Dying Young


Clary tried to smile but her energy began fading fast as her body began to fall from under her, she could hear Will's voice cry her name before the darkness overcame her.

Clary felt heaviness in the air around her as she fought to open her eyes, as her eyes gazed around the room Clary began to feel uneasy, even though everything looked exactly the same Clary knew that something had happened. Taking a deep breath Clary tried desperately to remember the previous day unfortunately the memories eluded her. She let out a sigh of frustration as she pulled herself out of bed; Clary knew that Tessa would be the only one that could reassure her that nothing had happened.

Clary walked silently toward Tessa's room just as she went to knock on the nurse's door she began to hear hushed voices coming from the other side

"No and that's final" Tessa voice sounded stern

"Ha as if you can tell me what I can and cannot do in my own home"

Clary shook her head thinking; surely that's not Dr. Herondale in there with Tessa

"Ugh how many times must I repeat myself, this is not your home, it's your fathers who happens to be my boss and he said no"

"As if you could stop me"

Clary placed her hand over her mouth as if she were going to scream, she now knew exactly who was in the room with Tessa, Will Herondale

"Try me Herondale, just do it and see what happens"

Clary heard what sounded like a sigh come from Will

"You don't understand I need to see her"

Clary felt her breathe catch for a moment; surely Will was not speaking about her

"Will I'm sorry, truly but Dr. Herondale gave me strict instructions not to allow it, he feels that Clary's condition will only worsen if she sees you"

"As if he cares but I do, I care a lot"

Clary felt a little lighthead at hearing Will speak with such emotion concerning her; she never knew he even cared

"You're wrong Will, your father does care for Clary loves her even, never once have I ever seen Dr. Herondale shed a single tear over anything or anyone but I've seen his shed plenty of tears over that stubborn beautiful girl"

"That's Clary, she's something special, everyone that meets her can't help but love her"

"Yeah she was"

"Stop that, don't talk as if she's dead, she's not going to die, I WON'T LET HER, DO YOU HEAR ME"

Clary shook with emotion as tears streamed from her sad green eyes, in all the years she had known Will he had never yelled at anyone

"Shut up, god you're so much like your father, I'm saying that she's no longer that Clary, she's lost the will to live, if something doesn't snap her out of this deep depression she will die"

Clary shook her head as tears continued to fall down her face, was Tessa right did she give up, did she want to die

"What can we do?"

Clary could no longer listen to Will and Tessa argue about how to save her when she didn't even care herself. She had not realized that her actions would affect anyone besides herself, how could she have been so blind?

"There isn't anything we can do Will, don't you get that" Tessa sighed in frustration

"I don't believe you, I won't" Will argued

Clary wiped the tears from her face; placing her hand on the door knob she slowly began to open the door

Walking in the room Clary noticed that Will and Tessa were sitting next to each other on the other side of the bed, currently all Clary could see of them were their backs

"Hey Guys" Clary whispered

Tessa and Will both jumped from the bed at the sound of Clary's voice

"Clary what on earth are you doing out of bed" Tessa squealed as she rushed over to where Clary was standing

"You never came to check on my incisions and I got worried" Clary replied in a quiet voice

"Oh, I totally forgot Will sidetracked me"

"It's okay, really I'm fine Tessa"

Clary turned her attention toward Will as Tessa continued to fuss over her, as their eyes met Clary saw that Will had tears in his beautiful violet-blue eyes

"Oh Will" Clary whispered as tears began to swell in her eyes once again

"Hey now none of that little cherry" Will cried out as he made his way toward her, standing in front of her Will cupped Clary's face gently between his hands as he bent down to look into her emerald green eyes

"No more tears"

Clary took a deep breath as more tears escaped her eyes, looking directly at Will she whispered

"I'm so sorry Will, I had no idea"

"Shhh, none of that you have nothing to be sorry for"

"It's all my fault, I'm so selfish"

Clary could feel as more tears rushed from her eyes as she tried to pull away from Will

"Cherry stop this, you are no more selfish than I am ugly"

Clary watched as Will took his thumbs, gently wiping away her tears, she could feel a small smile forming on her lips as he continued to speak

"Cherry everyone knows that my looks are the very opposite of ugly so that has to mean you're not selfish"

Clary's tears had slowed as she listened to Will's nonsense; she couldn't help but smile as she replied

"That's a matter of opinion, personally I've always thought you to be the only ugly Herondale; what do you think Tessa"

Clary could not help notice that Tessa's cheeks flushed when she asked her about Will's looks

"Umm, what was that Clary, I need to go grab some supplies from the kitchen, it seems that we can remove all but one of your drains" Tessa stuttered as she began to walk out of the room

"I'll meet you back in your room, without him" Tessa yelled from down the hall

"Clary, you have wounded me with your cold words" Will cried out as he fell back on Tessa's bed with a hand placed over his heart

Clary shook her head as she went to head back to her room but before she could move, Will picked her up from behind carrying her bridal style towards her bed

A giggle escaped Clary's mouth as she hit Will on the top of his head

"Cherry did my ears deceive me or was that a laugh"

Will carefully laid Clary on the bed waiting for her to reply

"You laughed Clary, thank the Angel you laughed" Tessa cheered as she ran in the room with a handful of supplies

Clary looked between Will and Tessa and realized that for the first time in a very long time she was truly happy, with a large smile beginning to appear on her face she spoke

"I giggled you two; let's not get ahead of ourselves"

Will and Tessa shot each other a hopeful look before the two of them began to laugh

"Guess it's too late for that" Clary smiled as she watched her two friends laugh

Once the laughter ceased, Tessa pushed Will out of the room in order to check Clary's incisions and remove her drains

"You ready" Tessa asked

"It's going to hurt"

Tessa smiled down at Clary as she paced her hand around the first drain

"You'll feel more of a pulling sensation, ready"


Clary squeezed her eyes shut tightly as she began to feel a pulling sensation

"Okay the first one is out, ready for the second one"

With her eyes still shut Clary nodded for Tessa to continue

"Here goes the second drain"

Clary felt another pulling sensation as Tessa removed her second drain

"All done"

Clary slowly opened her eyes to see Tessa placing the drains in a biohazard bag

"When do you think we can remove the last drain?"

"Well your output is pretty low, you want to go ahead and remove it"

"If it's okay, yes please"

Tessa walked back over to Clary, placing a hand on her shoulder

"Let me check your drainage output one more time and if it's below 10ml, I'll remove it okay"

Clary smiled at Tessa and nodded; Tessa checked the last drain seeing that the output was only 5ml

"Clary I am about to remove your last drain, ready"


Clary felt instant relief when Tessa removed the last of her drains

"Can I take a shower now Tessa" Clary could not wait to shower without having to worry about those stupid drains


"Awesome, wait did you just say no" Clary was puzzled, surely she misunderstood Tessa


"Why" tears were beginning to form in Clary's eyes, why was Tessa being so cold all of a sudden

"Oh Clary don't cry, I just want you to eat something first, can't have you passing out in the shower can we"

"Oh sure, let's eat then" Clary chimed

'Well okay then, shall we ask Will to join us"

Stephen was not looking forward to going home, he hated to see Clary in the state she was in, he despised listening to Tessa Gray gripe and complain about Clary's depression and now on top of all that his son Will had decided to make a surprise visit last night. Tessa had called him that morning to advise him of all the trouble Will had caused the previous night; Tessa informed him that Clary had seen Will right before passing out in the kitchen. Stephen had instructed Tessa to make sure Will was out of the house before Clary had the chance to see him again, Stephen could only imagine the fight Will put up when Tessa ordered him to leave. Pulling in his driveway Stephen parked his car and sat there in the darkness dreading the moment he had to get out; he knew that once he left his car he would have no choice but to go inside and going inside meant dealing with Tessa Gray's constant nagging about Clary and now she would nag him about Will too.

Stephen sat in his car for over ten minutes before deciding it was time to go inside, walking up to the front door he took a deep breath as he opened the door, Stephen was surprised to find that Tessa was not on the other side of the door ready with her verbal attacks. Once inside Stephen walked back toward Clary's room assuming Tessa was there however he found not only Clary's room empty but Tessa's as well, Stephen was walking toward the kitchen when he heard something that almost sounded like laughter coming from upstairs. Stephen quickly made his way up the stairs at the top of the stairs he took a right continuing to follow the sound of laughter, he knew that the laughter would take him to one of two places either the entertainment room or Will's bedroom. Stephen ended up outside the door to the entertainment room, before barging in he took a brief moment to listen, on the other side of the door he could hear Will's voice it sounded like he was trying to sing followed by the sound of girls giggling. Stephen was furious with his son as he continued to eavesdrop outside the door, how dare Will bring girls over when Clary and Tessa were currently living downstairs, having heard enough Stephen yanked the door open fully intending to throw his son and whoever was with him out of his home. Stepping through the doorway Stephen's anger quickly disappeared as he took in the scene before him, there on the long couch was Will on one end with Clary leaning up against him and on the other side of Clary set Tessa, the three were watching Disney's Frozen movie and from the looks of the empty pizza boxes Stephen assumed they had ordered pizza. He shook his head as a gigantic smile began to form on his face, for the first time in many months Stephen Herondale was truly happy that he came home, walking further into the room he decided to speak

"Someone could have at least called and invited me to dinner and the movie"

"Oh Dr. Herondale, I wasn't sure if you would be home this evening"

"Tessa relax, I'm kidding" Stephen interrupted Tessa waving her off as he walked to the front of the couch to get a better view of Clary and what he found made his heart swell with joy

Clary had color in her face that had not been there since before her surgery, her deep green eyes had a sparkle in them that he had desperately missed and most importantly Clary was smiling and laughing

Stephen walked over to Clary, kneeling in front of her he took one of her tiny hands in his

"Please don't tell me that my son is better company than me"

Clary giggled as she looked into Stephen's eyes

"I'd never choose Will over you"

Will was obviously offended by her remark, quickly he retorted

"Dad don't let Cherry fool you, she's madly in love with me, she just doesn't know how to break it to you"

This earned Will a slap from Clary, though she was laughing as she did it

Stephen watched as his son and Clary bickered playfully, deciding that maybe he was wrong, maybe Will was exactly what Clary needed

When the bickering and laughter finally died down, the four decided to finish watching the movie before heading off to bed, by the end of the movie Tessa and Clary both had fallen asleep.

Stephen quietly woke Tessa sending her off to bed, promising her that he would take Clary to her room. Seeing that Tessa made it down the stairs without falling Stephen turned back to the couch to find Will staring down at Clary

"Will I can take her down to her room now"

"Why didn't you tell me" Will asked in a hushed voice, his eyes never leaving Clary's face

Stephen sighed as he sat at the end of the couch, turning toward his son to reply

"She didn't want anyone to know, she felt that her sickness would ruin everyone's lives not just hers"

Will chucked softly, placing his right hand on Clary's cheek

"She's something else isn't she?"

"Yep" Stephen chuckled along with his son agreeing wholeheartedly with his statement

"Dad" Will's voice took a serious tone

"Yes son what is it"

"I need you to know that I'm not going to leave her side now, I can't"

Stephen studied his son's face, Will was a lot like him arrogant and cocky but it was more than that the two of them never let anyone in, Will never had a serious girlfriend even though he was extremely good looking like his father, dates yes girlfriend no, the two of them never truly cared for anyone other than themselves not until now. Stephen could not deny his son's request even though it sounded more like a statement , either way Clary had a pull not only on Stephen's heart but Will's as well, Stephen knew his love for Clary was a fatherly love but he was not quite sure what Will's love for Clary would turn out to be, he could only hope that the two would not get hurt in the process of finding out


Will brought Stephen from his thoughts by calling him

"Sorry son, it's been a long day"

"Did you hear me about staying with Clary?"

"Yes and I can't blame you but I do ask that you help me talk her into receiving chemo, she's been refusing it"

"We've already discussed her chemo with Tessa earlier; Clary said she's ready to do it"

Stephen nearly jumped off the couch screaming with joy, knowing that Clary was sleeping beside him, he contained his excitement

"Will are you serious son, please tell me you're serious"

"Yes dad, Clary brought it up when we were waiting for the pizza, she's ready"

Stephen stood up from his seat and walked over to where his son was, bending down he kissed the top of Will's jet black head

"Thank you son, thank you"

"I need her to be okay dad, ya know"

"I know son, that's what we all want"

As silence began to fall in the room Stephen decided it was time for them to turn in

"Do you want me to take her down?"

"Nah, I got her"

Stephen nodded as he left the room heading off to bed, he never would have dreamed his night would have turned out this way

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