Without hesitating Jace threw open the door to Max's room. "Morgenstern. Show yourself. You stupid bitch." His golden orbs scanning the young boy's room looking for the Morgenstern girl. "Hiding? I thought that was beneath you." Jace took a breath placing his hand on the doorknob to the closet. "I have to say I was surprised." Pulling the door open Jace found the closet empty. "Going after Max. I didn't see that coming." Shutting the door he made careful steps toward the end of the bed. "You fooled Max. Hell. You even had me believing that you could change." Placing one foot in front of the other Jace rounded the end of the bed. He knew there was only one other place she could be hiding. The bathroom. "But that was my stupidity. Right Seraphina? A Morgenstern isn't capable of love. You care for nothing. No one. There is nothing in that heart of yours but darkness." Nearing the bathroom a flash of red caught Jace's attention but it wasn't the red he was expecting. His breath caught in his throat as he took a closer look. Blood. Everywhere. His thoughts quickly went to Max. Had the young boy been hurt? No. Max had only been upset. He was scared for her, his friend. With a shaky hand Jace pushed the bathroom door open further. Stepping through the door his eyes took in the scene around him. The once stark white bathroom was now covered with shards of glass and blood. Bright red blood. His gaze fell on a small form curled up in the middle of the mess. Seraphina Morgenstern. Jace kneeled down his body trembling as he reached out to touch her unmoving form. Without realizing what he was doing Jace wrapped his arms around her still body. He felt an urgency to touch her. Pulling her to him he gazed down at the small girl in his arms. Jace felt his breath catch as his eyes landed on her face. She was so beautiful even now. A foreign emotion stirred in Jace causing him to tighten his hold on her. Would this be the last time he would see her? Touch her? No. "You are stronger than this. You are a Morgenstern. Morgenstern's don't die. They fight. Don't do this. Not now. Not Now." Jace felt his eyes feeling with tears. Somewhere he knew that breaking over this girl was wrong but he couldn't stop the tears from falling. This girl had done something to him and he now knew without a doubt that whatever he felt for her was too strong even for him to fight. "Don't die. Don't die." Jace whispered leaning his forehead on hers. "Don't leave us. Don't leave me." He pressed his dry lips to her cold ones as he begged her to live.

Jace had been so caught up in his emotions that he did not hear others entering Max's room. "Jace! What have you done?" Jace was still grasping to the lifeless body in his arms as he looked up to find Isabelle, Alec and Magnus walking toward him.

Jace opened his mouth but closed it. He didn't have the words. Not for what he was feeling. "Move. Dammit. I said move." Jace blinked. Magnus was already kneeling in front of him. Jace frowned as the Warlock reached out to pull the girl from his arms. "Get him out of here before I kill him." Jace shook his head. He wouldn't leave her. Not now. Not ever. "She's dying you idiot. Now let me save her." Jace pulled the girl closer to him. Magnus's cat eyes flashed with anger. "If she dies. You all die."

"Jace." Alec was standing bedside Jace. "Let him save her Jace. Please. You have to let her go." Alec placed a hand on Jace's shoulder. "Let her go."

Jace closed his eyes and took a breath as he released her. He knew without opening his eyes she was gone. He felt it. Slowly opening his eyes he found his two adoptive siblings standing in front of him. Magnus was gone and so was she. Seraphina.

"Jace. What happened?" Isabelle was now kneeling down beside him. The anger that was normally present on her face was gone replaced with a look of what could only be described as concern. "Did you try to kill her?"

Jace sighed. He looked down at his hands that were covered in blood. Her blood. "No." Jace wiped his hands on his shirt but when he pulled them away he still saw blood. Her blood. "No." Jace wiped his hands down on his pants pulling them away there was still blood. Her blood. "No. No." Jace looked around the bathroom frantically. There was so much blood. Too much. "No. No. No. No. No." Running his bloody hands through his blonde curls he screamed. "No. No. No." Scrambling to his knees Jace ran his hands through the blood on the white tiles floor. Her blood. "No. No. No." He continued to slide his fingers through the crimson red blood allowing it to saturate his skin.

Magnus placed Seraphina's body down gently on one of the beds in the Infirmary before moving to grab several bottles of what looked to be potions from a cabinet on the other side of the room. "Stupid. Stupid girl. You can never just let things go. No. Of course not. Instead of embracing the new you. The better you. What do you do? You go off and try to kill yourself." Magnus positioned a small table in front of him. Arranging the bottles on the table the Warlock closed his eyes and tilted his head toward the ceiling whispering a foreign language in the air around him. He opened his eyes that now seemed to glow as he moved his hands to open the bottles before him. Blue sparks filled the room as he began to work over the young girl's form.


Darkness. Seraphina had never liked the darkness until now. She now welcomed the darkness, craved it even. The darkness was quiet, peaceful. Seraphina had never been alone before even when she was by herself she still had voices in her head telling her what to do – what to think but here it was just her. She was totally alone. There was nothing but blackness. Was she dead? Was this her afterlife?

Suddenly there was a flash of light. "Mother?" Seraphina gasped as Jocelyn Fray appeared standing before her. "Is that really you? Ho- How are you here?" Seraphina's voice shook as she stared at the woman she remembered as her mother. Jocelyn Fray looked young and vibrant in her bright white dress. Her red curls cascading down to her lower back. "Are you going to answer me? Why are you here? Am I dead?" Seraphina's green eyes stared into her mother's noticing that Jocelyn's green eyes seemed to glow. "Mom? Please answer me?" Jocelyn smiled at her daughter. Seraphina shook her head in anger. "I don't want to look at you. I want answers." Jocelyn continued to stare back at Seraphina smiling. No words. No movement. Jocelyn just stood still. Seraphina's body shook with anger. "Dammit. Why are you here if you're not going to help me? But that's nothing new right. You're good at leaving me. You left me with him why you went to your fancy banquets with your friends. Then you left me here in this godforsaken world alone. Yeah. You're good at leaving." Seraphina could hear the malice in her voice. She could see it in the reflection of her mother's eyes. I am a monster. A Morgenstern. Seraphina took a step back holding her hands out in front of her. "Leave. Please. Just leave me alone." Jocelyn's smile fell from her face. "Can't you see I don't want you here. Leave. Me. Alone." Jocelyn took a step forward her hands raised out in front of her. Seraphina's green eyes froze on her mother's arms. Those were the same arms that used to hold her, comfort her. How could she resist? She missed being held. She missed being loved. "Mom?" Seraphina's voice shook as she stood watching her mother move closer and closer to her but just as Jocelyn came close enough to touch Seraphina she disappeared leaving Seraphina alone in the darkness once again.

"Magnus?" The Warlock's body stiffened at hearing his name being called. He did not turn to the voice nor did he answer the person calling out to him. He had to focus all of his energy on the frail girl in front of him. "How is she?" Magnus caught sight of Isabelle Lightwood standing across from him on the other side of the bed. "It's not like I care but my brother, Jace. He's a mess. We can't get him to leave that bathroom. He's just sitting there shaking like a scared kid or something. Did he do this? Did Jace try to kill her?" Magnus raised an eyebrow at the tall dark beauty standing across from him. Isabelle Lightwood was very different from her brother Alec. Whereas Alec would have left Magnus alone the minute he walked in and saw Magnus working Isabelle would not. She was aggravating, outspoken, selfish but she was also strong, scared of nothing including himself and Seraphina and for that Magnus respected her.

"No." Magnus study Isabelle carefully as he spoke. "Jace did not try to kill her. She did this to herself." He watched with curiosity as Isabelle's brown eyes widened. The tall girls face twisted into shock. "What? Does it surprise you that a Morgenstern would try to commit suicide? Is that so shocking?" Isabelle bit her lower lip. "Valentine Morgenstern may have been her father but she had a mother too. Jocelyn Fairchild. And she was kind. Loving. A woman that put her life on the line as well as her daughters to build this place. A sanctuary for people like you Isabelle Lightwood. People that now will have a place to hide something Jocelyn and her daughter never had. Seraphina has been through things your little mind cannot even imagine. Instead of hating her for things you know nothing about I would suggest you go off and pray to whatever god you serve that she lives." Magnus voice darkened as he leaned over the bed toward Isabelle. "Because if she dies. I leave. And if we're not here to protect you and your precious family Valentine Morgenstern will find you and when he does he will torture you and then do it all over again before he finally kills you." Magnus gave Isabelle a wicked smile before pulling himself back up. He saw the fear in the brunette's eyes and he was glad. "She has good in her. It was that goodness that brought your family here to protect you. It was that goodness that sent for me to save your brother. It was that same goodness that chose to take her life instead of your younger brothers." Magnus took a breath looking down at the small girl in the bed. "We all have darkness Isabelle." He moved his gaze back up to look into the other girl's brown eyes. "Just as we all have light. We all have to make a choice between the light and darkness. But whereas your father hid you and your brothers away from his darkness Seraphina was not. So tell me Isabelle if you had been brought up as Seraphina was. Would the choice be so easy for you?" Magnus shook his head. "I don't think it would. If you want to know my opinion, I think if you would've been raised as Seraphina you would've embraced the darkness long ago." Magnus smiled when he heard Isabelle gasp. "You forget Miss. Lightwood I am a Warlock. It's my job to know things. To know people. And I see you clearly Isabelle Lightwood. You may have been raised differently but you are just like Seraphina. You too are fighting for what little light you have left in you."

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