For the Love of the Game


"Well fuck, that didn't go as planned," Jace whispered into the night air.

Jace stood staring at the empty doorway, this was exactly why he never wanted a relationship, girls were fucking crazy! One minute a girl is acting all sexy and hot and then the next thing you know she is yelling and screaming, saying she can't handle this anymore, how the hell was a guy supposed to deal with that kind of shit. He felt that woman should have to wear signs, these signs would let the men know what kind of woman they would be dealing with, for example if a woman was on her period, her sign would say bitch, now if a woman was ready for some hot and heavy, her sign would say horny. Jace sighed, maybe he needed to move on and forget about Clary, he was doing great on his own, before that damn redhead came in the picture, she had caused him nothing but trouble. Forgetting about her was the right thing to do, the smartest decision, that way Jace could focus on football that was his future not some overly emotional redheaded woman. He would be moving in less than two weeks to the college of his dreams, the University of Alabama; there he would get to live out his childhood fantasy of playing college football, possibly going even further making it to the NFL that was his life that was his dreams. Now standing there staring at an empty doorway Jace realized that all those dreams and fantasies no longer mattered, not without having her to share them with. Clary maybe overly emotional and stubborn as hell but damn if she didn't make up for it in other ways. Clearly she was beautiful with her flaming red curls, her bewitching emerald eyes, perfectly plump pink lips and her smooth milky white skin but there was so much more to Clary and those other things were exactly the reason Jace knew without a doubt he couldn't let her go.

With his mind made up Jace marched in the house, heading directly toward Isabelle's room, "open up Izzy, I never finished my talk with Clary," Jace knocked on Isabelle's door as he spoke.

"Go away Jace, she doesn't want to see you," Isabelle's voice sounded irritated.

"No, I don't care what she wants, for some strange reason Clary thinks a conversation is over when she wants it to be, well guess what I wasn't finished with what I had to say," Jace was still knocking on Isabelle's door as he spoke hoping it would eventually get on her nerves and she would finally give up and open up the door.

"Get over it Jace, so what a girl doesn't want to talk to you, big deal, just move on like you always do," Isabelle snapped back from the other side of the door.

Jace stopped knocking on Isabelle's door, leaning his head forward allowing his forehead to rest on the door, "It's not just any girl that doesn't want to talk to me Iz, its Clary, that's a big deal."

"Jace, you're just going through some kind of faze, she's the first girl to turn you down, you'll get over it," Isabelle's voice was no longer irritated; it sounded possibly a little sympathetic.

Turning Jace sat down on the floor, resting his back and head against Isabelle's door, "Iz, it's not some faze, it would be easier if it were but it's not."

Jace heard someone sliding down on the other side of the door; he assumed it was Izzy when he heard her voice, "how do you know Jace, how do you know it's not something you'll get over."

Jace closed his eyes, "I thought it was her looks, ya know, her bright red curls, those sexy green eyes, or maybe it was touching her smooth skin, kissing her lips, tasting her."

"Jace, if you want me to listen, I suggest you move past the sexual frustration part of your need for Clary," Isabelle warned from the opposite side of the door.

Chuckling a little, Jace continued, "okay, but we both know she's pretty sexy," Jace sighed, "that's not why I need her though Iz, I need to hear her laughter, it's like nothing I ever heard, and her cocky ass remarks, Clary keeps me on my toes, that's not something I thought I'd miss but I do, I miss her smile, I miss her looks, you know the one she gives you when she knows you're up to something, it's so damn cute."

Jace took a deep breath before finishing, "to be honest Iz, I don't know why I need her but I do, ever since that day out on the football field something inside me snapped, I use to dream of football, now I only dream of her, she captivated me, all of me, I don't know what it means, I just know I want to be with her, for as long as she'll let me."

Isabelle didn't respond making Jace very nervous, "Izzy?"

Jace took his hands rubbing them down his face, knowing that he had just opened up for absolutely nothing. Damn this stupid door, damn these stupid emotions, damn my stupid mouth for saying all my damn stupid emotions. Jace started to stand when he heard a click noise on the other side of the door, "Isabelle?"

No one answered but Jace could see the door knob turning slowly. His heart began to race as he watched the door open revealing to him the person waiting on the other side.

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