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Dying Young


Time stopped in that moment for Jace Wayland, there only a few feet from him sat the girl he had been planning the rest of his life with and beside her, holding her hand sat his very own flesh and blood; did he walk over to the two and demand to know what was going on, did he even have a right to? No, all Jace could do was stand there paralyzed in time as he watched the intimate moment between the two.

Clary had leaned over and whispered something into Will's ear, causing him to smile as he took her small hand and held it up to his mouth where he placed a small kiss on it. Clary's cheeks grew to a lovely red as Will pointed at her laughing causing her cheeks to redden more. Clary shook her head as she removed her hand from his, smiling the entire time; it was obvious Will adored Clary; he was more caring with her than he had been to anyone in his entire life. Clary laid her head back in the giant grey leather chair as she closed her eyes, anyone watching her could tell she was exhausted. Clary looked like a small porcelain doll as she lay in the oversized chair; even now as sick as she was she was still beautiful. Will sat there simply watching Clary, he did not look bored or bothered by being there; Will looked terrified as he took his hand and placed it over Clary's still one.

Jace knew the feeling that was beginning to spread throughout his body; anger pure red hot anger. He had clenched his hands in tight fist as he stood there like an intruder watching the pair; he knew what was about to happen and he could not find it in him to care. Just as he lifted his foot to head toward his traitorous cousin someone yanked the back of his shirt causing him to stumble backwards. Jace turned swiftly to get a good look at the person who would dare interrupt his actions, when Jace turned his golden eyes were met with another set of golden eyes that belonged to none other than Dr. Stephen Herondale.

The anger in Jace's eyes did not diminish, even when he realized it had been his Uncle that grabbed him causing him to stumble out of his actions.

With a firm grasp on Jace, Stephen Herondale whispered sternly to his nephew "this is not the place or the time, follow me now."

Dr. Herondale took a moment to glance at Clary and Will to make sure the two had not noticed the exchange, after realizing the two were oblivious he grabbed Jace's arm leading him out of the Chemo area.

Stephen Herondale did not speak to Jace the entire time the two traveled, they walked down a long hallway designated for physician and staff only until an elevator came into site. Once in the elevator Dr. Herondale pressed the 5th floor button, this happened to be the floor that Dr. Michael Wayland and Dr. Robert Lightwood occupied. The elevator doors opened letting the two know they had reached their destination; Jace refused to move causing Stephen Herondale to grab his arm rather roughly as he dragged Jace out of the elevator.

"You will straighten up young man before we walk into your father's place of business, do you understand me" Dr. Herondale had his finger pointing straight in Jace's face as he spoke in a threatening tone. Jace did not flinch and kept a hard face as he simply nodded in reply. The two walked into the back entrance of his father's office, once entering the office Jace realized that his father and Dr. Lightwood were in the middle of clinic that afternoon. Jace immediately changed his mannerisms to one of a professional as he followed Dr. Herondale past the patient's rooms. The two walked together in silence to the end of the hall where a large conference room was located. Once stepping in Dr. Herondale pointed his finger to an empty chair advising his young nephew to sit down. Jace did not argue as he sat in a dark brown leather chair at the very end of the large conference table. When Stephen Herondale realized that Jace would not cause any more problems he opened the door turning to Jace before he left, "I will be right back, please just stay here."

Jace did not acknowledge his uncle, he just turned to look out at the windows that covered one entire wall of the large conference room; he was numb at this point. Down below you could see patients going and coming from the hospital but Jace could not see them, all he could see now was her; everywhere all he saw was her and it was over whelming him.

Jace had no idea how long he had been sitting in the conference room alone; he just noticed that the sky began to darken as his phone began to buzz. Looking down he noticed the name that popped up and he immediately answered, "Hello"

"Jace, man where the heck are you; I thought we were going out tonight" Alec asked.

Jace could hear other voices in the background and was unsure if he wanted to tell Alec about the situation over the phone. Then he began to wonder, what if Alec and Izzy had known about it this whole time, had they been keeping it from him too "Did you know Alec" Jace demanded in a rather harsh tone.

"Jace what are you talking about, where are you, have you been drinking?" Alec's asked with concern.

"You know exactly what I am talking about Alec, now where is Izzy" Jace stood up from the chair and began to pace around the room.

"Jace, I have no idea what you are talking about, if you have taken some kind of drugs tell me and we will come and get you" Alec said. Jace could hear Alec calling for Izzy above the loudness on the other end of the phone; he could hear the stress in his friend's voice.

"Jace what the hell have you done now, Alec is totally freaking and I am trying to converse with this new guy I just met; Simon that's his name I think"

"Izzy shut up "Jace hollered into the other line. He knew that once Izzy started talking about her personal life she would never shut up. Jace ran his free hand through his hair as he pulled the ends of his hair "Izzy please I need you and Alec to go somewhere quiet so I can actually talk to you both."

"Okay Jace give us five minutes" Izzy hung up noting Jace's agitation.

After placing his phone on the mahogany conference table Jace turned once more to the windows that over looked the hospital below and that is when he saw her for the second time that day.

Down below sat Clary in a wheelchair at the entrance of the hospital; standing behind her was none other than Will. Jace placed his hand balled up in a fist on the glass window; he was actually contemplating busting the window out.

While contemplating if the broken glass would be enough to get the attention of Will and Clary down below; his phone on the table behind him began buzzing once more. Reluctantly he turned from the window and walked to his phone to answer it.

"Jace it's just us, me and Alec" Izzy stated "now you have our undivided attention so spill"

Jace heard Alec whisper Izzy's name obviously not liking how she was approaching the situation with him. "Okay just tell me and be honest did you two know" Jace sighed as he slumped down in his former chair waiting for them to answer.

"What is "it" Jace, I mean seriously when have we ever kept anything from each other, especially after what that bitch did to all of us" Izzy fired back clearly irritated from having to leave the new guy she just met.

Jace knew right then and there that the two of them had no clue what was taking place behind their backs, by their own families. Placing his phone on the table he covered his face with both of his hands realizing just how many people had been lying to him. Just as Jace came to this realization the conference door opened and in walked Robert Lightwood, Michael Wayland and Stephen Herondale.

"Jace it's good to see you son" said Robert Lightwood as he cautiously approached Jace whom was still sitting in his chair.

"Dad, is that you. Jace are you with our dad" Alec asked on the other end as the three men eyed the phone on the table.

Grabbing the phone before any of the older men could "Come home and come now" Jace said quickly before ending the call.

Jace was having a staring contest with the three men that stood before them, shock was apparent on the face of the three older men; clearly unhappy with the phone call Jace had just ended with Izzy and Alec.

"Son, you should not have involved Izzy and Alec in this; Jace you shouldn't even be here" Michael Wayland sound exhausted as he pulled out a chair identical to Jace's at the other end of the table and sat down.

Jace shot his father a cold look and stood with both hands clenched in fist on the table "How the hell can you sit there and tell me that I shouldn't be here, that I shouldn't involve Izzy and Alec" Jace began to release all the animosity he had been holding in for the last several hours.

"Jace please let's take a minute to calm down, I know you are upset but please sit back down" Robert Lightwood had stepped up beside Jace's side. Jace took a deep breath before nodding and taking his seat once again. Dr. Lightwood took a chair directly next to Jace while Stephen Herondale sat by Michael Wayland at the opposite end of the conference table.

The silence felt as though it stretched on for hours before Robert Lightwood decided to speak "Jace, I cannot imagine how you are feeling especially after witnessing what you did downstairs" Robert Lightwood placed his right hand on Jace's left forearm trying to console him. Dr. Lightwood watched Jace carefully before continuing "I am very sorry you had to see that, I really am. Please understand this is not something we planned to keep from you, Izzy or Alec"

"Then why did you, why did all of you lie to us, to me especially how could you" Jace cried out as he fought to control his emotions.

Robert went to speak but before he could speak Michael Wayland stood up from his place at the table and silenced him.

"Jace, stop acting like a child; this was not a plan designed to hurt you" Dr. Wayland said with sternness, " now either sit down and act like an adult or if not leave this office right now"

Jace sat in silence, not knowing what to say or do at this point; he fell back in his chair and closed his eyes. He knew that if he spoke his voice would betray him; Jace knew his emotions were going to overflow at any moment and he was unsure if he could control them any longer.

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