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Finding Clary Book


There I stood staring at my floor length vintage mirror, we made a mistake last night was all I could keep saying over and over in my head.

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Chapter 1

"I love Monday mornings don't you Simon" Clary said as she skipped down the hall of her new high school along with her best friend Simon Lewis.

Simon was not by any means as enthusiastic as his best friend of ten years seemed to be. Simon just snorted back at Clary as he pushed his glasses back up his nose.

Clary stopped skipping to turn and look at her best friend with a frown on her face. Simon was her other half as everyone said – two peas in a pod – if you saw one there the other would be too. He was several inches taller than her; everyone was taller than her though. Simon had extremely curly brown hair that he never seemed to brush and dark brown eyes. Clary noticed his apparel for the day and began to laugh.

"What the heck is so funny Clare?" Simon asked her with a hint of sarcasm because he knew that she was already looking at his shirt – he just knew it.

"Oh, Simon you know exactly what I am laughing at! It is not even lunch time and you have ketchup all over your shirt already!" Clary said as she grabbed the front of his Halo shirt to examine the ketchup stains. Clary looked and Simon thoughtfully and smiled because if truth be told she loved the fact that Simon did not care what he looked like half the time; it meant that he was still her Simon. Clary let go of Simon's shirt and turned to head to her locker waving bye to Simon as he mumbled about eating chicken minis and driving.

Clary's smile slowly slid from her face as she approached her locker; she would never let Simon see how hard it was to leave him. This was their tenth grade year and while all the years before now they had tons off classes together this year they only had lunch with each other. Simon had already made some friends while Clary just didn't feel like putting herself out there to make any new friends. Clary told herself it was just easier to fake it to Simon than to be honest with him.

Clary slowly walked into first period Spanish class after leaving her locker; not even chancing a look at the students running around her. Walking into class Clary quickly took her seat which was in the very back of the classroom. She immediately took out her composition book and started to doodle and that is when she heard the squeaky voice that has been driving her crazy since school started two weeks ago.

"Did you see him Seelie?" Kaelie squeaked while trying to jump in her heels. Clary stifled a giggle watching the two girls; Kaelie trying to jump in heels was pretty funny. Kaelie was the prettiest girl in the tenth grade and everyone knew it; especially Kaelie. She had the perfect hour glass figure as all the guys put it and straight bleach blonde hair that went to the middle of her back with beautiful blue eyes. Seelie was also very pretty, she wasn't curvy like Kaelie but still a nice figure and she had straight brown hair that went just past her shoulders and brown eyes. Clary could not tell you much about their facial features due to all the make-up they caked on. Also Clary felt the need to bring oxygen mask in for them just in case they passed out from their clothes being so tight. Seelie's giggling brought Clary back to reality.

"I did, I did and He was totally checking you out Kaelie!" Seelie as always confirmed what her best friend wanted to hear.

Clary watched the interaction between the two girls for only a minute or so figuring they were swooning over some other upper classman yet again. Kaelie and Seelie use to be Clary's best girlfriends to be honest the three of them were extremely close always having sleepovers and movie trips but then something changed; Clary became the third wheel and was dropped like a bad habit. Clary would never admit to anyone including Simon that she missed the old Kaelie and Seelie, the new Kaelie and Seelie Carly definitely would never miss.

Clary's classes went by fast and before she knew it she was headed to the lunch room to see her Simon. Clary's smile had already returned as she stood in the middle of the cafeteria looking for Si as she sometimes called him. She spotted him instantly but did not move to head his way. On a normal day there would only be four people besides her at their table however today there were already five sitting. Clary stood stiff as a board checking the new comer out, it was a boy with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. The new kid was sitting opposite to Simon and beside Magnus a new kid they really did not know much about but he seemed nice and asked if he could sit with them. Magnus was like no one Clary had ever met; he was tall and Asian with a dramatic personality. He also wore very entertaining clothes and made her laugh like crazy. Personally Clary thought Magnus was gay but she would never ask; she felt if he wanted to share he would. Clary thought that if she could confide in someone besides Si it would be Magnus but she quickly dismissed that thought. On one side of Simon sat Brandon and by Brandon sat Eric, those were Simon's new butt buddies as Clary called them. Brandon was short like Clary but still taller and he had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Eric on the other hand was tall and lanky with greasy brown hair and brown eyes. They both dressed in gamer shirts and jeans like Simon did on most days. Simon had told her they were planning on starting a band and that made Clary dislike the two; she felt as though they were taking Simon away from her. While standing there contemplating on whether to head to the table or not Clary saw the new kid stand up and start waving in her direction causing Simon and the two butts to turn also. Clary could feel her face turning a beat red but before she could decide to make a move she felt someone push her off to the side and without even apologizing! Clary started to retort something to the two figures walking away from her and that was when she realized to her horror that they were walking to her table!

Clary would have made a run for it if Simon along with his two side butts didn't see but seeing as that was not the case she slowly made her way to the table with her red face and all. Everyone was laughing as she took her seat next Si, as Clary shifted in her seat so she could get a good look at the two figures that so rudely shoved her without even a word she was interrupted by the ever so colorful Magnus.

"Clary I am so glad you finally showed up I have been dying for you to meet my new boy toy" Magnus was just giddy over this new boy Clary thought as she tried to smile.

"His name is Alec Lightwood. Isn't he just a beauty?!" Magnus beamed over Alex once more before turning toward Clary with a questioning look.

"Hi I am Clary, nice to meet you Alec." Clary watched as Alec looked at her and she realized he was just as uncomfortable as she was being in this situation. Alec was attractive like Magnus had said but Clary could tell that he did not like or want the attention that was being given to him. With that thought in mind Clary turned away from Alex and looked toward the other end of the table and what she saw made her heart stop.

"Clare…Clare answer me it's Si you know your best friend. Clare…. you really just goi…" Si was rambling and shaking Clary by the shoulders when she realized she was staring at the two intruders that shoved her.

"Si, would you stop it! I am just" Clary huffed while trying to squirm away from Simon's arms.

"Hey kid, shorty cannot help that she has never seen a fine specimen like me before. Don't worry yourself sweetie you will be okay it happens to everyone" said one of the intruders.

Clary's head shot up as she eyed the one intruder that she did not know. She was trying her best not to let her emotions show because he was right she had never seen anyone that looked like him and she has NEVER felt what she was feeling in her stomach. He was something to behold that was for sure; his hair was a beautiful blonde and his eyes oh dear lord his eyes were literally golden. Surely he was an angel dark maybe but an angel no less. Clary shook her head to get her thoughts together and then stood up quickly and marched over to the perfect angel boy at the end of her table.

"I am so very sorry to disappoint you MR. EYECANDY but I was NOT by any means staring at you, in fact I happened to be staring at your lunch date Kaelie." Clary spoke straight and clear staring into new guys eyes while secretly thanking Kaelie for being there at that very moment.

"Oh, you were" Kaelie squeaked.

"Yes Kaelie and I was thinking to myself what the heck would you of all people be doing here at our table and that's when I saw the new kid and I realized you haven't screwed him yet so of course that's why you are here" Clary noted in a nonchalant voice. Kaelie's face was probably red under all of the make-up she had on but Clary did not have time to care as she turned around and walked back to her seat. Simon was visibly staring at Clary along with everyone else.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU GUYS" Clary yelled; after that no one dared to speak for the rest of the lunch period.

Clary was literally running out the parking lot after the 7th period bell praying that she would miss anyone and everyone that may want to talk sadly though she heard Simon calling her and as she turned to see him she saw that he was with Alec and a beautiful brunette girl. Clary stopped as she examined the other new student. The new girl looked almost identical to Alec but whereas Alec had blue eyes hers were brown.

"Is this her Alec….is it is?" squealed the girl.

"Yes Izzy this is her" Alec said back in a very irritated voice.

Next thing Clary new the girl had her arms around her twirling them in a circle.

"I am sooo excited to meet you Clary…we are going to be new best friends. Hey do you want to come over this weekend? We can have a girl night and watch movies…"

Izzy had not even stopped to breathe when Alec stepped in "Izzy let her breathe for a minute. She looks like she might throw up on you."

"Oh I am sorry Clary; it's just Simon and Alec were telling me last period how you handled Jace and I am just in love with you now " Izzy was a very enthusiastic speaker Clary was thinking when she heard Izzy say the name Jace.

Simon must have seen the look on Clary's face so he answered the question for her. "Remember the guy at lunch, that's Jace."

"Oh" Clary nodded and then she felt that feeling in her stomach again so she decided to change the subject.

"So your name is Izzy" Clary turned back to the brunette girl.

"Yes actually it's Isabelle but please don't call me that. Alec and Jace are my brothers" Izzy said with a grin on her face.

Clary was trying to visualize the family resemblance between the three, sure Alec and Izzy look alike but Jace doesn't look anything like them.

"Clary so this weekend; you in" Izzy interrupted Clary's thoughts grabbing her hand.

"Yeah sure" Clary tried to fake a smile because she had no clue what she agreed to do this weekend.

On the way to their cars Si explained much to Clary's dismay that she had just agreed to a sleepover at Izzy's house.

"NO NO NO, Si I am not" Clary was screaming at Simon as she opened the driver side of her Jeep.

Laughing Simon looked at Clary grabbing her hands making her look at him. "Look Clare Izzy seems like she is really nice and you could have a lot of fun besides I am going to be with Brandon and Eric practicing you know for the band."

Clary refused to let Simon think she would rather be at home alone or that she was upset that he made plans without her for this first time ever. She just nodded and hopped into her Jeep and pulled out of the student parking lot without a second glance at Simon.

Once she made it home Clary ran to her room and shut the door she could already feel the tears starting to form. Why am I so awkward she thought to herself as she set down in front of her floor length mirror? Clary studied herself as she fought back the tears; she was normal she thought. Sure she was extremely short but that was ok there were plenty of other short people in the world. She studied herself closely her green eyes were truly beautiful that was one thing she could agree with others on; just like her mothers were. She had plenty of freckles from head to toe but she never minded those whereas Kaelie always told her she needed to put concealer over them because they were childish. Next Clary to in her bright red hair that even though it was curly it would go down her lower back. Her hair was aggravating at times but mostly she would just throw it up in a loose bun and not worry with it. Clary just never paid attention much to her outward appearance and she didn't see where that was a bad thing. On a normal day she would wear baggy jeans rolled up with her converse shoes and a baggy Tee. She tried to do things that teens would do…she hung out with Simon but that counted right. Well he has made new friends but you…yeah, she knew she had no desire for new friends all she needed was Si but here he was making all the friends in the world leaving her with no one. Clary use to have a lot of guy and girlfriends but at the beginning of ninth grade all the guys called her for was to talk about Seelie, Kaelie or some other girl and then the girls all started wearing loads of make-up, push up bras, clothes that were way tight and heels. I mean seriously "WHAT THE HELL" Clary screamed to herself.

Truth be told Clary just quit answering their calls or text because she did not want to hear how Jordan thought Seelie was hot and wanted to make out with her or how Kaelie thought she was weird because she didn't like anyone. Clary just wanted to play xbox and go to the movies and have fun; not that girl likes boy crap, no that she was not ready for. She sighed looking back at herself in the mirror trying to see why she felt the way she did but deep down she already knew why she felt the way she did…but she would not go there to that place she had buried so deep. "Tomorrow's another day Clary, it'll be better fantastic even" Clary smiled at herself.

If anyone would have walked in Clary's room at that moment they would have seen a girl smiling at herself and wouldn't have thought anything of it. However if someone anyone would have taken a closer look they would have been able to see it…there in that face staring back at them was a crack and where there is a crack it will only be a matter time before there comes a break.

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