Clary ripped her hands away from Jace's and quickly moved away from him, "Magnus," her eyes still on Jace as she spoke.

Magnus was at her side with Alec and Isabelle going to stand by Jace, "I have news from an associate, news you need to know," his eyes were filled with worry as he stared down at Seraphina.

Clary closed her eyes, she needed to get herself together, the things that had transpired between her and the Wayland boy no longer mattered, it wasn't real, it couldn't be, she would never be able to have a friend much less anything more, taking a deep breath before opening her eyes, she was Seraphina Morgenstern, she was hard, untouchable, she needed no one, and even though a small part of her was screaming that she was wrong, she did need someone, she needed Jace but Seraphina pushed that voice down, smothering it with her anger and rage, "I'm waiting Warlock," Seraphina opened her stone cold green eyes, turning to face Magnus.

Magnus nodded, a small frown appearing on his face, "Ragnor Fell sent me a message about your father and your brother."

Seraphina's body stiffened at the mention of her father but she recovered quickly, "Very well," She turned to face Jace, Alec and Isabelle, "and you three are still here for what reason?"

Seraphina noted the hurt on Jace's face; she tried to ignore it by setting her sights on Isabelle, "you were told not to come here, leave now, I won't ask again."

Isabelle turned mumbling, "Such a bitch."

Alec shrugged grabbing Jace by the arm, "come on Jace, let's get out of here."

Jace removed Alec's hand from his arm, "No, I'm not going anywhere," Jace crossed his arms across his chest, his golden eyes set on Seraphina.

Alec swallowed but said nothing and made no movement to leave Jace alone with the Seraphina and Magnus.

Seraphina felt something twist in her stomach as she stepped toward Jace, "Leave Wayland, I'm not asking again."

Jace smirked, "No," Jace stepped closer to Seraphina, their bodies were now touching, there was no space between them, "I'm not telling you again, I'm staying, so how about we find out what the Warlock has to say."

Seraphina felt a shiver run through her body, she had no idea if it was due to the anger coursing through her veins or if it was due to the way Jace's body felt against her own, "you're treading on dangerous grounds Jace, watch your step."

Jace leaned down, his lips hovering above hers, "I can handle dangerous," his breath was hot as it fell on her face.

"Jace," Seraphina heard Magnus warning Jace but Jace didn't move, his golden eyes on her, watching, waiting for her next move.

Seraphina tilted her head to the side, a menacing smile creeping on her face, "you can handle dangerous, really Jace, I think we both know that's not true, last time you tried to handle dangerous you almost died, now run along with your playmates," Seraphina winked at Jace.

Jace moved his head from side to side, Seraphina could hear a popping sound coming from his neck as he moved, "true, you have me there, but everyone has an off day, you got lucky, that's all."

Lightening flashed in Seraphina's eyes, "You want to test that theory Wayland," her voice cold, calculating, "but know this, this time there will be nothing left for the Warlock to save," Seraphina could tell her words touched Jace by the way his eyes shifted, maybe it was due to fear, good, he needed to fear her.

Jace took a small step back but didn't turn to leave instead he bent down whispering in her ear, "this isn't you, I know the real you, just trust someone, trust me, trust me."

Seraphina felt something crawling up her chest, it was as if fire flames were licking the inside of her chest, it hurt, it more than hurt, it was excruciatingly painful, "ENOUGH," Seraphina growled pushing Jace away from her causing him to stumble back.

"Magnus get them out of here, now," Seraphina turned to face Magnus, her eyes silently pleading with him.

Magnus nodded silently as he stepped around her and grabbed Jace, "as amusing as this is, I have things to discuss with Seraphina in private," Seraphina could hear Jace struggle but she knew Magnus could handle him and anyone else; he was stronger than any of them, even her.

Seraphina heard the elevator doors closing, "thank you Magnus," she could feel her body relax as she turned to face the Warlock.

Magnus's eyes were studying her as he walked back to her from the elevators, he knew something was different, something had changed, "Care to tell me what that was about?"

Seraphina waved her hand in the air, "that was nothing; now what news do you have for me?"

Magnus stopped in front of Seraphina, his body posture intimidating and though she would never admit it, Seraphina was and always had been fearful of Magnus's special abilities, "that was something; now if you want me to share, I suggest you do the same."

Seraphina growled in frustration, "I told you, my business is my own Warlock."

"And I know you, Seraphina Morgenstern would never hesitate to kill someone that dared to defy her, Clary Fray on the other hand would," Magnus began to slowly stalk around Seraphina, his cat eyes flashing with curiosity, "so which is it my dear, are you Seraphina or are you Clary?"

"You know who I am, I am Seraphina Morgenstern, do you need proof, if you do I will be more than happy to deliver it, maybe one of the Lightwood's heads on my silver serving platter in the dining room," Seraphina's voice was dead serious.

Magnus moved a hand under his chin, rubbing it lightly, "yes, that would be something and I have no doubt you will deliver, however, I would have to the one to choose which head I would like to have, agreed?"

Annoyance rolled over Seraphina's features, "Of course Warlock, the choice is yours."

Magnus stopped moving, his face lit with a knowing smile, "Glorious, now which Lightwood shall we have you to decapitate, Jace should be thrown in with the lot of them, seeing how he's been adopted into the family, do you disagree?"

"No, now if it's Jace's head you require, I'll just be a moment," Seraphina started to move toward the elevator, her mind made up to kill Jace Wayland.

"Oh Seraphina," Magnus called causing her to stop in her tracks.

"Yes," Seraphina hissed.

"I don't recall picking Jace," Magnus's voice was amused.

"Fine," Seraphina threw her hands in the air, "Alec, Isabelle, the parents, pick one, I could care less, just pick one so we can move to more pressing matters, as in Valentine Morgenstern."

Magnus smiled as he clapped his hands together, "I could not agree more, no need to fret my dear Seraphina, I have made my decision."

"And," Seraphina's eyes followed Magnus as he walked pass her to the elevator, pressing the elevator button before he turned back to her.

Magnus didn't speak until the elevator doors opened, waving his hand toward the elevator, "Shall we?"

Seraphina rolled her eyes as she stomped inside the elevator, "your games are boring me Warlock."

Magnus chuckled, after pressing the button to their destination he spoke, his voice dark and low, "believe me Seraphina, this is no game," Magnus folded his hands together, "this is a test, a deadly one, the outcome of this test will tell us everything we need to know."

Seraphina could hear the seriousness in the Warlock's words, "Go on then, tell me, I will prove myself to you, I will bring you the head you require."

Magnus stepped close to Seraphina and leaned over, "It's not about proving yourself to me, we both know you are more than capable, it's about choosing who you want to be, becoming one person, not Seraphina one minute and Clary the next, it's about merging the two or killing one or the other, the choice is yours."

"I am and always will be Seraphina Morgenstern," Seraphina pushed past Magnus moving to stand right in front of the elevator doors, she was Seraphina Morgenstern and she would prove it, she would kill a Lightwood, they all came from an evil man, each one had some evil in them too.

"We shall soon see," Magnus replied just as the elevator doors began to slowly open, "the Lightwood's head I want Seraphina, is Max Lightwood."

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