Dying Young


"What do you mean handle Alec, Izzy and Jace" Dr. Wayland questioned Clary with a hard look on his face.

Clary refused to meet his gaze as she spoke "I do not want them to know about my diagnosis Michael; I need to keep this from them"

"You do not have much of a choice; the four of you are supposed to be moving in less than two weeks" Michael replied trying his hardest to make eye contact with Clary

"I know and that is exactly why they will not find out" Clary retorted as she slowly lifted her eyes to meet that of Michael's

"What do you think they would do if they were to find out; do you think Alec, Izzy or Jace would leave" Clary questioned the two physicians sitting in front of her; when neither answered she continued

"No they would stay; all three of them would make a decision to put their education on hold and why; ME and I will not allow that; no they will not put their dreams on hold simply for the fact that I have cancer" Clary voice was angry as she continued speaking

"Alec, Jace and Izzy cannot find out about me and that is final; no more arguing; no more" Clary's voice was final as she waited for the doctor's reply

This time Dr. Lightwood looked up at Clary; he saw how hard this was on her; she was putting her friend's happiness ahead of her own; or so she thought. Robert reached across the table and took the small girl's hand in his own as he softly spoke

"I will stand by you in whatever you decide "Clary looked up and smiled for the first time since entering that conference room.

"Thank you Robert; thank you so much" She turned her eyes toward Michael as she waited for him to speak

"I do not like this Clary; but it is your decision and I have no other choice but to back you in whatever you choose but know this; if Jace, Alec or Izzy ever see you or directly ask about your health; I will not lie to them; understand" Michael met Clary's gaze as he spoke

"Fair enough" Clary's voice was strained but clear as she nodded toward Dr. Wayland. She took a moment before speaking again; it was clear that she was struggling with what she was about to say

"As you know, we were supposed to be leaving next Saturday to head to the University; I will speak with Alec and Izzy first and then I will go see Jace; but not today; I can't today; I just can't" Clary allowed one tear to roll down her stressed face before shaking her head in order to clear her thoughts. The two men looked at her with such sadness; as she looked down at the table

"I will tell the three of them that I have decided not to attend the University with them; I know that they will all demand to know my reasons; I plan on using Johnathon's request for me to attend college in New York at the Art Institute; I am going to tell them that I miss my brother and need to be with him" Clary took a deep breath as she began speaking again; knowing if she stopped for even a moment; she would not be able to continue

"In the meantime I will speak with Jon telling him that I needed time away from everyone and that I used him as an excuse; just in case Jace contacts him; Jon will back me up; he always did think Jace and I were too serious for such a young age" Clary chuckled as she spoke the last sentence; it was true Johnathon always felt like Clary's relationship with Jace had moved too quickly; he always told her that she was not old enough to settle down with someone; of course Clary never listened, her relationship with Jace had never felt wrong it had always been the one thing that did feel right in her life.

"After I have told Alec, Izzy and Jace my reasons; I am sure they will pretty much hate me" Clary's voice was beginning to waver and she knew she had to hurry

"They will have every right of course; but it will be for the best; they will go to college and continue with their education and following their dreams" Clary could no longer hold her tears at bay as they began to flow freely down her troubled face.

Michael stood from his chair and went to kneel beside Clary; he took his hand and placed it gently under her chin turning her to face him

"Clary I promise you this; I am going to make sure that Alec, Izzy and Jace are not the only ones with a bright future ahead of them do you understand me; we will fight this together and you will beat this; understand" Michael 's voice and face was confidents as he gazed at Clary

"Yes, I understand" Clary choked out as she threw her arms around Michael to embrace him "Thank you; thank you; thank you" she repeated over and over again as she cried.

After several minutes had past Clary allowed Michael to stand; she then looked over and Robert

"Thank you also Dr. Lightwood; I know that you both disagree with me not telling Alec, Izzy and Jace, but I need them to go off to college and show the world what greatness that each one of them have locked inside of them" Clary said with a small smile as she stood

"Oh and after the three of them are settled in at Idris University; we can move forward with the treatment plan you feel is best"

Clary left Michael and Robert staring after her in awe; she was truly one of a kind, a beauty both inside and out.

Michael Wayland went and sat at the head of the conference table as he slowly began to analyze all three of the young adults; Alec was sitting beside Izzy holding her hand as she continued to weep silently. Michael began turning his gaze toward Jace; finding only what he had feared since the day Clary was diagnosed with cancer.

Jace's face was empty; no tears, no anger; no emotion whatsoever, he was no longer able to feel. All he did was sit and stare back at his father that sat directly at the other end of the long mahogany table.

"Jace, son please say something; yell if you like" Michael pleaded to Jace

"Father why should you care how I feel about any of this; you and Clary have not thought once of my feelings through any of your decisions" Jace said in a flat tone.

"Jace how can you say that; have you not been listening to what they have said; Clary did ALL of this for us; me, you and Izzy, she sacrificed everything so we could be happy" Alec spoke with a stern voice as he moved from his chair; making his way over to his best friend

"The three of us should have listened to Clary when she told us that she was not going to college with us; this is much our faults as anyone" Alec sighed as he gripped the side of the table for support

"What the hell are you rambling about Alec; she walked out on us; she walked out on me" Jace screamed as he glared at Alec

"No Jace; Alec is right; when has Clary ever cared about going to New York or Art School; sure she loved art but that was not her dream and we all knew that; she was the one who pushed us all to be better and to do better; no she would have never given up medical school for anything unless she had no other choice; we were all too caught up with our hurt feelings to see how truly broken she was that day" Izzy gasped as she said the last part remembering how Clary begged for her forgiveness and Izzy refused to even acknowledge her presence

"Oh God what have I done; what have we all done; we were so so very selfish" Izzy began sobbing again

Robert stood from his chair and walked to his daughter's side; scooping her up as he cradled her to his chest

"Izzy; Clary would not want you to feel like this; that little redhead loves you; all of you" Robert whispered to his daughter as he stroked her hair.

"Dad can we talk to Clary; I want to see her" Alec questioned his father

Robert looked to Michael for direction as Michael was still staring at his hardened son

"No, I do not think it is wise at this time" Michael spoke up; looking away from Jace and toward Alec

"Alec; Clary is in a critical time in her treatment; I cannot allow anything to possibly hinder her from wanting to receive her treatments" Michael finished as he looked back at a very shocked Alec

"Why would we hinder Clary from treatment; if anything I want to encourage her" Alec replied

"You three really have no clue what this girl has been through; none at all; I am not even sure that the Clary you all knew and loved even exist any longer" retorted Michael as he stood from his chair and walked over to the window

"What do you mean we have no clue; she seemed pretty cozy to me when I saw her with Will" Jace finally let it out; the one thing that had really been bothering him this entire time had nothing to do with the fact that Clary had kept her diagnosis from him; no he expected that, he would have done the same for her; he was angry that she could allow Will to care for her, hold her, make her laugh and kiss her hand

"Dammit how can you tell us we are not allowed to see Clary; who gave you the right to tell us no" Jace screamed as he slammed his fist on the table

Michael slowly turned from the window as he saw his son falling to pieces in front of him; he knew that Jace would only cry for so long and then his hurt would turn to anger; so much anger

"Jace; Clary did not look cozy with anyone while she was having chemo; get a hold of yourself; how could she be cozy as you say when she was going through her treatment" Michael was exhausted as he began to pace again

"Do you realize Clary refused any type of treatment for the first two months after you left; yes she refused; said she was okay with dying; all she wanted to do was draw, paint and hide from the world" Michael began to get frustrated as he thought of how he had to beg Clary to come and speak with him

"Clary was broken; not caring about a treatment plan any longer; she did not even want her final pathology report" Michael continued

"She was drowning in self-pity until your Uncle Stephen stepped in"

Dr. Stephen Herondale had heard enough of how Clary Fray refused to take their calls; refused treatment as she embraced death; utter bullshit is what that was; and that was why he was driving to Luke Garroway's house at that very moment.

Luke had already left to visit his sister Amatis; leaving Clary the entire home to herself; knowing that Clary would be at home alone gave Stephen the perfect opportunity to deal with her the way she needed. Pulling up to Luke's home; Stephen took several calming breaths before stepping out of his Lexus; as he walked to the door and knocked he caught a vision of red running by the window headed in the direction of the door.

"May I help you; Oh Mr. Herondale what can I do for you" Clary asked as she looked around seeing if he was truly alone

"I would like for you to help me with one of my younger patients if you wouldn't mind Clary" Stephen asked in a kind voice; praying she would take the bait

"Is this some kind of plot or something; did Dr. Wayland or Dr. Lightwood put you up to this" Clary questioned as she furrowed both her eyebrows

"Clary I can assure you that is not the case; you have chosen not to seek medical treatment and that is your choice; now I currently have a child that wants to get better so do you mind if we turn our attention back to her care" Dr. Herondale demanded

"Yes of course Dr. Herondale; please continue what is it that you would like me to help you with" Clary replied in her professional voice as she stood a little straighter

"This patient is a little girl around the age of six; she has been diagnosed with Leukemia and needs to have chemo treatments but she is simply terrified of needles among other things " Stephen took a breath before continuing

"When I went to check on her the other day I happened to notice that her room was covered in that Disney princess, the Little Mermaid; giving me the idea of you" Stephen looked at Clary in order to gauge her reaction

"Dr. Herondale are you trying to tell me that you would like me to dress up like the Little Mermaid" Clary was trying to hide her amusement as she replied

"No of course not; I thought that since you do favor the princess; you could just speak with her and reassure her that everything we do is in order for her to get better; that no one at the hospital would hurt her" Stephen replied as he watched Clary's facial expressions trying to see if she would go with him or refuse. After several minutes Clary finally answered

"Okay give me a couple of minutes to change" and with that Clary ran back to her room and threw on a pair of black leggings and a bright blue top that made her red hair brighter than ever; after throwing on a pair of black flats she headed back to the front door to meet Dr. Herondale

"I'm ready if you are doctor" Clary said with a smile on her face

"Well Miss. Fray I must say that is the fastest I have ever seen a woman dress" Dr. Herondale replied as he smiled in return

The two proceeded to his Lexus and began the drive back to the hospital

"What is the little girl's name" Clary asked as she began to feel a bit nervous as they neared the hospital

"Maureen Brown; she is a lovely child; the two of you will get along perfectly; oh did I mention she likes to draw" Dr. Herondale said as he parked his Lexus in the doctor's parking garage. Before opening his door he turned to Clary

"You ready" he asked; Clary nodded without speaking; afraid her nerves would get the best of her. The two walked down a long hallway designated for staff and physicians only; walking to the very end until two large double doors appeared in front of them

"Okay Clary, Maureen is currently sitting right outside the chemo room; go on she is waiting for you" Dr. Herondale said as he turned to leave

"Wait; how did you know that I would come" Clary asked as she turned to face the doctor as he continued walking away from her

"I just knew Clary; now go she is waiting" Stephen replied as he kept walking.

Clary took a deep breath before she pushed through the double doors; ready to meet Maureen

There in the corner sat a small child; she had on a bright pink shirt with white shorts and black converse shoes that were covered in sequins; the little girl had beautiful brown hair; even pulled back in a ponytail her hair still reached the little girl's back. Clary studied Maureen as she approached her slowly; the little girl was obviously nervous as she sat picking her nails.

"Maureen; hi my name is Clary; is it okay if I sit with you" Clary asked in a sweet voice as the little girl looked up to study Clary's features

"You do look like a princess; just like Dr. S said" Maureen giggled as she jumped up from her seat; Clary noticed how beautiful her blue eyes were as they seemed to sparkle as she stared at Clary.

"Oh and what else did Dr. S say" Clary asked as she sat in a chair right beside Maureen's

"Well he told me that you were coming to see me; and spend some time with me" Maureen started running her tiny fingers through Clary's bright red curls as she spoke; Clary just smiled already enjoying the little girl's company

"Dr. S said that you may want to talk to me about the chemo stuff; but we don't have to talk about it Clary" the little girl shook her head as a few tears began to appear in her eyes

"Maureen please don't cry; we don't have to talk about it, not if you don't want to" Clary started to say

"But what if you and I told each other a secrets even about the chemo stuff; maybe what scares us about it" Clary waited for Maureen's reply; just as the little girl smiled

"Okay Clary; I'll go first is that okay" Maureen asked; Clary nodded as Maureen began to answer Clary's question

"Dr. S thinks I am afraid of that chemo stuff because of the needles but you know what Clary" Maureen looked over to make sure Clary was paying attention

"No what is it" Clary asked genuinely wanting to know what scared the little girl

"I am not afraid of needles anymore; I am use to them; I get stuck with them all the time did you know that Clary" Maureen looked over to Clary once again; Clary looked back at the brave little girl with tears filling her own eyes

"Mama says I am brave with the needles; especially when they stick me; are you brave with needles Clary" Maureen looked to Clary once more

"I try to be brave with needles Maureen but truth is I do not like them very much" Clary answered honestly

"Well that's okay; Dr. S says we are all afraid of something but how we act when faced with it is what's important" Maureen said as she kept playing with Clary's red curls

Clary quickly wiped a falling tear from her face hoping Maureen did not notice

"Clary I wish I had hair like yours; it's so soft and red; did you know red is my most favorite color" Maureen asked as she placed Clary's hair over hers; causing Clary to bust out in giggles

Maureen smiled as she continued placing Clary's hair over hers "Dr. S said I really need these chemo things to get better Clary but I don't want to do them"

Clary looked over at the now redheaded little girl "Why Maureen; why do you not want to do the chemo"

As the little girl looked up; Clary noticed she had large tears swelling in her eyes and her lip was quivering as she spoke

"Clary I don't want my hair to fall out" Maureen's tears began falling over her round little face; Clary quickly pulled the little girl over so she was sitting on her lap; as she gently stroke Maureen's head she began to whisper

"Maureen love; as soon as you are done with the treatments your hair will grow back just as beautiful as it is now"

"You don't understand Clary; the kids they will pick on me calling me a boy; they already say mean things to me all the time" Maureen still had tears streaming down her face as she tried to make Clary understand

Anger rose in Clary's cheeks as she thought of sweet little Maureen getting picked on; it was not her fault she was sick; this little girl was so brave to fight this disease when there were so many others that would just lay down and do nothing; others that would rather die then fight; others just like herself.

That's when it hit Clary; she knew exactly what she was going to do.

Clary left Maureen with a nurse; telling the little girl she would not be gone long; when Maureen agreed Clary took off toward the elevators and went directly to the 5th floor; walking past the receptionist and straight to the back hall.

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