For the Love of the Game


Clary and Jem were standing in front of the Lightwood's front door, "I had a great time with you tonight Clary," Jem smiled gazing down at Clary, his hand reaching for hers.

"Me too," Clary lied, Jem was great, a perfect gentleman but Clary's problem was that she didn't want a gentlemen, she wanted Jace.

Jem stepped a little closer to Clary, closing the distance between them, "I'd like to see you again."

"We will at school," Clary bit her bottom lip nervously, she didn't want to hurt Jem, she couldn't.

Jem chuckled, slowly bending down toward Clary, "well there's that but what if I want to see you sooner than that, a month is a very long time."

Clary could feel her heart racing, her hands falling to her sides gripping at the door behind her, as if the door would help, "Um, well I've got a lot of packing to do; I bet you do too, plus you have to be on your game for football, right."

"Am I making you nervous Clary, I didn't mean to if I did," Jem leaned back a little, his eyes searching Clary's.

Clary's head fell back against the door, damming her wicked soul to hell for not wanting a goodhearted guy like Jem, "of course not Jem, you've been perfect, it's just last time I rushed into something, it got messy."

"You too, huh," Jem stepped away from Clary, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah," Clary looked up at Jem, she found that he was not looking at her with lust or want; he was looking at her with understanding.

"Would it be okay if I call you?"

Clary nodded, maybe just maybe if she took things slow with Jem something could eventually happen between the two of them, if nothing but a friendship.

"Great," Jem glanced behind him, hearing William yelling his name.

"Looks like its past William's bedtime," Clary chimed, waving toward William and Kyle.

"Yea, looks like it," Jem turned back to Clary, a small smile forming on his face, "I like you being around you Clary, I don't know what that means, I just know I'm smiling and it's because of you," Jem sighed, "so we'll talk and just see where this goes?"

"I think that's only fair, we'll just wait and see, kay" Clary stood on her tiptoes, placing a small kiss to Jem's cheek, "you know Jem, I like being around you too."

"Goodnight Clary, we'll talk soon"

"Goodnight Jem"

Clary was sitting on the Lightwood's deck in their backyard, her eyes watching the fireflies dance in the sky.

"Clary," Isabelle was stepping out on the deck, her big brown eyes full of concern as she looked down at Clary.

"Hey Iz," Clary still had her back to Isabelle, patting the empty wood beside her, "wanna sit?"

Isabelle smiled, walking over to sit by her new friend, "I was getting worried, you never came back in after Jem left."

Clary sighed, her fingers playing with the wood beneath her, "I love looking out into the darkness, the fireflies, the stars, they're all so small compared to the massive darkness that surrounds them, ya know."

Isabelle pinched her eyebrows together, "I have no idea what you just said."

Clary giggled, "me either I guess, I just think that we are like the stars, fireflies, alone we'll get lost in this massive world that we live in but," Clary took a finger pointing at a group of fireflies that were clustered around each other, "if we're with someone, we can make something truly beautiful happen."

"Ok-ay then, "Isabelle shook her head clearly not understanding a word Clary had said.

Clary shifted her body in order to face Isabelle, "I just want to be special Iz, I want the kind of love that surpasses all understanding, I want to know without a doubt that I love that person just as much as he loves me and when we're together something magical happens."

"Oh Clary, you are special and one day you're going to find Mr. Right, I just hope you don't think Mr. Right is Jace Wayland," Isabelle took one of her hands placing it in Clary's, "Jace is a good friend Clary, a great one, he's not Mr. Right maybe Mr. Right Now but that's it, if you're looking for a good time then Jace is you're guy, if you're looking for someone to move mountains and whatever the heck you were rambling on about then Jace Wayland is definitely NOT your guy."

Isabelle could see the hurt wash over Clary's face, she wanted to tell her that Jace would be different, that she could change him but Isabelle refused to take a chance with Clary like that, she cared for this redhead way too much to allow Jace the opportunity to ruin her.

Clary felt a lump forming in her throat, she knew Isabelle was right about Jace, she knew he would end up breaking her heart, she knew that she should stay away from him, what Clary didn't know or understand is why her heart didn't seem to know all these things about him.

The two girls sat in a comfortable silence, Isabelle still holding Clary's hand in her own.

"Thanks Izzy," Clary smiled, she had never been able to talk to Simom about this kind of thing, it was nice having a girl to talk to, "I've never really had a girlfriend to talk to before, it's just nice that's all."

Isabelle could feel the huge grin growing on her face, she had never been needed or wanted by anyone, most of the girls at her school wanted to be her friend because of her brother of Jace, never for just her though. "Ditto Clare, ditto," Isabelle squeezed Clary's hand gently, "you ready to go in?"

Clary nodded, "yeah."

Just as the two girls turned to go inside, they saw none other than Jace Wayland standing between them and the door.

Isabelle crossed her arms over her chest, eyeing Jace with clear frustration, "What the hell Wayland?"

"What," Jace shrugged, he may have been speaking to Izzy but his eyes were staring straight at Clary.

"What are you doing here, in case you didn't realize the party's over, now go home," Isabelle was waving her hand in the air, dismissing Jace from their presence.

Jace looked a bit taken back, only for a moment though, "please Iz, you know I stay here all the time, your home is my home."

"No hell it's not," Isabelle stomped her foot, looking like she was about to throw a temper tantrum right then and there.

"Iz, I hope you know how bad your words wound my fragile heart," Jace said, placing one hand over his heart.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, "fragile my ass, now what do you want."

Jace ran one of his hands through his messy curls, "I was hoping to speak with Clary, for just a minute."

Before Clary had a chance to answer, Isabelle was already answering for her, "Nope, no way in hell, now move."

"Clary, please I promise it won't take long," Jace's voice almost sounded nervous, unsure of what her answer would be.

Isabelle was shaking her head, "No, No, N," she was mid-sentence when Clary interrupted.

"Okay Jace, five minutes, no more," Clary answered, placing a gentle hand on Izzy's shoulder.

Isabelle shot her eyes at Clary, "he is the enemy Clary, the enemy."

Clary giggled, "they all are Iz, they all are."

Jace stepped away from the doorway allowing Isabelle to stomp through, muttering the entire time, "I tried to warn her, I tried to tell her but no, he's gonna break that girls heart."

Jace and Clary were now alone on the Lightwood's deck, Jace walked over to the railing, resting his arms on the wood as he gazed out at the pool, "Clary, I don't know what to say here, I wish I could explain."

Clary hated that his back was turned to her, she wanted, no she needed to see his face, "Jace, its okay we don't have to do this, we don't need to talk about anything."

Jace chuckled, "that would definitely make things easier."

Clary her chest tighten at hearing his words, she had no clue that his words had such a power over her.

Anger began to flow through Clary, how could he be such an ass, he was the one that asked to speak to her, "well I'll make it easy for you Wayland, I don't want to talk to you, not now, not ever."

Before Clary gave Jace time to speak, she had already made her way into the Lightwoods home, running into Isabelle's room and slamming the door.

"Well fuck, that didn't go as I planned," Jace whispered into the night air, staring at the empty doorway.

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