The three of them seemed to forget that only a few short feet away lay Jace, Magnus had said he could wake at any time when he had asked Robert to speak with him; Jace was currently in that bed with tears of his own streaming freely down his anguished face, he had been awake to hear Magnus tell Robert that they had things to discuss, Jace had heard everything.

Robert had spoken the truth to Seraphina and Magnus, when Jace had agreed to live with the Lightwood's it was not because he forgave Robert Lightwood, he had planned to move in with Robert's family in order to kill them all, just as Robert had killed his parents. Jace's plan quickly diminished after meeting the youngest child, Max Lightwood. Max was pure and innocent, he was easy to love, Jace found himself wanting to protect the small boy and then without realizing what was happening, Jace came to love Max along with Izzy and Alex. Marsye Lightwood had tried with Jace but he knew that she had always known the type of work her husband was involved in; he just could not find a place in his heart for the woman that was married to his parent's killer. Jace never spoke to Robert or Maryse unless he had no other choice; it wasn't until Max came to him crying one night that Jace changed, the young boy had asked him why he hated his parents so much, after that Jace played the part of a loving adopted son. Over time Jace grew to care for Maryse, she was in fact a very loving and protective mother over her children, he even saw that Robert was a changed man, trying desperately hard to make-up for his past crimes. Jace and Robert only spoke about that night one time, Jace asked him to tell him everything about that night; Robert explained to him how his parents had been involved in Valentine's organization and apparently after Jace was born his mother wanted no more part of that lifestyle. Robert told Jace that Valentine ordered him and the other men to kill the Wayland's; he wanted them to suffer greatly before their deaths, showing the world what happened when someone dared to double cross a Morgenstern. Valentine threatened Robert and the other men, for if any of them were to disobey him, their families would receive the same fate. Jace could remember how Robert broke down in front of him, begging for his forgiveness, telling Jace over and over that after he had left the Wayland's home that night he vowed to never be that man ever again. Robert told Jace that he had went home that very night telling all of his family except for Max the truth about what he had done to the Waylands, Alec and Izzy had been furious with their father, vowing to never speak to him again unless he made things right for Jace, and so he had been trying ever since then, to make up for all the things he did to Jace as much as he could anyway. Jace had tried with Robert after that night, he wanted to believe that Robert had done all those vile things in order to protect his family, Jace had told himself that the only reason he had survived that nigh was because Robert had sparred his life, never knowing that the little redhead had sacrificed herself for him.

Jace had not asked Robert about the children that were standing at either side of Valentine Morgenstern the night his parents had been murdered; he already knew that they were Valentine's children, assuming that both were just as wicked as their father. Jace had planned on killing all of the Morgenstern's, ridding the world of their poison, his hatred for Valentine and his family was one of the two things Jace lived for, the other being the Lightwood's children.

Jace was lying in the Infirmary, Robert had left shortly after Magnus had carried Seraphina away, Jace assumed that Robert's guilt had consumed him causing him to retreat like the coward he was.

Lying in the hospital bed, left alone with nothing but his thoughts, Jace could not help but think of Seraphina Morgenstern. She was something fierce, though short and small in stature, Seraphina carried herself as if she were a giant, Jace was man enough to admit that she even intimated him in more ways than one. Seraphina consumed not only his thoughts but his dreams as well; closing his eyes allowing darkness to consume him, Jace would be met with a sea of red, and in that sea of red was two piercing green eyes beckoning him to follow and so he would. In every dream Jace would get close enough to touch Seraphina but just as his hands would begin to reach for her the dream would abruptly end, waking him drenched in sweat.

Jace could not grasp why Seraphina did not tell him everything, did she fear that he would not believe her, would she have been right to fear such a thing. Jace's hands pulled tightly at the ends of his blonde locks, he needed to see Seraphina; she was the only one that could truly help him now. Pulling back the covers of the hospital bed, Jace slowly pulled up in a sitting position, placing his feet carefully on the floor he began to stand, just as Alec and Izzy came barreling through the door

"Can I just say, what the hell" Izzy screamed, her eyes burning with rage as she walked to stand in front of Jace's bed, planting her hands stiffly on her hips Izzy waited for Jace's answer

Jace shook his head, lowering himself back down on the bed, "Izzy can you lower your voice, not everyone cares to hear what you have to say, and by everyone I mean me"

Jace had propped himself up with pillows, trying to look bored in hopes that Alec and Izzy would leave him alone

"You're an ass" Izzy turned from Jace walking to the bed across from him, once Izzy was comfortably seated on top of the bed she turned toward Jace, "we saw dad, he's a mess"

"Not now Iz" Jace sighed, closing his eyes he allowed his head to fall back on the pillows, praying silently for the darkness to come, taking him to his mysterious redhead

"You don't get to do that Jace, it's not just you in this, it's all of us" Izzy was sitting straight up, her dark brown eyes glaring at him

"Izzy" Alec hissed walking toward his sister, in hopes to calm her

Jace was more than irritated with his adopted sister, he knew Izzy cared but sometimes Jace felt she cared too much, always pushing and nagging him to open up

Looking toward Alec and Izzy, Jace spoke quietly, "I'm sorry guys, really I just can't talk about it right now, I wish I could, I just can't," Jace hoped that he sounded sincere

Alec was the first to speak, leaving Izzy's side to walk over to Jace, "Just know that we're here, if you want to talk or anything"

Jace smiled and nodded toward Alec, he had always been the easier of the two to get along with; Alec constantly tried to keep the peace between Jace and Izzy

Izzy huffed getting down from the bed, she stomped toward her brother, refusing to look at Jace again, "You're an ass"

A deep chuckle entered through the infirmary just as Izzy spoke

"I like her" Magnus chuckled approaching Jace without introducing himself to the Lightwood's children

Jace studied Magnus, taking his disheveled appearance in, hair sticking all over the place, shirt wrinkled beyond repair, his eyes puffy and swollen, Magnus looked dreadful, and that was putting it nicely

Magnus was completely silent, approaching Jace's bed, he took out a small vile handing it over to Jace

"Drink this, you'll be fine by morning" Magnus turned to leave, stopping when he heard Jace speak

"Is she okay" Jace looked down at the vile, twirling it slowly in his hands

Magnus appeared surprised by his question, not answering him at first

Jace looked up to find Magnus staring at him, "Seraphina, is she okay"

Magnus approached Jace with caution, his cat eyes never leaving Jace's golden, "Why do you care, worried you may not get to finish the job"

"Job, what" Jace dropped the vile on the bed below him, clearly confused by Magnus's words

Magnus's eyes twitched, his muscles tensed as he leaned down to whisper in Jace's ear, "If you value your life in anyway you'll stay away from Seraphina, if she doesn't kill you I promise you I will"

Magnus straightened, eyeing Jace once more; he tried to leave only to be stopped by Izzy

"You can't be, can you, are you the High Warlock of Brooklyn, the Magnus Bane" Izzy was bouncing on her feet anxiously waiting for his answer

A small smile appeared on Magnus's face as he politely nodded, "Yes I am Magnus Bane and you must be one of the Lightwood children I presume"

Grinning ear to ear Izzy giggled as her hand shot out to grab her brother, pulling Alec roughly "I am Isabelle Lightwood, call me Izzy and this is my twin brother, Alexander Lightwood"

Magnus's eyes drifted toward Alec, "Alexander is it, I must say, you are rather stunning"

Alec's face grew red instantly, his eyes looking toward the ground as he whispered "Alec, call me Alec"

Magnus took a step toward Alec, ignoring Izzy altogether "Well Alec, it's nice to meet you, it's a shame you are looking at the floor, those eyes of yours are exquisite"

Magnus grinned at Alec and then turned walking out the door, leaving Alec, Izzy and Jace alone staring after him

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