Before Clary could think the elevator doors opened, sending the two falling toward the floor together. Allowing her instincts to take over, Clary shoved her head backwards as hard as she could, effectively hitting Jace directly in the nose. Clary heard him scream out in pain as she jumped up from the floor, not taking the time to look down at her enemy she instantly headed for the weapons hanging on the wall. Standing before the massive wall that contained every weapon known to mankind, Clary's hand shot out immediately for the bo. Her hands formed perfectly around the smooth white oak staff, Clary's body moved effortlessly with the bo staff as she began to remember her training.

Valentine would make his two children spar on a regular basis with different weapons, sparring was something Seraphina detested, she would always leave bloody and bruised whereas Johnathan, her brother would leave without one hair out of place. Seraphina was not even ten when she began her training with the staff, the moment her hands touched the hard white oak something in her changed, Seraphina did not feel weakness or fear when learning the staff instead she felt something she had never known before, strength. Her father had allowed her little time to train with the staff before making her spar with her brother, Seraphina could remember Johnathan laughing as she stood before him holding the tall wooden staff, he told her how ridiculous she looked standing there with a weapon that was taller than she was. Seraphina did not quiver in fear when Johnathan laughed instead she stood in silence waiting for him to strike. Johnathan had been furious when Seraphina did not react to his ridiculing; anger fueled Johnathan as he stalked toward his sister with a staff of his own gripped firmly between his hands. Seraphina analyzed every move her brother made, unmoving she gently picked up her staff and began spinning the wooden stick in a circular motion over and over again until Johnathan was right in front of her, then lightning fast she did a sweeping movement causing him to fall backwards hitting his head on the cement floor beneath him. Knowing she could not allow him time to recover, Seraphina quickly took the staff and began striking her brother side to side with the staff not stopping until she was completely exhausted. Jonathan lay on the floor below her covered in sweat and blood, she silently stood watching him struggle to get up wondering to herself why she did not feel superior like she thought she would, instead she felt sick with remorse. Valentine walked over to where his children had been sparring; with a look of disgust he kicked Johnathan in the stomach causing the boy to gasp in pain, turning toward his daughter Valentine snatched the staff out of her small hands. Seraphina stood silently as Valentine took her staff in his hands and began twirling it in the air as he walked behind her, before she realized what was happening she felt the air leave her body and the room moving around her. Feeling the darkness coming Seraphina came to the realization that her father had taken her staff and thrashed her from behind over and over again, until her body finally collapsed.

Clary was brought back to reality when she heard steps coming toward her, without thinking she raised the staff high above her head before turning towards her attacker, turning she found Jace precisely where she needed him to be, sweeping the staff down to the right she swiftly jabbed him in the chest causing his to stumble back as he gasped for air.

Jace tried to fill his lungs with air as he continued stumbling back; Robert had warned them all to stay clear of Seraphina that she was dangerous, deadly even but Jace had refused to listen thinking that there was no way she could possibly overpower him, he now realized just how wrong he was. Slowly his breathing returned to normal allowing Jace to steady his feet, once standing Jace's eyes began to search the training room almost immediately his golden eyes were met with a set of deep green. Jace felt an instant connection when their eyes met but quickly dismissed it; slowly he began to move towards his enemy on the other side of the room as he walked forward Jace noticed that she still had the staff readied in her hands.

Once he was halfway across the room Jace realized that he was now able to see Seraphina's face more clearly and what Jace saw truly surprised him. Jace stood frozen as his eyes focused on the two tiny tears that escaped her emerald green eyes rolling silently down her pale face. He continued to study her even after the tears had disappeared, Seraphina was beautiful woman with her bright red curls that fell in perfect waves all the way down her back, her skin was that of porcelain with small freckles dancing around her tiny features, her body may have seemed small at first but after a closer look Jace could see that she definitely had curves in all the right places. Sensing eyes on him, Jace looked up to be met by the most intoxicating part of Seraphina and that was her emerald green eyes, he felt as if he could spend eternity staring into her bewitching eyes. He felt a sudden stir of emotions deep down inside of him toward his enemy; Jace was disgusted with himself for feeling an attraction to Seraphina, quickly Jace shook his head clearing his mind of all the unwanted thoughts as he continued toward Seraphina.

Before Jace realized he was standing only a few feet away from Seraphina, he planted his feet in order to ready himself for her attack but the attack never came. He stared at her in confusion as he waited for her to attack first but she never did, Seraphina stood in the exact same spot that she did when Jace started moving towards her from the other side of the room. Jace growled in frustration as he ran his hands through his blonde hair

"Dammit come on already"

Seraphina just stared back at him, no emotion present on her face

"Are you scared or something"

Seraphina's eyes seemed to light up in amusement by his words, still she did not open her mouth to respond nor did she move

Jace was pissed, who the hell was she to keep ignoring him, if she had not been a girl he would have already knocked the shit out of her no matter if she attacked first or not. He was seething as he marched right up to her, he could feel his body slightly touching hers and if there was anything that could cause Seraphina to attack this would be it. Jace noticed a change in her breathing as he felt her body tense, staring down at Seraphina he waited in anticipation for her to make the first strike and Seraphina did strike but not before she turned her head up to look into his eyes once more.

Clary felt every fiber in her body come alive as Jace's body slightly touched hers, her heart began to race and her breathing became rushed, Clary had never felt anything like this before and it terrified her, she tilted her head back so she could look into his eyes and what she found made her finally react. Taking a step back allowed Clary all the space she needed to tilt the staff back effectively ramming Jace in his most private of areas. She watched as he cried out in pain with tears flowing from his eyes, Jace then took his hands placing them over his crotch as he fell to the ground. Clary looked down shaking her head as she headed toward the elevator doors suddenly something grabbed both her ankles from behind and pulled hard, causing her not only to fall face forward on the ground but to lose her staff as well. Clary's breath left her immediately on impact; she knew that she did not have time to think Jace was already ready for his next attack, instantly she turned on her side in order to locate her attacker. Her eyes fell on Jace immediately as he began charge her; without time to think she lay flat on her back bringing her knees tightly to her chest and right when Jace was right on her, Clary kicked her legs out with as much force as she could muster causing Jace to fall back on the ground. Quickly Clary jumped to her feet and headed for her staff bending down to pick it up she noticed Jace had made his way to the weapons wall, in his hand was a Polearms, a very deadly weapon. Clary stood slowly her eyes never leaving her opponent, she was cautious as she began spinning the bo in her hands, Clary had not intended on killing Jace but now she did not know if she would have a choice.

The two watched each other as they began to circle one another; Jace obviously had a weapon superior to hers, however Clary knew everything there was to know about the Institute including the weapons it housed. Clary knew that with Jace having a Polearms as his weapon she would have to be on defense, meaning Jace would have to make the first move. She continued spinning her staff in a figure eight down and around her body as she kept her eyes locked on Jace's movements, it looked as if Jace was trying to get the feel of his weapon before he attacked. Jace would lift the Polearms high above his head and would bring it swiftly down as if to throw it, Clary knew that he would never be stupid enough to let his weapon leave his hand, one wrong move would give her the advantage and Jace knew it. Clary watched as Jace stood still for a moment as if he was hesitating but he soon recovered and began to move towards her with anger raging in his eyes, Clary took in as much air as her lungs would allow and then slowly exhaled as she moved to meet the attack. Jace lunged at her with the Polearms just as it grazed the top of her head, Clary crouched down and took her staff sweeping it under Jace's feet causing him and the Polearms to fall back on the floor. Straightaway Clary ran and kicked his weapon away from his grasp; taking the staff Clary began thrashing him side to side just as she had done to Johnathan when they were children. She continued to gracefully move the staff from one side to the other never stopping to look at the damage she was inflicting, Clary was so caught up with completing her task that she did not know someone else had entered the training room, until it was too late.

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