Dying Young


Dr. Michael Wayland had just finished speaking with Dr. Camille Belcourt; she had advised Dr. Wayland that Clary's specimen had been sent to the hospital's best pathologist, Dr. Maia Roberts. Dr. Belcourt advised Dr. Wayland that is would be at least twenty four hours before the final pathology report was ready. Before ending the call Dr. Belcourt added

"Michael I know that you know Miss. Clary Fray personally; I am sorry that I was unable to call with better results; please know that if you need me to speak with her about the findings of her biopsy; I would be happy to do so."

"Thank you for the offer Camille but this is something I need to handle besides knowing Clary like I do she would not allow anyone else to give her the results" Dr. Wayland replied as he ran his hand through his hair; the two physicians said their goodbyes ending the phone call.

Dr. Robert Lightwood knew from what he could hear of the phone call the results on Clary's biopsy were not good.

"Should I have Isabelle or her Uncle come with her to the office; is Jace planning on bringing her" Robert asked Michael knowing Clary did not need to be alone when she received the news.

"Clary has strictly advised our office staff that we are not to share any medical information with anyone other than her; every bone in my body is screaming at me to call Luke Garroway or at least her brother Johnathan but unfortunately my hands are tied; as a patient Clary has a right to her privacy and if she does not want us to share her medical information then we have no other but to respect her wishes" Dr. Wayland said in strained voice as he pulled the ends of his hair with his hands.

"You cannot be serious Michael; surely Clary is planning on telling everyone; especially her Uncle and brother; I can't keep this from Alec and Izzy not to mention you having to lie to Jace" Dr. Lightwood was furious; for Clary to even think of keeping this from everyone that cares for her that loves her, why would she want to go through this alone.

"Dammit Robert; do you not think I know that; do you not think I feel exactly the same way as you do but there is absolutely nothing I can do; but what I can do, I can give her the best medical team that I know and I can be there for her in any way that she will allow me to" Michael was standing on his feet looking down at Robert Lightwood

"That is what I know I can do for her Robert and right now that has to be enough for me; right now that has to be enough" Michael finished with tears streaming down his face; Robert silently stood walking to his friend of many years; placing his right hand on Michael's back

"I am with you my friend; whatever you need, I am behind you"

Michael turned toward Robert and nodded silently; no words needed to be spoken between the two; they would stand side by side no matter what the future held.

Dr. Robert Lightwood listened as his friend spoke of the phone call from Dr. Belcourt; that day would be forever etched in his mind, yes there was much grief to be found that day but there was also strength; Michael had not only found strength for himself that day but had found it for Robert as well.

"Robert and I decided to have Clary meet us at the office that afternoon; thought it would be best to get it over with" Michael sighed as he paced around the conference room; refusing to meet anyone's stares.

He knew that at some point during his rambling; Izzy broke down begging for Clary to forgive her over and over again as Alec tried to calm her in any way that he could; the only person Michael had not heard was his son, Jace. Michael could not look at his son right now; fearing what he may see if he did.

Robert had decided that it was time for Michael to take a break as he stood up and began to speak without warning

"Clary arrived at our office that very same day; I hated that she was alone but knowing she would not have it any other way" Robert looked to his two children as he continued

"Clary told me that she had been at our home helping the two of you pack; she laughed about how she and Alec were terrified when they went through your closet; fearing for their lives" Robert noticed one small tear slide down Alec's cheek as he held tightly to his sister's hand as she silently cried.

"Dr. Wayland and I brought Clary into the conference room asking her to sit; she refused of course."

"Dr. Wayland, Dr. Lightwood I really do appreciate the pleasantries; please just tell me" Clary was standing as straight as she could; trying to at least look strong.

"Clary; I spoke with Dr. Belcourt about an hour ago; now understand that she does not have the final pathology report" Dr. Wayland took a deep breathe before continuing; he looked over at the beautiful strong girl shaking in front of him

"Clary I am so sorry but Dr. Belcourt said it was not good; it's cancer Clary" Dr. Wayland finished quietly as he watched the young girl before him; waiting to see how she reacted

"Okay" was all Clary said at first as she walked to one of the dark leather chairs that sat empty around the conference table; she sat in silence as the two doctors stood watching and waiting for her to breakdown.

"Dr. Wayland and Dr. Lightwood if you would please sit; we have some things to discuss" Clary turned to the two doctors and looked at them; determination set in her eyes.

The two physicians shared a worried glance before taking two seats directly across from Clary's; assuming she wanted to discuss her options for care Dr. Wayland began speaking

"Clary I know that we do not have a final on your pathology yet; still I think we should move ahead with ordering a PET scan" Dr. Wayland began before Clary interrupted

"Dr. Wayland I do not want to discuss my diagnosis or my treatment plan; I need to discuss how we need to handle containing the news of my situation" Clary spoke very clearly as she stared at the two doctors sitting directly across from her.

"Clary I do not think you should concern yourself with everyone else right now; we need to focus on you" Dr. Lightwood said in a gentle voice.

"With all due respect to you and Dr. Wayland this is my body and my diagnosis and I will not be discussing or be moving forward with a treatment plan until we discuss how to contain this" Clary's voice was strong and clear but as Dr. Wayland searched in her piercing green eyes he saw what she was trying to hide; fear and uncertainty

"Okay Clary what do you have in mind" Dr. Wayland asked while looking at the young girl in front of him.

"First my Uncle Luke will be leaving next weekend for an extended trip to see my Aunt, his sister Amatis in Europe; my brother is back in New York at college as you know; there is no need in worrying them. I can call them both and keep in touch. Now" Dr. Lightwood stood up so quickly that his leather chair fell to the ground as he interrupted Clary

"You cannot be serious Clary; what are you thinking, they are your family" Dr. Lightwood yelled. Clary did not bother looking up at Dr. Lightwood as he spoke; she simply pointed toward his fallen chair as if to advise him silently to pick his chair up and sit back down. Dr. Lightwood shook his head; obviously frustrated as he lifted his chair up and sat down. Dr. Wayland put a gentle hand on his back to show him that he understood;

"Clary what Dr. Lightwood is trying to say is that you are going to need family and friends; a support team here for you" Dr. Wayland knew he had to tread carefully with the stubborn girl across from him.

"Dr. Wayland I appreciate your thoughts along with yoursDr. Lightwood but this is my choice and mine alone; I will not allow anyone and I mean anyone to put their life on hold because of my cancer; mine" Clary's voice began to shake as she continued

"Now Luke and Johnathon I will take care of; play by ear kind of thing; moving on to the main people that I needed to discuss with you both" Clary looked between the two doctors as she took a deep breath before continuing

"I need to go over the details of how I plan on handling the situation with Alec, Izzy and Jace" Clary's voice was barely a whisper as she said Jace's name.

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