Seraphina refused to look weak in front of the Warlock, one hesitation, even a small one would make her look indecisive, "Fine. If the Warlock requires the head of Max Lightwood, then that is what the Warlock shall receive," Seraphina started to step out of the elevator but stopped when Magnus called for her.

"Seraphina," Seraphina turned slowly to meet the Warlock's piercing stare.

"Yes," Seraphina could feel her blood pulsating through her body, she needed to go, to finish the job before the weight of what she was about to do came crashing down on her.

Magnus moved in front of her, his cat eyes glazed over with something Seraphina could not quite understand, "Before you continue, let me make this crystal clear for you," the Warlock's eyes were dangerous as he stared down at Seraphina, "I am not the one that requires the head of Max Lightwood, you are, I merely stated that you need to decide who you want to be, a Morgenstern or a Fray," Magnus pushed against Seraphina's body as he stood over her, "a Morgenstern, demands respect, is feared by everyone, strong, uncaring and a Fray, is respected, caring, strong, a protector not a murderer," Magnus took a small step back, "Seraphina, you are a danger to everyone around you, you think you are protecting yourself from your family but you're not, truth is your father will kill you, your brother will kill you, like this," Magnus waved his hand in the air towards Seraphina, "you being this person, you will die, your family may be Morgenstern's but at least they know who they are, you my dear Seraphina are lost, and until you decide who you are, you'll never be able to defeat you're family and whether you're ready or not, they're coming, it's only a matter of time before they find you."

Seraphina felt the small hairs on the back of her neck rise; she knew she would have to face her father and brother one day but this soon, "How do you know they're looking for me?"

Magnus frowned, raising a finger in the air, he moved it from side to side, "Eeh, Eeh, my dear, first you fight your own demons, then we fight your family's."

"Fine but as I said before, I know exactly who I am," Seraphina turned to walk away, she was determined to kill the young Lightwood, she would prove herself.

"Seraphina," Seraphina was beginning to lose what little patience she had left, she stopped and turned only slightly so that she could see the Warlock leaning back against the elevator walls, "I'll be in the greenhouse waiting," Seraphina nodded and went to turn but before she could, Magnus started speaking again, "oh and Seraphina, make sure you allow the boy to see you, look into his eyes, let him see the monster that is going to take his life," Magnus smiled at her, the smile was cold, dark, evil almost.

Seraphina stood still, her green eyes on the Warlock's face, she had never seen him look at her the way he was now, Magnus had always treated her as if she were breakable, he was her protector but not now, his yellow eyes were roaming over her in a way that made her tense, she knew that look but she had never seen it come from the Warlock at least not directed toward her, he was assessing her, the Warlock was weighing her threat level, Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn was observing her as a threat, an enemy, his enemy.

Seraphina did not move until the elevator doors shut, leaving her alone, hidden from the Warlock's savage stare. Seraphina moved quietly down the hallway, her thoughts were still on Magnus, she did not want to be his adversary; the Warlock had saved her, cared for her when he could have easily said no, Magnus had been there for her and her mother, he had always been there for her up until now, what had changed?

Max Lightwood's door came into Seraphina's view; she took a deep breath and closed her eyes desperately trying to clear her head of all the thoughts that were clouding her mind, Seraphina had learned long ago, you never go into a fight unless you were physically prepared and mentally as well.

After a few moments Seraphina opened her eyes, her mind was clear of everything, everything except for one thing and that was her mission, killing the one thing that caused her to come out of hiding, killing the one person she had more than anything wanted to protect. Her hand moved forward, inching closer and closer to Max's doorknob, she could do this Seraphina continued to tell herself, she could kill, kill Max Lightwood.

Turning the doorknob ever so slowly Seraphina gently pushed the door open so she could step inside, once inside the boy's room Seraphina swiftly shut and locked the door behind her. Scanning the room she noticed various comic books and drawings spread out all over the bed, one drawing in particular caught her eye causing her hand to reach out for it without thinking. Seraphina pulled the drawing closer to her, she admired Max's artistic ability, the young boy had talent, with the proper teaching, Max had the potential to go far but sadly that would never happen and it was her fault, she would be the reason Max couldn't grow up and become something better, someone great.

Seraphina was ripped away from her thoughts by the sound of the bathroom door opening, "Clary, you're better," Max Lightwood came barreling toward her, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist, "I'm so glad you're better," he whispered in her stomach as he continued to hug her.

"Thank you Max," Seraphina's voice cracked, she could barely contain all the emotions building up inside her.

Max lifted his head to look up at Seraphina, his eyes filled with nothing but trust and love, "you're not Seraphina right, you're Clary."

Seraphina swallowed, she had forgotten that she had told the boy her secrets, "Max," Seraphina placed her hands on the young boy's shoulders to carefully push him back; she needed space between the two of them.

Max reluctantly stepped back, his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, "Clary, what's wrong with you?"

Seraphina clenched her hands into tight fist, forgetting that one of her hands still held Max's drawing, "Stop Clary, you're messing up my drawing," Max cried out as his hand shot out to grab hers.

"Oh," was all Seraphina could get out of her mouth; her fist opened and released the drawing into Max's awaiting hand.

Max frowned, "it's all wrinkled now," he turned away from Seraphina and walked over to the bed, once there he opened up a book that was hidden under his comics, he placed the drawing in between two pages before carefully closing the book, "there it'll be good as new in a few hours," Max turned back to Seraphina, a smile present on his face, "now are you going to tell me what's going on?"

Seraphina took a deep breath, this was it, it was time to act, no more hesitating, standing up straight, Seraphina stretched her fingers, she had decided the best way to kill the boy would be to choke him, the young boy was small, he would not be able to put up much of a fight.

"Clary, are you listening to me," Max called out to her but she couldn't hear him, all she could hear was his heart beating, "are you mad about the picture, is that what's wrong?"

Seraphina stopped; confusion began to creep its way throughout her body, "Picture?"

Max nodded, "the one you were looking at, did it make you mad?"

"No, why would you ask such a silly question," Seraphina couldn't remember what the drawing had been; all she remembered was the lines and the textures.

Max shifted his eyes down, "I just thought maybe you were angry with me, for drawing the two of us."

Seraphina inhaled, "what," was she in the drawing that she had been admiring, how could she have missed that.

Max turned back to the book and opened it, "see," he reached out with the crumpled drawing in his tiny hands, "I drew it after Jace made me leave the green house, I was upset that he wouldn't let me stay with you."

Seraphina met Max's hand with her own, "I see," Seraphina gently took the drawing in her two hands, her green eyes widened as they took in the beautiful drawing, Max drew a perfect replica of the greenhouse but that wasn't what Seraphina's eyes were drawn to, "you drew this," Seraphina wasn't talking about the drawing literally, she was talking about how Max seemed to capture the emotion she had been feeling at that specific moment, he captured it perfectly.

"Yeah," Max answered back in a whisper.

Seraphina's eyes didn't move away from the drawing, she was captivated, in the drawing Max had drew her sitting amongst several pillows with her legs drawn up around her, her curls were falling around her in waves, creating a perfect curtain to hide parts of her face, in the drawing Max was sitting in front of her, a small frown was on the boy's face with a single tear on his face, "Max," Seraphina did not mean to say his name out loud, she had meant to think or say it all but as her eyes stared down at the small boy in the drawing she felt something crack inside of her, there on that small imperfect piece of paper was something that held so much meaning, so much power, "you drew us talking."

"Yeah, I don't know why but I just did," Max's voice seemed a little louder it was as if his confidence was coming back.

Seraphina felt a small smile appearing on her face, not only did the boy in the picture have a tear on his face but he also had his hands reaching out to comfort her but the girl in the drawing seemed oblivious to this, the girl's eyes in the drawing were staring straight ahead, her eyes were cold and hard even though she had tears falling down her face, her body posture was stiff, unwelcoming, Seraphina couldn't help but notice the differences between the two people in the drawing, "is this really how I look to you?"

Seraphina's eyes moved from the paper to Max, she needed to hear his answer but she wasn't sure why, "Yeah," Max answered but as he looked up to meet Seraphina's gaze he quickly continued, "but it's not your fault, you don't know how, not yet."

Seraphina blinked, "How to what?"

Max smiled, a big toothy smile, "you don't know how to love, not yet but you will."

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