For the Love of the Game


Jace watched in amusement, his fiery hot woman had the pool exploding in cheers as Sebastian did his best to make his way out of the pool, Clary was currently holding up three small fingers wiggling them towards Sebastian

"Bye my dear sweet Sebastian, remember hold your head up high, someday you'll find a woman that will appreciate what your micropenis doesn't have to offer"

Jace heard Sebastian growl in frustration while others began chanting micropenis

Clary made her back into the water only to be bombarded by a circle of admirers, Jace stayed back not wanting to seem too clingy, it wasn't until Jace heard a guy ask Clary if she would mind inspecting his genitals that he decided it was time to interrupt

"Excuse me, I hate to break this up but I really need to borrow this cherry drop" Jace vocalized toward the group, he could tell that several guys were very unwilling to leave Clary's side but as he approached they finally decided to leave

Jace grabbed Clary's hips, pulling her roughly towards him

Clary gasped in surprise "Thank you for rescuing me, how shall I ever repay you"

"I can think of several" Jace whispered in Clary's ear

Clary ran her hands through Jace's messy blonde curls, her body molding to his perfectly

Jace stared down at her with lustful eyes, he had never wanted someone or something so much in his life; Clary was the only thing he could see right now, nothing else mattered

Pushing Clary's body against the side of the pool, Jace's hands began to move around her body, his fingers had been aching to touch and grab her ever since he laid eyes on her that day, one hand made its way to her messy curls, pulling hard causing Clary to gasp out in pleasure as she lifted her face to his

This was finally the moment when his lips would have what that had been yearning so desperately for, lowering his mouth towards Clary's

"Jace, man where are you" Alec called from somewhere near

Jace growled in frustration as he placed his forehead against Clary's, Jace could tell by her labored breathing she had been more than ready for him too

"There you are, I'm not interrupting anything, right" Alec had made his way over to where Clary and Jace were

Jace was about to retort something rather assy but before he was able to, Clary spoke

"No, of course not Alec, actually I was about to try and find Iz" Clary rushed out as she pushed against Jace's body, trying to put space between them

"Why" Jace questioned looking down at her, continuing to ignore his best friend completely

Clary smiled as she leaned over to place a small kiss on Jace's chest, causing his stomach to tighten

"I wanted to borrow one of her cover ups, unless you prefer I walk around like this"

"If we were alone right now, I'd have you dressed in less than that" Jace grinned noticing Clary's face redden

"Well we're not" Clary slapped him on his chest as she began to exit the pool with Jace's eyes following her as she went

When Clary had made her way in the Lightwood's home Alec spoke again

"Dude, you've got it bad"

"She is something, isn't she, now what was so important" Jace had turned his attention toward his best friend

"Oh yeah, some of the football players from Alabama are headed this way for a bond fire, I invited a few that I met at orientation, thought we could get to know some of them better before we leave ya know"

Jace rolled his eyes at Alec, stepping out of the pool Jace wrapped a towel around his waist, "Alec, seriously that's what you interrupted us for," shaking his head Jace began to walk towards the Lightwood's home.

"Izzy, I just don't know about this" Clary bit her bottom lip, looking in Izzy's floor length mirror she began to have second thoughts

"Please, do you know how many girls would die to have that hot little body of yours, it's your duty to flaunt what others don't have" Izzy stood behind Clary in the mirror eyeing her

Clary giggled, "Fine, you win, no cover up but I'll be wearing shorts"

"You're impossible" Izzy mumbled, turning from Clary she stomped out of the room

Clary turned from the mirror, grabbing a pair of cut off denim shorts from her bag, planning to put them on until she felt a pair of hands grab her from behind


"Shit Jace, you scared the crap out of me" she turned throwing her denim shorts at Jace's chest causing him to chuckle

Clary's eyes raked over Jace's body, something about him having a towel wrapped around his waist caused heat to flow through her body

"You checking me out" Jace smirked; walking towards Clary he bent down and placed his lips on her ear

"Baby, you can touch if you want to"

Something snapped in Clary at that moment, pushing Jace against Izzy's bedroom wall she quickly ripped the towel from his body, standing up on her tip toes she began placing kisses all over his chest as she whispered

"What happened to if we were alone you'd have me in less clothing than this"

Jace's body stiffened in reaction to her words, Clary had no clue what she was doing none at all, and she just knew that her body was aching for relief

"Clary, baby maybe we should just" Jace sighed leaning his head back against Izzy's wall, Clary continued kissing his chest as her hands drifted lower and lower towards his very hard manhood

"Dammit" he hissed, grabbing Clary thighs Jace picked her up and carried her over to Izzy's bed

Carefully laying Clary down, Jace climbed over her, kissing every inch of skin that he could as he slowly made his way toward her

Clary's body was burning by the time Jace's mouth reached her neck

"Oh Jace, I need, I need"

"Tell me baby, tell me what you need" he whispered in her ear as he continued kissing on her neck

Clary sucked in a breath, her body shaking with anticipation

"I want you"

Jace abruptly stopped kissing Clary's neck, moving his body in order to look in her eyes

"Clary, I don't"

Clary quickly placed her finger over Jace's mouth, fearing she would lose her nerve if he spoke

"Shhh, Jace I want you, now"

Jace stared down at Clary in shock, before he had time to speak a female voice came from behind giggling

"Oh sorry, Jace is that you, ha, remember how we did this last year in this very room"

Jace felt Clary's reaction instantly as Kaelie spoke; Jace could feel as Clary's body stiffened and her small hands pushed against him as he moved to stand

Jace turned to give Kaelie a hard glare but she seemed to have already left, turning toward Clary once more he noticed that she was already dressing in her denim shorts

"Clary, I"

"Jace, stop, just stop you have no reason to apologize it's not like we're serious or anything" Clary interrupted, looking at her appearance in Izzy's mirror she sighed

Clary turned walking over to Jace; she placed her small hand on his chest, refusing to meet his eyes

"It's not your fault, I'm just, I" Clary was trying desperately to get out what she needed to say, Jace took a hand placing in under her chin making her eyes meet his

"Clary, I'm sorry" he whispered, looking her straight in the eye

For a moment Clary stood there silently watching him, studying him as if debating what she should do next, laughter came from outside breaking the silence

"Jace, you have nothing to be sorry for, truth is I'm just not that girl, god I wish I were but I'm not, if it hadn't been for that girl walking in on us I would have had my first time in Izzy's bed with a guy that's not interested in a relationship and I can't do that, I won't" Clary took a quick breath, continuing before Jace could interrupt

"You're a great guy but I can't do this casual thing, I really tried but it's just not me, I'm sorry"

Clary ran from the room without giving Jace time to respond, she left him standing in Izzy's room staring after her

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