As the three entered the elevator, Seraphina kept her eyes on the young Lightwood boy, noticing that Max continued to glance in her direction every few seconds. Seraphina knew that Max could be her undoing, he caused her to care too much and that could be dangerous, not just for her but for the Lightwoods as well.

Finally reaching the second floor, the elevator doors slowly opened, revealing the rest of the Lightwood family waiting for the three of them to arrive. Jace and Max walked towards the group as Seraphina stood directly in front of the elevator doors

"Welcome to what I like to call the Institute" Seraphina's eyes were hard, her face showing no emotion as she continued to speak

"The second floor is the main living quarters, down the hall to the left are the bedrooms, pick whichever you like, down the hall to your right, you will find the kitchen and dining area, there is also a large living room"

Seraphina turned to step back in the elevator, speaking as she did

"The third floor is a large training room, it is supplied with anything that you could possibly need, feel free to use it at any time; on the fourth floor is the green house, though I am sure that none of you will feel the need to travel there"

Seraphina stepped back on the elevator and pressed the last button, the fourth floor, as the doors began to close; she spoke to the Lightwoods one last time

"That is all, go and get settled"

The Lightwoods watched Seraphina until the elevator doors had completely shut; Isabelle was the first Lightwood to move, making her way down the left hallway she yelled behind her

"What a bitch"

Her brother Alec turned to follow her

"Agreed, thanks again dad"

Maryse placed a loving hand on her husband's shoulder, before following her two children down the long hallway

Robert, Jace and Max were still standing quietly in front of the elevators when Max spoke

"I kinda like her"

Robert put a hand on his young son

"Come on Max, it's getting late"

Max sighed as he went with his father, as the two made their way down the hallway, Robert stopped and turned to speak to Jace

"Aren't you coming?"

Jace shrugged his shoulders as he continued to stare at the elevator doors

"Nah, I'm going to check out the training room"

Robert looked uncomfortable with Jace's reply but said nothing, turning once more, Robert and Max continued down the hallway

As soon as the elevators shut her off from the Lightwoods, Seraphina's body collapsed on the elevator floor, tears quickly filled her eyes as she tried desperately to control her breathing.

Clary was once more herself when the elevator doors opened to the fourth floor, revealing her favorite place at the Institute, the greenhouse.

Stepping out she looked around, flowers of every color covered the entire roof top; this was Clary's sanctuary, her hidden garden. Clary made her way over to a large wooden swing; her mother had Luke install the swing just for Clary, Jocelyn knew how much her daughter enjoyed this place. Sitting in the swing, one stray tear fell from Clary's sad green eyes, she had not been here since her mother and Luke had been murdered. Clary was so caught up in her memories and emotions; she did not hear the elevator doors opening behind her.

"Whoa, now this is what I call a garden" came a voice behind Clary

Clary's whole body stiffened, she was not in control of her emotions right now, and there was no way she would be able to become Seraphina. She sat there silently praying that he would turn and leave, unfortunately that did not happen

"Rudeness from a Morgenstern, what a surprise"

Clary continued to sit in silence, knowing if she spoke it would not be Seraphina that replied to the cocky teen; Clary could hear his footsteps as he walked around from behind her, making his way to stand in front of her

"Nothing to say"

Clary refused to look up, she knew that he was now standing right in front of her, looking down on her, judging her

What Clary did not expect was for him to crouch down in front of her, and that was precisely what he had done when she continued to ignore his remarks

"So Morgenstern, you going to talk or shall we continue like this"

Clary gasped when she saw that Jace was crouched down in front of her, staring into her emerald green eyes with his golden

"Move" she hissed

Jace laughed, not moving an inch

"Move or I'll make you"

Clary had her tiny hands balled into tight fist as she tried to breathe

"Must be hard Morgenstern, not getting your way and all"

Jace had a cocky smirk on his face as he continued to stare, refusing to move

Clary stood from the swing in attempt to get away from the attractive teen, regrettably as she stood so did he

"Do you mind?"

She growled as she glared up at Jace

He looked down at her, a smirk present on his face

"Yes, I do mind"

Clary analyzed Jace as he spoke, he may have a smirk on his face but she knew that behind that smirk there was something hiding, something that could prove to be very dangerous.


Clary had enough as she shoved passed him, making her way back toward the elevator

Much to her dismay Jace was right behind her, stepping in the elevator with her

"Nothing to say Seraphina, no questions, nothing at all"

Clary could feel his eyes on the back of her head as she went to press the button on the elevator. Whirling around to face Jace, pointing a finger in his direction as she threatened

"I suggest you stay away from me Wayland"

Turning back to the buttons on the elevator, Clary pressed the button to take her to the third floor

As the elevator began to descend something from behind shoved her hard into the elevator doors

"Bitch, how do you know my name"

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