Clary was so focused on the movement of her staff, never once hearing the footsteps as they approached her from behind, it was not until she felt large arms lifting her off the ground that she realized they were no longer alone. She was becoming tired not only physically but emotionally as well, Clary kicked and pushed with what little energy she had left as the arms continued to tighten around her, she could not see her attacker as he continued to carry her across the training room floor. Once her attacker had carried Clary to the opposite side of the training room, putting as much distance between them and Jace as possible; Clary felt the hold on her loosen allowing her to jump down and face her attacker, turning she saw one of the four men that constantly haunted her dreams

"Robert, how dare you" Clary hissed, silently begging to keep her emotions at bay

Clary's body tensed as she stared up at Robert, knowing he would either do one of two things, one would be answer her and the other would be attack her

"Seraphina, you nearly killed him" Robert cried out as he pointed towards Jace's lifeless body

Clary felt as her eyes filled with tears, threatening to overflow

"I'm sorry Seraphina, so very sorry for turning you into this"

Clary felt as hot angry tears began to spill from eyes, the quicker she wiped them away the faster they would fall

"How dare you, you have no right to apologize to me"

Clary could tell Robert was torn between their conversation and Jace who currently lay lifeless on the other side of the room; she watched as Robert kept glancing between the two of them

"No more Robert, go and get Jace, take him through those double door in the back, there you will find the infirmary" Clary turned to walk toward the elevator

"Seraphina I don't know what to do for him, he needs a hospital"

Clary turned quickly facing Robert

"No, absolutely not, I am going to have a specialist brought in to care for him, now go I need to make a phone call"

Clary made her way toward the elevators, once inside she pressed the first floor button just as the doors began to close Clary watched Robert carefully lift Jace's bloody and broken body

Arriving on the first floor Clary made her way to the area in the back, once there she opened a wooden panel revealing a hidden phone, closing her eyes Clary took a deep breath trying to gather her wits before calling the one person she knew could help Jace.

The phone on the other end was answered immediately, not giving Clary time to prepare her words

"Bane residence, may I help you"

"Um yes, yes of course I'm looking to speak with the High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane" Clary's body shook as she tried her best to control her emotions

"This can't be, Clary is that you, Clary Fray"

"Yes, Magnus"

"My dear child I haven't spoken to you since your mother and Luke" The Warlock's words died out as he spoke, Clary figured he must know Jocelyn and Luke were not a topic she would want to discuss

"I'm sorry please forgive me, what is the reason for your call, not that I'm not pleased to hear from you of course"

Clary felt a small smile grow on her lips, Magnus Bane was not one known for emotional ties, for some reason unknown to Clary Jocelyn was someone that he had cared greatly for

"Magnus, I require assistance of your special talents and will pay handsomely in return"

"Where are you"

"The Institute, before you come I must advise you that it's extremely important that you tell no one about this"

"You act as if this is not my profession Miss Fray; I assure you this is not my first visit to the Institute"

"My apologies Warlock, oh and Magnus"


"Upon your arrival I will be addressed as Seraphina, please come quickly"

"I'm on my way"

Clary could not help but notice the gasp from the other line when she mentioned the name Seraphina; she should have known her mother would have told Magnus everything from her past considering how close the two were.

Silently she made her way toward a pew, taking a seat Clary allowed a few tears to escape as she waited for Magnus to arrive

Before Clary knew it the warlock was at the front door of the Institute

"Thank you for coming on such short notice Magnus" Clary said as she opened to door, allowing the cloaked warlock to enter the Institute

"Of course Seraphina" Magnus replied, walking past Clary toward one of the many pews

Clary watched in silence as Magnus removed his cloak; turning toward the elevator he began to question Clary

"Would you care to enlighten me on the situation that requires my special skills"

Clary looked over at Magnus studying him closely before speaking, the warlock was tall and lean with yellow green eyes and jet black hair and she found him to be quite attractive

"Oh of course, a boy has been badly beaten; he has been taken to the infirmary"

Clary pressed the elevator button, refusing to look back at Magnus

"May I ask how he was beaten"

"Is it really necessary for you to know"

Magnus did not answer until the two were stepping into the elevator, once inside he stepped in front of Clary allowing her no space to move away from him

"I'm here as your ally Clary, do not make me regret my decision"

Clary looked up at Magnus, her mother had trusted him with everything and he had never once failed her, maybe she should trust him as well

Taking a deep breath, Clary quietly mumbled

"I did it, I beat him"

Clary could feel Magnus eyeing her as she continued

"He tried to kill me first, I had no choice, it's not like I go around beating people for fun"

"Hmmm" was the only reply that Magnus gave her

"What do you mean Hmmmm" Clary was becoming extremely agitated with the warlock though she had no clue why

Magnus shrugged his shoulders while he began to examine his nails looking rather bored with Clary

"Oh nothing, just a thought why would you want me to help someone that tried to kill you"

Clary stared at Magnus silently, not even realizing when the elevator doors were beginning to open

"Cla, I mean Seraphina we are here"

"It seems we are"

Clary stepped out of the elevator with Magnus following behind her, the two walked in silence toward the infirmary

The Institute's infirmary consisted of several hospital beds, the walls were lined with cabinets full of medical supplies; Jocelyn had made sure that the infirmary had all the supplies that a hospital would, so in case of an injury there would be no need for a hospital

The two found Robert standing at the end of Jace's hospital bed, without saying a word Magnus quickly walked to the front of the bed, closely examining Jace's injuries

"Seraphina, what is this" Magnus asked in a stern voice as he stared down at the beaten boy

"I've already told you, I beat him badly from the looks of it" Clary was still standing at the end of the bed, not wanting to see the damage she had done to Jace

Magnus's did not speak as he reached into his vest retrieving three clear bottles, inside the bottles were a type of glowing concoction, Magnus's body stiffened for a slight moment before he leaned over Jace and began to work diligently

Clary watched as the Jace's bed began to glow, she was not surprised or scared as Magnus worked, she had seen him perform this same treatment many times before on her mother, she had even experienced this same treatment on herself, more times than she cared to count.

She knew that Magnus had almost completed the treatment as the colors began to diminish; Robert was still standing at the end of Jace's bed exactly where he had been when she had entered the infirmary with Magnus over an hour ago, the two had not spoken the entire time Magnus had been working to heal Jace

"The boy will be fine, he should wake soon" Magnus voiced as he finished with Jace, standing he turned toward Robert instead of Clary

"We have things to discuss"

Clary felt a lump form in her throat as she eyed Magnus, his cat-like eyes shadowing Robert as if he were his prey

Robert did not seem to notice, his eyes never leaving Jace's body

"I'd rather not leave; I want to be here when he wakes"

Clary stared openly at Magnus, silently begging him to look at her, he never did

Magnus's body twitched as he stalked toward Robert, once he was standing next Robert, Magnus hissed

"It wasn't a request"

This seemed to get Robert's attention as he nodded, following Magnus

Clary glimpsed at Jace before following the two men, she found them standing toe to toe only a few beds over

"Magnus what are you doing" Clary asked, rushing towards them

Magnus ignored Clary completely as he continued to stare down Robert, finally Magnus voiced his anger

"How are you connected to the Wayland boy"

"He's my son, why do you ask"

Clary could see in Robert's eye's that he was worried and he should be Magnus was not made the High Warlock of Brooklyn because of his healing abilities

"As if you can fool me Robert Lightwood, I know all of your deep and dark secrets, including the one about the Waylands, now I will only ask you one more time, how is it this boy cares for you"

Robert sighed out in frustration, running a hand through his hair

"My kids found him, knowing what I helped do to his family that night; Izzy and Alec somehow managed to talk him into staying with us, over the years he has become part of our family"

Clary felt tears spilling over her cheeks as she listened to how Jace had embraced the Lightwoods

"You dirty piece of shit, does he know about what you did, how you beat his mother, watched men rape her and what about his father, does he know how you made him watch his wife go through all of that before you slowly tortured him to the point he was begging for death, you Robert Lightwood no one but you" Magnus was hissing in Robert's face, Magnus was desperately trying to control the raging animal inside of him before he attacked and killed Robert Lightwood

Clary watched a single tear as it rolled down Robert's face as he whispered in reply

"He knows alright, dammit he knows it all"

Clary's eyes widened, Jace knew that the man he was living with did all those horrible things and yet he forgave him, loved him

"Know it all you say, does he know about Clary, Seraphina" Magnus had placed his nails, slowly scratching them across Robert's neck as he waited for his answer

Clary could not help but hold her breath in anticipation as she too needed to hear Robert's answer

Robert looked down as if ashamed


The animal in Magnus raged as he began to shake the older man, if it had not been for seeing Clary out of the corner of his eye Magnus would have surely ended Robert's life

"No you say, so that boy believes she was there to witness it all on her own free will, tell me Lightwood why does Jace think you allowed him to live"

"Jace never speaks to me about that night, Alec my son says Jace thinks Seraphina enjoyed watching what happened, Jace has been planning to kill her and her entire family since it happened"

Before Clary realized what she was doing, she had launched herself at Robert violently hitting and scratching at whatever her hands could touch, Magnus pried her off of Robert placing Clary behind him

"Robert, I will let her kill you, I should let her kill, you have allowed Jace to believe that she was there on her own free will, allowed him to think you were just a pawn in his parents murders, should I tell him the truth about that night, how Clary was whipped across the back until she bled with your very own belt buckle just because she begged not to go"

Magnus's voice had changed from anger to one of great sadness, Clary could see as tears formed in his eyes

"He should know that the only reason he is alive and still breathing is because of her, tell me Robert do you remember what you did to her that night"

Robert had tears of his own streaming down his face, refusing to speak he continued staring down toward the ground

"No, well don't worry yourself I have enough memories for the both of us; the Wayland women had been beaten and raped as you held the father down making him watch, then after killing the father you planned on killing the son but you turned to find the young girl at her father's feet begging and crying for the boy's life, isn't that right Robert"

Robert nodded silently

"Valentine told you that his daughter could take the place of Jace, you could finish your fun with her, am I right Robert"

Robert continued to nod

"Now let's see if I can describe your talents so that they live up to your reputation, you grabbed Seraphina by the ends of her curly red hair, dragging her through the Wayland's long hallway down toward the boy's room and if I am correct there you started with her face, fracturing her nose, beating her eyes to the point she could no longer see, then you moved down to the rest of her ting fragile body, more whips with the metal end of your belt, you fractured her left arm, right hand and as I remember your favorite finishing move was jumping on her tiny legs with your massive boots until you heard the actual bones in her legs break"

"Yes, I did it, just stop please stop" Robert cried out

"Stop, really Robert by the time Seraphina's mother was able to bring her to me the child was barely breathing, she was dying because of what you did, I worked on her for forty eight hours straight trying my best to save that Clary, I had never been worried about not being able to heal someone but with her I was, I did not think she would make it, at one point I was sure she wouldn't but I can remember what she said as if it was yesterday, if I die and he lives it was worth it"

Magnus could not go on after that, turning he lifted Clary's sobbing body off the floor and carried her out of the infirmary

Robert's body fell to the floor as he continued to cry

The three of them seemed to forget that only a few short feet away lay Jace, Magnus had said he could wake at any time, Jace was currently in his bed with tears of his own streaming freely down his anguished face, he had been awake to hear everything, starting when Magnus told Robert that they had things to discuss

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