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All That Jazz

Part 2

"What's wrong?" Ratchet asked as Jazz walked into the E.R. sometime after 3 AM with Amy sitting in his palm. The swelling in her ankle had gone down, but a quick once-over with a red beam that left Amy naked wherever it touched told him her ankle was shattered, and she was knee-deep in recharge deprivation. "Jazz, your human is in poor health. Why did you not take her to see a human doctor?"

Jazz grumbled in Cybertronian. "It's not cool, yo! They make humans pay with bits of paper and metal to get fixed up. Amy doesn't have anything, and they refused to set her up."

Amy's eyes closed for a moment, her brain unable to follow the Transformers' native electronic tongue.

Ratchet sighed. "Set her here."

Amy rubbed her eyes, and yawned as Jazz set her down on the table. She felt for the entire world like a small child. She was overtired, near tears because of it, her ankle hurt like nothing she'd ever felt before, and if she did not see Trigger soon she was going to start complaining.

"It's not gonna hurt 'er is it, doc?" Jazz asked.

Ratchet started, and looked at the silver lieutenant. "Er...no, not if I sedate her."

"Hey girl, go to sleep." Jazz demanded.

Amy glared tiredly at the silver Autobot, and frowned tiredly. "I can't do it on command." She growled. "Which brings me to the point of you ordering me around like some kind of Chinese take-out menu!" She exclaimed.

"The doc can't fix ya up if you don't go to sleep!" Jazz exclaimed.

"I'll go to sleep whe-when-" Amy yawned wide, and long. "When I'm good and ready!" She said after her mouth had relaxed.

Jazz rolled his eyes, and shook his head.

"Where's Trigger?" Amy snapped.

"Trigger is all right." Ratchet assured her.

"Well, where is he?" Amy demanded.

"Somebody missed her recharge cycle today." Jazz grumbled, and folded his arms.

Amy folded her arms, and looked away from the two Autobots.

Ratchet looked between the pair, a knowing smirk on his face. He could already detect elevated stress patterns in Jazz's vocal output, but it was not because he was angry with her. In fact, and it didn't take a medical officer to see this, Jazz cared more about the girl's health than he let on, and Amy was grateful no matter how she acted.

Amy knew she was being childish, but who wouldn't after a long day of no answers? She had been enjoying herself earlier that day. Just at lunchtime she was eating a calzone and watching TV, and now she was in the presence of autonomous robotic organisms from another planet, and she didn't even know why!

Like most humans, when too much information, or the realization of too much information, was given to the brain, the only reaction the human body could respond with was to shut down into a state of unconsciousness until the current situation could be reassessed, and properly monitored until such situation changed.

Jazz glanced over his shoulder at Amy, watching the girl nod off. He sighed, and opened his mouth plate to say something when Ratchet interrupted him.

"The synoval hinge must be replaced." Ratchet said thoughtfully, looking at a 3-D model of Amy's broken ankle. The compound fracture extended from the bottom of the joint, having cracked the top of the heel bone, and up to the base of the fibula where it had frayed the fragile bone.

"Damn Starscream." Jazz clenched his hands into fists.

Ratchet nodded, but did not respond. He felt most of the responsibility on his shoulders. It had been the passenger seat in his alt mode that had broken the girl's ankle. He looked down the human in forced stasis. It was only a matter of the right electromagnetic frequency to make her brain think it had to sleep as long as the frequency was active.

Jazz took a seat on top of a cargo crate, and stared at Amy's vitals as the operation took place.

Amy found herself standing in the remains of her dilapidated house. She looked around at the rubble, her heart breaking. Pieces of the ceiling were on the floor. Pieces of the floor were outside, and even bits of outside were in the front hall. She walked through what had at one time been the kitchen into the living room. She stared at the singed remains of walls and the china cabinet. She walked over to it, and sighed dejectedly. She was about to walk away when she saw a glinting blue stick of gum inside the cabinet. She narrowed her eyes, and leaned forward to get a closer look.

A small crackle noise drew Amy's attention to the window, thinking it had come from outside. Her eyes widened, and her mouth opened to scream when she saw a giant metal scorpion-like robot crouched directly behind her, its tailed poised to attack.

Amy's scream seemed to come at her like a speeding train, starting soft, and growing louder.

The scorpion robot thrust its tail forward toward her abdomen, too fast for Amy to see.

Jazz glanced over his shoulder at Amy, watching the girl nod off. He sighed, and opened his mouth plate to say something when Ratchet interrupted him.

"The synoval hinge must be replaced." Ratchet said thoughtfully, looking at a 3-D model of Amy's broken ankle. The compound fracture extended from the bottom of the joint, having cracked the top of the heel bone, and up to the base of the fibula where it had frayed the fragile bone.

With every little blip on the screen, Jazz jumped to help Ratchet. Ratchet would sigh, mutter a little, and continue on with replacing the bone. The joint was literally shattered; Jazz had never seen so many internal parts removed from such a small area. The damaged parts were set under a green beam that vaporized them after scanning them, and cataloguing the human body part.

The screen let out a loud twitter, and Jazz jumped up.

Ratchet glanced at the silver robot. "You can relax, Lieutenant." He smiled slightly. Jazz relaxed only slightly, and walked up next to the medical specialist.

"She gonna make it?" Jazz asked, unaware of the concern that managed to sneak out in his words.

"Yes." Ratchet said as he set the new ankle into the human body like pieces to a puzzle. His lasers worked at reattaching tendons, and fusing the transmetal parts to the human bone.

Jazz watched, not the surgery, but the screens, and Amy's body. He leaned over to examine as light twitch in her mouth, and was gently pushed aside by Ratchet. The silver lieutenant walked back over to his crate, and sat down, elbows on his knees, and hands on his head.

Ratchet sighed, and switched off the machine emitting the stasis frequency. He looked at the newly patched synoval hinge, and gave himself a mental pat on the back. He had no doubt he could successfully replace the joint, although he had been cautious about tampering with the human's nervous system; such strange names humans had for their internal workings. Ratchet mused at Earth's medical terminology, his slight smile slowly falling, as Amy did not come out of stasis. His optics moved quickly to the screens, and he felt as though he would go offline right then from what the readouts were telling him.

"She has gone into Hypovolemic Shock!" Ratchet gasped.

"What?" Jazz sat upright. "She get zapped by one of your medical gadgets?" He growled. "If you hurt-"

"No!" Ratchet snapped. He stood helpless, not knowing what to do. "My instruments are telling me she is rapidly losing red cells! Her heart rate is rapid, as if her breathing, and her epidermis is pallor!"

Jazz wanted to understand, he really did, but when the doc started panicking, he just could not speak plainly.

"Doc... Y'know I respect ya and all..." Jazz sighed.

"AMY IS BLEEDING TO DEATH, BUT HAS NO OPEN WOUND!" Ratchet bellowed. He had successfully cauterized the incision in her ankle. Al of his screens had only moments earlier said Amy was well on her way to a full recovery.

Amy collapsed against the china cabinet with a gaping hole in he abdomen that was losing blood quickly.

The scorpion robot was gone, and Amy was looking up at the sky.

I'm dreaming. Amy thought. But things don't hurt this much in dreams. She tried to speak out loud, but when she opened her mouth, blood replaced her words. Please, don't let me die. I don't want to die yet. She squeezed her eyes shut, and clenched her teeth. She opened her mouth, and screamed out one single word that surprised her, but she had not time to contemplate the meaning of it.


"She's..." Ratchet gasped again.

"What? Doc!" Jazz grabbed Ratchet's arm, and shook him.

"Stop shaking me, Lieutenant!" Ratchet yanked his arm free. "Her vitals...they've all..." He felt his vocal processor freeze for a moment.

Jazz looked at the screens. Nothing was moving, and he had never had any medical training, but when something did not move, it usually meant it was slagged. "They what?! Tell me doc!" Jazz shouted.

Ratchet slowly turned his head to Jazz, startled and confused, but also relieved. "She is stabilized."

Jazz was so relieved; he fell to the floor in a heap.

Ratchet started. "Lieutenant?" He asked softly, staring at the silver Autobot who had gone into his own state of shock, but nothing too serious.

Amy's eyes shot open, and whipped around the room in a panic. She raised her hands to her mouth, and sat up quickly. Her head spun, having just come out of some kind of induced coma for the sake of the surgery, but she had to make sure. She crawled to the right side of the table. No scorpion. She clambered to the left side. No scorpion. She looked out over the floor, but only saw Jazz fainted on the floor.

"Please do not stress your joint in such a manor; you are going to make a full recovery, but recovering still takes time." Ratchet said insistently.

Amy looked up, slightly startled by the yellow medical bot. Her heart pounded in her ears, but as the seconds ticked by she grew calmer, and calmer. The scorpion robot was not here, and Amy hoped it stayed that way.

"Your rapid heart rate, and profuse perspiration indicate distress." Ratchet said matter-of-factly.

Amy chuckled slightly. "You have a knack for stating the obvious." She smiled up at him. "And you're right, I'm distressed, but I'm calming down."

"Indeed." Ratchet crouched down to be eye-level with his tiny patient. "As my human friend Sam would say, "I'm all ears"."

Amy took a deep breath. "I had a weird dream is all."

"Dream? A manifestation of subconscious thought into a recharge cycle." Ratchet said thoughtfully.

"Yes, humans dream while they sleep, and sometimes they have nightmares, too." Amy hugged her knees to her chest, and found that her ankle did not hurt her in the least, but left that thought for another time. "There was a huge scorpion robot in my dream."

Ratchet stood at attention, hands clenched into fists. "Scorponok." He murmured.

Amy raised an eyebrow. "You know my scorpion nightmare? I have bad insect dream all the time, but I'm not gonna lie to you, none of them were like this one."

Ratchet looked at Jazz, still idling on the floor then back at Amy. "What happened in the dream?"

Amy shuddered. "The thing stabbed me! It really fucking hurt, too! I thought I was dead! You don't know how relieved I was when I opened my eyes, but I was so scared like it really happened!" Amy shouted.

Ratchet's monitors picked up the distressed pitches n her voice indicating panic.

"GEEZUZ, I thought I was DEAD! You have no idea how dead I would be if I had really gotten stabbed like that!" Amy shrieked.

Ratchet nodded, and folded his arms as he thought.

"Oh," Amy sighed. "And there was this thing in the china cabinet in my dream, too. I started off at home, and I was just walking around. I went to the china cabinet in the living room; it's like I was drawn there. Anyway, I saw this weird blue stick of gum with my mom's..." Amy paused at the thought of her mom. "Teacups." She finished in a hushed tone.

Ratchet started. "Blue stick of gum?"

"Yeah," Amy nodded. "Well, it wasn't really gum, but it looked like it at first. "It was a rectangle, and kinda small, and glowed...sorta..." She shrugged. "It was just a dream, so not really of any consequence."

Ratchet lowered his hand for Amy. "I am not certain that is so."

Amy stepped onto Ratchet's hand, and her ankle started to throb a little. "My ankle kinda hurts, is that normal?" she asked, looking up at Ratchet.

Ratchet's optics turned up in a smile. "The only way to repair the damage to your right synoval hinge was to replace it with a new one."

"I have a new ankle." Amy's jaw dropped. "You made a new bone or something?"

"No. My equipment is unable to replicate human tissue, so I had to replace the bone of the hinge with a transmetal replica. The cartilage, nerves, and base of the fibula have also been replaced."

Amy's eyes got wider. "What did you replace them with?"

"A porous Energon membrane, and a transmetal cap. I was unable to repair damage to that part of your nervous system, regrettably." Ratchet explained.

"Cool!" Amy beamed. "So now I'm, like, bionic!" she grinned.

Ratchet couldn't help but laugh. Amy's reaction was much better than he had been prepared for.

"Does that mean my ankle can't feel pain now?" Amy asked as they entered what looked like a command center.

"The damage to your synoval hinge was extensive, and I am unable to predict the effect it will have your nervous system."

"So in other words, you don't know?" Amy folded her arms, and raised her eyebrows at Ratchet.

Ratchet nodded.

Standing by a large translucent screen was a Transformer slightly taller than Ratchet, and a black hulk of a Transformer with large cannon on each of its arms that Amy had to ogle for a moment.

Ratchet stood at attention. "Optimus sir, I thought you might like to meet my latest patient."

The tallest Transformer turned.

Amy's brow furrowed. "His chest looks like it came off of a tractor trailer." Her eyes traveled over the red and blue body of the large robot, taking note of the alternating color of flames as well. "A really cool tractor trailer."

Optimus laughed. "You are very perceptive, Amy Miller." His voice rumbled pleasantly.

Amy smiled, and shrugged. "That's the way Mama raised 'er!" She gave Optimus thumbs up. "So what are you called? Or should I just call you flaming tractor?" She grinned

"Careful what you say 'round these parts." The cannons on the arms of the black robot spun, and he aimed them at the girl, which could be said he aimed them at Ratchet.

Optimus sighed as Ratchet shielded the girl. "Easy, Ironhide." Optimus glanced at the munitions expert.

"Cool name!" Amy beamed, peeking over Ratchet's hand.

Ironhide stared, looking nasty, still pointing his cannons at the small human female.

"I like your cannons, too! Very impressive!" Amy pushed at Ratchet's hand, and the bot moved it. "I'm not just saying that to flatter you, either! I've always had a thing for spaghetti westerns, and the spinny thing you just did totally reminds me of Clint Eastwood." She beamed.

Ironhide smiled slightly, and spun his cannons again to where they sat back on his forearms deactivated, Amy assumed.

"I am please to see you are recovering quickly, Amy." Optimus smiled.

Amy smiled. "Thanks."

The Autobots all talked in Cybertronian as Ratchet relayed what had happened during the surgery, and what Amy had told him about her dream.

Amy yawned, still a bit groggy. Just a minute, She thought. I'll just rest my eyes for a minute more. She sat down, and leaned against Ratchet's thumb. She sighed, and closed her eyes, asleep in seconds.

"Amy, please tell Optimus about your dream." Ratchet looked down at the girl, but Amy was fast asleep.

"Let her rest." Optimus sighed. "The girl had been through much today, and she needs it."

Ratchet nodded, and carried Amy out of the command center.

Jazz came barreling out of the ER in a panic. "Doc! Where-" He started, and saw Amy lying in his hand. "No way." He could almost feel his spark grow weaker at the sight of the motionless girl.

"Shh." Ratchet hushed Jazz. "She's only asleep. Take her somewhere to rest, I have to clean up the infirmary."

"Clean?" Jazz asked dumbly as Ratchet slid the girl gently into Jazz's upturned palm.

"Yes, clean, and don't tell me you have better things to do." Ratchet said as he walked back toward the OR.

Jazz didn't say a word after that. He carried Amy to his private quarters, and laid her down on his recharge station. He crouched down, and leaned his head and arms on the hard, gunmetal gray surface, and frowned; it was too hard for a human to rest on, but he didn't know what else to do.

Trigger wandered in then, and Jazz grabbed him.

After transforming into his Pontiac alt mode, Trigger lifted Amy, and set her in the passenger side seat of the car. Amy shifted, and yawned, and fell deeper asleep.

"Thanks, tiny." Jazz sighed with relief as Trigger nestled in the back seat. The doors closed, and locked, and Jazz shut down some of his primary systems, and fell into stasis until the girl awoke.




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