For the Love of the Game


"You're a great guy but I can't do this casual thing, I really tried but it's not me, I'm sorry"

Clary ran from the room without giving Jace time to respond, she left him standing in Izzy's room staring after her

Darkness fell around Jace as he stepped out of the Lightwood's back door, he could see Alex and a group of guys setting up the bond fire, Jace turned to look for Clary spotting her red curls instantly. Clary stood with Izzy by the pool, the two were huddled extremely close together, Jace could only assume they were discussing what happened earlier. He could only hope that one of them could grasp whatever the hell happened in Izzy's room; he had no fuckin clue, not one. Jace had replayed the entire day over and over in his head, Clary was the one that made everything sexual and he simply followed her lead. Jace didn't understand where Clary was coming from with all that crap about being casual, he never said what they had was a casual thing, actually he never said anything about what they were and maybe that was the problem. Ever since the day he met Clary, things were hot and heavy, Jace only thought about seeing and touching her, he never thought about putting a title on what they were to each other, hell he didn't even really know what they had going on between the two of them. The first day he met Clary, Jace had her pushed into a cement wall making-out hot and heavy, he had to admit that was definitely a first for him but there was just something about that little red head, she did things to him, to his body. Jace couldn't explain how he felt about Clary, sure it was lust but it was something deeper than that too, he had never felt the need for a girl this strong before and it scared the living hell out of him. Jace's eyes were still locked on Clary and Izzy when he heard Alec calling for him

"Jace, come on man" Alec had just lit the bonfire, waving his hand in the air for Jace to come over

Jace sighed in frustration; he was not a people person right now, walking down the steps Jace headed towards Alec and the group surrounding him

When Jace neared the bonfire Alec approached him with three guys following him closely, "Jace, I'd like you to meet some of our teammates, this Jordan Kyle, William Herondale and Jem Carstairs; guys this is Jace Wayland"

Jace simply nodded toward the three guys standing in front of him, not making a move to shake their hands

Alec shot Jace a look before trying to make light of his best friends attitude, "Sorry guys, Jace should be sporting his T-shirt that says, Doesn't Play Well With Others"

The small group broke out in laughter, even Jace chuckled at Alec's witty comment and all of them seemed to relax until William Herondale decided to speak

William placed a hand on Alec's shoulder, using his free hand he pointed in the direction of the pool, "Alec, I need a favor, can you help me out by introducing me to the girls over there"

Jace instantly felt a cold chill run through his body, clenching his fist as he slowly turned to see what girls William was referring to

"Um, yeah man of course" Alec's voice was more than a bit off

"Sweet, my boy Jem and I have our sights on the same one, may the best man win, right Jem" William was already walking toward the Lightwood pool, Jem and Kyle shook their heads as they began to follow

Jace glared at the retreating boys, watching to see what girls they planned on approaching

"Jace maybe we should head that way, just in case ya know" Alec spoke in a quiet voice, he knew Jace was mad and a mad Jace was not someone he enjoyed being around

Jace nodded walking with Alec toward the pool, approaching the pool Jace's eyes caught sight of the three guys surrounding Izzy and Clary

"Jace dude you can't be stupid about this" Alec lectured, fearing for the worst

Jace's eyes were burning with rage as he watched Jem take Clary's hand, placing a small kiss on it

Taking a deep breath, knowing that he had no right to be angry, if he wanted a relationship with Clary he could have had one but Jace Wayland was not a one woman kind of guy, hitting Alec lightly on his chest Jace nodded toward Clary and Izzy

"I'm good man, come on"

Alec chuckled as he followed Jace, knowing that good was not the word he would have used to describe Jace at that moment

"Hey guys, so I see you've met Alec's sister Izzy and her friend Clary" Jace's voice was light as he made his way in the group, standing between Izzy and Clary

William was the first to speak, with a huge smirk on his face, his eyes staring at Clary "So my sweet little cherry drop, Clary is your name"

Jace turned his head down to look at Clary; she had a smirk visible on her face as she simply replied


"Hmm, you are one feisty little cherry, aren't you, I bet you taste just as spicy" William's eyes were dancing over Clary's body, making it very obvious what he wanted from her

Clary smiled as she sashayed over to William, placing her hands around his neck, she stood up on her tiptoes, whispering something in his ear

Whatever she whispered, William enjoyed hearing, he placed his arms tightly around Clary's waist pulling her body even closer to his

Clary let out a giggle, pushing William away as she turned strolling toward the pool, William gave Jace a wink, following Clary

Jace could feel a tightening in his chest as he watched William approach Clary from behind, that could be him that should be him.

"Jace" Izzy whispered as she nudged him with her elbow

"Dammit that hurt, what" Jace rubbed his side, looking down at her

Izzy rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed with him, "You're such an ass, you know that"

Before she had a chance to finish what she was saying they all heard a loud splash by the pool, everyone turned to find that Clary had pushed William in the pool

They all watched in amusement as she stood over the side of the pool, hands on her tiny waist, "Herondale there is one thing I can promise you, you will never get to taste my cherry, got it asshat"

Clary turned headed back towards the group, William was floating on his back in the pool calling out to her, "Whatever you say Cherry Drop, please know that this has only made me want you even more"

Clary shook her head as she took her place by Izzy once again, a small smile appearing on her face

Jem looked over to Clary speaking softly, "I'm truly sorry if Will offended you in anyway, he has a habit of saying too much"

Jace watched as genuine smile formed on Clary's face, "It's fine, Will just needed some cooling off, no worries"

Jem smiled in return nodding, "Clary, would you care to join me by the bonfire, we can roast marshmallows together, if you would like we can take it a step further and make s'mores"

Clary's face seem to light up, "Oh Jem, if you keep saying things like that to me, you'll never get rid of me"

Jem smiled as he held a hand out for Clary, "Maybe that's my plan, keeping you forever I mean"

Stepping forward Clary placed her tiny hand in Jem's and the two walked off toward the bonfire together

Jace couldn't help but stare after the two, it was as if Clary didn't care that he been standing right there the entire time, Clary acted as if she didn't even know him in the slightest

"I tried to tell you Jace" Izzy mumbled beside him, her arms were crossed over chest as she too watched Clary and Jem

Jace turned his gaze toward Izzy, noticing that Alec and Kyle were no longer standing with them, Jace assumed the two had went to help William or maybe they headed toward the bonfire

"I didn't do a damn thing Izzy, nothing" Jace retorted glaring over at Izzy

Izzy whipped around so she was standing right in front of him, pointing a finger in his face, "Exactly, I tried to tell you that Clary was different but did you listen, Nope! Dammit Jace, you're going to lose the best thing that could have ever happened to you, that Jem knows what he is doing, he knows how to woo a girl, you all you know how to go is fuck em"

Izzy turned back around taking her place by Jace, speaking once again in a softer tone, "I know what I'm talking about Jace, Clary's a good girl, she may have almost jumped your bones the first day you met but that was only because there is such a sexual connection between the two of you, she moved too fast with you, she knows that and she also knows that she wants more than a sexual relationship, why did you think she came here in the first place?" Izzy sighed, placing a small hand on Jace's shoulder she continued, "Clary wanted to see if you two could be more than just sexual, she wanted more with you Jace Wayland, obviously you don't want the same things she does. Clary's not the type of girl that will wait, I've never met such a free spirit like that red head, you'd never know how truly innocent that one is if you didn't know her" Izzy smiled thinking of Clary, the two of them were becoming fast friends and Izzy enjoyed it tremendously, taking a breath Izzy moved to head towards the bonfire, turning back to look at Jace once more, "Look Jace, I don't care if you don't want a relationship, it was foolish of me to think you did, I just thought that Clary was different but I guess I was wrong but know this, you leave her be, don't go screwing with her head, let her move on and find someone who wants the things she wants, hell she might have already found him" and with that Izzy left Jace as he stood watching the flames dance around the bonfire

Jace stood there for what seemed like forever, watching Clary lean into Jem laughing, Jace wanted so badly for that to be him she was leaning against. Jace ran his hand through his hair, pulling at the ends in frustration, why did things have to be so complicated, he didn't have time for a relationship, and he needed to focus on his football career. Sighing in frustration Jace turned to find William Herondale watching him

"You gotta a problem" Jace mouthed

William gave him a cheeky grin, shaking his head as he approached Jace slowly "No problem here mate, you on the other hand seem to have one"

William looked toward the bonfire as he continued, "That red, she's a beauty" turning back to look at Jace, William smirked, "you and I are a lot alike, never needing anyone but Jem, now he is s keeper that one, he'll have that red swept off her feet by the end of the night"

"Why the hell are you telling me this" Jace muttered looking toward the ground

William clapped a hand on Jace's shoulder as he replied, "Let's just say, I've been in your shoes and if you are like me and I'm pretty sure you are, you're going to stand here and do nothing, losing out on the one girl that could have made you stay" William dropped his hand from Jace's shoulder, giving him a small smile, "but hey, guys like us, we don't need anyone right, we're good on our own"

The two stood together in silence after that, watching the bonfire side by side

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