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All That Jazz


Amy knew the day was going to be difficult when a giant robot destroyed her house.

Action / Scifi
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Part 1

Amy sat on the couch watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, a small black ball robot with little metallic legs, and one big blue eye like a camera lens sat on the coffee table watching the screen intently. Amy glanced at the little robot, and half-smiled.

The little robot made a metallic, disappointed "aww" noise when Jack's candy cane went floppy.

Amy chuckled. "That was adorable." She murmured.

The little robot turned, and two little flaps on top of its head opened, and flapped happily.

"Yes, Trigger, you're adorable." Amy stood up, picking up a yellow plate a calzone had previously occupied.

Trigger beeped like Morse code, and crouched down, and spun around giddily.

Amy giggled. "You're so cute!" She cooed.

Trigger jumped up from the table, and fluttered it head flaps until it was perched on Amy's shoulder. Amy walked into the kitchen, carrying the plate to the sink. She sighed, and stood by the sink for a moment.

Trigger beeped in code again, and nudged her temple.

"Huhm?" Amy turned her head. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine Trigger," she sighed, and looked out the window at a silver motorcycle sitting at the curb. "I just...haven't quite coped yet."

Trigger nodded, and hopped down onto the edge of the sink. It fluttered its little head flaps, and flittered over to the windowsill. It tapped the glass with one foot.

"Yeah, it's different without Dad and Lisa here." Amy sighed. She remembered the day they got the call.

Amy and her mother and rushed to the hospital to find that her father and younger sister had been in a car accident, and were in critical condition. Neither of them made it out of the ER.

Trigger bobbed; its way of nodding. It beeped rapidly, and hopped from the windowsill, and flapped toward Amy. It hovered in front of her still beeping then circled around her.

"I can't understand you, talk slower!" Amy exclaimed.

Trigger beeped slower, it's camera-like eye dilating.

Amy raised an eyebrow. "Deceptacon?"

An image appeared in Trigger's eye of a red dot inside a red circle, and a blinking red dot moving toward it.

Amy tilted her head. A boop noise sounded, starting off slow, and growing faster as the moving red dot closed in on the circled dot. "What is that?" she asked, smirking with interest. "Some kind of game?"

A glass of water on the counter vibrated, the liquid inside vibrating as well.

"What the...?" Amy walked over to the glass, her smirked fading.

"Amy, honey, I'm home!" Amy's mom walked in. "Did you get the earthquakes here?" She beamed. "It was positively amazing downtown! More like explosions, really, but fascinating!"

Amy raised an eyebrow, and was about to say something when the entire kitchen shook.

Trigger trembled, and dove under Amy's skirt.

"Ah! Trigger, get out of there!" Amy blushed as trigger trembled, and peeked out from the edge of the hem.

A shadow descended on the house, and the neighbors across the street. The two people outside ran indoors screaming at the top of their lungs.

Trigger gave a long-winded shriek, and buried itself against Amy's chest.

"Trigger, that wasn't a game, was it?" Amy held the little robot, starting to get scared.

Amy's mom shook her head. "What has gotten into that silly little thing?"

Trigger trembled more violently.

"Trigger, what-AA!" Amy screamed.

Bits of the ceiling crumbled down onto Amy and her mom. The beams creaked, and a large section of the roof above their heads tore away.

"MY LORD!" Amy's mom screamed.

"Not exactly." The voice of the gigantic silver robot hissed.

"Run, Amy!" Her mother pushed her toward the kitchen door.

"Wretched humans." The robot sneered, its hand descending into the kitchen. It narrowly missed Amy, and cursed in a bizarre language.

Amy ran out the door. "Mom!" She turned. "Mom?" She did not see her mother, and started to run back.

Trigger shrieked again, and two holes opened up on its sides, and two metal chords shot out, and wrapped around Amy's torso. Trigger's head flaps fluttered madly as it continued to shriek and scream, and tried to hold Amy back from entering the house again.

"Trigger, that's not helping!" Amy covered her ears.

Trigger beeped, and pulled harder, it's strength surprised Amy as she was held back, barely able to fight against the little robot pulling on her.

An engine roared behind Amy, and a silver Pontiac Solstice drove up onto the lawn.

Amy turned. "HEY!" She was about to scold the driver when a metallic voice answered.

"Hey yourself!" The passenger side door opened, and Trigger pulled Amy toward it. "Get in!" It demanded.

"No, MOM!" Amy shouted toward the house.

"Mom?" The voice from the car said puzzled. "I dunno what your talkin' bout, girlie, but you better just get in the car!"

Trigger agreed whole-heartedly, and pulled Amy into the car, and the door slammed behind her.

"Ohhh myyy god! Who's driving this car?!" Amy shrieked, trying to open the door, but it was locked tight, and she couldn't get a hold of the lock.

The silver car spun to avoid a blast from the robot poised above Amy's house. It straightened out, and sped down the road, dodging fire, and traffic. There was return fire from somewhere, but Amy kept her head down as the car weaved down the street as passersby and other cars spun off the road, and panicked.

Trigger wailed, perched on the steering wheel as it turned madly back and forth, sending trigger spinning with it.

The car spun out into the intersection four blocks from Amy's house, but quickly recovered, and turned toward the freeway.

"NO! My mom is still in there!" Amy shouted, looking back at the house.

The brakes slammed on, and the car turned sharply one lane over. "You've gotta be kiddin' me!" The voice growled.

And explosion from Amy's neighborhood rattled the car windows, and shook the ground. Amy stared wide-eyed at the explosion as the car sped in reverse.

"MOOOOOOOM!" Amy screamed.

"Stop screamin' girl, it ain't helpin'!" The car spun around, and accelerated down the onramp onto the freeway. A dark yellow Camero with black racing stripes came up fast on its tail, and shifted into the lane next to it.

A fighter jet roared overhead, making the windows rattle again.

"Do not engage, repeat do not engage Starscream! Fulfill the retrieval mission!" A gruff voice said over the radio.

"Damn! I can take him!" The silver car shifted one lane over.

"Stand down, Jazz!" The radio exclaimed. "Ironhide is coming in to assist."

Trigger wailed, and flung itself at the window with a metallic splat.

"Hey! Watch the windows, tiny!" The silver's car's voice snapped.

An obscenely large black truck with two exhaust pipes coming out the top of cab thundered down an onramp, and pulled out in front of the silver Pontiac.

"Bumblebee and Ironhide, give Jazz cover fire until the package is safely out of Starscream's range." A deep bellowing voice said over the radio.

Amy felt like she was going to hyperventilate. She braced one hand on the top of the car, and the other on the empty seat next to her as the car weaved through traffic, and spun around to avoid shots from the same giant silver robot that had destroyed the roof of her house.

"AAAAAA! OH MY GOD, YOU'RE GONNA GET US KILLED!" Amy screamed, squeezing her eyes shut.

Amy didn't see the Camaro and Truck transform into giant alien robots, and start shooting back at the silver robot that had been a jet plane only moments earlier.

"Shut your mouth, girl!" The silver car's voice exclaimed exasperatedly. "We're not dyin'!

"I'M BEING KIDNAPPED BY A CAR WITH NO DRIVER, AND IT'S TALKING TO ME!" Amy screamed. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little voice murmured. Y'know, it really isn't that bad. You're alive, right? "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She screamed to that voice.

"I DIDN'T SAY NOTHIN'!" The silver car's voice roared angrily as it pulled off the freeway onto Route 66.

The explosions dissipated into the background as the Silver Pontiac sped down the nearly abandoned highway through the desert.

After a few minutes of silence, the car's deep voice sighed. "We lost 'im. We're okay for now."

Trigger wailed, and pawed at the windows with its cord-like arms.

"Stop the car." Amy murmured.

"Can't stop until we're at the dam." The voice said matter-of-factly

Amy kicked the dashboard. "STOP THE FUCKING CAR, I'M GONNA PUKE!" She screamed.

The brakes slammed. "Not in here you're not!" The car spun, and the door opened, throwing Amy and Trigger out onto the sand.

Amy rolled a few feet then when her head realized it had stopped moving, she propped herself on her hands an knees, and vomited on the ground.

Oh god! Amy thought, sobbing as she watched her lunch spew onto the sand. Mom, no! Mom! MOM!

Trigger howled sadly, sitting in the sand next to Amy. It's head flaps moved up and down slowly as it wailed.

"Shit," The car's voice sighed. "Of all days, why do I gotta get this job?"

"Come in, Jazz. Report on the package."

Amy finished spitting and hacking, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She sat on her knees on the ground, staring back at the billowing black smoke still visible on the horizon from the freeway. It reminded her of the explosion near her house.

"My home." Amy sniffed. "Mom, I'm sorry." She choked. "I left you, I'm so sorry." She started to sob again.

Trigger whimpered, and waddled over to Amy.

"Come on, girl! Bring your little wind-up toy with you!" The car's voice snapped. "We gotta go, fleshy!"

Amy looked at the car, and wiped her mouth. "You," She growled. "I don't know what the hell you are, but I don't like you." She picked up a small tan rock.

"You don't wanna be messin' with me, bitch!" The car's voice growled.

"My name is NOT GIRL, OR BITCH, OR FLESHY! It's AMY, You piece of shit PONTIAC!" Amy pulled her arm back to throw the rock.

"Oh no she didn't." The car fumed.

Trigger beeped and howled, and pulled on Amy's arm, but Amy ignored it.

"You should've gone back!" Amy's voice became shrill, and she threw the rock, which was just a clod of sand that splattered against the door.

If the car had eyes, they would have twitched. "That's it." The passenger door slammed, and the car's tires spun, and turned the car around. "You have given' me nothin', but trouble, woman! I'm just doin' my job!"

Amy glared, and picked up another rock. "You stay away from me, you hot rod from hell!"

The car revved.

Amy glared. "You wouldn't dare." She held her arm back to throw the small jagged rock.

The car revved again.

Amy prepared for the car to charge toward her. It moved forward a couple of feet then it shifted, and opened in places. Amy's eyes widened as the cars parts shifted, and cranked, and transformed into a silver robot.

Amy dropped the rock, and ran away. "AAAAA! FUCK, HELP ME!"

Trigger clung to the back of Amy's collar, wailing, and hanging on for dear life.

The robot just stood there then ran forward three steps, and was in front of Amy.

"Shit, shit, shit! Heeeeeeeelp!" Amy shouted.

The robot leaned down, and picked Amy off of the ground.

"AAAA!" Amy screamed.

The robot held Amy up to face.

"Shut up!" It snapped.

"Yes, sir." Amy gulped, her eyes wide.

Trigger stood trembling and mewling on Amy's shoulder.

"Listen here, Amy, I got a job to do! Your little pet has to get to Optimus Prime!" He shouted.

"Optimus?" Amy said breathlessly, her brain wanting to shut down just from the fact that she was now being held in the hand of the robot that the car she had been kidnapped by had transformed into.

Trigger fainted, but still clung to Amy's shirt, hanging helplessly from the cottony material, and twitching.

"You're a robot." Amy said slowly. "So, robot," She gulped.

"The name's Jazz."

"Jazz." Amy felt her brain want to shut down again, but resisted the urge to close her eyes, and hope that when she woke up she would be at home in bed, safe and sound. "If you could turn into a robot, why didn't you stay and fight that other robot, and save my mom."

"That's not my mission." Jazz said.

"She was my mom!" Amy shouted. "She would have been here if you hadn't swooped in, and freaked out Trigger! None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you!" Amy shrieked. The little voice in the back of Amy's head sighed. Now that isn't fair, Jazz is only doing his job; helping you.

"She was dead before I got there!" Jazz bellowed. "My bio scanners clearly showed only one life sign at that house, and it was you!" He resisted the urge to shake some sense into the human girl.

Amy stared angrily at him. "Lifesign? Bio scanner? What the hell? Is that all we humans are to you? Lifesigns, and Bio scans?!" She shouted, sobs starting to come out.

"What are you doin'?" Jazz pulled Amy closer, his optical scanners studying her face.

"Crying!" Amy snapped. "What does it look like?" She sniffed hard.

The dark shield over Jazz's eyes lifted, and he examined her with iridescent blue eyes. "Looks like you're leaking out your optics. You broken?"

"YES!" Amy shrieked. "I'm BROKEN!"

The shield slid down again over Jazz's eyes. "Oh." He knelt down, and set Amy on the ground.

A siren whooped a couple of times, and a fire and rescue truck pulled off the road to where Amy stood. "Those men are gonna shit a brick when they see you.

Jazz folded his arms. "I doubt that."

Amy glanced at the robot. He was all but spiffy looking, and had little silver pointed ear-type points on either side of his head. His whole physique reminded Amy of the little gremlins she saw in movies as a kid. She decided he wasn't so bad as he stood there, shifting under her gaze. He wasn't as big as she had imagined a giant alien robot to be, but Jazz was still more than she had ever thought she would see in her life.

Jazz turned, and looked down at Amy, his arms still folded. "What?" He said.

"Nothing." Amy looked away just in time to see the rescue vehicle transform as Jazz had into a physically bigger, and taller yellow robot with a face that made her think of a fat raptor with collagen injections, but settled for possible doctor seeing as how it wasn't a fat raptor with collagen injections.

A red scanner swept over Amy's body. "Aside from minor bruises, and elevated adrenaline, this female seems to be quite physically well."

"My name isn't this female," Amy frowned. "I'm Amy Miller!" She exclaimed.

"Well, Amy Miller, I am Ratchet; senior medical officer of the Autobots stationed here on Earth."

Amy gulped.

"Your pulse has increased," Ratchet stated. "Are you frightened?"

Amy shook her head. "No, I'm actually impressed!" Amy exclaimed. "You're the coolest doctor I've ever met!"

Ratchet nodded. "Thank you, Amy Miller."

"You can just call me Amy!" She beamed.

Ratchet turned to Jazz. "Where is the package."

"Hangin' out." Jazz growled, and transformed back into a car, and sped away.

"Jazz!" Ratchet called.

"He's got a really bad attitude." Amy glared at the car speeding down the freeway.

Ratchet knelt down to Amy.

Amy hopped back a step.

"Do you have a micro transformation module?" Ratchet asked.

Amy frowned. "Um," She reached over her shoulder, and plucked the fainted Trigger from her shirt, and held it up. "I have Trigger."

"Yes! This is it!" Ratchet exclaimed, scanning it. "What did you call it?"

"Trigger." Amy chuckled. "It's a metaphor, really for how spastic this little guy is." She smiled.

"Trigger," Ratchet said. "A noun describing a device to operate a mechanism." He recited.

"Yeah, pretty clever, isn't it?" Amy beamed.

"You have no idea." Ratchet winked.

Amy hugged Trigger against her. "So, um, now what?" She shifted, starting to feel less nervous around the giant robots.

"We Autobots need Trigger. It is imperative we take it to a place you humans refer to as Hoover Dam." Ratchet explained.

"Hoover Dam?" Amy gasped. "That's in Colorado."

"Four-hundred and seventeen miles from our current location. We will follow Historic Route 66 to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then turn North on-"

"It's not as simple as that." Amy sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Is it not?" Ratchet asked.

Amy shook her head. "No, if we follow route 66 to Flagstaff that'll take about three hours then we can find I-17 then merge onto I-40, and take exit 48 to US 93." She said in one breath.

Ratchet blinked.

"I study these things." Amy sighed. "No offense, but you have a really bad sense of direction."

"None taken." Ratchet stood up, and transformed back into the Fire & Rescue vehicle.

"And if you're going to be going back and forth between cities, try to stay on the major highways, it'll save you time." Amy sighed.

Ratchet chuckled. "It seems I am in need of an experience Earthling navigator."

Amy sighed. "I guess I'm coming with you then." She walked up to the truck. The passenger door opened, and Amy climbed in, and closed it.

Trigger opened its eyes, and looked around. It cheered, almost saying yahoo, and hopped onto the driver's seat as the truck started out.

Amy got a knot in her stomach as the yellow vehicle drove back onto the road just as the camaro and black topkick from earlier joined them.

"Ah! Bumblebee and Ironhide." Ratchet said.

"Where is that coming from?" Amy looked around the cab.

A small screen popped from the ceiling with a blue sound wave form wiggling on it.

"Hello Amy." The wave form grew wider with every syllable.

Amy smiled. "Hello Ratchet."

Trigger cheered.

"Ironhide and Bumblebee are Autobots as well. They gave Jazz a clear path away from Starscream. They both seem to be intact, but I'll have to give them both a full diagnostic after we arrive at the base."

"Base?" Amy asked. "I thought you said we were taking Trigger to Hoover Dam."

"The base is underneath the dam, ya looney!" A gruff voice shouted.

"There's no need for that, Ironhide." Ratchet sighed.

"Wow, a secret underground base." Amy awed. "Coolies."

"It was the base of the human government Sector Seven, but it was disbanded, and your president allowed us to use it as our base of operations." A lighter, friendlier male voice said.

Amy smiled. "That was awful nice of him."

"I guess." The same voice said softer.

"Bumblebee did not have a very good first encounter with the American human government." Ratchet explained.

"Not very good is not my first choice of words." Bumblebee grumbled, followed by a series of no doubt unfriendly words in a bizarre language.

"What was that?" Amy uncovered her ears.

"That" Ratchet sighed. "Was unnecessary."

"Sounded justified to me." Ironhide snickered, and spat off an even more unfriendly string of alien words.

"Say that again, and I'll flush both of your exhaust systems." Ratchet warned.

Amy saw the truck and Camaro slam on their brakes, and put some distance between them and the medical officer in a flurry of squealing tires, and smoke in the rearview mirror.

"What was that?" Amy looked at the sound wave. "What do you mean by flush their systems?"

"Hmm," Ratchet thought for a moment. "I believe on Earth it is referred to as Colonic Irrigation."

Amy stared at the sound waveform for a moment then burst out laughing. She gazed out the window at desert passing by, her eyes feeling heavy from the day's exertion.

A compartment in the rear area generally used for patient transport opened, and trigger fluttered over to it. It pulled out a grey blanket, and the compartment closed. Trigger unfurled the blanket over Amy, and patted her head.

Ratchet chuckled softly.

Amy awoke as Ratchet spun out, and Trigger wailed, gripping the steering wheel for dear life as it spun around with it.

"Fasten your seatbelt, Amy!" Ratchet strained as the ambulance started to tip.

"What's happening, why are we spinning?" Amy shrieked, trying to fasten her seatbelt. She kicked off the blanket. Where did that come from? She wondered for a moment before her head started spinning.

Trigger reached out with one chord arm, and pulled the seatbelt down into its receptacle. It wailed again as the wheel spun the other way, taking the little robot with it, spinning it into oblivion.

Amy braced her hands on the ceiling. She saw two blasts explode on either side of the Fire & Rescue truck, and her eyes widened.

"Oh my god!" Amy gasped. "What the hell is going on?!"

"It's Starscream!" Ratchet shouted, vaulting over a bump in the road as it continued to spin.

"RATCHET!" Ironhide shouted.

Bumblebee ran to help the medical officer.

The yellow truck rolled over the highway, knocking a few cars aside, and slid to a stop on its left side. The metal ground against the cement, dragging sparks behind it.

Dulled sound, and blurred vision met Amy when she opened her eyes. Her head spun, and she could feel a trickle of blood crawling down the side of her head. She tried to lift her head, but it felt heavy, and it thumped against the floor.

Trigger whimpered, and rolled around trying to get up. It had a dent in the left side of its baseball-sized head, and its vision was slightly impaired as it sat up, pulling itself up to the steering wheel mewling as its right leg sparked from the knee.

The radio crackled, and sent a small shower of sparks onto Amy and Trigger. Trigger's arm pulley clicked as it stopped at the edge of the steering wheel, and looked down at Amy unconscious on the floor. It hung on the wheel, and beeped out an S.O.S. for the other Autobots to hear.

"Ratchet!" Bumblebee exclaimed, sliding to a stop next to the nearly upturned ambulance. "RATCHEEEET!" He shouted.

Amy heard a voice calling out to the ambulance. She felt a weight on the left side of her head, and knew she must have some kind of concussion.

"Amy," Ratchet's voice strained. "You must not move. Your lower right synoval hinge joint had a compound fracture."

Amy tried to move her legs, but her right ankle dragged, and sent excruciating pain up her leg. Oh god, my ankle is broken. She looked around the cab. "And I'm hanging by it." She sighed exasperatedly.

"The girl is injured!" Ratchet exclaimed.

"Come on, Bumblebee, we gotta get the doc turned over."

"NO!" Ratchet shouted. "Her lower right synoval hinge is lodged under the seat with a compound fracture!"

Ironhide and Bumblebee exchanged glances.

Amy managed to muster enough strength to shout. "MY FUCKING ANKLE IS BROKEN!"

"What are we supposed to do?" Bumblebee crouched down, and looked into the ambulance.

Trigger climbed up the steering wheel until it could see the windshield. Its pupil shrank to a small dot, and it let out a high pitched keening shriek.

Bumblebee and Ironhide covered their heads.

"What in tarnation!" Ironhide shouted.

Jazz sped back down the highway to where he had left Ratchet, and that annoying human girl. Call it old-fashioned guilt, but he felt badly for abandoning his mission, no matter how annoying it was.

"Jazz, report on the package." Optimus's voice said over Jazz's radio.

Jazz didn't answer.

"Jazz! Come in!"

Jazz tried to think of an answer that was not obviously complete bullshit. "Jazz here, the package is...um..." He sped up. "The package has not been retrieved.

"Message to all Autobots on short wave S.O.S! Chief medical officer Ratchet is down! Repeat we have a soldier down with precious cargo! T3X119 is trapped inside. Medical Officer Ratchet cannot, I repeat, cannot transform to robot mode. T3X119 is trapped inside!"

"T3X119 is with the key!" Ironhide

"O-oh yeah! We have the key! All Autobots in the area, please assist! We have an injured human!" Bumblebee exclaimed just before cutting out.

"I hear ya! Jazz on the way!" Jazz accelerated, hoping Optimus had momentarily forgotten about the package, giving Jazz a chance to come up with an excuse for leaving the girl and robot behind instead of just She was annoying. Man, I knew that girl was trouble.

Amy strained to free her ankle, but every twitch made the pain worse. "Aa!" Her sobs hiccupped as she managed to brace her back against the driver's seat. "Trigger! Stop that shrieking!" She shouted.

Trigger's shrieking stopped, and it's pupil widened. It looked down at Amy, and lowered itself, beeping and mewling.

"I'm not dead yet, but I'm worried about Ratchet. What the hell happened?" Amy gasped out as she tried to pull her ankle out again. "AAA-FUCK!" She screamed.

"I am alright, Amy, but I can not transform with you inside the vehicle." Ratchet explained, the sound waveform somehow still intact, but hanging by a wire near Amy's head.

"What happened?" Amy panted slightly as she let her ankle rest before she tried to pry it loose again. "I woke up when you started spinning out."

"It was Starscream again, he tracked our position, and attempted to destroy us."

"What's his problem anyway?" Amy winced as she tried to shift her ankle.

"Starscream is a Deceptacon," Ratchet explained. "He-AA!"

A loud thud hit the side of the ambulance.

"What is it? What's happening?" Amy shrieked. "Ratchet?" She looked at the Waveform, but it was gone. "Ratchet! Talk to me!"

"Sorry old man." Jazz punched in the windshield, sending glass shards raining over Amy. "Hey kid! What up?"

Amy glowered up at Jazz. "Do I look fine?"

"Get up on outta there!" Lights shone from Jazz's shoulders into the ambulance.

"The girl is trapped! Her lower right synoval hinge has a compound fracture!" Bumblebee exclaimed.

Ironhide and Jazz stared at the yellow Autobot.

"Boy, you better speak binary!" Jazz warned.

"MY ANKLE IS BROKEN!" Amy shouted at the same time Ironhide shouted HER ANKLE AIN'T WORKIN'!

Jazz looked back at Amy. He crouched down low. "How you doin' old man?"

"I will survive." Ratchet replied slowly. "The girl needs human medical attention."

"Give me your hand." Amy held up an arm.

Jazz lowered his hand, and grabbed Amy's arm.

"Pull!" Amy clenched her teeth.

"You're shittin' me." Jazz said in disbelief.

"Just do it!" Amy shouted.

Jazz pulled Amy out, freeing her ankle most uncomfortably.

"AAAAA! FUUUCK!" Amy sobbed with relief, pulling her ankle up as Jazz pulled her through the window.

Trigger shrieked, and climbed out of the ambulance. It fell to the ground, and rolled up to Jazz's foot.

Ironhide and Bumblebee turned Ratchet upright with a slight crash.

Optimus sighed, and stood over the console still being built along with most of the renovations to Hoover Dam.

"They okay?" Sam asked, his heart pounding in his ears.

"The team retrieving T3X119 came under heavy fire from Starscream," Optimus sighed. "My medical officer is injured, and T3X119 may be destroyed."

"What is T3X119?" Sam asked.

"It is a form of Energon, a fuel the Autobots and Deceptacons use. Its energy can be converted into a powerful weapon. It must be retrieved." Optimus explained with urgency. "Sam, I need you to go to where Ratchet crashed. I will have Bumblebee meet you halfway. Bring back T3X119."

"What does it look like?" Sam asked as he started toward the exit.

"I do not know." Optimus shook his head. "It can take many forms, but I know this: it is very small."

Sam stared at him incredulously.

"Sam, you must bring back T3X119." Optimus called as Sam ran out the exit.

Amy lie on a cool metal surface, her body relieved to be in the cool air of the early evening. She looked up at Jazz who stood holding her in his hand.

"My ankle hurts." Amy murmured.

"No shit." Jazz looked at the swollen ankle.

"Bumblebee, take the girl to the nearest human medical facility. I must return to base and make repairs on myself and Ironhide." Ratchet instructed.

Bumblebee nodded. "Yes, sir."

"I'll do it, no prob!" Jazz set Amy gently on the ground, and transformed back into a Soltice.

Trigger wrapped its chord arm around Amy's shoulder, and lifted her up to balance on her unbroken foot. It half carried her as she hopped toward the Soltice. She opened the passenger door with one hand, and Trigger released her to fall back on the seat.

"Ah." Amy winced as her ankle jerked in mid air. "Thank you, Jazz." Amy slid both legs in then held her arms out to Trigger.

Trigger retracted its chord arm, and closed up into a ball, and fell on the ground with a metallic clank.

"Trigger!" Amy exclaimed.

Jazz closed the door, and took a jackrabbit start away from the group.

"No! You asshole, go back!" Amy snapped.

Jazz didn't answer.

"I know you can hear me!" Amy shouted, kicking the dashboard with her unbroken left foot.

"Hey, girl, lay off the dash!" Jazz snapped. "I will throw you out, and let the kid handle this!"

"Fine!" Amy winced, shifting her right leg carefully with her hands. "As long as I can get Trigger back!"

Jazz slammed on the breaks.

The car idled for a moment then started back up again. "Bumble has new orders."

"It figures I'd get stuck with you." Amy frowned.

"Tough shit, kid." Jazz said.

"But despite that, you weren't really going to throw me out, and leave me behind with a broken ankle." Amy said matter-of-factly.

"Wa-" Jazz stammered. "What the hell makes you so sure?!"

"You're not that heartless." Amy smiled slightly.

Jazz muttered in Cybertronian.

A screen slid down like the one inside Ratchet, but this one got in Amy's face, and looked like a lens on a long arm.

Amy started, and gave the lens a sideways stare. "So are you trying to alienate me from everyone I love?"

"Don't worry about the little ball." Jazz said, feeling uncharacteristically sympathetic. "Optimus will take good care of it."

"You say that like I'm never gonna see Trigger again." Amy said, watching the lens skeptically.

Jazz was quiet as the lens retracted.

"WHAT?! YOU TAKE ME TO HIM RIGHT NOW!" Amy kicked the dashboard again, leaving a footprint.

"Oh, you done it now." Jazz growled.

"Take. Me. To. Trigger! Or this Optimus person!" Amy demanded.

"You need help" Jazz accelerated, intent on taking Amy to a hospital.

Amy sighed. "Will you take me to see Trigger after I see a doctor?" She asked, wincing as her ankle throbbed painfully.

"Sure, why not?" Jazz almost scoffed.

Amy hiccupped. "Promise?" She felt like a child speaking to their parent, but Trigger was all she had left, and she did not plan on letting it go to some giant robots.

Jazz would have rolled have rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever."

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RJ Raine: I love this series. The Tyr brotherhood is a thing of beauty. I can't wait to read the next one. Hopefully, someone will finally tame Tor...

Christina: This is a great start to a larger story.I hope the author decides to continue it further.

Amy Grindle: This book is hot from the beginning. Teacher with student is an amazing story line that never gets old.

thomsonleanne58: I'm invested due to the other stories with these people, so it's easy for me to get involved quickly into the characters, if u didn't know the other stories, it could be a pity party

gamer281: Ich bin eine mega große Leseratte und es ist daher nicht leicht mich für neue Geschichten zu begeistern, aber diese Story hat es mir echt angetan. Vielen lieben Dank, mach weiter so.

Happiness: The plot is great, author's writing style is wonderful and the grammar too. Can be improved on though. Thank you

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mrsbabear: I love all the books in this series so far. I especially like the fact that these stories are fairly short. Just a question though…why didn’t you tie up the loose end in regards to the past relationship with Tilly and Kyle Lazzartti?

viewcoco2007: Excellent read, just like the first book in this series. 👍I can't wait to read the 3rd book 😍

marilyn: Nova and Rogue are the absolute perfect couple. Nova is so sweet. And I am so happy she has all the kids back. And Rogue definitely has his hands full with her. The sweet quiet ones are always the ones to watch out for. But they love so hard


vinaroma92: I like everything related to the story

Lizelle Nel: Absolutely love the story. The mother is quite hilarious with the innuendos. Could feel every emotion the characters went through. You wanted to cry with them. Laugh with them. Highly recommended to read. Keep it up.

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