Clary had a decision to make; did she stay and help the Lightwoods; or should she pick up and leave? She knew that Valentine, her father, would be coming for them and if he caught them, they would all die a very painful death. Clary had been running from her father for almost three years now; she knew if he ever found her, she would be given the same fate that he had given her mother over three years ago.

The next morning Clary woke and dressed in her usual black attire; she braided her long red curls and then sprayed a black hair tint over her braid; then she carefully placed her brown contacts in each eye.

Stepping out of her hotel room; she felt a chill in the air around her, she needed to look for a gym to practice her fighting techniques or a shooting range but Clary could not handle that today. No, today she would run again; running was the only thing that would be able to clear her mind of everything that had happened the night before.

Clary began to walk down the sidewalk heading toward the park; there was a hidden path in the far back of the park area and that was where she would always run. She entered the park and noticed all the kids that were running around; she looked out at each child, silently studying them, could one be the Max she spoke with last night. Shaking her head Clary quickly walked past the children; she needed to be training not watching kids play.

Her braid flew behind her as she ran through the trail; needing to be free from all the memories trying to flood her mind; her mother and Luke dying; her brother turning into their father. Anger began to flood Clary's vision as she thought of all that Valentine, her father, had taken from her. Running faster and faster as tears threatened her vision; NO NO NO, Clary repeated over and over again; sadness, anger, any emotions at all was a weakness.

Clary came to a stop as she neared the end of the trail; she had managed to get her emotions back under control, allowing her to make a decision in the Lightwood situation. Walking back towards the hotel she turned into a Krispy Crème doughnut shop; she surveyed the inside noticing only one customer, he was obviously no threat at all, curly brown hair with glasses and very thin; Clary quickly turned away so the boy would not think she was checking him out in anyway at all. Stepping up to the cashier, she quickly ordered a large black coffee with a plain doughnut; Clary liked this cashier, she didn't try to make small talk; after paying Clary turned and left as quickly as she came in.

Back at the hotel she ate, showered and dressed before logging on for work; she was anxiously waiting to speak with Max again. Clary phoned Amatis for her log in code; Amatis first tried to talk with her about mundane things; Clary was quite harsh with her causing Amatis to give her the code then hanging up without even a goodbye. On a normal day Clary might have felt somewhat bad for treating Amatis badly, however today was not that day; she knew that she had to be not only physically but also mentally prepared for what she was about to do; preparing meant Clary had to be a Morgenstern again.

A Morgenstern demanded respect; anyone foolish enough to disrespect a Morgenstern would surely die a slow and painful death. Clary did not want to bring that part of her out; she had no other choice though; dealing with the Lightwoods meant she had to be ruthless, just like her dear daddy. Seraphina Morgenstern, was raised alongside her brother Johnathan; together were taught not only how to be cunning; making someone believe that they were the most beautiful and well behaved teenagers to walk the planet; the two were also taught how to be sadistic, and where her brother Johnathan embraced his monstrous side; Clary could not, she would not, what she witnessed her father and his men do was horrifying.

Clary would beg her father not to make her go on those family outings as he called them, causing her to be beaten by one of his men before they would leave. No matter how many beatings she received, Clary still begged before each and every family outing; she would pick a beating a hundred times over, for what she witnessed during those outings caused far more damage than the bruises and cuts that she received from her father's men ever could.

Clary's work phone began to ring, bringing her back to the presence

"This is the Clave Crisis Center, is there something I can do for you"

Silence was on the other end of the phone as Clary waited

"Clary, is that you"



"Okay stop, Max and yes it is Clary; first how are you"

"Oh good I had a good day at school; I didn't even get in any trouble; I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch"

"Max, I'm hate to interrupt but I really need to ask you something" Clary took a deep breath, waiting for Max

"Yeah, sure Clary"

"I need to know if your father is at home"

"Yes; why"

"Max, this is so important and you might not like it; I need to speak with him, now"

The phone went completely silence; Clary was afraid Max had ended their call at first

"Clary, I don't think that's a good idea; no definitely not a good idea; my dad can get really mad sometimes, like really mad"

Clary sat straight up in the bed when she had heard what Max had said; if Robert Lightwood had laid a finger on his own son, she would kill him herself

"Max has he hit you or hurt you in anyway"

"WHAT; no Clary my dad wouldn't do that" Max screamed; Clary let out the breath she had been holding

"Then why did you say he gets really mad sometimes"

"Oh well it's when I hear him yelling at people on the phone; he doesn't sound like my dad when he does that; he can get so mad when he talks to other people"

Clary knew exactly how angry Robert Lightwood could get; she knew exactly how mean he could be

"Max, I need you to listen to me and I do not have time for questions; not now okay"

"Okay Clary"

Clary could tell in Max's voice that he was nervous; she tried to calm her voice before speaking to the boy once again

"I promise I will tell you everything later, but now I need you to tell your dad that he has a phone call"

"My dad doesn't have a phone call though Clary"

Clary smiled down at the phone before letting Seraphina Morgenstern take over

"Oh but he does have a call Max; you tell your father that Seraphina Morgenstern is on the phone for him; Max tell your father now" Clary's voice was no longer her own; no, this voice belonged to Seraphina. Seraphina's voice was cold and harsh; there was no kindness in that voice, none at all

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