shrugged, "yeah, let's just get this over with so we can get you back to the house."

Clary stopped walking, "you know that I don't expect you to come with me all the time, right, I mean, I know you have better things to do besides babysit me."

Will looked down at Clary, hurt clear in his violet-blue eyes, "I want to be here, wherever you are, is where I want to be."

Clary sighed, "you're just being weird today, has something happened between you and Tess?"

Will frowned, "do you want something to happen?"

Clary rolled her eyes and started walking again, "I just want you to be happy, why's that so hard for you to believe?"

Will threw his arm around Clary's shoulder as the two continued walking, "I'm happy as long as I'm with you."

Clary and Will entered the Chemo room; Clary noticed Will's eyes scanning the room, "looking for someone, maybe a tall beautiful brunette?"

Will's eyes were still searching the room, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Clary shook her head, as she started walking to her normal chair she heard someone calling her name causing her to stop.

"Clary, Clary wait," Maureen called out as she ran past Will headed toward Clary.

A huge grin spread across Clary's face when she saw Maureen, "Maureen, how are you?"

Maureen stopped running as she reached Clary, "I wanted to see you last week but Dr. H said you were sick," the little girl was looking down at her sparkling converse shoes, a small frown appearing on her gentle face.

Clary bent down, "but I'm better now, maybe after Tessa takes my blood we can go get something to eat together."

Maureen sniffed, "I can't, we're leaving today," small tears began flowing down her round face, "I just came to say goodbye."

Clary could feel her own eyes watering as she listened to Maureen, "what do you mean you're leaving, you haven't even started your treatments."

Will walked up behind Maureen, "hey now, what's with all these tears," Will kneeled down beside Maureen, placing a hand on the little girls shoulder, "what can your knight do to make things better?"

Maureen smiled at hearing Will's voice, "you're not my knight, you're Clary's."

Will smirked, "I believe that Clary would be willing to share me with you."

Maureen's smile widened, "I think I'm too young for a knight right now."

Will removed his arm from Maureen's shoulder and placed it over his heart, "Maureen, your words have wounded me, how ever will I go on?"

Maureen bent over laughing, "you're so silly, Will."

Clary watched in awe as Maureen and Will continued with their playful banter, she couldn't help but think of Will being a father one day, she had no doubt that he would be terrific. She felt her chest tighten for a moment, thinking of Will getting married and having children of his own reminded Clary that those were things she would never have the chance to experience, not that she would want them, not without Jace.

"Clary," Maureen was standing in front of her, pulling Clary away from her thoughts, "are you listening to me," Maureen's voice sounded a bit irritated.

Clary shook her head, "yes," Clary took a breath, trying to reign in her emotions, "I'm sorry Maureen, you have my undivided attention now, I promise."

Maureen studied Clary for a minute before she spoke, "Dr. H told my mom that there's a special hospital for kids, he thinks I should have my treatment there."

Clary shut her eyes tightly begging her tears to stay back; she didn't want to cry, not now, not in front of Maureen, "well if Dr. H said," Clary opened her eyes, Maureen was staring back at her, her little eye were full of worry, Clary took a deep breath, grabbing Maureen's hands and holding them tightly in her own, "if Dr. H said you need to be at that hospital, then that's where you need to be, right."

Maureen bit her bottom lip nodding, "I guess."

Clary attempted to smile, knowing that Maureen would probably see right through it, "hey now, you know Dr. H adores you," Clary gave Maureen's hand a small squeeze, "did you know that you're his favorite patient, he told me that himself."

Maureen's eyes lit up, "seriously?"

Clary nodded, "seriously, and Dr. H has a lot of patients."

Maureen gave Clary a toothy grin, "he does have lots of patients, and I'm his favorite."

Will stood and walked to stand behind Clary, his arms crossed, "Dr. H, please, he's not so great."

Maureen furrowed her eyebrows, "he is too great, he's the best."

Clary giggled as she stood up, turning to look at Will, "yeah Will, Dr. H is the best."

Will rolled his eyes, "whatever," Will walked over and took his usual seat, mumbling under his breath the entire time.

"Clary," Maureen tugged on Clary's white tank top.

"Yeah," Clary answered, her green eyes looking down at Maureen.

Maureen smiled, "I've got a present for you, can I go get, Tessa's holding it for me," Maureen was literally bouncing with excitement.

"Yes, I'll be here waiting," Clary watched as the little girl ran off to find Tessa.

Clary walked over to her large grey chair and sat down, turning her head toward Will she smiled, "you're going to be a great dad."

Will raised one of his eyebrows, "I'm great at everything Cherry, but who says I want kids."

"Of course you want kids, who wouldn't want kids," Clary eyed Will, how could he not want kids.

Will just shrugged, "maybe one day, I've never really thought about it, have you?"

Clary lied, "no, I haven't thought about."

Will eyed Clary curiously, "Clary," he didn't believe a word she just said.

Thankfully Clary was saved by Tessa and Maureen walking towards them, Maureen was carrying a box in her tiny arms.

"Maureen, what on earth did you get me," Clary asked as the little girl came closer.

Maureen cackled, "I'm not telling, you have to open it."

Will stood from his chair, "let's get you up there with Clary," Maureen nodded, Will picked her up and placed her in the chair with Clary.

Maureen placed the box in Clary's lap, "open it, open it."

Clary couldn't help but get giddy, Maureen's excitement was contagious, "Okay," Clary tore into the wrapped present, peeling back the little mermaid wrapping paper to reveal a shoe box, "here I go," Clary lifted to top of the box to reveal a pair of sparkling red converses, they were covered in bright red sequins, just like Maureen's.

Clary gasped, "oh Maureen."

"Do you like em," Maureen leaned over admiring the red converses, "they match mine, except mine are black, yours are red like your hair."

"I love them Maureen, I really do," tears began falling down Clary's face as she turned to Maureen; "thank you, they're perfect," Clary pulled Maureen to her, embracing the small girl.

"I love you," Clary whispered into the young girl's brown hair as the two continued hugging.

After a few minutes the two girls pulled apart, both girls had tears running down their cheeks, "Clary, will you write me, and don't say yes unless you mean it," Maureen was wiping her tears away with her small hands.

Clary leaned over looking Maureen straight in the eyes, "I promise, I will write you and maybe I'll even send you some drawings but you better write too, okay."

Maureen nodded, "I will Clary, I will, I promise, Dr. H has the address, my mom will call him with my room number, kay."

Clary bit her bottom lip, "okay."

Tessa stepped up to Clary's chair, looking down at Maureen, "I hate to do this, but Maureen it's time to go, your mom's waiting."

Maureen frowned, "Bye Clary, I love you," Maureen hugged Clary once more before turning to Will, "you're not gonna help me get down."

Will chuckled lightly, "of course, I am," Will wrapped his arms around Maureen hugging her tightly before placing her on the ground, "it has been a pleasure," Will said as he bowed in front of Maureen.

Maureen laughed, "You're crazy, bye Will," Maureen placed her small hand in Tessa's, "I'm ready Tessa," the two girls walked hand in hand out of the chemo room.

Clary closed her eyes as she leaned her head back against the chair, her emotions were beginning to take over and that was something she did not want.

"Clary," Will's voice sounded concerned but Clary couldn't answer him, not right now, she knew if she dared to open her mouth or even look at him she would lose what little restraint she had left.

Will did not say anything else and for a short time Clary was left alone, alone to think, remember her life before she was diagnosed with this, this cancer. She could see herself with Isabelle, Alec and Jace, they were all laughing and celebrating that they were all going off to college together as the fantastic four. That day had been one of the best days of her life, she had been so happy but it was over, she would never get to go to college, she would never get to be a part of the fantastic four again.

"Clary," Tessa's voice was kind as it always was, "I'm going to take your blood, then you can go, okay."

Clary opened her eyes, tears threating to spill over, "kay," Clary turned to Will, "do you mind pulling the car to the front, I'm ready to leave, now."

Will nodded, standing he walked over to Clary, "I'll be waiting," Will turned to Tessa, "you'll make sure she gets out."

"Of course," Tessa answered as she continued drawing blood from Clary's port.

Will kissed the top of Clary's bright red bandanna before leaving.

"There, all done," Tessa said as she turned away from Clary, preparing the vials for the laboratory.

Clary took a small breath, "Tessa, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah," Tessa answered, her back still facing Clary.

"What's going on between you and Will?"

Tessa froze, slowly she turned to face Clary, "I, um I don't know what you mean by," Tessa was cut off by an alarm of some sorts going off; the intercom was requesting security at the front of the hospital.

"What's going on," Clary asked as she pushed herself off the chair.

"I have no clue, come on," Tessa said as she grabbed Clary's hand pulling Clary behind her, "we're about to find out though," Tessa and Clary hurried out of the Chemo room headed toward the front of the hospital.

Clary and Tessa saw a large crowd at the entrance of the hospital, "what in the world," Tessa whispered as the two girls pushed through numerous people trying to get to the front of the circle so that she could find out what was going on.

Nearing the front, Tessa and Clary noticed several security guards trying to pull a part two men that were fighting.

Clary gasped, placing her hand over her mouth, "Tessa that's, that's," Clary pointed toward the two men that were still throwing punches.

Tessa's eyes followed Clary's finger, "Will," Tessa screamed.

Will froze, his eyes wild as he turned to Tessa and Clary, "Clary," Will's voice was shaking as he stepped toward the two girls, only to be stopped by a security guard.

Tessa shook her head frowning, "Who would Will be fighting with," Tessa looked toward the other man, his back facing her until another security grabbed his arms, pulling him away from Will.

Clary's body shook, causing Tessa to look down at her, "Clary?"

Clary covered her face with her hands and started backing away; there in front of her was the man she thought she'd never have to face, the man she wasn't ready to see, the man that she had planned all of her hopes and dreams with, the man that she loved, Jace Wayland.

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