"He told me that boys can't like other boys" Oliver was always, always told he couldn't love other boys. He can't wear makeup. He can't wear clothing from the girls section. All those things, he's longed for, but showing interest in them made him an outcast. Even after he's moved in with Slenderman, he's been unable to love himself. Not after all the lies that his father told him. But he's falling for someone dear to him.... What will happen when he finds out?

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:


Oliver stares at the dress longingly, finding the way it fluttered in the wind and the lace at the bottom beautiful. Unfortunately, the dress was on a person, meaning that she was quick to turn around and give him a dirty look

"Really, Olive?"

He shifts his gaze over to Brian. Oh, God, his grin is f*cking hot!

"Staring at girls? I thought you were better than that," he jokes, nudging at Oliver's side.

Oliver chuckles nervously and shrugs it off, looking away. Somehow, Brian doesn't seem to catch on to the fact something is wrong and changes the subject after a moment.

"So, where's the next stop on our friend date, Oliver?"

He blushes and points to a small shop down the road. It's a little coffee shop, their final destination on the 'date'. If only it was a normal date.

They step into the shop, hit by the smell of sweet treats and coffee. Brian smiles and they head to the counter. Oliver lingers behind, watching Brian's hips move as he walks with a heavy blush

God, I'm going to Hell...

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