Jeon Jeonguk & Jeon Jungkook heirs of mafia kingdom Kim Taehyung,son of Mr.Kim falls in love with the heir and regrets joining the mafia. Jeon Jungkook and his twin brother are the heirs of the criminal empire. Mr.Kim decides to raise this criminal kingdom along with Jeon family. He involves his son Kim taehyung, who accepts the rules of the game with pleasure. It was only after that Taehyung regretted everything because of his love. He doesn't want to hurt or decieve the Jeon family. And if so, then someone else will do it for him. TopKook BottomTae TopGuk

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Chapter 1

Year 1995

In this cruel world, no one can be trusted, not even your own blood line.Power is the only thing which converts any kind human into greedy insane monster.

Throne is another thing which represents the power which an individual holds. It compells people to hurt and kill thier own loved ones mercilessly. That's how ascendancy of the word/thing 'Power' holds.

Seoul was the main city where dark underworld, mafia activities were popular and still in practice. Unlike other cities which were under MOB control, Seoul had that peace and tranquility.

Murder, encounters were common but the local people were safe, without any unnecessary commotions. Form this difference, Seoul stood out of its own uniqueness.

Rivals are common in these bloody darkworld. If one mafia gang is eliminated, another irrespective of foes and friends, they prepare themselves to face any consequences to own the Dictatorship. Throne, that's the only thing which matters.

Family? It's the pure bond between your loved ones, unless one becomes selfish and egoistic.Once satan works and drops the evil seed of desire and greediness to conquer the world, Brother, father, mother no one get counts or spared when it comes to share the so called Power to rule over others in this blood and violence filled kingdom.

Jeons the most brutal, undefeated MOBS. The only dictator and infamously strong and powerfull mafia leader was Mr.Jeon. Him and his wife were murdered by the other small rivals who worked under the Jeons. They made up thier own gang to destroy the Jeons. They succeeded in eliminating Mr.Jeon from this underworld. This news spread out like a forest fire and there been a havoc in the whole world to own the throne of mafia world.

Dark and red fire flames. The whole mansion was burned up, destroyed. Burning in hot flames. Torn curtains, broken window glasses, chandelier lying on the ground, flickering blubs, gun shots on the big portraits, damaged luxurious royal wooden sofa.

Mr. Kim witnessing the shattered mansion he walked straight to the upstairs and turn the handle of the ivory white sulpture, the book shacks parted itslef to reveal a secret black door.

He inhaled his breath and pressed the password. It opened upward steadily to reveal a passage, he entered the passage. He neared to disclose a dim lightened room, where he saw two boys on the king size bed, one sleeping beside the other boy who was curled up holding his both legs pressed against his chest.

He went further, handed over his palm towards the two boys indicating to join him. The boys looked at him at the same time with eyes sparkling cause of thier tears. The boys have their hands to Mr.Kim.

He took the boys out of the room through the passage and walked out of the room without any sound. The both boys started looking all around the mansion bewildered witnessing such horrible state of their house. They ran towards their parents who were lying on the floor covered with blood and started to cry aloud for the loss of their parents.

Mr. Kim stood their looking at them, and the body with full of rage in his eyes, went towards the boys,

"Let's go there is lot more to take care of this cruel world. And in future, you two will rule this evil kingdom."

With that he held the boys and dragged them both on the floor who were still mourning for their parents death.

Next morning,

"Wake up !!"

Mr. Kim splashed cold water at the two boys who were sleeping peacefully after last night incident. They woke up due to chilled water on their body shivering.

The eyes were swollen up as they cried whole night for their loss, trying their best to open the eyes and adjust their view. They both get scared of this sudden impact and leaned back against the wall getting scared of Mr.Kim.

"Get freshed and come downstairs. I'll be training you both and you two will obey me." Mr. Kim spoke looking straight into boy's eyes.

"We don't want to get trained" the first one spoke with strong tone glaring at Mr.Kim even though he was scared of the man stood infront of him.

"You may be our uncle but you don't have any rights on us to treat us like this." The other spoke pointing his finger directly towards Mr.Kim gathering all his courage to speak back at him.

"Listen you both douche bags, be greatfull for saving your lives, or else you might have been with your parents inside the tombs." He growled grabbeing boy's hair with each hand.

The boys were whimpering, trying to get out of his strong grip but it was no use.With that he pushed them, who landed on the floor but gave back a death glare towards Mr.Kim.

He took a small chair from the corner, pulled towards him by his leg sat down.

"Your father was a big gangster, who created his own empire by conquering this whole world, but he is dead, he's no more. And you both are helpless, and homeless. You are just two ants in between those big mammoths out there. If the rival mafia knows about your existence they will hunt you down.Keep that inside that small head yours." He let go of the boys. He stood up to walk out of the door.

Before exit he turned back "If you feel to kill me for treating you like a shit, then you better be monsters to bury alive those who killed your parents." He smirked and walked out leaving the two boys on the floor.

"Kookie, should we trust this person?" The boy spoke looking at his brother. "I don't know Gukkie, as long as we are safe, we can relay on him. As he said we have to take revenge on those people who killed our parents." Jungkook spoke clenching his hands, and eyes with the rage and revenge flowing in his blood.

Jungkook got up from the floor and offered a hand to his brother."We don't know, whether he came to help us or not, but we won't be quite, if he becomes a threat for us."said Jeonguk for which his brother Jungkook nodded in agreement.

The two boys got freshed and went down stairs to see Mr.Kim waiting for them with his devilish grin on his face.He took them to his farm,

"Come on 30 laps, 50 situps, 50 pushups and 100 squats hurry up go."

He said without thinking the two boys were just 12 year old."Are you crazy Mr." Jeonguk asked Mr.Kim with his everted eyebrows with folded hands.

Mr. Kim came forward to grab Jeonguk's cheeks and squeezed it very hard and held other boy from his arm tightly,

"You both listen to me, or else no food no shelter, get killed by assassins and police. I don't care."

He said letting go both boys and walked towards the tree and lay down under it. Poor kids having no choice they thought it would be better to obey the man orders to survive.

"Am not sure kookie, when am going to stab this man with my own hands." said Jeonguk gritting his teeth in anger.

"Patience brother, Diamonds are cut by another diamond only. Let's show him that he's worth for messing with us." said Jungkook.

They started their work out.But Mr.Kim made them to do the same warmups another 3 times,by which boys were very tired and restless, they were sweating profusely due to hot burning climate.After the warm ups, Mr. Kim walked upto both boys,

"Enough for today, first thing I wanted you both to obey me, which you did. Do not be happy your training will be more and more tough from tomorrow so be prepared. Your food is kept in your room. Enjoy your meals." He said while patting their cheeks tenderly with his infamous grin on his lips.

Jungkook and Jeonguk went inside the room, laid on mattress and took a deep breath. They were not hungry for food but, now they were hungry for power, continue their father's legacy.

To take over the world by conquering the criminal empire. Mr.Kim has already plant the seed of desire. The seed of greed to take over the world and the power to control, under their hands was already sprouting inside the two boys.

But there was one question which was left unanswered. What does Mr.Kim gain by all this?

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