The Lost Time Lady


Grace has been a friend of Amy Ponds ever since she can remember, but when the Doctor shows up she starts to know things she shouldn't like certain things about the Time War and a certain Time Lord.

Adventure / Romance
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There was a blue box, a blue box spinning out of control over London. It was flying and spinning and burning. There were explosions inside, destroying everything. And if you looked closely you just barely see, a man, hanging from the blue box, holding on with only his bare hands. This man was wearing ripped blue shirt, a tie hanging askew and ripped navy blue dress pants. He was trying to get back into his blue box and once or twice he almost fell to his death high above London. The raggedy man finally got into his box and closed the door, but the box was still out of control. Spinning and flipping around.

When he landed, he just so happened to crash outside the house of a scared little girl. A scared little girl who just happened to have been asking Santa to send help for the crack in her wall. When this little girl heard the crash she ran outside and was greeted with an odd sight and yet she was not scared at the sight of this strange blue box lying on its side. The man climbed sent out a grappling hook and began to climb. When he reached the top he held on with his fingers and sent the little red headed girl a smile.

"Can I have an apple?" he asked.

"All I can think about, apples. I love apples. Maybe I'm having a craving, I've never had a craving before! Whoa! Look at that," said the man looking down inside his box. You see there was another strange thing about this box. It was bigger on the inside and that is why he needed the grappling hook.

'Are you okay?" asked the girl in a Scottish accent.

"Just had a fall, all the way down there to the library. Hell of a climb back up," he said perching on the rim of the box and turning to face the child.

"You're soakin' wet."

"I was in the swimming pool."

"You said you were in the library?"

"There was a swimming pool."

'Are you a police man?"

"Why? Did you call a police man?" he asked rolling up his cuffs and peering at the girl in a strange manner.

"Did you come about the crack in my wall?" she returned with a smug smile.

"What cra-a," he spat out in pain as he fell off the rim of his blue box, clutching his chest. He landed on the ground at the girl's feet and groaned.

"You alright, mister?"

"No, I'm fine, its ok. This is all perfectly nor-"he said keeling over again. When he sat back up he coughed and this gold glitter stuff came out of his mouth.

"Who are you?"

"I don't know yet. I'm still cooking. Does it scare you?" he said as more ofhte gold stuff came out of his hands.

"No, it just looks a bit weird."

"No no no, the crack in your wall. Does it scare you?"

"Yes." When she said this, the man grinned very widely and slightly chuckled, almost as if he was glad that the girl was scared.

"Well then no time to lose. I'm the Doctor, do everything I tell you, don't ask stupid questions and don't wander off," he said jumping to his feet. Then he turned around and started walking, still grinning, right into a tree. He smacked his head and fell onto the ground. The little girl calmly walked over and stood over him.

"You alright?" she asked for the third time that night.

"Early days, steering's a bit off," he said and after a minute hopped back up and the little girl lead him into the house the walked to the kitchen and he stood in the doorway looking around while the little girl went to the fridge. When she returned she handed the Doctor an apple.

"If you're a doctor why does your box say police?" The Doctor sniffed the apple and then took a big bite out of it. A second after chewing he spat some of the pieces out again.

"That's disgusting. What is that?" he asked after coughing for a second.

"An apple."

"Apple's rubbish. I hate apples."

"You said you loved them," said the girl, clearly confused.

"No no no, I love yogurt. Yogurts my favorite, give me yogurt." The girl ran back to the fridge and ran back with a small thing of yogurt in hand. The Doctor ripped open the cup of yogurt, turned it upside down over his mouth, and squeezed it all into his mouth. He quickly spat it back up.

"I hate yogurt, it's stuff with bits in it," he said wiping his mouth.

"You said it was your favorite."

'New mouth, new rules. It's like eating after cleaning your teeth everything tastes WRONG!" he yelled the last bit as his stomach rebelled at him and he clutched it in surprise. His back arched and then he slapped his forehead when he straightened.

"What is it? What's wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me? It's not my fault. Why can't you give me any decent food, your Scottish, fry something." It continued like this for about an hour with bacon which he accused the girl of trying to poison him with. Beans, which he called evil and very bad after he spat them into the sink. Bread and butter which he threw out the door and told it to stay out. After the girl suggested carrots the Doctor began rummaging through her fridge and freezer.

"Carrots! Are you insane? Hold on, no, I know what I need. I need, I need. Fish fingers and…custard." Not long later they were sitting at the table, the Doctor with a big bowl of custard in front of him, eating fish fingers dipped in custard. And the girl was across from him eating ice cream.

"Funny," said the girl after he drank down some of the custard.

'Am I? Good, funny's good. What's your name?" he asked taking another bite of a fish finger.

"Amelia Pond," she said.

"Oh, that's a brilliant name. Amelia Pond, like a name in a fairy tale. Are we in Scotland Amelia?"

"No, Aunt moved to England, it's rubbish."

"So what about your mum and dad then? Are they upstairs? Thought we'd have woken them up by now," he said not noticing Amelia's expression as he looked up and around.

"Don't have a mum and dad, just an aunt."

"I don't even have an aunt."

"You're lucky."

"I know. So your aunt, where is she?"

"She's out."

"And she left you all alone?"

"I'm not scared."

"Course you're not, you're not scared of anything. Pops out of the sky, man falls out of a box, man eats fish custard. And look at you, just sittin' there. So you know what I think?"


"Must be hell of a scary crack in your wall." Amelia said nothing after that and a couple minutes later they went up to her room to look at the crack. It looked like a sinister smile, carved into the wall.

"You've had some cowboys in here. Not actual cowboys, though that can happen."

"Use to hat apples, then my mum put faces on them," said Amelia, handing the Doctor an apple with a smiley face carved into it.

"She sounds good, your mum. I'll keep it for later," he said putting the apple into his pocket.

"This wall is soling and the crack doesn't go all the way through it. So here's a thing, where is the draft coming from?" he said slipping out a small device and using it to scan the crack in the wall.

'Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. You know what the crack is?'


"It's a crack, but I'll tell you something funny. If you knock this wall down the crack would stay put, because the crack isn't in the wall."

"Where is it then?"

"Everywhere, in everything, it's a split in the skin of the world. Two parts of space and time that should never have touched. Pressed together, right here in the wall of your bedroom. Sometimes can you hear?"

"A voice? Yes."

He walked up to the wall and put his ear to the crack and listened. He could barely hear something, like a whisper, so he walked over to the nightstand where he had seen a glass and he dumped the water out of it. He put the open end of the glass to the wall and put his ear to the bottom.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped."

"Prisoner Zero?" asked the Doctor.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped. That's what I heard. What does it mean?"

"It means that on the other side of this wall is a prison and they've lost a prisoner. And you know what that means?"


"You need a better wall. The only way to close the breach is to open it all the way the forces will invert and it'll snap itself shut. Or…"


"You know when grown-ups tell you everything is going to be fine and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?"


"Everything's going to be fine." He grabbed her hand and she moved behind him. He pointed the same device from before at the wall and the device started to make a noise. The crack started to open and behind the crack there was darkness.

"Prisoner Zero has escaped. Prisoner Zero has escaped."

"Hello? Hello!?" said the Doctor inching towards the crack. Then there was a giant eye. A giant blue eye covering the entire crack.

'What's that?" asked Amelia with a hint of fright in her voice. The Doctor never got a chance to answer since a blue light had come through the crack and zipped towards the Doctors pocket. The crack started to close and the eye was constantly moving, looking around.

"There see, told you it'd close. Good as new."

"What's that thing? Was that Prisoner Zero?"

"No, I think that was prisoner Zero's guard. Whatever it was it sent me a message. Psychic paper takes a lovely little message. Prisoner Zero has escaped. But why tell us? Unless…"

"Unless what?"

"Unless Prisoner Zero escaped through here. But he couldn't have. We'd know." It was then he ran out of her room and to the hallway. He stopped right across the hall and turned towards Amelia who had followed him.

"It's difficult; brand new me, nothing works yet. But there's something I'm missing. In the corner of my eye," he said turning to look down the hall. Then there was a toll, like a church bell. He quickly turned toward the noise then ran down the stairs yelling "no" the entire time.

"I've gotta get back in there, the engines are phasing. It's gonna burn!" he yelled as he ran out the front door.

"But, it's just a box. How could a box have engines?"

"It's not a box, it's a time machine," he said as he gathered up the grappling hook.

"What? A real one? You've got a real time machine?"

"Not for much longer if I can't get her stabilized. Five minute hop into the future should do it."

"Can I come?"

'It's not safe in here, not yet. Five minutes. Give me five minutes, I'll be right back," he said climbing onto the rim of his time machine.

"People always say that." The Doctor turned around, hopped down, and crouched down so he was level with her.

"Am I people? Do I even look like people? Trust me, I'm the Doctor." He smiled at her and she slowly smiled back and then he climbed back up. He grinned back at her then jumped down into his box yelling, "Geronimo!"

A wind started up and Amelia kept smiling as the machine made a strange sound and slowly started to disappear. When it was fully gone she ran back to her house and ran into her room. She grabbed the small suitcase out from under the bed and began to fill it with clothes and she even put her teddy bear in it.

Unbeknownst to her, while she was running back and forth, packing the door at the end of the hall had been opened. And when she ran down the stairs it was open even further, but she ran past it like she didn't even know it was there. Before she went back outside, she put on her navy blue coat and red stripped hat. Then right where she had been standing before, she put down her suitcase and sat on it. She put her head on her hands and just sat there. Waiting. Five minutes passed and he didn't show up. Then an hour and another and another. She finally gave up and went inside, still hoping that her raggedy Doctor would come back. But it would be twelve years till she saw him again.

And how do I know this you ask? My name is Grace Bennet and I am that little girls best friend.

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